January/February 2010

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Theme: God's Covenants

In the Beginning (God’s Covenants)  Audio MP3 

Obey and Live  Audio MP3 
The first covenant was between God and Adam.

The Rainbow Covenant  Audio MP3 
God promised there would never be another flood.

The Harmony of the Covenants  Audio MP3
God’s covenants work together to provide man’s salvation.

All the Nations Shall Be Blessed  Audio MP3
God’s covenant with Abraham described his entire plan of salvation.

What Was the Purpose of the Law?  Audio MP3
The Law Covenant kept Israel a separated people.

The Barren One Will Rejoice  Audio MP3

I Will Make a New Covenant  Audio MP3
The New Covenant provides blessings for everyone.

The Prophecies and Promises of Jeremiah 31  Audio MP3
Jeremiah 31 contains promises of future blessing for Israel and all mankind.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   God Loved the Man He Made
  Audio MP3
   The Glory of God Revealed
  Audio MP3
Called by a New Name
  Audio MP3
God’s Judgment Day of Blessing
  Audio MP3
God’s Oath