May/June 2009

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Theme: Works of the Second Advent

In the Beginning (Works of the Second Advent)  Audio MP3

Completing the Church  Audio MP3
Jesus is like a bridegroom who comes to take his bride to her new home.

The Restoration of Israel  Audio MP3
Israel’s 1,845 years of disfavor ended in A.D. 1878.

Smiting the Nations  Audio MP3
It is not just the nations; the Dragon, Beast, and False Prophet are destroyed as well.

Three Angels  Audio MP3
Christendom is judged—the faithful leave her.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Alive and Remain  Audio MP3
Resurrecting the saints: a verse-by-verse study of 1 Thessalonians 4, verses 13 to 18.

The General Resurrection  Audio MP3
Everyone, both good and bad, will be resurrected.

The Ancient Worthies in the Millennial Kingdom  Audio MP3
The faithful ones of old will become the kingdom’s visible representatives.

Highway of Holiness  Audio MP3 
Isaiah chapter 35 describes a way by which all mankind will be able to reach perfection.

Poems and Short Features

   A Canaan on Earth  Audio MP3
   The Beginning 
Audio MP3
   Divine Revelation 
Audio MP3
   Forgiveness of Sins 
Audio MP3
   Spring—Life Anew
 Audio MP3