Naam pleasant

Naamah pleasantness

Naaman pleasantness

Naamathite from Naamah, pleasantness

Naamites of Naaman, pleasantness

Naarah a maiden

Naarai boys; shakings; roarings

Naaran their boy; (or maiden)

Naarath maidenhood; maiden-place

Naashon a diviner

Naasson Gk. of Naashon, a diviner

Nabal foolish

Naboth increasings

Nachon established

Nachor one who snorts

Nadab the willing one

Nagge my shining

Nahalal tended (as a pasture)

Nahaliel valley (or river) of God

Nahallal Nahalal, tended (as pasture)

Nahalol being tended (as a pasture)

Naham comforter

Nahamani comforted me

Naharai my snorting

Nahari my snorting

Nahash a serpent

Nahath rest; descent

Nahbi my hiding

Nahor (as Nachor), one who snorts

Nahshon (as Naashon), a diviner

Nahum comforted

Nain afflicted; beautiful

Naioth abodes

Naomi my pleasantness

Naphish refreshing

Naphtali my wrestling; my twisting

Naphtuhim openings

Narcissus narcotic

Nathan a giver

Nathanael given of God

Nathanmelech the king’s gift

Naum Gk. of Nahum, comforted

Nazarene branch; preservation

Nazareth branch; preservation

Nazarites separated

Neah wandering; shaking

Neapolis new city

Neariah shaken (or child) of Jah

Nebai my fruits

Nebaioth prophecies; heights

Nebajoth prophetess

Neballat secret folly

Nebat seen; we’ll speak idly

Nebo his prophecy

Nebuchadnezzar prophesy; earthen vessel is preserved

Nebuchadrezzar Nebo preserved the crown

Nebushasban Nebo their deliverance

Nebuzaradan Nebo, the lord is estranged

Necho his smiting

Nedabiah the (characteristic) giving of Jah

Neginah a harp-song

Neginoth harp-songs

Nego brightness (see Abednego)

Nehelamite he of the dream

Nehemiah comfort of Jah

Nehiloth flutes

Nehum comfort

Nehushta bronzed

Nehushtan a bit of bronze

Neiel we’ll be shaken of God

Nekeb varying

Nekoda spotted

Nemuel they slumber of God

Nepheg we shall cease

Nephish refreshing

Nephishesim refreshed of spices

Nephthalim Gk. of Naphtali, wrestling

Nephtoah opening

Nephusim scatter spices

Ner a lamp

Nereus water nymph (ancient sea-god)

Nergal lion; the lamp rolled

Nergalsharezer lion protect the king

Neri Gk. of Neriah, my lamp is Jehovah

Neriah my lamp is Jehovah

Nethaneel given of God

Nethaniah given of Jehovah

Nethinim given ones

Nethinims given ones

Netophah dropping; distillation

Netophathi dropping; distillation

Neziah we shall oversee

Nezib a garrison

Nibhaz we shall say what is seen

Nibshan we shall prophesy quietness

Nicanor untimely victory

Nicodemus conqueror of the populace

Nicolaitans conqueror of the people

Nicolas conqueror of the people

Nicopolis conqueror of the city

Niger black

Nimrah rebellious; or leopardess

Nimrim the rebellious; or leopards

Nimrod he will rebel

Nimshi my being drawn

Nineve Gk. Nineveh, children of ease

Nineveh offspring of ease

Nisan their flight

Nisroch ensign of delicateness

No disrupting; frustrating

Noadiah Jah’s meeting (convened by Jah)

Noah rest (male); moveable (female)

Noamon No plus Amon, disrupting the supply

Nob fruit; empty; prophesy

Nobah barking

Nod wandering

Nodab liberal

Noe Gk. of Noah, rest

Nogah brightness

Nohah quietude

Non as Nun perpetuity

Noph in a presentable state

Nophah breathing; blowing

Nun as Non, perpetuity

Nymphas bridal