January/February 2011

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Theme: Mercy

In the Beginning  Audio MP3

What is Mercy? Audio MP3
Examples of God’s mercy toward fallen man include Joseph, Moses, David, and Peter.

God’s Mercy Toward Israel  Audio MP3
God’s special relationship with the natural seed of Abraham has made them the object of his mercy.

God’s Mercy Toward the Church  Audio MP3
Mercy is now transforming the disciples of Jesus into a bride for God’s dear son.

God’s Mercy Toward Mankind  Audio MP3
God has promised mercy and recovery for the entire human family.

Jesus, a Model of Mercy  Audio MP3
Jesus demonstrated mercy during his first advent, particularly through his miracles.

Blessed Are the Merciful  Audio MP3
We must become merciful as our heavenly Father is merciful.

Merciful and Gracious  Audio MP3
This verse-by-verse study of Psalm 103 shows God’s mercy in all his benefits toward mankind.

News & Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   Passing Through the Waters  Audio MP3
   "Are Ye Able?"  Audio MP3