November/December 2011

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Theme: Jesus' Teaching Techniques

In the Beginning
(Jesus’ Teaching Techniques)  Audio MP3

Questions  Audio MP3

Jesus’ questions triggered personal introspection. Good questions are remembered long after most statements are forgotten.

Statements  Audio MP3

Jesus’ statements were often the quoted words of Scripture. They had power and authority in receptive minds.

Parables  Audio MP3   

A good story can move an audience and appeal directly to the emotions. Facts alone do not produce faith.

Miracles Audio MP3

Witnessing the miracles had a convincing power far beyond words or reason. Jesus often built parable-like symbolisms into his miracles.

Metaphor  Audio MP3

Metaphors bring the Scriptures to life producing a picture forged with words. John’s gospel records seven great “I am” metaphors Jesus applied to himself.

Teaching by Example  Audio MP3

We are observers of our Lord’s powerful use of ­example to teach others. Let it be one of our teaching techniques as well.


News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   The Question Form 
Audio MP3
Life’s Lessons
,  back cover