Gaal loathing

Gaash shaking

Gaba elevation

Gabbai my eminence; my comvexities

Gabbatha the high place

Gabriel Godís man

Gad troop; invader; fortune

Gadarenes from Gadara, reward at end

Gaddi my troop; my invader; my fortune

Gaddiel fortune is God; fortune of God

Gadi patronymic of Gad

Gaham flame; the one who devastates waxed hot; valley was lost

Gahar valley burned

Gaius on earth

Galal great; roller; because of

Galatia perh. Milky

Galbanum [gum] fatty; best lamenting

Galeed a heap of witness

Galilee circuit (i.e. rolled around)

Gallim billows (i.e. heaps of water)

Gallio ?? eunuch

Gamaliel reward of God

Gammadims cutters; additional garments

Gamul weaned; rewarded

Gareb scabby

Garmite bony (i.e. strong)

Gashmu his rain

Gatam reach the end; their touch

Gath wine press

Gathhepher wine press of well; wine press of shame

Gathrimmon wine press of pomegranate

Gaza she was strong

Gazathites of Gaza (strong)

Gazer a piece; a portion cut off

Gazez shearer

Gazzam palmer-worm (i.e. shearers)

Geba elevation (as Gaba)

Gebal boundary

Geber man (as mighty) see Gabriel

Gebim ditches; beams; locusts

Gedaliah magnified of Jehovah

Gedeon Gk. of Gideon, feller; cutter

Geder a wall

Gederah a sheep fold

Gederathite of a sheep fold

Gederite of a sheep fold

Gederoth sheep-cotes

Gederothaim double sheep-cotes

Gedor walling in

Gehazi valley of my vision

Gehenna hell

Geliloth circles; borders

Gemalli my camel

Gemariah completed by God

Genesis generation; beginning

Gennesaret Gk. of Chinnereth, a harp

Gentiles nations

Genubath theft

Gera the cud; a grain; sojourning

Gerah 1/20th of a shekel

Gerar ruminating; sojourning

Gergesenes Gadarenes

Gerizim loppers; cutters-off

Gershom stranger there; stranger alone

Gershon outcast

Gesham lumpish; their clod

Geshem rain

Geshur proud spectator

Geshuri of proud spectating

Gether proud spy

Gethsemane place of the oil press

Geuel majesty of God

Gezer a piece; a portion

Gezrites of the loppings (see Gerizim)

Giah to break forth

Gibbar the valiant

Gibbethon the lofty

Gibea a hill

Gibeah a hill

Gibeath in a hilly condition

Gibeon little hill; hilly

Giblites of the boundary [see Gebal]

Giddalti I have magnified

Giddel he has magnified

Gideon the lopper; cutter-down

Gideoni my lopper; cutter-down

Gidom a lopper; cutter-down

Gihon the breaking forth

Gilalai my dung

Gilboa boiling spring

Gilead heap of witness

Gilgal a wheel

Giloh uncovered; stripped (as captive)

Gimzo swallowing this; this is a rush

Ginath protection: a garden

Ginnetho his protection: his garden

Ginnethon protection: gardener

Girgashites stranger approaching

Girgashite stranger approaching

Girgasite stranger approaching

Gispa a clod breathed

Gittahhepher wine-press of the digging

Gittaim double wine-press

Gittites of the wine-press [see Gath]

Gittith of the wine-press (fem.)

Gizonite shearer; quarryman

Goath lowing (as cattle)

Gob locust; a pit

Gog cover; surmount; top

Golan captive; rejoicing

Golgotha skull; place of a skull

Goliath stripped (as a captive)

Gomer completion

Gomorrah bondage

Gomorrha bondage

Gopher coverer; pitch-wood

Goshen drawing near

Gozan their passing away

Grecia unstable; miry-see Javan

Greece Gk. of Grecia unstable; miry

Gudgodah the cutting place

Guni protected; my defender

Gunites of the protected

Gur to sojourn

Gurbaal sojourn of Baal