Ibhar he will choose

Ibleam he will swallow them

Ibneiah Jah will build

Ibnijah he will be built of Jah

Ibri one who has crossed (as Hebrew)

Ibzan whiteness (of tin); splendid

Ichabod no glory; where is the glory

Iconium coming one; image-like

Idalah he’ll fly to her; cursing hand

Idbash hand of shame; honeyed

Iddo 1. praise (I Chr.27:21 & Ezra);

2. adornment; timely

Idumaea as Edom, red

Idumea as Edom, red

Igal he will redeem

Igdaliah Jehovah will wax great

Igeal he will redeem (see Igal)

Iim heaps (of ruins)

Ijeabarim heaps of the passers

Ijon ruinous

Ikkesh perverse

Ilai my elevations; my sucklings

Illyricum the lyric band

Imla he will fulfil

Imlah he will fulfil

Immanuel God with us

Immer he has said

Imna he will withhold

Imnah number; right side; right-handed

Imrah he will rebel

Imri my saying

India flee; give thanks

Iphedeiah Jah will redeem

Ir a city

Ira a city; wakeful

Irad city of witness; wild ass

Iram their city

Iri my city

Irijah fear Jehovah; Jah will see me

Irnahash city of the serpent

Iron fearful

Irpeel God will heal

Irshemesh city of the sun

Iru they were awake; waken-up!

Isaac he will laugh

Isaiah Jehovah has saved

Iscah Jah is watching; will anoint her

Iscariot hired; (? man of cities)

Ishbah he will praise

Ishbak he will leave alone

Ishbibenob his dwelling is in Nob

Ishbosheth man of shame

Ishi husband; man (Hos.2:16) saving

Ishiah Jah will lend; forgotten of Jah

Ishijah Jah will lend; forgotten of Jah

Ishma desolation

Ishmael God will hear

Ishmaiah Jehovah will hear

Ishmeelites of Ishmael (Ishmaelites)

Ishmerai they will be my keepers

Ishod man of glory

Ishpan make prominent; lay bare

Ishtob good man

Ishuah he shall equalise

Ishuai he shall justify me

Ishui he shall justify me

Ishmachiah Jehovah will uphold

Ishmaiah Jah will hear

Ispah to be prominent; lay bare

Israel prince of God

Issachar hired; reward; bring reward

Isshiah Jah will lend; forgotten of Jah

Isuah equalise, (see Ishuah)

Isui he will justify me, (see Ishuai)

Italy calf-like

Ithai with me

Ithamar palm-coast

Ithiel with me is God

Ithmah orphanage; in an orphaned state

Ithnan he will hire them; stretch out

Ithra abundance; excellence

Ithran abundance; excellence

Ithream abundance of the people

Ithrites of Jether (abundance)

Ittahkazin due time of the prince

Ittai with me

Ituraea 1. (as Jetur) arrange; encircle

2. past the limits

Ivah one who perverts

Izehar oil

Izhar oil

Izharites of Izehar, (Izeharites)

Izrahiah Jah will arise (as the sun)

Izrahite he will arise (as the sun)

Izri my imagination; my thought