Can't find the books you installed?

1.  Download the newest LIBRARY files from this web site.  Install them, close Online Bible, and then restart.

Still can't locate the books?

1.  Click on LIBRARY, and then SELECTION PREFERENCES.  Click on TOPIC/BOOKS and then click SELECT ALL at the bottom and then click OK.  Close OLB, reopen.  Click on Libary and you should be able to find the books you downloaded.

2.  Email me at the address listed below.  I could be that I missed adding the books to the menu and will need to fix it.

Double-clicking on the downloaded file(s) doesn't automatically install?

(FIRST:  Be sure that you have WinZip installed.  If not, you can download it from

1.  Right Mouse click on the file and select the option that will Extract the file to a Folder.

2.  Open Online Bible.

3.  Click TOOLS, then USER MODULE TOOLS, and then RESTORE.

4.  Browse to the file you would like to install.

5.  Click on the title of the desired file in the FROM FILE area and then click OK.

6.  Follow Steps 1 - 5 until all the books you wish to install are installed.

7.  Once you click EXIT you are finished.  Click on LIBRARY to find your books!