Dabareh pasture

Dabbasheth whispered shame; a hump

Daberah pasture

Dagon fish-god (fecund)

Dalaiah drawn of Jah

Dalmanutha slow firebrand; poor portion

Dalmatia a priestly robe

Dalphon the weeper

Damaris a yoke-bearing wife

Damascenes sackcloth weaver (Damascus)

Damascus sackcloth weaver is dwelling

Dan judge

Daniel my judge is God

Danjaan the judge [Dan] will afflict

Dannah thou hast judged; judgement

Dara the arm (or possibly, Darda)

Darda bearer; he compassed knowledge

Darius investigation

Darkon dwelling of lamentation

Dathan their law; their decree

David beloved

Debir an oracle

Deborah a bee; her speaking

Decapolis ten cities; ten-city (area)

Dedan their love; moving; proceeding

Dehavites the sickly

Dekar the one who pierces

Delaiah drawn of Jah

Delilah brought low

Demas popular; of the people

Demetrius of mother earth

Derbe tanner; coverer with skin

Deuel know ye God

Diamond he will smite down

Diana complete light; flow restrained

Diblaim double fig-cake

Diblath place of the fig-cake

Diblathaim (feminine) double fig-cake

Dibon the waster

Dibon Gad waster of Gad (i.e. troop)

Dibri my word

Didymus double (i.e. a twin)

Diklah date palm; palm grove

Dilean brought low in affliction; gourd

Dimnah dung hill

Dimon the quieter; silence

Dimonah river bed; silence

Dinah judgement

Dinhabah give thou judgement

Dionysius devotee of Bacchus; devotee of winepress

Diotrephes nourished by Jove

Dishan their threshing; their treading

Dishon thresher; (LXX, Pygarg-antelope)

Dizahab sufficiency of gold

Dodai my loves

Dodanim their loves

Dodavah beloved of Jehovah

Dodo his beloved

Doeg fearful

Dophkah beating

Dor generation; dwelling

Dorcas gazelle

Dothan double decree/sickness

Drusilla (possibly) dewy

Dumah silence

Dura habitation