Abaddon destruction

Abagtha father of wine-press

Abana constant; sure ordinance; stone

Abarim regions beyond; passages

Abba father

Abda service; work

Abdeel servant of God

Abdi my servant

Abdiel servant of God

Abdon servitude

Abednego servant of brightness

Abel 1: vanity; transitory

2: meadow or mourning

Abelbethmaachah meadow or mourning of the house of oppression

Abelkeramim meadow or mourning of the vineyards

Abelmaim meadow or mourning of the waters

Abelmeholah meadow or mourning of dancing

Abelmizraim meadow or mourning of the Egyptians

Abelshittim meadow or mourning of Acacias

Abez I will whiten; gleaming

Abi my father

Abia my father is Jah

Abiah my father is Jah

Abialbon father of understanding

Abiasaph father of the gatherer

Abiathar father of abundance; liberal

Abib green ear (of corn)

Abida father of knowledge

Abidah father of knowledge

Abidan father of the judge

Abiel my father is God

Abiezer father of help

Abigail father of joy

Abihail father of endurance

Abihu my father is he

Abihud father of majesty; father of renown

Abijah my father is Jah

Abijam my father the sea; a sailor

Abilene without books; without kings

Abimael what god is my father?

Abimelech my father is king

Abinadab father of the willing giver

Abiner my father is a lamp

Abinoam father of pleasantness

Abiram my father is exalted

Abishag my father erred

Abishai father of gift

Abishalom father of peace

Abishua father of salvation

Abishur father is a wall

Abital father of dew

Abitub father of goodness

Abiud father of goodness

Abner father is a lamp

Abraham father of a great multitude

Abram father is exalted

Abrech tender father; cause blessing

Absalom father is peace

Accad only a pitcher

Accho his straitness

Aceldama field of blood

Achaia wailing

Achaicus from Achaia, wailing

Achan troubler

Achar troubler

Achaz possessor

Achbor a mouse

Achim without winter

Achish Iíll blacken; Iíll terrify; only man

Achmetha brother of death

Achor to trouble

Achsa to tinkle; anklet

Achsah to tinkle; anklet

Achshaph I shall be bewitched

Achzib I shall make a lie

Adadah forever adorned; prey adorned

Adah ornament; he adorned

Adaiah adorned of Jah

Adaliah Jah shall draw me up

Adam man; red earth

Adamah the earth or ground

Adami man of ...

Adar exceeding glorious

Adbeel chastened of God

Addan their hap (i.e. chance)

Addar exceeding glorious

Addi ornament; he adorned

Addon misfortune

Ader one who musters; a care-taker; a flock

Adiel ornament of God

Adin given to pleasure

Adina voluptuous

Adino his ornament; his luxurious condition

Adithaim double ornament

Adlai the prey is mine

Admah earthiness

Admatha her earthiness; manís chamber

Adna pleasure

Adnah pleasure; resting forever

Adonibezek lord of lightning

Adoni bezek lord of lightning

Adonijah my lord is Jah

Adonikam my lord has risen

Adoniram my lord is high

Adonizedec lord of righteousness

Adoraim double glory

Adoram their glory

Adrammelech the glorious king

Adramyttium not in the race

Adria without wood

Adriel flock of God; my shepherd is God

Adummim ruddy ones; quieted ones

Aeneas to praise

Aenon Gk., to praise;

Heb., fountain

Agabus a grasshopper

Agag I will overtop; a flame

Agar (as Hagar, ensnaring); sojourner

Agee I shall increase

Agrippa horse hunter

Agur gathered

Ahab fatherís brother

Aharah remaining brother

Aharhel behind the wall

Ahasai my possessions

Ahasbai Iíll flee to the Lord

Ahasuerus Iíll be silent and poor

Ahava I shall subsist

Ahaz possessor

Ahaziah possessed of Jehovah

Ahban brother of understanding

Aher another

Ahi my brother

Ahiah Jah is a brother

Ahiam motherís brother

Ahian their brother

Ahiezer brother of help

Ahihud brother of majesty

Ahijah Jehovah is brother

Ahikam brother of rising

Ahilud brother of labour; brother of one born

Ahimaaz brother of council

Ahiman brother of a portion; brother of whom?

Ahimelech brother of the king

Ahimoth brother of death

Ahinadab brother of the willing giver

Ahinoam brother of pleasantness

Ahio brotherly (lit. brother of him)

Ahira brother of evil

Ahiram brother of lifting up

Ahisamach brother of support

Ahishahar brother of the morning

Ahishar brother of the singer

Ahithophel brother of folly

Ahitub brother of goodness

Ahlab I shall be made fat

Ahlai O! would that ...

Ahoah brother of rest

Aholah her own tent

Aholiab tent of father

Aholibah my tent is in her

Aholibamah tent of the high place

Ahumai water reed; brother of waters

Ahuzam their possessions

Ahuzzath possession

Ai heap (of ruins)

Aiah falcon; kite

Aiath heap

Aija heap of ruins

Aijalon deer-field; large stag

Aijelethshahar hind of the morning

Aijeleth shahar hind of the morning

Ain an eye; fountain

Aitam ravenous beast consumed

Ajah falcon; kite

Ajalon deer-field; large stag

Akan oppression

Akkub subtle (lit. take by heel)

Akrabbim scorpions

Alameth concealment

Alammelech the kingís oak

Alamoth virgins (ícoveredí); coverts

Alemeth concealment

Alexander defender of man

Alexandria defender of man

Algum not added ones; not drunken ones

Aliah Jah is above; iniquity

Alian my surpassing them

Alleluia Gk. praise the Lord (i.e. Jah)

Allon oak

Allon Bachuth oak of weeping

Almodad not measured

Almon concealment

Almon Diblathaim hiding of the double fig-cakes

Almug not dissolved

Aloth the heights; mistresses

Alpheus produce; gain

Altaschith you may not destroy

Alush I will knead (i.e. bread)

Alvah Jah is above; iniquity

Alvan their ascent; iniquitous ones

Amad people of eternity

Amal perverseness

Amalek people of lapping; licking up

Amam their mother

Amana constancy; settled provision

Amariah the saying of Jehovah

Amasa burdensome

Amasai my burdens

Amashai my spoilerís people

Amasiah laden of Jah

Amaziah strength of Jehovah

Amen Truth!; So be it!

Amethyst dream stone

Ami bond-servant

Aminadab people of the willing giver

Amittai my faithfulness

Ammah a cubit (length)

Ammi my people

Ammiel my people are of God

Ammihud white people; majestic people

Amminadab people of the willing giver

Amminadib my people are willing

Ammishaddai people of the Almighty

Ammizabad people of the endower

Ammon tribal (i.e. peoplish)

Amnon faithful; made faithful

Amok to be deep

Amon to nourish: to be faithful

Amorite a sayer

Amos to burden; to load (a burden)

Amoz to be strong; courageous

Amphipolis around the city

Amplias enlarged

Amram the people is exalted

Amraphel powerful people

Amzi my strength

Ahab grapes

Anah afflicted; answered

Anaharath the groaning of fear

Anaiah afflicted of Jah; answered of Jah

Anak neck-chain; long-necked

Anamim affliction of the waters

Anammelech affliction of the king

Anan a cloud

Anani my cloud

Ananiah Jahís cloud

Ananias the grace of Jah

Anath afflicted; answered

Anathema accursed

Anathoth affliction; answers

Andrew manly

Andronicus victory of man

Anem double fountain

Aner a lamp swept aside

Aniam lament of the people

Anim fountains

Anna she was gracious

Annas the grace of Jah

Antioch driven against

Antipas against all; another fatherland

Antipatris another country

Antothijah answers of Jah; afflictions of Jah

Anub clustered

Apelles from Greece

Apharsachites those who cause of division

Apharsathchites those who cause of division

Apharsites those who cause of division

Aphek restrained

Aphekah restraint

Aphiah I will make to breathe

Aphik channel; restraint

Aphrah dust-heap

Aphses shattering

Apollonia utter destruction

Apollos destroyer

Apollyon destroyer

Appaim double-nosed

Apphia dear one

Appii Forum persuasive mart

Appiiforum persuasive mart

Aquilla nourished; immovable; eagle

Ar awaking

Ara I shall see

Arab an ambush

Arabah desert plain

Arabia dusky; mixed

Arad wild ass

Arah a wayfarer (i.e. he wandered)

Aram exalted

Aramitess exalted of Jah

Aramnaharaim highland of two rivers

Aramzobah exalted station; exalted conflict

Aran wild goat; Iíll shout for joy

Ararat curse reversed; curse precipitated

Araunah Iíll shout for joy

Arba four

Arbah four

Arbathite desert house

Arbel Godís ambush

Archelaus ruling the people

Archi lengthy

Archippus horse chief

Arcturus consuming (also as Ďmothí)

Ard I shall subdue

Ardon one who subdues; fugitive

Areli my God is a lion; heroic

Areopagus martial peak

Aretas virtuous

Argob lionís den; strong

Aridai the lion is enough

Aridatha the lion of the decree

Arieh the lion

Ariel the lion of God

Arimathea high place (same as Ramah)

Arioch lion like

Arisai lion of my banners

Aristarchus best ruler

Aristobulus best counsellor

Arkite my gnawing

Armageddon hill of slaughter

Armenia curse reversed; curse precipitated

Armoni my palace

Arnan strong; active

Arnon swift; rushing stream

Arod I shall subdue; I shall roam

Aroer destitute

Arpad Iíll be spread out; Iíll be supported

Arphad Iíll be spread out; Iíll be supported

Arphaxad fail as the breast

Artaxerxes honoured king

Artemas safe and sound

Aruboth windows

Arumah I shall be exalted

Arvad I shall break loose

Arza earthiness

Asa healer; injurious

Asahel wrought of God

Asahiah wrought of Jah

Asaiah wrought of Jah

Asaph a gatherer

Asareel I shall be a prince of God

Asarelah guided towards God

Asenath Iíll be hated; stored-up

Aser Gk. of Asher, happy

Ashan smoke

Ashbea man of Baal; conjure

Ashbel man of Baal; Belís fire

Ashchenaz scattered fire

Ashdod I will spoil

Ashdothites spoilers

Ashdothpisgath spoilers of survey

Ashdoth pisgath spoilers of survey

Asher happy

Asherah groves (for idol worship)

Ashima guiltiness; Iíll make desolate

Ashkelon fire of infamy; Holm oak

Ashkenaz scattered fire

Ashnah I will cause change

Ashpenaz make the sprinkled prominent

Ashriel I shall be a prince of God

Ashtaroth mind-readers; wives; flocks

Ashterothkarnaim double-horned Astaroth

Ashtoreth mind-reader; thought searching

Ashur level plain; step

Ashurites guided; blessed

Ashvath thoughtful; searched out

Asia slime; mire

Asiel wrought of God

Askelon fire of infamy; Holm oak

Asnah I shall be hated; stored-up

Asnapper horned bull; thorn abolished

Aspatha the enticed (ones) gathered

Asriel I shall be a prince of God

Asshur a step

Assir prisoner

Assos nearer

Assur a step

Assyria a step

Astaroth mind-readers; wives; flocks

Asuppim gatherings

Asyncritus incomparable

Atad bramble

Atarah crown

Ataroth crowns

Atarothadar crowns of glory

Atarothaddar crowns of glory

Ater bound; lame

Athach thy due season

Athaiah Jahís due season

Athaliah due season for Jah

Athens uncertainty

Athlai my due times

Atrothshophan crowns of their rapine (robbery)

Attai my due seasons

Attalia gentle father

Augustus venerable; radiant

Ava perverted

Aven perverseness

Avim those who pervert

Avims those who pervert

Avites those who pervert

Avith overturning

Azal proximity; he has reserved

Azaliah reserved of Jehovah

Azaniah heard of Jehovah

Azarael helped of God

Azareel helped of God

Azariah helped of Jehovah

Azaz the strong one

Azazel goat of departure

Azaziah strengthened of Jehovah

Azbuk strong emptier

Azekah fenced round; dug over

Azel reserved

Azem strenuous; bone; self-same

Azgad a mighty troop; strength of Gad

Aziel strength of God

Aziza mightiness

Azmaveth strength of death

Azmon the mighty

Aznothtabor ears thou wilt purge

Azor Gk. of Azzur, helped

Azotus Gk. of Ashdod, Iíll spoil

Azriel my help is God

Azrikam my help has risen

Azubah a forsaking

Azur helped

Azzah she was strong

Azzan their strength; strong one

Azzur helped