Welcome to The Bible Students' Online Library. 

The purpose of our site is to assist in and encourage further study and research into the Word of God. 
The Bible Students' Library places thousands of documents, both doctrinal and devotional, Scriptural, Reference material, Dictionaries, Magazines, Bible translations, Historical materials, Booklets, Pamphlets, tracts, and treatises of Christians from the last three centuries. It is the desire and prayer of the originators of The Bible Students' Library that this web site will be helpful in such Scriptural study endeavors.

The Online Bible is a free computer Bible software program which has been created by a Christian named Larry Pierce from Ontario, Canada. It is the product of countless volunteers who have scanned, edited and proofread materials. The intention of The Online Bible is to provide a good computer bible, with as many commentaries, translations, and information as possible for as cheap a price as possible. 
Although it is possible to order The Online Bible on CD-ROM, this is not necessary.  Many of the translations, commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Maps, etc... are freely distributable and downloadable from the internet.
We received many positive comments on our CD-ROM, The Bible Students' Library, and its sister CD-ROM, The Berean Bible Studies.  We have been researching other possibilities to make The Bible Students' Library easier to use and more functional in Bible Student study groups.  We believe that The Online Bible program will help us to achieve these goals, and to provide a place where these files 

Although many of the file conversion to this new format has not yet been completed we have decided to allow the Brethren to download and to start using these wonderful tools. 

NOTE: Some of these files will not yet appear under the "Search" menu.  We are converting and correcting these files and will compile them with search capabilities at a future date.  A red (*) marks the files on this web page which are able to be searched.


We want to express our appreciation to the New Brunswick (NJ) Bible Students (, the Chicago Bible Students ( Book Republishing Committee and specifically to Peter Hill (for formatting many of the Bible Student materials you will find at this web site and for giving us the idea) and Allen Springer ( and many dedicated Brethren for their extensive labors in typing Pastor Charles T. Russell's writings.  Special thanks also goes to Larry Pierce, The Online Bible Programmer (, and Jonathon Dixon and at The Online Bible Software Site ( for permission to use many of the user created Online Bible files from his web site. Many more could be mentioned for the works they freely allowed to be used in this project.  The electronic version of these files are copyrighted, but permission will be freely given to those who ask for such in writing, providing their aim is the same as that the the producers - to encourage more and deeper study of God's Word, the Holy Bible.  

Inclusion of materials of any of these groups does not imply the endorsement by either the contributors or the sponsors of these electronic files.