March/April 2009

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Theme: Practical Applications of the Memorial

In the Beginning (Practical Applications of the Memorial)  Audio MP3 

Washing the DisciplesFeet  Audio MP3
Jesus taught the need to perform simple, practical service for one another.

Gods Eternal Purpose  Audio MP3
God’s family of divine beings will consist of Jesus and 144,000 others.

Communion in Jesus’ Sacrifice  Audio MP3
We share in the same kind of experiences as our Lord, attempting to become like him.

As Pants the Hart Audio MP3
A verse-by-verse analysis of Psalm 42, written perhaps when David had to flee from Absalom.

News and Views  Audio MP3     

Dipping the Sop  Audio MP3
Judas regretted his decision, but it was Peter who repented of his.

Who Shall Be Greatest? Audio MP3
We are as slaves who, at best, do only what is expected of us.

Jesus’ Farewell Sermon Audio MP3
John 14 contains Jesus’ last words of instruction to those closest to him.

The Walk to Gethsemane Audio MP3
Knowing his time was short, Jesus selected his words carefully to leave a lasting impression.

Poems and Short Features:
   The Peace of Christ
Audio MP3
Saviour Help Us
Audio MP3
Audio MP3
   Our Resurrection