Lesson 20

Demigods of Greece and Egypt

"We have not followed cunningly devised fables . . . "
2 Peter 1:16

There are many fairy tales and fables that we have read and enjoyed, knowing that they were not true stories. There are also many myths from the ancient Greeks and Romans which are interesting to read, but are also just imaginary. These stories often have a lesson in them.

The Greeks and Romans really believed the myths at that time, thinking that Bacchus, Ceres, Apollo and others were actual gods and goddesses. Gifts of sacrifice were burned in their honor, and special acts were performed to please these imaginary gods. People prayed to them—asking for good crops, strength, happiness, etc.

We know that Jehovah, the Almighty Creator of the universe, is the only true God. Where did the idea of these other gods come from?

The word god means a mighty one—strong and powerful. There have been many strong and powerful persons, good and bad. The strongest and most powerful individuals who ever lived on earth were the giants (nephilim) who were destroyed in the flood. They were the demigods of Greece and Egypt and the angels who materialized were the gods.

Demi means half or lesser. So the demigods were less than the angels, who were the gods. They were more than humans because of their angelic fathers. They were a hybrid race which had not been authorized by God. Hybrid means the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds or species.

The gods and demigods did many supernatural things to gain power among the people. They had this power because of their angelic background. Their mighty and wicked deeds were told about long after they themselves were gone. Their foolish and sinful acts were admired and imitated by some men who considered the giants as gods.

In the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs there are lists of names of some of the families, beginning with the creation of man. One list includes the names of Adam and his sons, his grandsons, etc., all the way down to the pharaoh who had the list written. Most of the lists, however, have extra names of individuals who were not really a part of Adam’s family. These would be the giants, or nephilim.

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