September/October 2011

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Theme: Precious Treasures

In the Beginning (Precious Treasures)  Audio MP3

Gold and Silver  Audio MP3

These precious metals, prized by every culture from antiquity, are also beautiful biblical symbols.

Iron and Copper  Audio MP3

God promised Israel a land with iron and copper, metals required for their long-term prosperity.

Diamonds  Audio MP3

The natural characteristics of diamonds beautifully picture the characteristics of true Christians.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald  Audio MP3

These precious gems are found in the high priest’s breastplate and are esteemed of great value.

Pearls  Audio MP3

One particularly beautiful pearl was mentioned in a parable. Pearls are still prized by the wealthy today.

Salt  Audio MP3

Salt has been so important wars have been fought over it. The Bible speaks of a “covenant of salt.”

Treasures Laid up in Heaven  Audio MP3  

Earthly treasure can perish in a night. But other treasures can be ours for an eternity.

He Is Precious  Audio MP3  

The most precious treasure of all is Jesus Christ. He is the great “Shepherd of the sheep.”

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features
   The Old, Old Story
   True Christians 
Audio MP3  
A Crown of Glory  Audio MP3
Heaven—Our Home 
Audio MP3
He Shall Sit as a Refiner 
Audio MP3
Child of a King