His Loving Kindness

"I have drawn you with lovingkindness" Jeremiah 31:3

1. Awake, my soul, to joyful lays,
And sing my great Redeemer's praise;
He justly claims a song from me;
His loving kindness, O how free!

Loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness, O how free!

2. He saw me ruined in the fall,
Yet loved me, notwithstanding all;
He saved me from my lost estate;
His loving kindness, O how great!

Loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness, O how great!

3. Tho' numerous hosts of mighty foes
Combine it's heav'nward way t'oppose;
He safely leads his Church along;
His loving kindness, O how strong.

Loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness, O how strong!

4. When trouble like a gloomy cloud,
Has gathered thick and thundered loud,
He near my soul has always stood;
His loving kindness, O how good!

Loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness, O how good.

5. And now earth's mighty King has come,
To take his ransomed people home;
I'll sing upon that blissful shore;
His loving kindness ever more!

Loving kindness, loving kindness,
His loving kindness ever more.

What Is Soul Awakening?

We sing, "Awake my soul," but what does it signify? The implication that all mankind are in a stupor and need to be awakened is a correct one. Many are physically awake, but not mentally awake. Some are both physically and mentally awake before they are morally awake. Soul awakening signifies a full all-around awakening to a proper consideration of who we are, why we are, and the possibilities of the present and of the future.

Those who are neither mentally nor morally awake are passing through life as mere animals--like the busy bee, they lay up honey of wealth for others to enjoy, unappreciative of their opportunities, intellectual, moral, and spiritual.

The awakening may come slowly or suddenlyperhaps induced by disappointments or losses, accidents or sickness. To the mentally and morally awakened the accumulation of dollars, or of houses, or of acres, is no longer soul-satisfying. He perceives right and wrong in a new light. He discovers the real import of the golden rule and subjects acts, words, and thoughts to this rule. Mental and moral awakening are specially desirable, because they may lead on as preparatory steps to full soul-awakening. The awakened soul asks, Why did God create me? It seeks for a divine message and seeks fellowship with God, realizing the need of instruction and guidance, in order to attain its ideals.Psalms 43:3

It is at this juncture that the awakened soul is in danger from the Adversary and his deluded servants, who, in the name of light, would lead away from God into paths of human speculation.

The awakened soul needs wisdom from above. It needs to learn the need of vital union with the divinely appointed savior. It needs to learn that there is only one door into the sheepfold, only one way to enter the family of God, only one way to enter the school of Christ to be taught of him only one way to come under the divine arrangements which guarantee that "all things work together for good" to those who take this way. It needs to learn that this one way is self-surrenderthe giving up of the human will in complete submission o the divine will, and that the "narrow way" of devotion to the principles of righteousness is the way to glory, honor, and immortality.

Soul-awakening leading to a full consecration to God's will through Christ brings spirit-begettal and real spirit illumination. Thenceforth the deep things of god may be discerned through his word.1 Corinthians 2:14