Lesson 88

Knowledge Shall Be Increased

"For just as the lightning comes from the east, and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be"
Matthew 24:27 (New American Standard Bible)

Twenty-five hundred years ago God foretold through Daniel’s prophecy that in the time of the end knowledge would be increased. Not only do we see this increase of knowledge in temporal (earthly) things, but also in spiritual things. God’s plan was hidden from the world for hundreds of years—until the return of our Lord in 1874.

Since that time the truth of God’s word, the Bible, has become available to thousands of people. Ideas and myths that had been prevalent throughout the Middle Ages could not stand in the light of truth. An enlightenment of minds to spiritual things was begun and is still going on.

The lightning referred to in our scripture text is from the Greek word astrape, which can be translated bright-shining. Since lightning actually gives very little light, the reference would be to the sun which floods the earth with light as it progresses from east to west. So the Sun of Righteousness, Jesus Christ, will shine into all corners of the world, bringing to light the hidden things of darkness and revealing the truth on every subject!

When a child has been born into a world of television, computers, jet planes, space exploration, etc., it is hard for him to realize that his parents often knew nothing of these inventions. Looking back at the way things were done in years past, we quickly realize that we are, indeed, in the time of the increase of knowledge, the time of the end (the end of the present dominion of evil).

Not only has the industrial (mechanized) age changed life on earth, but nature, too, is experiencing changes which will prepare the earth for habitation in areas never before possible. Major earthquakes, storms, floods, etc., all contribute to these changes. In due time the curse shall be removed and the blessings of God will be substituted! (Isaiah 35:1, 45:18, 65:17, 21, 22).

The Bible tells of the coming glory of earth—it will become a wonderful paradise. This will fulfill God’s plan for all mankind and bring blessings beyond that which we can imagine. The earth is God’s footstool and he will make his footstool glorious! (Isaiah 66:1; Acts 7:49; Isaiah 60:13).

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