BIBLES      (Please read the copyright information for each of these translations when you install them)


* American King James Version  (2.3 meg) (From TOLBSS  

VIEW ONLINE!           * American Standard Version  (1.8 meg)   
Authorized King James Version 1769  (2.5 meg)
VIEW ONLINE!           * Bible in Basic English  (1.5 meg)

                                       * Common Edition New Testament, The -- Clontz, Timothy E.   (From TOLBSS(464 kb.)  NEW!
VIEW ONLINE!           * Darby Translation  (1.6 meg)

* Douay Rheims  (1.6 meg)
Hebrew Names Version    (1.6 meg.) (From TOLBSS   
* Jewish Publication Society. (1917 Jewish Old Testament. ) (1.6 meg)
* LXX (Septuagint) Old Testament in English.  (1.4 meg)
* The Analytic Septuagint with Morphology
 (From TOLBSS (2.14 meg)  
* Living Oracles Translation  (557 kb.)
* Montgomery's New Testament  (663 kb.)
Revised Version Improved and Corrected - James Parkinsom (Beta 1)    (523 kb.)  
* Restored Names King James Version   (From TOLBSS(1.6 meg)  
* Revised Webster Version  (1.4 meg)
* Rotherham's Emphasized Bible (1.76 meg) 
Scottish Metrical Psalter [1650] (240 kb.) (**Topic/Book format)
(Formatted for the Online Bible by Henry A. Sikkema )
* Syriac New Testament (Peshitta) English translation by James Murdock  (From TOLBSS(650 kb.)  NEW!
* Twentieth Century New Testament (663 kb.) 

VIEW ONLINE!            * Webster Version (1.6 meg)
VIEW ONLINE!            * Weymouth New Testament  (563 kb.)
VIEW ONLINE!            * Wilson, Benjamin - Emphatic Diaglott.  (446 kb.) 

* World English Bible    (1.5 meg.)  (From TOLBSS

VIEW ONLINE!            * Young's Literal Translation  (1.6 meg)


* Ben Asher morphological Hebrew Text. (1.1 meg) The Hebrew containing the Biblia Hebraica Kittel/Stuttgartensia consonantal texts in morphologically separated (BHM) format.
* Ben Asher Hebrew Text. (1.1 meg)  [The OLB Hebrew containing the Biblia Hebraica Kittel/Stuttgartensia consonantal texts in normal (BHS) format.] 


* Byzantine Greek Majority Textform (970 kb) (Download Here) 1991 Byzantine/Majority Textform Keyed to Strongs and Fully Parsed. 
* Interlinear Greek New Testament (1.1 meg) [Prepared from 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus ]
* LXX Greek Septuagint (439 kb) [Greek Old Testament Septuagint Version.]
* LXXA -- The Analytic Septuagint with Strong's Numbers and Morphology  (From TOLBSS (2.14 meg)  NEW!
* Textus Receptus (967 kb.) [(1550/1894) Strong's numbers. (Download Here) 1550 Stephens Textus Receptus, 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus. ]
* Westcott-Hort (1.0 meg) [Greek Text (Variant readings - UBS 3-4/Nestle 26-27 editions.) (1881)]


* Louis Segond Version (1.4 meg.)


* Luther Version. (2.70 meg) 


* Reina-Valera 1909. (1.6 meg) 
* Las 1569 Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua. Revised in 1999. (1.6 meg)


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