July/August 2011

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Theme: Ambassadors for Christ

In the Beginning (Ambassadors for Christ)  Audio MP3

Paul the Ambassador  Audio MP3
The apostle Paul shows us how a good ambassador of Christ should carry out his responsibilities.

In the World But Not of It  Audio MP3
We are as ambassadors in an enemy country, trying to not let that country overwhelm us.

Representing Christ with Integrity  Audio MP3
Ambassadors for God are expected to uphold the highest standard of integrity.

Living in the Spirit  Audio MP3
How we conduct our lives in this world is critically important to being effective ambassadors.

Representing Christ to the World   Audio MP3
If we don’t show we value people by our words and actions, we won’t be effective ambassadors.

Justice and Forgiveness   Audio MP3
Mercy is a hallmark of those who are God-like.

Honoring Authority   Audio MP3
Secular authorities are able to provide a peaceable environment for the Lord’s people.

The Portrait of the Mature Christian   Audio MP3
Rejoicing in all of life’s circumstances is the privilege of those who have been called by God.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features

   The Narrow Way   Audio MP3
   Walking with God
  Audio MP3
   The Starfish Thrower
  Audio MP3