"What on earth is the Kingdom?"


A Kingdom on Earth ...

is the real answer we need.


"Thy Kingdom come

They Will be done in Earth." -

Early Christians expected a literal fulfillment of this prayer.

Shouldn’t we?


Just imagine what it will mean!


REAL joy and peace and health.

REAL contentment and fullness

REAL government by God, for man, which will not perish from this globe.


REAL HOPES 0 soon to come.

Read them. Find joy and calm.


Consider the World Now!


\#But then ...


 ... the Earth shall yield her increase. #Ps 67:6


The want of today will give way to the fullness of tomorrow. Blight will no longer cause famine-insects no longer destroy; and the inhabitants shall no longer say "I am sick." The balance in nature will return; the wolf, in peace, will rest with the lamb; and nothing will hurt nor destroy in all His holy kingdom, for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.


The eyes of the blind ...


 ... shall be opened! #Isa 35:5


Restoration of all that man has lost will be the first work of the kingdom. He whose eyes are darkened will see again with bright delight; he whose mind has been darkened will comprehend with clarity. The dignity of a sound mind and a sound body will return. Ears which have never perceived sound will hear; minds which have never perceived truth will understand. Love will extend from hearts which had been stone; wrongs will cease and forgiveness will reach out from those who have been wronged. The knowledge of God will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea; fear will flee away.


The lame man ...


 ... shall leap like a deer. #Isa 35:6


Vitality will pulse through limbs once withered. Wholeness will return to bodies once dismembered.




Life expressed in energy, in direction, in attainment, in the joy of knowing that our bodies will respond to our wills-all accompanied with the profound peace of the knowledge that tragedies will no longer strike us down. Think of all the beauty of human form and feature that you have ever seen-and know that perfected humanity will be of still surpassing loveliness!


Neither shall they learn war any more ...# Isa 2:4


The enemy which has cast its shadow across the path of every man will perish. Death itself will die! And the hope (seemingly beyond hope) will be realized as all who have died are awakened, restored, and are given the opportunity for life without end; for God is the Savior of all -not just those who have believed.


Think of the reunions, the rebuilding, the re-planning-all without fear of termination. Think of the peace, the calm, the certainty-the government of the Prince of Peace: "and of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end." No tears or pain; no sorrow and crying; no death, no dying. Weeping has endured for a long, long night; but joy and song will greet the morning!


He will swallow up death in victory ...# Isa 25:8


"Thou openest thine hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing." -#Ps 145:16


Food for all in rich supply will be one of the abundances of the kingdom. Hunger will vanish.


But there is another kind of hunger, one that can be satisfied now. It is the hunger for truth. If you have found the kingdom prospects shown in these pages to be good, then you may be hungering for more. There are answers for the questions so often asked but so rarely answered; How does God plan to accomplish these things? If God really exists, why has He permitted suffering? How does He deal in both love and justice with believers and also with unbelievers? What is all of this that we hear about "church" and "being saved?" What about the scriptures that speak about heaven instead of earth? What about Bible contradictions?


Truth is available. Truth is consistent. Truth is reasonable. Taste it! Send a note to the address on the back cover and we will happily send you THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE AGES (and perhaps some other tasty morsels)- the book which lets you see that the Bible does, indeed, make sense. You can know the when, the how, and the why of the kingdom on earth.


God hath made everything beautiful in its time. #Ec 3:11


The Biblical texts on which this booklet is based are listed below for your consideration:


#Ge 22:18; #Job 33:25, 26; #Ps 30:5; 72:8; 145:16; #Isa 9:6, 7; 11:5-10; 29:24; 33:24; 35$; 45:18; 61:11; 65:21-25; #Jer 31:33-34; #Eze 36:36; #Mic 4:1-4; #Zeph 3:9; #Zec 8:20-23; #Mt 6:10; #Ac 3:20-21; 24:15; #Ro 8:20-23; #1Co 15:25, 26; #Ga 3:8; #Eph 1:10; #1Ti 2:4-6; 4:10; #Re 21:4


People need something-

Is that something

The Kingdom?