Sabaoth hosts

Sabeans drunkards; busybodies

Sabta compassed the chamber

Sabtah compassed the chamber

Sabtecha compassed the seat

Sabtechah compassed the seat

Sacar a hireling; wages

Sadducees the righteous

Sadoc Gk. of Zadoc, to justify

Sala Gk. of Salah, a missile

Salah a missile

Salamis a surging

Salathiel I have asked of God

Salcah lifted the blind; narrow basket

Salchah lifted the blind; narrow basket

Salem at peace; complete; perfect

Salim tossing

Sallai my baskets

Sallu raised up

Salma clothing

Salmon resemblance; garment; clothing

Salmone from the surging

Salome peaceful

Salu weighed

Samaria guardianship

Samgarnebo be gracious Nebo

Samlah enwrapping

Samos a token; a sandy bluff

Samothracia sign of rags

Samson little sun

Samuel heard of God

Sanballat hatred in secret

Sansannah thorny; a bough

Saph a basin; a threshold

Saphir fair

Sapphira a sapphire

Sapphire telling out; recounting

Sara a princess

Sarah a princess

Sarai my princesses

Saraph a burner; fiery serpent

Sardine a footstep

Sardis ? red ones

Sardius ruddiness

Sardonyx ruddy

Sarepta smelting; refined (as metal)

Sargon stubborn rebel

Sarid survivor; remainder

Saron rightness

Sarsechim prince of coverts

Saruch Gk. of Serug, intertwined

Satan adversary

Satyr a demon

Saul requested

Sceva mind-reader

Scythian rude; rough

Seba (take a) drink

Sebat smite

Secacah enclosure

Sechu hedged up

Secundus second (son)

Segub exalted

Seir shaggy; hairy; goat like

Seirath hairy she goat

Sela rock; crag

Selah rock; crag; prominent

Selahammahlekoth rock of divisions

Seled ? recoil

Seleucia white light

Sem Gk. of Shem, name

Semachiah sustained of Jehovah

Semei Gk. of Shemaiah, heard of Jehovah

Senaah ? hatred

Seneh thorny

Senir peak; snowy mountain

Sennacherib the thorn laid waste

Senuah pointed

Seorim barley; bearded ones

Sephar counting; census

Sepharad end of wandering

Sepharvaim twofold census; sea census

Serah as Sarah, princess

Seraiah prevailing of Jehovah; prince of Jehovah

Seraphims burners

Sered fear; fright

Sergius earth-born; born wanderer

Serug intertwined

Seth appointed; compensation

Sethur hidden

Shaalabbin hand of skill; foxes den

Shaalbim regarded the hearts; regarded the lions

Shaalbonite regarded the hearts; regarded the lions

Shaaph who flew

Shaaraim double gate

Shaashgaz beauty’s servant

Shabbethai my sabbaths

Shachia return of Jah; taken captive of Jah

Shaddai almighty

Shadrach tender breast

Shage erring

Shahar dawn; morning

Shaharaim two dawns (i.e.. double dawn)

Shahazimah lofty places

Shalem at peace; complete

Shalim handfuls

Shalisha third (place)

Shallecheth casting forth

Shallum requital; restitution

Shallun spoiled

Shalmai my garments; my peace-offering

Shalman spoiled; peace-offering

Shalmaneser peace-offering of bondage

Shama one who listens and takes heed (harkens)

Shamariah guarded of Jah

Shamed guardian; exterminator

Shamer guardian

Shamgar desolate dragged away

Shamhuth exaltation; desolation

Shamir keeping; guarding

Shamma desolation

Shammah desolation

Shammai my desolations

Shammoth desolations

Shammua a listener

Shammuah a listener

Shamsherai desolated my observers

Shapham bruised; swept bare

Shaphan coney (rock badger)

Shaphat a judge

Shapher goodliness

Sharai my observers; setting free

Sharaim double gate

Sharar unyielding; an observer

Sharezer beheld treasure

Sharon observation; plain; level

Sharuhen they beheld grace

Shashai whitish; linen

Shashak longed-for; the rusher

Shaul asked-for;

Shaveh equality; plain

Shavsha plain was vain

Sheal request

Shealtiel asked of God

Sheariah gate of Jah

Shearjashub remnant shall return

Sheba 1. the coming one

2. seven; oath

Shebah place of the oath

Shebam hoar head

Shebaniah built of Jehovah; discerned of Jehovah

Shebarim breaches

Sheber a breach

Shebna built; wait I pray!

Shebuel abide with God; captured by God

Shecaniah Jehovah’s dwelling

Shechaniah Jehovah’s dwelling

Shechem shoulder; diligence

Shedeur breasts; Almighty is fire

Shehariah sought early of Jah

Shelah 1. quietness; request

2. missile

Shelemiah peace-offering of Jehovah

Sheleph drawing out

Shelesh triplet; triplicate

Shelomi peace; peaceable

Shelomith peaceableness

Shelomoth pacifications

Shelumiel at peace with God

Shem a name (renown)

Shema a report

Shemaah one who harkens

Shemaiah heard of Jehovah

Shemariah guarded of Jehovah

Shemember name of soaring (wing)

Shemer guardianship

Shemesh the sun

Shemida name knowledge; knows my name

Shemidah name knowledge; knows my name

Sheminith eighth

Shemiramoth name of heights; renown of heights

Shemuel heard of God

Shen tooth

Shenazar repeated treasure

Shenir bear the lamp (as Senir)

Shepham their bareness

Shephathiah judged of Jehovah

Shephatiah judged of Jehovah

Shephi bareness; prominence

Shepho bareness; prominence

Shephuphan bareness; prominence

Sherah near kinship

Sherebiah parched by Jah; free in Jah

Sheresh a root

Sherezer he looked on treasure

Sheshach fine linen

Sheshai my fine linen

Sheshan their fine linen

Sheshbazzar fine linen in tribulation

Sheth 1. appointed; set

2. tumult

Shethar appointed searcher

Shetharboznai despisers searched

Sheva vanity

Shibboleth ear of corn; flood; branch

Shibmah why hoary?

Shicron drunkenness

Shiggaion erratic

Shigionoth wanderings

Shihon desolation

Shihor black; turbid

Shihorlibnath blackness of whiteness

Shilhi my weapon

Shilhim missiles

Shillem recompense

Shiloah sent

Shiloh peace; peace bringer

Shiloni peace; peace bringer

Shilshah trebling; triad

Shimea a report

Shimeah 1. my reports

2. desolation

3. hearkening

Shimeam their desolation

Shimeath a report

Shimei my report; listeners

Shimeon a person who harkens

Shimhi those who harken; my report

Shimi those who harken; my report

Shimma report

Shimon a waste

Shimrath guardianship

Shimri my keeper; watchful

Shimrith guardian

Shimrom guardian

Shimron guardian

Shimronmeron guardian of arrogance

Shimshai my minister; my suns

Shinab father’s tooth; change of father

Shinar change of the city

Shiphi my abundance

Shiphmite those who bruise; those who sweep away

Shiphrah garnished; fairness

Shiphtan their judgement

Shisha whiteness; a sixth

Shishak greedy of fine linen; giver of drink

Shitrai my officers

Shittim acacias

Shiza who sprinkled

Shoa opulent; noble; free

Shobab backsliding

Shobach turning back

Shobai my captives; my backslidings

Shobal flowing; shooting; waving

Shobek forsaking

Shobi my captive; my backsliding

Shocho his hedge; his branch

Shochoh his hedge; his branch

Shoco his hedge; his branch

Shoham equalising; justifying them

Shomer guarding

Shophach pouring out

Shophan their bruising

Shoshannim lilies

Shoshannimeduth lilies of testimony

Shua cry; opulence; salvation

Shuah depression; pit

Shual jackal

Shubael return of God

Shuham their pit

Shuhite depression

Shulamite the perfect; the peaceful

Shumathites the exalted; garlicky

Shunamite double rest

Shunem double rest

Shuni my rest

Shupham their bareness

Shuppim bared ones; serpent

Shur beheld; rampart (for observing)

Shushan lily

Shushaneduth lily of testimony

Shuthalhites newly appointed

Shuthelah newly appointed

Sia departing

Siaha departing

Sibbecai my thickets

Sibbechai my thickets

Sibboleth a burden

Sibmah why hoary

Sibraim double purpose

Sichem shoulder (as a place for burden)

Siddim cultivators; furrows

Sidon hunting

Sihon scraping or sweeping away

Sihor black; turbid (see Shihor)

Silas woody; (short for Silvanus)

Silla weighed: compared

Siloah missile

Siloam Gk. of Siloah, missile

Silvanus sylvan woody

Simeon hearkening

Simon Gk. of Simeon, hearkening

Simri my keeper; watchful

Sin thorn; clay; mire

Sina Gk. of Sinai, my thorns

Sinai my thorns

Sinim thorns

Sion 1. Mount Hermon (Deut.4:48) elevation

2. Mount Zion a parched place

Siphmoth lips (i.e.. languages)

Sippai my basins; my thresholds

Sirah turning aside

Sirion little prince; breastplate

Sisamai water crane; swallow

Sisera crane (or swallow) of seeing

Sitnah hostility; accusation

Sivan their covering

Smyrna myrrh

So concealed; conspicuous

Socho hedge; branch

Sochoh hedge; branch

Socoh hedge; branch

Sodi my confidant

Sodom fettered

Sodoma fettered

Solomon peaceableness

Sopater saving father

Sophereth registrar

Sorek choice vine

Soresh choice vine

Sosipater saving father

Sosthenes saving strength

Sotai my swervings

Spain scarceness

Stachys ear of corn

Stacte a drop

Stephanas crowned

Stephen crown

Stoicks of the portico

Suah offal

Succoth booths

Succothbenoth daughters’ booths

Suchathites bush-men; hedgers

Sukkims thicket-men

Sur turning aside

Susanchites of the lily; of the Palace

Susanna lily

Susi my horse

Sychar drunken; hired

Sychem Gk. of Shechem, shoulder

Syene her veiling

Syntyche well-met

Syracuse a Syrian hearing

Syria exalted

Syriack Syrian language

Syrians Edomites or lofty ones

Syrophenician exalted palm