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This web site includes ALL of the writings of Pastor Charles Taze Russell.  This includes all of the original and reprinted writings that have been located up to this present time.  There is some hope however that some other writings, discourses, newspaper sermons, etc may be found in the future and added to this web site.  Once these files are completed, this will mark the complete collection of the writings of Pastor Charles Taze Russell in electronic format. Perhaps someday these "missing" writings could be compiled and printed in book form.

We hope that we'll put our first version on CD-ROM by spring with whatever books and files that we have finished converting from the old program by then. This would include all of the new things we're working on as well.  We are not in this for profit.  We want to make available the Word of God to the public as cheaply and efficiently as possible.  The Online Bible software is FREEWARE.  The license agreement reads: "You may freely share the Online Bible material with anyone, providing that you do not charge more than a nominal fee."  The final cost of these CD's would be based upon the cost of what it takes to produce them, complete with instructions booklets, CD's, labels, Jewel cases, shipping, etc...  There would be no charge (not even a "nominal fee") for the Online Bible program itself, nor for the modules on the CD-ROM.  The only charges would be the cost of producing the CD's.

Once we start distributing the new version we will stop distributing the old 1.0 PDF version.  The old version will still continue to be supported. At that time the price of the new CD's will be based upon the cost of the materials to produce them.

There is an idea we may need some help for.  We would like to export all of the files from OLB to Microsoft Word documents and then save them as HTML files.  These files would then be put on this web page so that all of the files could be looked at and browsed through before downloading them.  An internet search engine of some type could be added so that all of the files could be searched through on the internet.

A domain name may be purchased in the near future to make the address easy to remember and easier to find through the different search engines.  (Perhaps or something shorter)

If anyone can help with this please email me.

* This means that the module has been compiled in the new Online Bible format and is now search capable.?

** This means that the Translation will appear under COMMENTARIES.  (It will NOT appear in the Bible Translations area until the option to create Bible Translations is added to The Online Bible.)