Easter the Passover

Ebal heaps of confusion; heaps of nothing

Ebed servant

Ebedmelech servant of the king

Ebenezer stone of help

Eber beyond; the other side

Ebiasaph father is adder

Ebrona crossing place

Ecclesiastes preacher; (call together)

Ed a witness

Edar a flock

Eden delight

Eder a flock

Edom red

Edrei goodly pasture

Eglah a heifer

Eglaim double reservoir

Eglon a bull calf

Egypt double straits

Ehi my brother

Ehud undivided; union; praise; strong

Eker an offshoot; eradication

Ekron uprooting

Eladah God has adorned

Elah a terebinth; an oak

Elam their heaps; youth; eternal

Elasah God has wrought

Elath mightiness; terebinth

Elbethel God of the house of God

Eldaah God has known

Eldad God has loved

Elead God is witness

Elealeh God is ascending

Eleasah God has wrought (as Elasah)

Eleazar God is helper

Eleloheisrael God the God of Israel

Eleph one thousand; a disciple

Elhanan God is a gracious giver

Eli my god; elevated

Eliab my God is father

Eliada God is the one who knows

Eliadah God is the one who knows

Eliah my God is Jah

Eliahba God will hide

Eliakim God will establish

Eliam God of the people

Elias Gk. of Elijah, my God is Jehovah

Eliasaph God is adder

Eliashib God will restore

Eliathah God of the coming (one)

Elidad my God is lover

Eliel God of might; my God is God

Elienai God of my eyes

Eliezer God of help

Elihoenai unto Jehovah mine eyes

Elihoreph God of winter; God of harvest-time

Elihu his (my) God is Jehovah

Elijah my God is Jehovah

Elika my God has spued out

Elim mighty ones

Elimelech my God is king

Elioenai unto Jehovah mine eyes

Eliphal my God has judged

Eliphalet God of escape

Eliphaz God of fine gold; God refines

Elipheleh God is deliverance

Eliphelet God of escape

Elisabeth Gk. Elisheba, God of oath

Eliseus Gk. of Elisha, God is salvation

Elisha my God is salvation

Elishah my God has disregarded

Elishama my God is a hearer

Elishaphat my God is judge

Elisheba God of the oath; God of the seven

Elishua God of supplication; God of opulence

Eliud God of majesty

Elizaphan my God is the one who hides (me)

Elizur my God is a rock

Elkanah God has purchased

Elkoshite of the gathered of God

Ellasar God is the one who chastens

Elmodam unmeasured

Elnaam God is delight

Elnathan God is a giver

Eloi my God

Elon might; terebinth; plain

Elonbethhanan might of house of grace

Elonzaanannim power of the demolitions

Eloth mightiness; terebinths

Elpaal God is maker

Elpalet God is escape

Elparan the power of their adorning

Eltekeh let God spue you out

Eltekon made straight of God

Eltolad may God cause you to beget

Elul nothingness

Eluzai God is my strength (for flight)

Elymas wise; learned; magician

Elzabad God is endower

Elzaphan God is the one who hides (me); a layer-up

Emerald enamelled

Emims terror

Emmanuel God with us

Emmaus in earnest longing

Emmor an ass

Enam their fountain

Enan their fountain (fem.)

Endor fountain of the dwelling

Eneas uttering praise

Eneglaim fountain of the two calves

Engannim fountain of gardens

Engedi fountain of the kid

Enhaddah fountain of joy; fountain of sharpening

Enhakkore fount of the caller

Enhazor fount of trumpeting; fount of village

Enmishpat fount of judgement

Enoch dedicated

Enos mortal man

Enosh mortal man

Enrimmon fount of the pomegranate

Enrogel fount of spy; fount of traveller

Enshemesh fount of the sun

Entappuah fount of the apple

Epaenetus praiseworthy

Epaphras foam-covered; lovely

Epaphroditus lovely

Epenetus praiseworthy

Ephah darkness

Ephai my coverings; my shadows; fowl

Epher dustiness

Ephesdammim boundary of bloods

Ephesus full purpose; a throwing-at

Ephlal I will judge

Ephod a girdle

Ephphatha I shall be opened

Ephraim double ash-heap; double fruit

Ephrain double ash-heap; double fruit; fawnish

Ephratah ash-heap or fruitfulness

Ephrath ash-heap or fruitfulness

Ephron fawn-like

Epicurean a helper; a defender

Er awakening; stirring

Eran their awakening; their stirring

Erastus beloved

Erech long

Eri my awakening; my stirring-up

Esaias Gk. Isaiah, save thou Jehovah

Esarhaddon chastisement of the fierce; victorious

Esau shaggy; his doings

Esek strife

Eshbaal man/fire of Baal

Eshban fire of discernment

Eshcol a cluster

Eshean I will rely (lean)

Eshek oppression

Eshkalonites of the fire of infamy

Eshtaol I will be entreated

Eshtaulites of the entreated

Eshtemoa obedience; make myself heard

Eshtemoh obedience; make myself heard

Eshton effeminate

Esli Gk. of Azaliah, Jah has reserved

Esrom Gk. of Hezron, a courtyard

Esther I will be hidden

Etam their ravening; hawk-ground

Etham with them; their plowshare

Ethan strength; perpetuity

Ethbaal with Baal

Ether entreaty; abundance

Ethiopia black

Ethnan hire of the harlot

Ethni my hire

Eubulus of good counsel

Eunice well won (lit. happy victory)

Euodias a good journey

Euphrates a breaking forth

Euroclydon easterly tempest

Eutychus well off

Eve life giver

Evi my desire

Evilmerodach your rebellion is foolish; man of merodach

Ezar treasure

Ezbai like hyssop; my humblings

Ezbon hurrying to discern; enlargement

Ezekias (Hezekiah), Jehovah’s strength

Ezekiel he will be strengthened of God

Ezel departure

Ezem strenuous; bone; selfsame

Ezer as Ezar treasure; a help

Eziongaber counsel of a man; backbone of a man

Eziongeber counsel of a man; backbone of a man

Eznite stiff-backed

Ezra help

Ezrahite a native (i.e. from the soil)

Ezri my help