March/April 2010

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Theme: Consecration and Memorial

In the Beginning (Consecration and Memorial)   Audio MP3

Consecration  Audio MP3
All true Christians should be devoted, committed, and consecrated to the service of our heavenly Father.

Consecrated Thinking  Audio MP3
houghts are the vital battle ground of the New Creature. Victories there lead to victory in our Christian life.

What’s In Your Garden? Audio MP3
We wish to cultivate spiritual fruits and graces of Christian character, and weed out undesirable traits.

Consecrating the Priesthood  Audio MP3
The seven-day ceremony to consecrate the priest hood of Israel represents the seven periods of the Gospel age, preparing the church to serve as priests for the world during the Millennium.

Our Rejoicing Example of Consecration  Audio MP3
The apostle Paul had much to say, especially in Philippians, about keeping a Christian spirit in our experiences.

The Last Day  Audio MP3
Our Savior’s last day of human service with his disciples provided many lessons. Let us remember them as we memorialize his death.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features:
     Earnest Prayer