Jesusí Second Advent




That Jesus promised His disciples that He would return to earth personally andreceive them to Himself, so that where He is (in heaven) they would be also(#Joh 14:3; 17:24)?


That God did not plan to convert the world before Jesusí Second Coming, butrather "to take out of them [from every kindred, nation, etc.-#Re 5:9, 10,†† a people for his name" (#Ac 15:14), to reign over earth with Him in His1,000-year Kingdom, for the blessing, judging and conversion of the world (#Ac 17:31; #Re 3:21; 20:4, 6; #Mt 19:28; #1Co 6:2)?


That when Jesus in His Second Advent takes to Himself His great power and beginsto reign, the nations are "angry," far from converted-"When the Son of mancometh, shall he find the [so the Greek] faith [the true Gospel] on the earth"(#Lu 18:8; #1Ti 4:1; #2Ti 3:1-8, 13; #2Pe 3:3, 4; #Ps 2;#Re 2:26, 27; 11:17-19; 19:11-21)?


That at Jesusí First Advent He laid down His perfect human life as a Ransom (acorresponding price) for Adam and the race in his loins (#Mt 20:28; #Mr 10:45; #Ro 5:12-21; #1Ti 2:5, 6; #Ho 13:14) and opened for the Church a new and living way, to immortal life, the Divine nature (#Joh 14:1-6; #2Ti 1:10; #Heb 3:1; 10:19, 20; #2Pe 1:4)?


That in Jesusí Second Advent, a 1,000-year period, He first exalts the Elect Church, His Bride (#1Co 15:50-54; #1Th 4:15-17; #2Ti 4:8), and the Great Company, "the virgins her companions" (Psalm 45:14, 15;#Re 7:9-17), and the rest of the elect (Psalm 45:16; ##Isa 32:1; #Lk 13:28), and then blesses all the rest ("the residue") of mankind, the non-elect (including awakening the dead-#Joh 5:28, 29, R.V.; #Da 12:2), in "the times of restitution [restoration, R.V.] of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began" (#Ac 3:19-24; 15:16, 17; #Isa 35)?




That Christís joint-heirs, the Church, will as a part of Abrahamís Seed assistHim in the coming "times of restitution" in blessing "all the families of theearth," giving to "whosoever will" the "water of life freely" (#Ro 8:17;#Ge 12:3; 22:18; #Ac 3:25; #Ga 3:8, 16, 29; #Re 22:17)?


That while God grants no second chance to any of Adamís race, He gives one full,complete opportunity for everlasting life to all-if not in this life, then inthe Restitution times-for Jesus tasted death "for every man" and the "goodtidings of great joy shall be to all people" (#Heb 2:9; #Lu 2:10, 32; 3:6;#Joh 1:9, 29; 12:32; #1Ti 4:10; #1Jo 2:2)?


That Christ "must reign [in His 1,000-year Reign], till he hath put all enemiesunder his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is [Adamic] death" (#1Co 15:24-26; #Re 21:4)?


That Jesus was "put to death in the flesh" for the life of the world (John6:51), but was raised, born from the dead (#1Co 15:20; #Col 1:18), not as a human being, but as a spirit being (#1Pe 3:18, R.V.; 1Corinthians 15:45, 50; #2Co 3:17; 5:16), far higher than the angels(##Eph 1:20-22; #Php 2:8-11), in the exact image of Godís person(#Heb 1:3-5), invisible to human eyes ("whom no man hath seen, nor can see"-#1Ti 6:16; 1:17; #Joh 1:18; 5:37), and able to come and go like the wind(#Joh 3:6, 8)?


That while spirit beings in their normal condition are invisible to human eyes,they have been permitted to materialize in human bodies, and then laterdematerialize, e.g., the angels that appeared to Abraham, Gideon, etc. (#Ge 18:2; #Jud 6:12, 21)?


That similarly Jesus as a spirit being appeared to His disciples after Hisresurrection in various fleshly bodies, or forms (#Mr 16:12), with clothingcreated to suit (the soldiers had taken His clothing-#Mt 27:35): e.g., as agardener (#Joh 20:11-18); as a traveling stranger (the Emmaus disciples knew Him only after He broke bread with them, after which He dematerialized andvanished-#Lu 24:13-35); as one with nail-prints in hands and feet (John20:25-29); as one seeking fish, etc. (#Joh 21:1-14; #Mt 28:16, 17)?




That only as a spirit being could Jesus have entered His disciplesí assemblyroom with its doors closed for fear of the Jews, when He materialized in afleshly body, ate material food (as He had done in Abrahamís day-#Ge 18:8),had them feel the body, and told them, "a spirit [which since His resurrectionHe is-#2Co 3:17] hath not flesh and bones [like He had created then andthere in order to appear to them], as ye see me have [obviously flesh, bones,clothing, etc., could not have come through walls or doors of the closed room,though a spirit being, not having such hindrances, could do so-#Joh 3:8]"-thus proving before He dematerialized that He really was present (#Joh 20:19-23; #Lk 24:36-48)?


That Jesus did not materialize a fleshly body when He appeared to Saul, and theglory light from His spirit body (#Php 3:21) struck Saul blind, a miraclebeing needed later to restore partially his sight (#Ac 9:1-18; 2 Corinthians12:7; #Ga 4:13-15)?


That the first stage of Jesusí Second Advent, His parousia (presence), is secret("as a thief in the night"-#Re 16:15; #Lu 21:34-36; #2Pe 3:10), inwhich the world is unaware of it (#Lu 17:26-30; #Mt 24:37-39; the Greekword parousia, meaning presence-see R.V. margin-is here mistranslated coming),but in which Godís true people know of it through Bible chronology and prophecy(many fulfillments) and signs of the times (#1Th 5:1-5)?


That thus He comes "in like manner" as He departed at His ascension (#Ac 1:11), i.e., quietly, without any great demonstration, unknown to the world, but known only to His true disciples (note that this verse does not state that He would come in like form or like body, but only in like manner)?


That Jesus said before His crucifixion, "Yet a little while, and the world seethme no more" (#Joh 14:19), and therefore they will never again see Him with their physical eyes, though in the second stage of His Second Advent, His epiphaneia (manifestation), or apokalupsis (uncovering), they will with mental perception see Him "coming in a cloud [the severe trouble of the Great Tribulation] with power and great glory" (#Lu 21:27; #Mt 24:21, 30)?




That as Jesus is revealed to the world in His Second Advent, eventually "everyeye shall see him [discern Him mentally, recognize His presence, power andauthority in the destruction of Satanís empire and the establishment of HisKingdom on earth]" (#2Th 1:17, 8; #Re 1:7)?


That Bible prophecy, chronology and the signs of the times show that we are nowin "the time of the end" with its great increase of knowledge and travel, andits unprecedented time of trouble (#Da 12:1, 4, 9, 10; #Lu 21:25-27; #Jas 5:1-8)?


That "in the days of these kings," present earthly governments represented inthe toes of Danielís great image, God is destroying Satanís empire andestablishing His righteousness rule on earth (#Da 2:35, 44; Psalm 46;#Zep 1:15-18; 3:8, 9; #2Pe 3:7-13)?


That the "gospel of the kingdom has been preached in all the world for a witness[though not converting them]," so the Ageís end is here (#Mt 24:14; 13:39)?


That one of the many signs pointing to Jesusí Second Advent and His Reign ofpeace is Israelís return to their land, preparatory to their acceptance of theirMessiah and great blessings on them and the Gentiles (#Zec 8; 12:9, 10;14:16-21; #Mt 23:39; ##Isa 2:2-4; #Jer 23:5-8; 24:6, 7; 30:7-11, 18-24; 31:8-12, 27-34; #Am 9:11-15; #Ro 11:25-29)?