Lesson 92

The Desert Shall Blossom

"The desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing."
Isaiah 35:1, 2

It is interesting that at this time when the world is in terrible turmoil, many strides are being made to save the earth and the environment. We see human ingenuity and engineering feats working miracles. New inventions are being made so rapidly that many become obsolete in a short time.

Many of these inventions are not being used for the betterment of mankind, however, for men’s hearts are still filled with pride and greed. Those who are trying hard to bring about a better world may have some successes but it will take God’s power during Christ’s reign to bring about the perfect earth and social conditions.

The "blossoming of the rose" assures us that provisions will be made for the needs (physical and spiritual) of millions to be brought forth from the tomb. Men’s minds will be freed of superstition, knowledge will replace ignorance, and love will replace hate and sinfulness. The next age will be a time of education!

The Jewish nation had an erroneous idea of the kingdom of God in supposing it be an earthly kingdom only. Many today make the opposite mistake in supposing it to be a heavenly kingdom only. Yet Jesus was very clear in his teaching that a kingdom, a government, will be established right here on earth, as well as a heavenly government which will reign over all (Isaiah 65:17; Revelation 21:1).

Read Acts 3:19-21. It is hard to imagine a perfect earth where all people will live together in peace and harmony. All of the destructive forces will be gone and the earth will truly "blossom as the rose" for there will be plenty of water for the dry places to flourish (Isaiah 35:6, 7). The restored earth will be like the garden of Eden before sin destroyed it. The earth will then be called "paradise" and mankind will appreciate the blessing of being able to live forever in such a beautiful place.

The opportunity of experiencing both good and evil now will enable mankind to choose good in the kingdom, and be granted everlasting life on the perfected earth. Those who continue to love and practice evil will be destroyed in the second death.

During the thousand years of restitution work under the reign of the Messiah, the earth will be brought to the condition God intended when it was created. Then the creative work will be complete—both of the earth and of mankind!

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