BY Laura E. Kelsey


Inner Cover


"Laura’s poems give one The feeling of the value of life, and the importance of a working faith in God."


Mrs. Ferdinand Fretag—1961 (Retired teacher of English and Dramatics)



Grateful thanks are hereby extended to dear ones, who—over the years—since the mid 1930’s helped me by typing poems for me, and/or by useful suggestions and encouragement.


This includes our late Brother Anthony Latina, who proposed that copies of my poems be made, also to sister Helen Fuller and Brother Vincent Kowalewski for publishing these poems.


But, especially, I thank our Heavenly Father for having given me, in various ways, thoughts which have been ehlpful to me, and which—with His help—I am sharing with you, in this way.


Your Sister in Christ, Laura E. Kelsey



The time of earth’s trouble has come And the darkness ‘round us grows deeper, But our faith is sure And our hope secure In God, our Guide and Keeper. So we’ll hold the Truth Be we man or youth, And reproaches gladly we’ll bear; For this light that’s ours With its many powers, Will brighten and lighten care. We know that our God has a plan That will bring rich blessings to all, For the thing they need Is the promised "Seed" To rescue them from Adam’s fall, Then the wars will cease Through a reign of peace And the Truth will be learned by all men; For the Word of God Will be spread abroad And will fill the whole earth then.




We know that the Lord’s plan will be More complete than man can devise, And each heart will sing Of the joy ‘twill bring When those who "sleep" will all arise As a gift from One Who is God’s dear Son, And they’ll learn His love for all men; For the way will be Very plain to see So they’ll not need stumble then. As God has now opened our eyes To perceive His wonderful plan, In our gratitude For this hope embued, We’ll let our light shine as we can, In the hope that some May desire to come And to seek the light that is true; Then an honest heart May be set apart To love Him and serve Him, too!


(May be sung to tune of "In The Garden")



When we meet together May we come with prayer That God’s spirit, ruling, Will dispel our care. Then with hearts united, Filled with holy love, May we seek a blessing Coming from above. O, how good to gather At the throne of God; By His eye be guided, Rather than by rod. May we help each other By each word and deed; May we lift a burden Where there is a need. Then with hearts more zealous, Let us run the race; That we, being faithful, Soon may see His face.


Tune: "Now The Day is Over"



The cross, we know, is but the means By which the promised crown is won; And God is able to perform What He in us has well begun. So let us trust Him with our lives, Through joy or pain, through gain or loss, While resting in our Father’s love, As here we gladly Bear the cross. Throughout our earthly years ahead We’ll seek to live and speak and do According to our Father’s will; O may we each to Him prove true!



When upon your heart the Lord has placed some thought Of a work for Him that may by you be wrought, Do not hesitate to see that work begin; Count it as a privilege and start right in!


CHORUS: Work for Jesus—toil with joyful song. Work for Jesus—you to Him belong. Work for Jesus—toil with joyful song. Work with lvoe for Jesus—you to Him belong!


Do you find it hard to sacrifice your all? Will you fail to heed and answer to His call? Will you leave some opportunity unused? Or will though of serving Him make you enthused? Do your house and worldly goods engross your time? Have you no provision for the things sublime? Are the many cares of life now keeping you From the blessed work that God would have you do? Lay away all weights that hnder work for Him; This will help to keep your love from growing dim. Show Him that your zeal for Him surmounts all things; And your growing faith, to Him forever clings!


(Tune—"Count Your Blessings")



Though the world may ban me From its rank and file, Still I’m pleased to bear it For this little while; For I’m as a "stranger" In a foreign land, But I know that later They’ll understand— They’ll each one understand.


(May be sung to tune of: "Love’s Old Sweet song")


 1Pe 2:11," ... as strangers and pilgrims ..."


 1Pe 2:9," are holy nation..."


 Joh 15:18,19, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated Me (Jesus) before it hated you.  If ye were of the world, the world would love his own, but ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you."


 2Co 5:6, "... While we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord."



Now dawns the first bright day of this new year, Night past, the sun is up; and thus The old year fades, the new becomes more clear; But how it’s used depends on us. That which is not worthwhile, may we discard; Absorbed be only what is true; A wholesome life be held in high regard; And righteous be each deed we do! In this past year, mistakes we all have made, And God forgave us day by day For debts which humbly at His feet were laid, And helped us on the narrow way! If we will closely follow Christ as guide, He’ll make this year to far transcend Our fondest hope; and we’ll find Him at our side When we most need our truest Friend!




"IF we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." —  Joh 15:15



All things together work for good To them who truly love their Lord, But all attempts to live aright Will fail when God is not adored. If we love God, then we will seek To please Him by each word and deed; We’ll learn what pleases Him the best When to His Word we give due heed. And when we’ve learned to ask aright, We then may hope for answered prayer; For God will do His part, it’s true, If we do ours, and thus play fair!




"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to His purpose." —  Ro 8:28



Seek first, seek first God’s Kingdom If we hare His elect; With all our hearts now serve Him In ways He will select. From service unto service Our love for Him reveal, As thus we seek to please Him By works of faith and zeal. Seek first, seek first God’s Kingdom If we for Him would live; Whatever things are needful, To us, he’ll surely give. Delighting in His promise To give us needed grace, Continue in our striving To fill the chosen place. Seek first, seek first God’s Kingdom What else can matter now? The things of earth are fading As we before Him bow. Confide in Him and trust Him Though plagues are on the way; Since we are His completely, We’re not on earth to stay!


(May be sung to tune of: "Stand up For Jesus")


"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." —  Mt 6:33



( Ac 8:26-39) (Reprints 2964—2966) "Arise, Philip and go To’ard the south, to the way That goes from Jerusalem to Gaza." And he arose and went, And behold, an eunuch, A man of Ethiopia, Rode by, Reading From Isaiah, The fifty-third chapter, Then the Spirit said to Philip, "Go near, "And join This chariot." Philip ran to it and Heard him, of great authority, Reading. "Do you Understand it?" Inquired Philip of him, "How can I, except some man should Guide me? (continued) LLL18


"Come up And sit with me, And tell me who it is Of whom the prophet speaks in this Scripture." Philip "Opened his mouth" And told him of Jesus, Who was "brought as a lamb to the Slaughter." As they Went on their way, They came to some water— And the eunuch asked, "Can’t I be Baptized?" "You may If you believe On Him with all your heart." "I believe that Jesus Christ is God’s  Son. "Stand still!" He commanded His chariot; and he Went with Philip down into the Water. Philip Immersed him, and Having finished this work The pirit of the Lord caught him Away. (continued) LLL19


With joy, The eunuch went Back to his chariot And his journey, and saw Philip No more. May we Never despise A chance to witness to One inquiring person, Though it’s Just once! (Most of the conversational parts are paraphrases, rather than exact quotations from the Bible.) —- MAY WE BE ‘DEAF’ AT TIMES When words for hurt are heard, May "self" stay "dead"; As though no wronging words To us were said! "Who is blind, but my servant?  Or deaf as My Messenger that I sent?..." ( Isa 42:19)            4th Reprint, Pg. 3176



For one whole year I tried in vain To open the eyes of one I chose— That wondrous truth might be made plain. And then there came another one Who listened with a ready ear And thanked me for what she thought I’d done. But I could gladly let her know; ‘Twas God—not I—whose power and

love Had won her heart and blessed her so! Oh, yes, it is as Jesus said: Unless the Father draw a man, He will not come and so be led. Our human wisdom fails to tell Who would the Father’s will perform; But God knows all and chooses well. —— "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."    Joh 14:6 "No man can come to Me, except the Father, which hath sent Me, draw him; and I will raise him up at the last day."    Joh 6:44



"Oh, help me!  Help me!" called the voice Of a boy in pitiful tones, As drowning, he strove to save himself; But someone had heard his moans. And just before the guard dived in To save that struggling one, He shouted loud to him and said, "I’ll be right there, my son!" The failing form that seemed relaxed; It fought in fright no more, And soon the guard had brought the boy To safety on the shore. Just so, will God, our gracious Guard, Best work in us His will When we stop striving to save ourselves, And rest in faith.  "Be still!" —— "Be still and know that I am God."   Ps 46:10 "Deliver us from evil."   Mt 6:13 Also  Ps 7:10 and Hymn 128 (verse 2)



( Ac 4:13, 18-20; 5:29, 38, 39) I do Obey earth’s laws, And will if conscience lets: "We ought to obey God, rather Than men." I, a                    (Vol. 6, page 594) Subject of Christ Must be loyal to Him; Nor would a real alien fight His King. —— The Father "hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son."         ( Col 1:12, 13) "For our conversation (citizenship) is in heaven."  ( Php 3:20)  (See Strong’s Conc.)  "We are citizens of heaven."

(Philips) "We are ambassadors for Chirst."

( 1Co 5:17-20)  Joh 17:14-16;  Mt 10:16-22, and Mannas for August 13,14; December 7



All men would like right now to have the blessings Which God’s promised Kingdom will bring; And many hearts which have by sin been broken Will rejoice when Christ is King. We see the signs of that glad day approaching and we love to tell this good news; With heart and voice, we publish these glad tidings, Though but few this work would choose. And now while we are cheerfully enduring, Though reproached by friends and by foes, Our thanks will rise to God in praise unceasing For the blessings He bestows. Some day mankind will have this blessed knowledge, And their hearts will then understand Why we forsook the passing earthly pleasures To proclaim this message grand. (May be sung to the chorus tune of: "The world is Waiting for the Sunrise."



If by myself There’s not a thing that I can do; But God with me, Makes all things possible and true! Within myself No life, no strength, no good doth dwell; But God with me, Means life that’s full, and all is well! If by myself Then "fate" can deal a heavy hand. But God with me, The trials are what I can stand.


If by myself, I live in fear and loneliness; But God with me, Turns darkened clouds to loveliness! So for myself, I pray especially for this: That God’s with me To give His power, peace and bliss!  Ro 8:28                         Php 4:13  Mr 9:23                             Php 2:13  Joh 15:5                              2Ti 1:7



( Mt 6:28) Lilies Are beautiful— They neither toil nor spin; But they faithfully use what is Given. Their food And warmth and light Are provided for them— Their vitamins, and refreshing Water. This is According to Their Gardener’s knowledge (What each individually Requires): More light Is given to The spindly, scrawny ones Until firmness of leaf and stock Obtains. Some need The cooling shade When too long in the sun; They then may attain what they lack In height. Others May be thought of As stunted, slow-growers; To help them, more vitamins are added. :PAGE 26


(continued) Our God, As Gardener, Will care for all "lilies" As He cared for the first beloved, His Son. This Chief Of all "lilies" Will rejoice with God in His own hundred and forty-four Thousand.  Re 14:1         Ephes. 1:20-23    Cant. 5:10 (And illustration used by

Bro. Christian Zahnow)



I watch the chimney smoke ascend, In air that’s cool and clear. Soft sounds of birds with nature blend, My heart is void of fear! The slender smoke curls to’ard the sky, With not a breeze to break This symbol of the prayer I sigh, As God my hand doth take!


"Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you."                       Jas 4:8



With aching heart and low hung head, With eyes of downcast set, I entre now with humbled tread Sad portals of regret. Why did I speak those words so gruff, And why was I so steeled Against the admonitions of My conscience quite concealed? Why did I gash and wound my friend With cold indifference To painful pangs which cruelly rend A heart so stunned and tense? Pray tell me, why was I so blind As not to see, and try To save from pain, this friend of mine? Oh, God, I know not why! I only know I now can keneel With humble tears and pray: "From sinful words my lips please seal! And keep me in Your way." "The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart, and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." —  Ps 3:18

( Isa 57:15; 66:2;  Ps 51:17)



Can we Hold discretely And unswervingly to What we’ve learned from the Bible as God’s truth? Can we At the same time, With generosity Be pleased to let all others do The same? Can we, Calmly listen While another explains— And when verbally shot at, hold Our fire? Can we Be more intent On honoring God’s truth, Than on winning an argument? Can we? If not, Let’s pray for help! God alone can aid us When we put ourselves (with our views) Up front.



Oh, let me away to those country spaces Where there is freedom to think and breathe. Away from hard and long-drawn faces Of the motley crowds that swarm and seethe. Away from girme and smoke-laden air, I’d escape to pastures of plush green turn, Or to woods bedecked with flowers fair, Or to fresh aroma of salty surf! Away from things of mechanical birth, I could walk on new-born grass and weeds; I would visit vast stretches of velvety earth, Prepared and awaiting the planters’ seeds.

It might puzzle my mind

How grows grass from old sod;

I think then I might find

A new contact with God! After John the Baptist was executed by King Herod, Jesus said to his disciples, "Come ye yourselves apart ..., and rest a while."                                Mr 6:31



Down by the shore, on jutting rocks, We sat and gazed upon the view Which stretched like rare and perfect art In gorgeous green, dark brown, and blue. The glassy lake reflected well: The trees and grasses decked with dew, The clean white house on further side And birds which swift and quiet flew. While gazing silently, we thought Of how our hearts are mirrors too; Reflecting qualities of God— If we are trusting Him and true; But when we fail to rest in Him, Our fainting hearts become perturbed; They then cnanot reflect so well— Nor could the lake, when winds disturbed. "But we all, with open face beholding, as in a glass, The glory of the Lord; are changed into the same image From glory to glory, even as the Spirit of the Lord.

( 2Co 3:18) "Reflections" was published in 1974

as "Poems of the Way"



God has a plan for all, Why fear how you will fare When God won’t let you fall But holds you up with care? So cast on Him your fears; And freed from all of these, Let ne’er be seen those tears Which once would flow with ease. What consolation, just To know that God is near, In love, attending us, To comfort, guide and cheer. Lift up your head and smile, Since clouds that hid your sun Have traveled many a mile— Just see what God has done! —— This was one of my first poems. It was in a 1937 folder of poems— "Life Lifter Lines," under title of "Assurance."   (Circulation 3,000)



There is A saying that: "We cannot prevent birds From flying over our heads, but We can Prevent Them from making Nests in our hair."  How true! Wrong thoughts may flash through even a Pure Mind: At once Our conscience sends To us a signal and We refuse to entertain such Garbage!                                         Php 4:8 We then Refill the space With thoughts that should prevail: We recite a scripture or sing A hymn. And in Our daily prayers, We ask God to pervade Our minds with His precious Holy Spirit. And what We ask for us, We pray also for our Brethren, whether known to us or Unknown.



Within a small corner there gloweth hot coals With crumbled, sweet incense most fine; And from them ascends a rich perfume to God, According to ancient design. Let incense of love and devotion now fall Upon fiery trials that test; For those who are trusting in God and obey, Are those who are pleasing Him best. And let us be careful to use every coal Which God in His love doth provide; Then each will assist in transforming our lives To likeness of Jesus our Guide. If we, with true patience, submit to all things Including the ones that annoy: Then fragrance will rise from each trial that comes, And we shall be singing with joy. (May be sung to tune of Hymn 105)   Ro 8:28 (Brother Fred Bright wrote music for this.)



We see signs in the dark by the side of the road As we travel by car or by bus, But the ones we prefer are those easy to see, Which reflect their directions to us. If a sign were so large it obstructed our view, It would render a hindrance to all, But the one by which work is eficiently done We shall find is surprisingly small. God, keep me humble through each day And let me point the upward way. It’s thus I hope my life will be A small reflector light for thee. ——— "Before destruction, the heart of man is haughty; and before honor is humility."

 Pr 18:12



We gave                                   Ro 12:1 Our hearts to God; We relinquished our hope Of ever-lasting life upon The earth If then                                       Mt 24:14 We found it hard To tell God’s great plan. We may have helped others who could Witness. We have                                    Heb 13:16 Also given                                 Php 4:18 Of our time, strength, and means To help our brethren in their days Of need.


Of course                             R. 5557—par. 3 All this is good; But do we sacrifice Our own pref’rences for those of Others? Have we                                     Ro 12:3 Sacrificed joys Of soaring self-esteem— And therefore did not criticize Another? Are we                                        Heb 13:5 Making real sure That we have some moments For praise to our dear Lord, and for Prayer?

(continued) LLL36


(continued) If then                                         Mt 3:10 One reminds us Of sacrificing all— and we look—we may see a point We missed. "The Sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise."                Ps 51:17



She was Being punished For having run away. That’s why she stayed in a dark, closed Closet. Her Aunt, Passing by, heard:

"Dear Dod, please take care of Little L......  Here I am behind The broom,"

When as Children of God, We have our "dark closets," May we seek His care when "behind The broom." "Thou God seest me ..." said Hagar. —  Ge 16:13 "... He that formed the eye, shall he not see?"  Ps 94:8-9



Making others happy and glad As you travel on each day, Ever reaching a helping hand To someone along life’s way; In their sickness, sorrow or loss, Being steadfast in your belief That God will give you aid In bringing the needed relief— Living thus from day to day, Learning, lifting and loving all, Being friend to the friendless ones And aiding the weak when they fall; God will send His rarest gifts To His child who lives like this— For the cost of getting, is giving, And giving brings happiness. "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

  Ac 20:35



Each "child" of God receives a brand new "slate." The old had corners chipped, was badly marred, Was dull and worthless, cracked

and deeply scarred. The new, without a scratch, awaits its fate It is your Father’s special gift to you;

And since the old was all so far from right; Behind His back He let it fall from sight;

And now He’ll help you do what you should do. Your Father is your Tutor; without doubt

He’ll teach you how to live without regret; Some problems hard to solve, He’ll not forget;

Nor will examinations be left out. For you to higher grade could never pass

Without a test to prove you are prepared; So from these trying times you’ll not be spared;

For they will help you reach the highest class. "THOU HAST CAST ALL MY SINS BEHIND THY BACK."




"The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage."

  Ps 16:6 I walk Between the "lines." Which God has laid for m "In pleasant places."  I shall not Wander! I stay Within these "lines" Although I know they lead To many crossing of my will— And death! I shall Not try to save The life I’m pleased to lose; But I shall die the death that leads To life!



When I started to pray, the world seemed near; It hindered my prayer in its flight, So I crept up close to God’s listening ear, And together we talked through the night. I forgot the time, in serenity; I was held in the power of thought Which reached through a length of eternity To bring me the peace I had sought. It was then I felt very weak, and frail, As before my God I knelt. I asked His forgiveness for how I fail; Then His answer was clearly felt; For He seemed to close—’twas like "heart to heart." The things of the world stayed dim While peace and joy made my tears to start, And I cried my thanks to Him. "... When thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly."    Mt 6:6



"Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame...."

  Heb 12:2 The one beside you in the train May have a good and honest heart Awaiting knowledge of the truth Which you are able to impart. But if with self you are beset— That nervous heart begins to pound; Your tongue is held between your teet While fear-filled eyes rove down and around! Forget that certain man called, "You," And turn to god for strength you seek; Remember only joyous Truth, And then your God through you can speak. When once it’s done, the fear will shrink, While courage grows a healthy span; Until at last you’ll use with joy Each chance to introduce God’s plan. (This poem was printed in the Dawn Magazine

in the 40’s.)



A deed well done, a conscience clear, And then there comes a blow! Our minds at first are stunned to think That good could bring a foe. We muster now in self defense, Our inner forces, strong; All set to strike right back at them And thus to "right the wrong." But wait! Shall we, ourselves, descend; Or shall we merely stand And listen for our Master’s voice To tell us what is planned? Perchance this was for us a test Of courage yet untried; If so, we are glad we stopped in time To check a wayward stride. "Stop and Consider" was printed in a 1937 folder of poems—"Life Lifter Lines" by LEK: (3,000 copies circulated.  I think this was also printed in "The Open Window" in the late 1930’s.



      ( Mt 6:12, 14, 15) A child Who feels unsure That his parents love him, Is insecure—so many behave Badly. If we Are not at peace With God and with ourselves, We tend to blame others and get Angry: In wrath, We may forget To exercise mercy; Though we want God to show mercy Toward us. Are we Expecting God To be nicer to us Than we have been, even to our Brethren? "Oh Lord, ... in wrath remember mercy."                     Hab 3:2 (See also Psalm 103:8-14)



(Hymn Tune 115) "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of My Hands. —  Isa 49:16. I have engraved upon My palms, Declares our gracious Lord, All those who are My faithful saints By whom My name’s adored. How precious they who think on Me, Who strive to serve and please; I watch their onward steps with care And strengthen feeble knees. Within My Palms I cover them When testing storms assail; And none of Satan’s clever arts Will over them prevail. These humble ones from out the earth Will, by My grace, be raised To share in natures, Mine—and then By all, I shall be praised. "Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises; that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust."  ( 2Pe 1:4;  Mal 3:16,17). Written June 4, 1943.  Printed on page 10 of the January-February, 1972 issue of "The Harvest Message."



Shall I despise my meager fare Which would to some be bounty rare? Shall I who sacrificed my all From my determination fall? If I descend to murmuring, Can I expect the Lord will bring Me safely through the wilderness To enter heaven’s blessedness? If I shall long for Egypt-land, I’ll fail to faithfully withstand When selfish tempting thoughs arise Which might deflect me from the prize. May God help me to murmur not Although I lack some things I want. May I well learn to be content With what the Lord to me has sent. For thus alone shall I be blest And be prepared to enter rest. And only if I murmur not Shall I to Canaan-land be brought.


(Brother Fred Bright set this to music.) "Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured, and were destroyed of the Destroyer." "Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples; and they are written for iyr admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come."             1Co 10:10,11

( Php 2:13-15 also)



A man Once told himself, "My barns won’t hold my goods; What shall I do?  I’ll tear them down— And build! "When built, I’ll say to self: ‘Take ease and drink and play!’" But when his barns were built, he smiled And died! Just so Is he today Who saves for self in greed. He has in heaven’s treasured wealth— No store! (A partial paraphrase of  Lu 12:16-21) "For what is man profited if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul (life)?"

  Mt 16:26



If a deed of value we have done Or a helping hand we chanced to lend, Let us not wait for thanks and praise; For it’s to God their knees should bend. If a word of cheer we passed along IF our talents we used faithfully And thus could aid and life someone, Thank God for such ability. Thus at times, I know god works through us; And we then are channels in which flow Those blessings rich—yet freely sent To gladden hearts of men below. So if God should pass to me a thought, And, in turn, I pass it on to you; Please don’t thank me, but thank our God. From Him come all things good and true.


"Give God The Credit" was printed in "The Open Window" (late 1930’s =?)  It was also in the "Life Lifter Lines" folder of 1937  (3,000 copies circulated).



Dear Lord, please teach me how To aid the ones Who seek to know Thee now And be Thy sons Attempts of mine prove vain; So help me, Lord To make Thy truth seem plain, And God adored. I shall but speak the words You let me say, And hope that they like birds, Will nest to stay. I’ll try to do my best, And then some day I know You’ll do the rest In Your own way! "Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit, saith the LORD of Hosts." "Be sure that nothing you do for Him is ever lost or ever wasted."        1Co 15:58, in Philip’s translation.



Told me: "We surgeons make Just enough mistakes To keep us humble."

Later, I thought, How true also of us, The consecrated!

When I consider how long it has taken me to learn some lessons, I am comforted as I recall that it took Moses forty years to become humble enought, in God’s estimation, to be useable by Him.                                      L.E.K. ——- BACK COVER Laura E. Kelsey 84 Old Nod Road Clinton, Connecticut 06413 BACK COVER CHRISTIAN, THINK!