Baal lord (as master or owner)

Baalah mistress

Baalath in the state of being a mistress

Baalathbeer mistress of the well

Baalberith lord of the covenant

Baale lords of (Judah)

Baalgad lord of Gad

Baalhamon lord of the multitude

Baalhanan lord of grace; gracious Baal

Baalhazor lord of court; trumpeting

Baalhermon lord of the devoted; lord of the banned; lord of Hermon

Baali my lord

Baalim the lords (idols)

Baalis lord of the banner; causing joy

Baalmeon lord of the dwelling

Baalpeor lord of the opening

Baalperazim lord of the breaches

Baalshalisha lord of the third part

Baaltamar lord of the palm

Baalzebub lord of the fly

Baalzephon lord of the north

Baana in the affliction

Baanah in the affliction

Baara she has kindled; brutishness

Baaseiah in the work of Jah

Baasha in the consumption; in the haste

Babel confusion (by mixing)

Babylon confusion (by mixing)

Baca the weeper

Bachrite of the firstborn; of the dromedary

Bahurimite of the choice youths

Bahurim choice youths

Bajith house

Bakbakkar diligent investigator

Bakbuk bottle (phonetic Ďgurgleí)

Bakbukiah bottle of Jah; emptying of Jah

Balaam lord of the people; confounding the people

Balac Gk. of Balak, waster

Baladan not a lord

Balah waxed old

Balak waster

Bamah a high place (for idols)

Bamoth high places (for idols)

Bamoth Baal high places of Baal

Bani my building

Barabbas fatherís son

Barachel blessed of God

Barachias blessed of Jehovah

Barak lightening

Barhumite son of blackened; pitied

Bariah fugitive; crooked

Barjesus son of Jesus (Joshua)

Barjona son of a dove

Barkos the son is cut off

Barnabas son of consolation

Barsabas son of the host

Bartholomew son of Talmai (my furrows)

Bartimaeus son of the esteemed; son of the unclean

Baruch blessed

Bazilla my irons; he of irons

Bashan their shame; fertile; asleep

Bashemath spice

Basmath spice

Bathrabbim daughter of many

Bathsheba daughter of the oath

Bathshua daughter of crying; daughter of opulence

Bavai my goings

Bazlith stripping

Bazluth stripping

Bdellium in a turbid state

Bealiah possessed by Jah; mastered by Jah

Bealoth mistresses

Bebai my cavities

Becher dromedary; firstborn

Bechorath firstling

Bedad solitary

Bedan in judging

Bedeiah isolated by Jah

Beeliada lord of knowledge

Beelzebub lord of the house

Beer a well

Beera a well

Beerah a well

Beerelim well of gods (mighty ones)

Beeri my well

Beerlahairoi well of living seeing me

Beeroth wells

Beersheba well of the oath

Beeshterah in Ashtoreth; in her flock

Behemoth beasts

Bel lord

Bela swallowing

Belah swallowing

Belial worthlessness

Belshazzar Bel protect the king; lordís leader

Belteshazzar Bel protect his life; lordís leader

Ben a son

Benaiah built of Jehovah

Benammi son of my people

Beneberak sons of lightening

Benejaakan sons of oppressor

Benhadad son of lot caster; son of shouter

Benhail son of valour

Benhanan son of gracious giver

Beninu our son

Benjamin son of the right hand

Beno his son

Benoni son of my sorrow

Benzoheth son of releasing

Beon in the dwelling; indwelling

Beor a burning

Bera in the devil

Berachah a blessing

Berachiah blessed of Jehovah

Beraiah created of Jah

Berea the pierced; the beyond

Berechiah blessed of Jehovah

Bered hail

Beri my well; of the well

Beriah in evil

Beriites of (one) in evil

Berites (those) of the well

Berith covenant

Bernice bear thou victory

Berodachbaladan the cause of oppression is not a lord

Berothah place of wells

Berotha1 my wells

Beryl she will impoverish

Besai my treaders down

Besodeiah in Jahís secret

Besor good tidings

Betah security

Beten belly (womb)

Bethabara ferry-house

Bethanath house of response; house of echo

Bethanoth house of responses; house of echoes

Bethany house of dates; house of affliction

Betharabah desert house

Betharam house of the height

Betharbel house of Godís ambush

Bethaven house of vanity

Bethazmaveth house of deathís strength

Bethbaalmeon house of lord of dwelling

Bethbarah house of eating; house of choice

Bethbirei house of my creator

Bethcar house of the lamb; house of pasture

Bethdagon house of the fish (god)

Bethdiblathaim house of double figcake

Bethel house of God

Bethemek valley-house

Bether division

Bethesda house of mercy

Bethezel neighbourís house (next door)

Bethgader house of the wall

Bethgamul house of weaned; house of recompense

Bethhaccerem vineyard house

Bethharan house of the height

Bethhogla house of languished feast

Bethhoglah house of languished feast

Bethhoron consumerís house; cavernous house

Bethjeshimoth house of the wastes

Bethjesimoth house of the wastes

Bethlebaoth house of lionesses

Bethlehem house of bread

Bethlehem Ephrata fruitful house

Bethlehem Judah house of the praising

Bethmaachah house of oppression

Bethmarcaboth chariot house

Bethmeon house of habitation

Bethnimrah house of the leopardess

Bethpalet house of escape

Bethpazzez house of dispersion

Bethpeor house of the opening

Bethphage green fig house

Bethphelet house of escape

Bethrapha house of healer; house of giant; house of the feeble

Bethrehob house of the broad way

Bethsaida house of provision; house of hunting

Bethshan house of the sharpener; house of quiet

Bethshean house of quiet

Bethshemesh house of the sun

Bethshittah house of acacia; house of the scourge

Bethtappuah house of apples; house of the breather

Bethuel dwelling in God; wasting God

Bethul separated

Bethzur house of the rock

Betonim cavities; nuts <pistachios>

Beulah married

Bezai my fine linen (garments)

Bezaleel in Godís shade

Bezek lightning

Bezer munition

Bichri be thou first (born)

Bidkar in stabbing

Bigtha in the wine-press

Bigthan in their wine-press

Bigthana in their wine-press

Bigvai in my bodies

Bildad confusing love (by mingling)

Bileam lord who confounds the people; one who confounds the people

Bilgah cheerfulness

Bilgai my comforts

Bilhah in languishing; decrepitude

Bilhan their decrepitude

Bilshan in slander

Bimhal in circumcision; in weakness

Binea in wandering

Binnui built up

Birsha in wickedness

Birzavith in leanness; choice olive

Bishlam in peace

Bithiah daughter of Jah

Bithron division

Bithynia violent rushing

Bizjothah among the olives of Jah

Biztha booty

Blastus a sprout

Boanerges suns of thunder

Boaz in him is strength

Bocheru first born

Bochim the weepers

Bohan thumb

Booz Gk. of Boaz, in him is strength

Boscath a swelling (as dough)

Bosor burning; shepherd; ox-hill

Bozez surpassing white; glistening

Bozkath a swelling (as dough)

Bozrah a fold (for sheep)

Bukki emptied out

Bukkiah emptied out by Jehovah

Bul increase; produce

Bunah understanding

Bunni I am built

Buz contempt

Buzi my contempt