November/December 2009

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Theme: Thanksgiving

In the Beginning (Thanksgiving)  Audio MP3

A Heart Full of Praise  Audio MP3
God expects us to rejoice always because he directs all our experiences for our highest welfare.

Thanksgiving for Spiritual Blessings  Audio MP3
It is a blessing to know God, to have Jesus as an advocate, and to have a spiritual family to support us.

A Sacrifice of Praise  Audio MP3
Jesus showed us that consecration is the highest form of praise to God..

Instruments of Praise and Glory   Audio MP3
Over two hundred passages of Scripture encourage the use of musical instruments in worship services.

An Attitude of Gratitude  Audio MP3
Sincere gratitude is an index of a pure heart; it is one of the most important human expressions.

Psalms and Hymns of Thanksgiving  Audio MP3
Singing hymns should be used to edify one another and to soothe a troubled spirit.

A Song of Praise  Audio MP3
A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 145, the first of six psalms of praise that end this book.

Thoughts for the New Year  Audio MP3
Let us pause at the end of the year to reflect on how we are using our talents in the Lord’s service.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features: 
   Psalm 146  Audio MP3 
     For Your New Year 
Audio MP3
     Count Your Blessings 
Audio MP3
     Concluding Admonition 
Audio MP3
     Thou crownest the year with thy goodness 
Audio MP3
     Serenity Prayer 
Audio MP3