Lesson 21

From Adam to Moses

"The LORD said to him (Moses) . . . I will be with your mouth
and teach you what you shall speak."
Exodus 4:11, 12 (Lamsa Translation)

When the Greek, Herodotus, wrote his history book, he gave the same information as that which was written on the Abydos Tablet. When the Egyptian, Manetho, wrote his history book, he also used these same facts. When the great prophet of Jehovah, Moses, wrote the first five books of the Bible, he was familiar with the best sources of historical information.

The Abydos Tablet, a slab on which records were kept of Pharaohs and kings, was found in the sepulcher (tomb) of Pharaoh Seti I. It is not as long a list as some of the others, yet Seti took great care to preserve it. He sank a shaft sixty feet deep through solid rock and there his stone masons cut out a staircase on which the Tablet is portrayed. An exact copy of it is found in the British Museum today.

Although Moses had been born a poor Hebrew boy, God arranged that he would be adopted by the Egyptian princess. In the palace he learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians.

To be used in God’s service, Moses received the finest education from the best schools in Egypt, as well as all that his Hebrew mother could tell him of God’s marvelous leadings and care for his people. Jochebed knew well the history of the Hebrews. She had heard it from Moses’ father, Amram, who had heard the story from the patriarch Levi, who had heard it from his grandfather, Isaac, who (with his father, Abraham) had heard the story from Noah’s son Shem, who had heard it from Methuselah, who had heard the story from Adam.

When he was a young man, Moses chose to serve Jehovah God and be counted among his people, even though they were in bondage to the Egyptians. In doing so, he gave up the riches and pleasures of the comfortable life he had had in the palace.

Besides having all the knowledge of the best schools in Egypt, and belonging to the family of God’s chosen people (thereby knowing their history firsthand), Moses was blessed by the greatest advantage of all: God guided and instructed him. What a wonderful way for Moses to know what he should write in God’s holy Bible!

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