Lesson 8

The Seventh Day or Epoch

"God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it."
Genesis 2:3

Adam was created toward the end of the sixth creative day. Eve was really a part of Adam, separated for the purpose of being a mother to their children and a helpmate and companion to Adam. Then God rested from his work of creating.

The seventh creative day was set apart for the purpose of filling the earth with people and spreading the perfection of Eden to all the earth. For six thousand years people have been multiplying—every baby born is a result of God’s command in Genesis 1:28.

Yes, God rested these past six thousand years. But did things work out as he had planned? No, for God did not plan sin and evil and wickedness.

If God did not plan sin, why couldn’t he stop it, or leave his resting long enough to keep people from suffering? Well, it is like this: God has the ability to look ahead and know what will happen just as easily as you and I look back on yesterday and the day before and know what happened then. So God knew that Adam would sin (disobey), but he did not stop him. After all, there isn’t much value in an obedient person if he has to be obedient and could not be disobedient even if he wanted to.

God’s will shall be done even though Adam disobeyed. During the last thousand year day (the Millennial Age) mankind will be restored to perfect humanity and the earth shall become as perfect as Eden was so long ago. This is called restitution.

What a wonderful blessing it will be when all of mankind have returned from their graves in the resurrection. They will then learn the ways of righteousness and willingly follow the laws of God. Their experience with sin and evil will help them make right choices.

Then mankind will again be in the image and likeness of God. "In the image" means to have a mind and will to plan and reason. "In the likeness" means to have dominion over the earth as God has over the universe. This will all happen gradually.

We see God’s love in the working out of his plan, as well as his power, wisdom and justice!

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