"The times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; and he shallsend Jesus Christwhom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution ofall things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets sincethe world began" (#Ac 3:19-21). "A little child shall lead them" (#Isa 11:6).




That "restitution" means restoration, as most other Bible translations show?


That some think it means only oneís returning anything wrongly taken (Exodus22:1-6, 12; #Le 6:2-5; #Eze 14-16), but that the Bible shows it meansfar more-the greatest kind of restoration and the greatest blessings ever-soonto come on earth for all people?




That the Bible states. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (#Ge 1:1), but not how much time from then until the six creative days, inwhich He gradually prepared the earth for human life?


That God made the plants and animals and then "a garden [paradise] eastward inEden" (#Ge 2:8), with perfect ecology, where He created Adam, "the firstman" (not to become a spirit being, an Angel, but forever to be a human being),"of the [dust, or] earth, earthly," "a little lower than angels" (#Ge 2:7;Psalm 8:4-8; #1Co 15:45-47)?


That Adam was given rule over the earth and animals (all were then tame), whichhe named; and that then God created Eve as his wife and helpmate (Genesis1:26-28; 2:18-25)?


That they and their descendents could have had perfect life forever on a perfectearth if they had obeyed God, but that when they disobeyed they were sentencedto death, cessation of life (#Ge 2:17), and were driven out of and kept outof the garden of Eden, least they continue to eat the life-sustaining fruit ofthe trees and live forever on earth (#Ge 3:22-24)?


That by heredity the Adamic death sentence came also on all of Adamís decedents,so that none of mankind has a right to perfect life in a perfect earth, but hasonly an imperfect, dying existence (#Ro 5:12-19; #1Co 15:21, 22)?


That God showed His great love for all mankind (including you and me) inplanning to free all from the death sentence by providing a ransom(corresponding price) for them?




That Godís only begotten Son, the mighty Logos, willingly was "made flesh," "theman Christ Jesus," "a little lower than the angels, for the suffering ofdeaththat he by the grace of God should taste death for every man"-Adam and allhis lost race-and that Jesus "gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified indue timer" (#Mt 18:11; #Joh 1:14; 3:14-18; #1Ti 2:3-6; 4:10; #Heb 2:1-14; #1Jo 2:2)?


That because of Jesusí willing Ransom-sacrifice all, living and dead, areguaranteed one opportunity "in due time" to gain eternal life-that the Church,selected during the Church Age, is given enteral life in heaven (2 Corinthians5:1-4; #Heb 10:34), but that all who had no opportunity and afterward repentfor sin, believe on Jesus as Savior and give themselves loyally to God will inthe Millennium ("times of refreshing") have an opportunity to get restitution(restoration) to perfect human life forever on the perfected earth (#Ps 37:9-11, 22, 29, 34; #Mt 6:10), which life Adam could have had?


That in the restitution times animals will be tamed, the earth perfected (#Isa 11:6; 35:1, 2) and filled with Godís glory (#Nu 14:21; #Isa 11:9; 40:5;#Heb 2:14); and the obedient of mankind in general (#Re 22:17) will berestored to perfection as Adam had it; the wicked will be annihilated; but therighteous will live forever in prosperity, peace, happiness, brotherhood andlove in the new earth (#Ps 72; #Isa 65:17-25; #Mt 6:10; #Ac 15:14-18; #2Pe 3:13; #Re 21:3, 4; 22:1-3)?




That "the times of restitution," of which all the holy prophets spoke, the1000-year rule of Christ (#Re 5:9, 10; 20:4, 6), follows His Second Advent(#Ac 3:21), and that with His Church He will destroy the present evil worldconditions, establish His righteous rule on earth and forever bless all obedienthumans (#Isa 2:2-4; 11:1-9; 25:6-10; 35:1-10; #Da 2:31-45; 7:13, 14, 18,22, 27)?


That "the signs of the times," such as great evil, exposures, calamities,apostasies, crises, war preparations, conflicts and terrorism, Israelís return,increased knowledge and travel, etc. (#Lu 12:2; 21:11, 25-32; #Da 12:4, 10),prove that we are living in the end of this Age and that Christ will soon beginthe restitution?


That all should rejoice greatly at the wonderful prospects for all on earth andtell others this good news of Godís soon-coming Kingdom on earth (#Lu 2:10-14;21:25-28)?