March/April 2012

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Theme: The Lord's Memorial

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Our Lord's Memorial

Finishing the Work   Audio MP3  
The last week of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry

When Did Jesus Enter Jerusalem?  Audio MP3
Was Jesus’ triumphal entry on Sunday or Monday?

The Kingdom Taken Away from You  Audio MP3
Three parables on the kingdom of heaven

News and Views  Audio MP3
Current Events and Commentary

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
A Safer World?

Five Questions for a King  Audio MP3
Jesus responds to questions from Jewish leaders

He Loved Them Unto the End  Audio MP3  
Jesus’ final lessons for his disciples

Our Relationships  Audio MP3
Jesus’ counsel on our relationships with others

Despised and Rejected of Men  Audio MP3
How Jesus triumphed in his final tests

Risen from the Dead  Audio MP3
Christ Jesus burst the bars of death

Our Resurrection 
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