The Bible continues to be the Christianís standard for measuring right and wrong, truth and error. Yet, THE TRUTH-the promise by promise outline of Godís plan for humanity, stretching into eternity-has not come easy for followers of the Master.


Anyone who has earnestly sought the deeper understanding of the Scriptures merely by reading page after page, and chapter after chapter, can attest to the difficulties of finding THE TRUTH by such a study. How varied have been the impressions gleaned by even its most ardent students! History is wellmarked by the heated controversies of those men of valor, and who, finding a truth, dedicated a lifetime to proving and setting it forth.


Who has not heard ...


... of Lutherís stand on Justification by faith, leading to his bitter denunciation of the error of indulgences?


... of John Weseleyís belief that special favor of the Lord comes to all men simply by their acceptance of the blood of Jesus, thus opposing the predestination belief of Calvin, who limited the grace of God to but a chose few ?


... of William Millerís revitalization of hope in the promise of our Lordís return?


... of others who went on to prove that the Bible taught that the dead are dead and "know not anything" and that eternal torment is not the penalty of sin?


The Bible has contained, truth by truth, Godís plan of salvation. But through all the efforts of past saints since the days of the apostles, THE TRUTH, as a complete outline of our Heavenly Fatherís drama of the ages, remained obscure until the time clock of the universe struck. Then the secret of topical and chronological study of the Bible was revealed in a writing called, "The DIVINE PLAN of the AGES."


Indeed, GOD HAS A PLAN! By prophecy and promise this plan is woven into his Word not chapter by chapter, but rather, as the Prophet Isaiah related, "precept upon precept; line by line; ... here a little, and there a little." -#Isa 28:10


Man sinned. Death, cessation of life, followed. Angels tried to solve earthís dilemma, but the Flood of Noahís day erased the tragedy of their vain efforts. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob came on the scene and, with them, the promise of a coming kingdom! But it did not come in their day!


The Jewish nation and the Law followed, with special favors leading unto Christ. And with the First Advent of our Lord, Godís great plan of salvation continued to unfold. Here was the perfect life needed to erase the sin of perfect Adam before the blessings of the promised kingdom could flow to humanity. Jesusí life given, man was guaranteed a return "from the land of the enemy" ódeath.


But 1900 years have come and gone, and still there has been no resurrection of the dead. Why the long delay?


Another part of Godís plan was being carried out. A special heavenly call was sent forth, selecting out of the world (both Jew and Gentile) a bride for Christócalling out one here and one there. The qualifications are strict and the candidates are few, as the Master proclaimed, "Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, ... and few there be that find it." ó#Mt 7:14


There faithful few (still being called from amongst men) who sacrifice their lives as Jesus did, will be privileged with him on high to lead the rest of humanity out of their graves and out of despair, up a highway called "holiness" to a perfect life on earth, in answer to our mutual prayer: "Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." ó#Mt 6:10


Then, together, in that kingdom, will all men find and know THE TRUTH.