May/June 2012

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Theme: Healthy Activities

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Healthy Activities

Eating and Drinking  Audio MP3
“Eat” words of God, “drink” waters of truth

Walking with God  Audio MP3
Walk circumspectly in the narrow way

Resting  Audio MP3
Sabbath rest, and a more important rest

Learning  Audio MP3
We are in the School of Christ for a lifetime

News and Views  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Israel’s Growth

Cheerfulness  Audio MP3
We have much that should cheer our minds

Bathing  Audio MP3
Cleansing is available when we do wrong

Sunlight  Audio MP3  
God and Jesus are true sources of life and light

Exercising our Senses  Audio MP3  
Developing spiritual senses requires exercise

Poems and Short Features
    Awake and Learning  Audio MP3
    The Vow Song 

    Looking for the Sunrise 
Audio MP3
    Cumbered with Much Serving