January/February 2014

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Practical Lessons

In the Beginning   Audio MP3
Practical Lessons from the General Epistles

Foreword to Practical Lessons  Audio MP3
Lessons for the Christian Life

The Doers Shall Be Blessed  Audio MP3
James, Blessing Promised to the Doers

Live Worthy of a Pilgrim   Audio MP3
Peter’s First Epistle

Faith and the End of the Age   Audio MP3
2 Peter, Flesh vs. Spirit, Especially in 21st Century

News and Views   Audio MP3
Current Events

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Waning Confidence in World Systems

A Few Practical Lessons from 1 John  Audio MP3
1 John, Ten Lessons in Four Parts

A Letter of Encouragement, Warning  Audio MP3
2 John, Unity With Brethren Before Bridegroom

Diotrephes, a Difficult Brother  Audio MP3
3 John, An Ambitious Leader, Pesonal Responsibility

DOs and DON’Ts for the Faithful  Audio MP3
Jude, Ambitious Leaders, Accusation, or Mercy

Some Altered Scriptures  Audio MP3
Consider the Evidence

Success, in a Nutshell — Back cover    Audio MP3