"The Church of the Living God Whose Names are Enrolled in Heaven." # Heb 12:23


I joyfully recognize as members of the same church all who profess faith in Christís redeeming sacrifice and full consecration to death with him-whether in our out of earthly sects and parties.


I am not a member of any earthly sect, believing that they are all of human organization. I love all who love God and are seeking his ways, but I abominate the creeds of the "dark ages," which did so much to misrepresent the divine character and plan and which so seriously enslaved so many of Godís people in the chains of ignorance and superstition.


I meet regularly with other Bible students for the study of Godís Word, regardless of creedal limitations and colorings.


We give our children religious instruction at home, believing this to be the divine arrangement set forth in the Bible. We have found Godís way helpful, both to them and to us.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All, One Church of the First-borns, and One Hope of Glory, Honor and Immortality #Eph 4:5-6; #Heb 12:23; #Ro 2:7