No One Should Judge An Architect By His Unfinished Work...


Should God Be Judged Before His Plan is Completed?


Which do you think a loving, just, and wise God would have designed for HIS creation?



*The vast majority of God’s creation TORTURED everlastingly. (Over 75% of the world’s population is non-Christian)


*The world burns up.



*Faithful Christians receive a heavenly reward for the purpose of assisting the entire human race.


*All the rest of mankind gradually brought back to life here on earth.


*People will reap benefits—together with chastisements—proportional to their wilful sins of this present life.


*All will be given, however, the opportunity to be rehabilitated to mental, moral, and physical perfection.


*The permission of evil during this present life will have demonstrated the "effects" of disobedience—pain, sorrow, and death.


*The blessings of obedience—joy, health, love, and life—will be a most desirable choice to a now "educated" civilization.


*Man’s firsthand experience with both good and evil will prepare him for a final testing.


*The vast majority, having passed their final test, will receive everlasting life—here on EARTH.


*All evil influences will be completely destroyed.


*Earth will be restored to a paradise condition, and will abide forever.


*His kingdom (finally) come...ON it is in heaven.


*Relatively few to receive spiritual life in heaven.