Arafat Threatens a PALESTINIAN STATE. ..


Are you a Christian, Jew or Muslim?


If Arafat Is Right—Your Bible IS WRONG


The Christian Bible, Jewish Scriptures and Muslim Koran all teach that the Jewish People were given the Land of Israel by

Divine decree-and that they would return and resettle their ancient Jewish homeland in the latter days.*


History also proves that the Palestinian claim to the Land of Israel is wrong.* Why do the nations cater to Arafat and

his Palestinian claim? Plain and simple-OIL. Without Arab oil, most nations would go bankrupt.


How deep are Palestinian roots? Some writers show that 75% of the Palestinians in the Land immigrated directly or are the

children of those who came to Israel from other Arab lands to enjoy the newly prosperous economy.* The UN defined a

"Palestinian" as any Arab who lived in the Land two years-rather shallow roots.*


Bloodshed on both sides is tragic. Yet the future is bright. Eventually, the Arabs and the world will recognize Israel’s

land rights. Then Israel, a nation of miracles, will share her blessings with her Arab neighbors (#Isa 19:24). Yes,

the time is coming when the Arabs and all nations will be at peace with Israel (#Isa 2:1-4).


*Documented in booklet, "Israel, A Nation of Miracles."