May/June 2011

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Theme: Controversial Doctrines

In the Beginning (Controversial Doctrines)  Audio MP3

The Trinity  Audio MP3 
Though believed by many, this doctrine has no biblical support.

Immortality of the Soul  Audio MP3
Souls [beings] are mortal. Immortality is a reward.

Everlasting Punishment  Audio MP3
Everlasting death is the punishment for sin; everlasting life is gained by the righteous.

Baptism  Audio MP3 
Baptism is a life-long process according to the Bible.

Let Us Not Come Short  Audio MP3
If we restrain ourselves and extend liberty to others, we attain the likeness of God and enter his rest.

Prosperity Theology  Audio MP3
Successfully carrying a “cross” now will mean a future reward for true Christians.

Every Eye Shall See Him  Audio MP3
Scripture context helps us know the kind of seeing meant: literal or mental perception.

Our Heritage of Knowledge  Audio MP3
Here is a capsule summary of the doctrines we call “present truth.

News and Views   Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   Father and Son
  Audio MP3
   I Came to Him
  Audio MP3
   Working Together for Good
  Audio MP3
   I Was There
  Audio MP3