March/April 2011

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Theme: Meaningful Details

In the Beginning (Meaningful Details)  Audio MP3

If It Were Not So  Audio MP3
Our Lord is preparing a place for us, much as a Jewish bridegroom prepared a place for his new bride.

Forsaken by God?  Audio MP3
Since we are told God will never leave us or forsake us, are we to believe God did forsake his son?

The Man of Lawlessness  Audio MP3
The “Man of Lawlessness” is not a literal man. It is the great ecclesiastical persecutor of the saints.

Are Christians All to Fall Asleep in Death?  Audio MP3
The original text of 1 Corinthians 15:51,52 shows no support for the “rapture” hypothesis.

Melchizedek  Audio MP3
This ancient king and priest gave bread and wine to Abram. Jesus also provides both to the antitypical seed of Abraham.

A Ram in the Thicket  Audio MP3

A sacrificed ram, substituted for Isaac, prefigured the sacrifice of Jesus on a wooden cross.

Divide it Among Yourselves  Audio MP3
Only Luke stipulates that our Lord passed two cups among the twelve at the last supper.

News & Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   Passing Through the Waters  Audio MP3
   "Are Ye Able"  Audio MP3