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Special Editions of the Defences of Pastor Russell


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Volume 5: Number 15 (Friday, November 6, 1914)


Volume 5: Number 29 (Friday, February 12, 1915)



The following pages contain all of the articles in two editions of the St. Paul Enterprise which were printed especially for the defense of Pastor Russell. Apparently several versions of these two editions were issued, with the same banner and date Of the four copies at hand, there are some differences in content in each of them. All of the articles in these Special Editions have been reprinted.


Because of variations between versions, it is impossible to maintain the order of the articles strictly. Where one article naturally follows another, order has been maintained. When the 1914 and 1915 versions varied, the 1915 article immediately follows the 1914 article with the same title.


Some of the arguments presented in the articles may be difficult to follow in our day, because the issues were hot in 1914/1915 and much of the opposition material is not available for perusal at present to see what was said by the opposers. Nevertheless, the spirit of the difficulties can be felt in their (sometimes harsh) expressions. May the Lord bless your consideration of these articles.


The American language has changed somewhat since 1915. Original spelling and grammar have been retained, against the wishes of the spell-checker in the word-processor.


Only the publication dates and clearly indicated "fill-ins" for holes in the original newspaper have been added by the present publisher. Any information that was supplied by the present publisher will be found in braces {}.


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Spirit of the Special Edition


November 6, 1914


Dear Mr. Editor:


Since having complied with your request of assistance in compiling this special edition of the Enterprise, it occurs that a few words of explanation of my part and my view may be helpful to some.


It should be known that my part has consisted solely in arrangement of headings and a careful reading of the proofs. I know that you have from time to time kept certain articles, contributions to your paper, and which you found specially approved and ordered by many friends, standing in type to meet the demand for extra copies. I also understand that because of the rise in the price of type metal, you can no longer keep this type tied up in the shop. Your thought, as I understand it, has therefore been, before surrendering this type metal to be melted, to put it all in form for permanent preservation and use together in a special edition. The plan seems highly commendable; for there certainly are a number of gems in this collection, from the pens of various friends throughout the country, that many will be glad to preserve for frequent use.


Personally I would be glad to be omitted from all consideration; but you have elected to include certain articles from me; and, while it was not my selection, I can understand how friends will approve your choice. This is because the articles contain defenses of our Pastor against unprincipled and hurtful assaults. Some have not approved these defenses; for them and for their viewpoint we have the utmost charity. We cannot, however, lose sight of the interests of many others in the matter. The attackers of Pastor Russell have stepped into the precise position of the Pharisees of old, to whom Jesus said: "Ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." Our mission in defending our Pastor has been in the behalf of those who wished to enter and were hindered; those who were attracted by the beauties of "Present Truth," but greatly perplexed at the violent attacks upon the character of "that Servant" who has opened the portals of the Kingdom to our generation.


Friends who felt no personal need of the defenses have welcomed their help in dealing with others. Brother Owen of Indianapolis well states this position in his letter, printed elsewhere. Other friends, especially isolated ones, have been grieved and distressed at the venom of the attacks, and have felt much consolation in the refutations. Some readers have testified that the defenses actually aided them in accepting "Present Truth."


Many friends could never have assembled all the points of refutation unaided, as the gathering of them has involved much correspondence, consultation and study, which not all are so situated as to undertake.


It has seemed providential that, when these defenses have been demanded, the Enterprise has been placed at our disposal for their dissemination. The work, though often seeming hateful, from the forms of expression used, has been in every truth and ever a work of love. Our love for Pastor Russell and our admiration of his stainless character and his wonderful ability for leadership have grown constantly, as we have delved into the intricacies of slimy charges. Our love for those in need of deliverance from the fear of the charges has likewise increased, as the benefits have become apparent, until the passion to serve them has been at times almost consuming. And our Love for these enemies, in the face of our strongest denunciations of their conduct, has never wavered. This is offered in the fullest sincerity as a personal testimony. We rejoice to know that God has gracious purposes and provisions in the future for even these, if they will repent and submit to the laws of His Kingdom.


We believe readers will find in this special issue complete and sufficient refutation of every personal attack that has been made on our Pastor, save one which will be covered now. With it, we believe and trust the defensive work will be finished. Doubtless many will appreciate the advantage of having all assembled in one paper.


Our attention was called, after the attack by Dr. Greenwood in Minneapolis, Aug. 23, to the fact that no answer had been made to the charge by William T. Ellis of a damaging interview with Pastor Russell regarding his tour of investigation of Missions. Friends who have not been made aware will be glad to be reminded that all facts requisite to a complete refutation of the Ellis attack have already been printed, and are to be found in the 1912 Convention report. The publisher of that report, Dr. L. W. Jones, 3003 Walnut St., Chicago, having over-estimated the demand for that issue, has many copies still on hand, and has cut the price to 50 cents. Possibly his apparent over-estimate was providential, that a supply might be available to meet this need. Dr. Jones, who was a member of the committee of investigation, and made the entire tour with Pastor Russell, wrote complete details of the trip to the Ecclesia at home in the form of letters, and these letters, with illustrations, occupy over 100 pages of this particular convention report.


The writer heard several of the letters read to the Ecclesia at the time they were received in Chicago, long before the return of the party, and hence before the date of the alleged interview in Brooklyn. They were not written as answers to attacks, but as truthful narratives of events that transpired.


There is not an item in the Ellis accusation that is not fully refuted by these interesting letters of Dr. Jones. Friends who already have this report will be repaid to read them. The writer recently went through them, blue-penciling every statement that refuted some claim of Ellis, and our copy is now a veritable "Blue Book."


It does not seem possible to any one who has read the letters of Dr. Jones to believe that the alleged interview of Ellis with Pastor Russell was anything more or less than an absolute fake. We would feel no hesitation in branding it as such, and challenging Ellis to demonstrate that such an interview as he charges ever took place. This seems to place Ellis in the Ananias class; but let any doubters read Ellis and then Dr. Jones, and then form their own conclusion.


May I be permitted, Mr. Editor, to express my appreciation of the assistance we have enjoyed at your hands? I would gladly welcome you as a Brother in the Truth, were you to make it possible. At the very least, I heartily agree with friends who have expressed the thought that you will be rewarded for your part in this work. Jesus said to His disciples, "Whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."


Yours for the Truth,





Spirit of The New Special Edition


February 12, 1915


Dear Mr. Editor:


This Special Edition, like its predecessor of Nov. 6 {1914}, is "set for the defense of the Truth." There are both friends and foes who ask the question, Why defend Pastor Russell and his teachings and movement?


Foes have argued that if he were above reproach, he would not need defense. In answer to this we might ask if they can recall of whom it was prophetically said, "They hated me without a cause;" and who said to his followers, "If they hated me, they will hate you."


The greater the value of the object attacked, the greater reason for defense. The millions spent by the United States in defense of the Panama Canal argues its worth, rather than the opposite. So with truth and truth advocates. They merit the best of defense. We defend Pastor Russell because he is perhaps the most relentlessly persecuted man in the world today. It is a trite philosophy that a strong man will make enemies, and that it takes success of high order to draw a vigorous fire. Pastor Russell’s international opposition is an eloquent tribute to his International achievements. His critics would not be caught in such an onslaught on a weakling. There is a homely adage that it is the "stuck pig" that squeals. It has the most accurate application to those who are squealing about Pastor Russell. Every cry is a cry of pain. This statement will cause much wincing, if pressed home; but will nevertheless bear pressing home on many an occasion


Friends have taken the position that it is our duty to walk as lambs to the slaughter, and that defense is a violation of this duty. They forget the terrific denunciation of the Jewish clergy by Jesus: the dying defense of the martyr Stephen that cut the same clergy to the heart; and the command of Paul to Titus concerning the elders (Tit 1:9-13, Diaglott) that they should be such as could "confute the opposers," "whom it is necessary to silence," "therefore reprove them Severely."the distinction is sharply to be made between self-defense and defense of the Truth. The examples of Jesus and Stephen in this regard are worthy of most careful consideration.


The attackers of Pastor Russell have stepped into the precise position of the Pharisees of old, to whom Jesus said: "Ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in." Our mission in defending our Pastor has been in the behalf of those who wished to enter and were hindered; those who were attracted by the beauties of "Present Truth," but greatly perplexed at the violent attacks upon the character of "that Servant" who has opened the portals of the Kingdom to our generation.


Friends who felt no personal need of the defenses have welcomed their help in dealing with others. Other friends, especially isolated ones, have been grieved and distressed at the venom of the attacks, and have felt much consolation in the refutations. Some readers have testified that the defenses actually aided them in accepting "Present Truth."


It has seemed providential that, when these defenses have been demanded, the Enterprise has been placed at our disposal for their dissemination. The work, though often seeming hateful, from the forms of expression used, has been in very truth and ever a work of love. Our love for Pastor Russell and our admiration of his stainless character and his wonderful ability for leadership have grown constantly, as we have delved into the intricacies of slimy charges. Our love for those in need of deliverance from the fear of the charges has likewise increased, as the benefits have become apparent, until the passion to serve them has been at times almost consuming. And our Love for these enemies, in the face of our strongest denunciations of their conduct, has never wavered. This is offered in the fullest sincerity as a personal testimony. We rejoice to know that God has gracious purposes and provisions in the future for even these, if they will repent and submit to the laws of His Kingdom.


We believe readers will find in this special issue complete and sufficient refutation of every personal attack that has been made on our Pastor, save one which will be covered now.


Our attention was called, after the attack by Dr. Greenwood in Minneapolis, Aug. 23, to the fact that no answer had been made to the charge by William T. Ellis of a damaging interview with Pastor Russell regarding his tour of investigation of Missions. Friends who have not been made aware will be glad to be reminded that all facts requisite to a complete refutation of the Ellis attack have already been printed, and are to be found in the 1912 Convention report. The publisher of that report, Dr. L. W. Jones, 3003 Walnut St., Chicago, having over-estimated the demand for that issue, has many copies still on hand, and has cut the price to 50 cents. Possibly his apparent over-estimate was providential, that a supply might be available to meet this need. Dr. Jones, who was a member of the committee of investigation, and made the entire tour with Pastor Russell, wrote complete details of the trip to the Ecclesia at home in the form of letters, and these letters, with illustrations, occupy over 100 pages of this particular convention report. The writer heard several of the letters read to the Ecclesia at the time they were received in Chicago, long before the return of the party, and hence before the date of the alleged interview in Brooklyn. They were not written as answers to attacks, but as truthful narratives of events that transpired.


There is not an item in the Ellis accusation that is not fully refuted by these interesting letters of Dr. Jones. Friends who already have this report will be repaid to read them. The writer recently went through them, blue-penciling every statement that refuted some claim of Ellis, and our copy is now a veritable "Blue Book.


It does not seem possible to any one who has read the letters of Dr. Jones to believe that the alleged interview of Ellis with Pastor Russell was anything more or less than an absolute fake. We would feel no hesitation in branding it as such, and challenging Ellis to demonstrate that such an interview as he charges ever took place. This seems to place Ellis in the Ananias class; but let any doubters read Ellis and then Dr. Jones, and then form their own conclusion.


We would be glad to welcome the Publisher as a brother; and at any rate are surely agreed that he will be rewarded for his part in this work. Jesus said to His disciples, "Whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."


Yours for the Truth,






Mr. Russell was born in 1852. At an early age he engaged with his father in the Men’s Furnishing Business, first at Allegheny, later establishing a chain of stores in other cities. He was singularly successful as a merchant, amassing what was then considered a fortune. Being specially interested in religious themes, he began while not yet of age to develop the lines of thought that have since made him world-wide fame. Convinced that he ought to preach to the world the truth he possessed, he sold his business, and consecrated all the money and his all to the "foolishness of preaching." Today his books are entered upon the Ninth Million volumes of their sale, which is the largest and most marvelous sale of religious books, outside the Bible, known in the history of the Christian era. They have been translated into nineteen languages.


His sermons are printed every week in two thousand newspapers, thus reaching probably twenty million people. This also is a world’s record, four or five times as great a circulation as the sermons of Talmage or any other preacher ever received. His writings in tract form have been published in quantities so great that the very figures are practically incomprehensible to the human mind.


Asked to account for so successful a propaganda, Pastor Russell’s associates and friends declare it is to be explained in the fact that he alone, of all theologians since the days of the Apostles, has been able to demonstrate the perfect harmony of all Bible doctrines. He has drawn together, from the word of God, the points of truth in all the many creeds of Christendom, eliminating all the false, thus forming a system of doctrine that its adherents are well justified in calling "THE TRUTH." For this reason, likewise, members of the International Bible Students Association firmly believe him to be "that faithful servant," mentioned in Matt. 24 and Luke 12. If he is not, they ask, "Who is? Mr. Russell has never, in the forty years of his ministry, taken a collection or permitted one to be taken, or solicited contributions in any way. His methods have brought upon him the wrathful opposition of the clergy; but his work has none the less prospered, and the common people hear him gladly.




Implicit Trust


"He knows the way I take, -


  What matter then if dark it be,


Or rough, or hedged about, -


  His Staff shall comfort me.


"And should His love withhold


  What seems so near, so dear, so sweet,


I’ll humbly take this thing


  And lay it at His feet.


"How sweet to know he knows,


  And cares and holds me by the hand, -


Will safely guide until


  I reach the Heavenly Land!"



A Glimpse of Kaiser’s Marvelous Ambition


Pastor Russell’s Article Written Sixteen Years Ago Sounds Strangely Prophetic in the Light of Current Events.


(From the "Watch Tower" of October 15, 1898.)


Men of energy and ambition are, more frequently than others, used of the Lord; because they are instruments ready for service. If the energy and ambition be thoroughly subjected to the Lord-controlled by high spirituality, humility, and veneration toward the Creator, and with large individuality and independence of character and firmness toward men-it will lead to reverent and careful study of the Divine will and to persistence and assiduity in its prosecution. Such characters God is pleased to use for His service. Next to our Lord Jesus, the Apostle Paul is an ideal illustration of such a character: God was pleased to use him largely as a mouth-piece and as a servant of the Truth-in proportion to his humility, loyalty and energy.


And likewise, but in an opposite direction, God has been pleased to use the energetic and ambitious among the worldly-whose motive power was not love, loyalty and humility, but to the contrary-selfish pride, vain-glory. God often uses such characters in another kind of service-causing their ambitious energies ("wrath") to praise Him, and the remainder (beyond what suits His purposes) He restrains. Illustrations of this stamp of character are seen in Satan, in Judas, and in persons in less prominent positions in the Church-even today. These are active in planting "roots of bitterness, by which many are defiled" and sifted out, stumbled-leaving the remainder stronger and purer. See the inspired Word on this subject-"I hear that there be divisions among you; and as to a certain part I believe it; and there must needs be also partyism among you (permitted of the Lord), that they that are approved may be made manifest among you." "Brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses, in violation of the doctrine which ye have learned (the royal law of love); and avoid them." "They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, whey would no doubt have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us." (1Co 11:18; Ro 16:17; 1Joh 2:19.) It is doubtless as necessary that the Church be sifted, purged, tested, as that it be "built up;" and for either work God uses the ready and willing.


But our thoughts run specially in the channel of God’s supervision of earthly affairs and His use of worldly ambitions in world-affairs. In this direction Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander and Napoleon I. are notable examples of the past-men of destiny.


Emperor William’s Ambition.  


As Lord Herschel was guided by his science to search for a new planet and thus discovered one, some students of the greatest of all sciences-the Divine Revelation, the Bible-are guided thereby to search for its promised "things to come" (Joh 16:13), and, as was promised, they find them and thus are permitted to anticipate history. For instance, the "Watchers" know, from the unfolding of the Scriptures which God has provided them, that astounding changes, social, religious and political, are just before us-to be accomplished within the next sixteen years: we note the Scripture testimony that just prior to the great collapse in anarchy there is to be a revival of Papal influence in the world; and that Protestantism, considerably unified or federated, will be in practical sympathy and co-operation with Papacy; and that in fact (though not in theory) Catholicism and Protestantism will for a short time jointly rule the civilized world (through the civil powers) and appear to have begun a human Millennium. But while the cries of Peace! Peace!! are still heard, will come the great cataclysm of social revolution which shall demolish all present institution and demonstrate the futility of all selfish human schemes, and by heart-breaking discouragements prepare mankind for the great blessing which God has in store.


Naturally, the "Watchers" are on the lookout for every sign of the times seeming to harmonize with the known coming events. Indeed, our interest in the "news of the day" is chiefly with the fragments which seem to have a connection with or a bearing upon the fulfillments of prophecy. And knowing that God generally uses "a man of opportunity" for His work, we are struck with the fact that the German Emperor, who evidently is seeking a notable destiny, has lately been giving expression to ambitions that seem closely related to Scriptural predictions. And his determination and pride will impel him so far as possible to make good his boasts; added to which he freely and repeatedly declares that he feels himself led and impelled in this direction by an unseen power, or "voice," which spurs him on to success. And a success on one point or issue would surely lead such a man to larger schemes in the same direction. God "raised him up" to the throne of the German Empire (in probably the same way that He raised Pharaoh up to the throne of Egypt at the time of Israel’s deliverance) by taking out of the way, by death, his father-a man of very different temperament and ambitions. That would be more reasonable than to suppose of William II. that (as it is written of one brought miraculously to the throne of old) God brought him "to the throne, for such a time as this," and for the work he is ambitious to accomplish?


The Emperor’s ambition is to restore to "religion" some of its former power by which is co-operated with the civil rulers in the control of the world. Not that he would desire to reproduce "the dark ages" of priestcraft and superstition, and of inquisition, the stake and the rack; but that he considers those evils, not in the light of the Scriptures but in the light of today’s world-wisdom, attributing those evils to the ignorance of the times and not to the false teachings of Anti-Christ.


He reasons that Romanism is rejuvenating and adapting itself to twentieth century conditions and can be trusted as much as Protestantism, so far as the maintenance of present governments is concerned; and that, after all, is to him the all-important matter. Indeed, he seems to feel that the revival of Papal influence is a necessity anyway on the ground that of two evils the less should be chosen to avert the greater.


From the Emperor’s own statement of his ambitious designs (published in the public prints) as related to General Hoffmann Scholz, and doubtless designed for publication, we furnish the following extract:


"At the present day two great evils threaten humanity. They are Socialism and Atheism. Against each of these the pope is a bulwark. In fighting infidelity no aid should be neglected. Socialism is infidelity to the monarch or the State, and Atheism is infidelity to God.


"The Pope is the spiritual ruler of the largest communion on earth, and he is by far the most powerful and authoritative of spiritual rulers. His word is promptly and willingly obeyed by hundreds of millions of people spread throughout the globe. He can order and direct the consciences of these multitudes. He can say: These are your religious tenets; those must be your social sentiments; and suddenly he is obeyed. His power therefore for good is immeasurable.


"Kings and emperors are the Divinely ordained guardians of social order and directors of social well-being, just as the leaders of religious bodies are the Divinely ordained moderators of conscience. But just as king and emperors can have their beneficent influence in the religious order, so can spiritual guides help and promote the social weal.


"The pope’s range of power is the vastest of all, and consequently the possibilities of the good he may do are the most far-reaching. I think it imperative therefore that he be put in a position to freely accomplish all the good of which he is capable. He must be liberated from his self-imposed imprisonment in the Vatican. All the trammels that surround and harass him in his daily life must be removed, so that he will then be at liberty to fight the common enemies, Socialism and irreligion. And he will be in a position to make his voice heard in the interests of peace, when nations go to war without just motive and in the interest of humanity, when acts of cruelty or injustice are being anywhere committed.


I have meditated long and deeply on this subject. The fact that it preoccupies me so much convinces me that I am inspired to take action in the matter. It is like one of the voices that Socrates had about with him which whispers in my ear that this also is my mission to remedy the pope’s position and open up the field for his range of well-doing. It daily urges me to act. Whether I shall succeed or not is beyond my power to foretell. Judging from the circumstances there is every evidence that success should not be outside the bounds of possibility. I am going to do my utmost, and more than this no man can do.


"I feel for the moment that I have no other concrete and practical mission before me. To succeed in such as undertaking would be a climax and a crowning worthy of any man’s life. As I say, I will energetically attempt it. The small preternatural voice unmistakable spurs me on, and I think than this no better augury of success could be desired.


"For this moment I can say no more, and it does not behoove me to be too explicit about my plans. They are already laid, and my immediate actions will be a development of them. Their result will be their justification, and it will also be the justification of many acts in the past, which may have seemed strange and unaccountable to my good Protestant subjects, but which had their motive and their origin in a desire to accomplish great and enduring events. . .


"I shall not die until my ends in this regard are attained. Death otherwise would find a void in my existence; and I feel within me that I have not been born in vain."



Noted French Astrologer Quotes Pastor Russell


Syndicated Article Widely Published in Leading Sunday Papers Refers to His Forecast of Present War as Prophetic.


In the syndicated feature section of the Minneapolis Sunday Tribune and other big dailies of October 18, 1914, there appeared a very interesting page article, illustrated, entitled "The Star of Bethlehem Coming Back," by Prof. Latillier, the distinguished French Astrologer. It argues the identity of the comet, which is now engaging so much attention, with the Star of Bethlehem of old, and the fact that this particular comet is always the harbinger of momentous events. In this connection Prof. Latillier makes the following very interesting and commendatory reference to Pastor Russell:


"The Rev. Charles T. Russell, pastor of the Millennial Dawners, who worship in the Brooklyn Tabernacle, warned the people very clearly that this would be the year of the Battle of Armageddon.


  "‘In view of this strong Bible evidence,’ wrote Rev. Dr. Russell as long as 1889, ‘we consider it an established truth that the final end of the kingdoms of this world, and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God will be by the end of A.D. 1914.’


"The Rev. Dr. Russell very rationally argued that the battle of Armageddon signified that the common people would turn upon their kings and rulers who had wickedly led them into war. He believes that before the close of the present war the nations will dethrone all kings and form a universal brotherhood which will make a conflict like this impossible in future."


A few months ago many of Pastor Russell’s friends believed that the coming of October, 1914, would witness the complete end of the sale of his books; that hostile clergymen and others would raise a hue and cry about the "false prophet" and his "false date" and discredit him to the extent that none would buy the "1914" books. October 1 has passed, however, and the sale of the books goes on at an accelerated pace, the rate being almost a million a year. Especially attractive to thinking people is the fourth volume of his series, entitled "The Battle of Armageddon." Many are eager to secure the volume that predicted this awful war and detailed its causes and its outcome a quarter of a century ago. They are fairly startled as they scan its opening chapters, so singularly worded as if written this very autumn.


How strikingly majestic is the confidence with which this world-famed author delineates in advance the tremendous events of our day, treading with assurance upon the sure foundation of Old and New Testament prophecy! How inspiringly different from the guesses and gropings of many other present writers! An example will serve us well. In a recent issue of a St. Paul daily paper E. K. Wooley, a syndicate writer, in a copyrighted article, essays to answer and comfort a skeptic who has asked him these questions: "Why does this all-loving God, this omnipotent and omniscient Being, not effect a reconciliation between the contending powers? Why did He not prevent all this bloodshed and sorrow?"


Mr. Wooley heads his article, "Answering the Agnostic." After reading this heading, and noting the copyright, the reader expects an argument at least half convincing. But what does he find? I do not know if I can give any comfort to the writer. I can only tell how I personally feel.............I have never doubted a Supreme Purpose....That I might never understand the Purpose I this great war be sure that God has His purpose. You and I cannot see it.......Nothing can stop the coming of a finer brotherhood among men. And that, perhaps, is what God is having born to us now."


The spectacle fills us with feelings of pathos. Men’s hearts fail them for fear, and they grope in clouds of darkness for a ray of light; and a great daily, as a leader of public thought, offers as a consolation an article wherein the comforter declares, under protection of a copyright, -I do not know; I may never understand; I cannot see; Perhaps a finer state is coming.


Is the inquiring Agnostic answered, consoled, satisfied? Is any one? How different is the message of God’s great servant, Pastor Russell! What certainty, what conviction, what consolation, what cheer rings forth from every page of his message! In it is found satisfaction and consolation sublime. The ninth million of these soul-warming volumes is now being sold. What wide-spread assistance to groping minds these figures indicate! And how appropriate it seems that these millions of volumes with their unmeasurable freightage of blessing, have been placed in the hands of the people of twenty languages without the exacting of a single red penny of pecuniary profit to the author and publisher, a gospel without money and without price!


Surely all who see these lines will yearn to hear the true message of good tidings due in this heavy hour. Willing servants of Divine Truth are to be found almost everywhere, serving the people with these well-springs of inspiration. If any readers cannot get in personal touch with them however, they may be served by dropping a card to Pastor Russell at Brooklyn.



{2/12/15} "Do Not Disappoint God." Leaders in Christendom Hold Peculiar Idea of Divine Power.


One of the best religious weeklies in the world is the Christian Herald, of New York. It deals not only with religious matters, but also with secular topics, is beautifully illustrated, and has done a great amount of philanthropic work at home and abroad...........In last week’s issue of The Christian Herald are two articles that are not designed to help the cause of peace. It is nothing but peace hysterics. The first is "An Appeal to the President from the Christian Churches of the United States," and it opens with the words "The Church of Jesus Christ to the President of the United States, Greetings." Now the author of the article is not any authorized body of church representatives, or any one person authorized to speak for "The Church of Jesus Christ," but just Dr. Frank Crane, of Chicago.....


Dr. Crane, in the first place, has no authority whatever to speak in behalf of "The Church of Jesus Christ" to the president. He is just a member of a particular church.................He assumes too much.


In the second place, he asserts that the only thing to do is have congress invite the nations of the world to form a "World-Federation," and to proclaim "The United States of the World." This sounds very nice, but it is purely academic or rhetorical. Congress has no authority to act in this way, and congress cannot thus become the mouthpiece of the churches as Dr. Crane makes himself, without violating the spirit, if not the letter, of the constitution of the United States.


Furthermore, the Christian Herald, in an editorial article, says that, in view of the crisis created by the war, it looked for the "utterance of an inspired message by some inspired man." Dr. Crane seemed to be the only man available. Why Dr. Crane should be more of an inspired man than Lyman Abbott, of The Outlook, or the editor of The Independent, or of some other religious weekly, we are not told. And the Christian Herald editor, in appealing to its readers to write their congressmen and senators to urge such action by the government, concludes the article with the words: "Do not disappoint God."


Now, on what authority is the assumption based that God is looking to Dr. Crane and President Wilson for the speedy termination of the war? Here again is too much assumption. There is too much peace hysterics in both articles.


At the present time, nothing can be done to stop the European war. It will stop for one of two reasons-the belligerents will stop through mere self-exhaustion, or a decisive battle will bring all to terms.-(Extracts from an editorial in Sioux Falls, S. D., Daily Argus Leader. Dec. 30, 1914.)



{2/12/15} Wise Men Of Kissimmee. "Florida Daily Says Pastor Has the "Goat of Reverend Friends."


Now come the ministers of the Gospel of Kissimmee and declare that Florida needs a "clean, first-class daily newspaper." Setting forth their idea as to what such a paper should be, the ministers say that it must not issue a Sunday edition, that it must not insert liquor advertising, that it must not print Pastor Russell’s sermons and that it must be friendly to the cause of prohibition.


If the esteemed ministers had not inserted the little clause about Pastor Russell’s sermons, we might give them credit for sincerity-but that gives them dead away. Pastor Russell’s sermons, somehow, "get the goat" of all our reverend friends. And we can’t see why. If the Pastor is the big old fake the preachers declare he is, and if his sermons are nonsensical and without force, why should they so strenuously object to their publication?


The Kissimmee ministers are mistaken when they say that the Pastor Russell sermons are "paid for as advertising matter." This is not true. The Tribune gives the space for the sermons because there is a general demand for them throughout The Tribune’s territory. We find nothing immoral, unclean, or corruptive in them. They are wanted by readers who believe in the Pastor, just as Methodist news is wanted by Methodist readers, Baptist news by Baptist readers, and so on.


The Kissimmee ministers have also not yet awakened to the fact that the work on the Sunday paper is done on Saturday and that, if their objection is to working on the Sabbath, they ought to designate the Monday instead of the Sunday paper as the object of their wrath. But there is really no valid objection to either. The ministers of Tampa avail themselves of the opportunity of having their church announcements in the Sunday Tribune and there is no more harm in announcing a sermon program in the Sunday paper than there is in preaching it on Sunday-the only difference being that the paper does the announcing free, while the preacher gets pay for the preaching.


We have no faith in the efforts of these Kissimmee ministers to bring forth a sterilized newspaper. If they did succeed in getting it out, it would be of few days and full of trouble. A newspaper, in order to be a success, must endeavor to meet the requirements of all kinds of readers and one run strictly on the Kissimmee preacher plan would be a dismal failure. The proposition smacks of intolerance and fanaticism and their purpose, which is to "knock" Pastor Russell, is only thinly veiled by their high-sounding and altruistic phrases.-Tampa Tribune, Dec. 10, 1914.



{2/12/15} A Wondrous Dream Stirring Scenes of Judgment Day Depicted in Dream in Scriptural Language


I dreamed that it was the day of Judgment, the time of the resurrection of the dead. The living nations had already been brought into subjection to the Great Redeemer and his glorified Church, and the knowledge of the glory of the Lord filled the earth. As I looked I saw one awakened out of the sleep of death; my ears were opened and I heard him saying"


"What is this? Where am I?"


One of his friends standing by, said to him:


"My friend, you have just been awakened out of the sleep of death."


"What? Have I been asleep?"


"Yes, you have been quietly sleeping in death’s embrace several hundred years. Things are wonderfully changed since you died."


"Where are the hobgoblins, the devils and the demons that they said would torment me throughout all eternity?"


"There are no hobgoblins; the devils and the demons have been chained and restrained. Satan, himself, has been bound so that he may deceive the nations no more."


"Am I not to be tortured and tormented as they told me?"


"No, no. The wages of sin is death, not torment. In going down into death you received your wages, you suffered the full penalty for your sins. He that is dead is freed from sin. All that you retain of your former life is your character and your memory, which identifies you as the same person that lived and died."


"How is that?"


"Jesus Christ, by the grace of God, tasted death for every man; gave himself a ransom for all, that he might redeem all from the grave. All flesh shall see the salvation of God."


"How am I to be benefited by this awakening?"


"Through no fault of yours, you were born under the condemnation of sin and death; and through the acts of disobedience you have had a bitter experience with evil all through your former life, and you have learned that disobedience means sin, and sin when it is finished brings death. You are now awakened out of the sleep of death, and will enter the school of Christ, where you will be taught the lessons of obedience. As you learn to know the evil, so now you will learn to know the good. It will be required of you to be obedient, and to think of the things that are good and true, and just and honest; things that are pure and lovely and of good report. You will have the help of the Great Teacher and the way will be made plain."


"Is this Heaven?"


"No, no. This is the new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. Our Ruler does not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears; but with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth; and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked."


"What beautiful fruits and flowers I see."


"Yes, the curse has been removed, and the earth yields its fruit in an abundance. Every man sitteth under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid. The wilderness and the solitary place has been made glad, and the desert is rejoicing and blossoming as the rose. The judgments of the Lord are in the earth, and the inhabitants of the world are learning righteousness."


"Listen! I hear the voice of laughter among the children, and the songs of mothers rejoicing in their mirth."


"Yes; don’t you remember that the prophet said: ‘The city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets.’ and don’t you know that it is written in the prophets about the mothers. ‘Refrain thy voice from weeping and thine eyes from tears: for thy work shall be rewarded, saith the Lord;’ and they (the children) shall come again from the land of the enemy. Thy children shall come again (from the prison of death). Isn’t it joyful and glorious to watch those happy mothers caressing their little babes that have been restored to them. Listen! The wolf shall dwell with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. The cow and the deer shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox; and a sucking child shall put his hand on the cockatrice den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."


"They told me that there were only two places, Heaven and Hell; that the earth was to be burned up."


"That was an awful, awful mistake. The Bible says, ‘The earth abideth forever.’ The Psalmist David says, ‘The heaven, even the heavens are the Lord’s; but the earth hath he given to the children of men; He made it to be inhabited.’ Again, ‘the meek shall inherit the earth and delight themselves in the abundance of peace.’ Finally our Lord and Master said: ‘Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.’"


Contributed by




"Truth-springs like harvest


from the well-ploughed fields,


Rewarding patient toil,


and faith and zeal.


To those thus seeking her,


she ever yeilds


Her richest treasures


for their lasting weal."





Dr. Riley Takes a Stand Making Debate Unlikely The Twin City Ecclesia’s Elder, Who Was Authorized to Debate with Baptist Clergyman, Writes this Letter on the Situation.


St. Paul, Sept. 14, 1914.


Editor Enterprise:


The letter from Dr. W. B. Riley of Minneapolis to you, written Sept. 7, and reaching you in the morning of Sept. 11, barely in time to appear in last week’s paper, corresponds in part to one from him to me, and indicates clearly that he has receded from his first position regarding a doctrinal debate with me over the teachings of Pastor Russell. The interest of all concerned seems to call for a detailed and final statement to your readers, inasmuch as Dr. Riley has now assumed a stand that renders a debate wholly improbable. I hope means may be devised for placing this statement also before Dr. Riley’s membership, so that those who heard his two bombastic public challenges may know how he has turned his back on his own proposition and asked instead for conditions which he must know are impossible.


On Aug. 23 he stated before a capacity crowd in his church that he would debate with me at any time and place. In a letter to me dated Aug. 28 he says: "I will debate in the St. Paul Enterprise." On Aug. 30, after an attack by him on Pastor Russell that disgusted some of his own prominent members, he was asked to entertain a question, and publicly refused with a very loud statement calling attention to the challenge he had hurled at me for debate.


Now it seems that the Enterprise, which was his own suggestion as a debating forum, is not good enough for him. His excuse is: "I was laboring under the impression that * * * your paper was devoted entirely to his (Russell’s) interests, judging by the few copies I have received." This statement from Dr. Riley’s own pen proves to us how carelessly impressions are formed in his mind. Every intelligent person who really desires the facts as to the ownership and purpose of any publication naturally turns to the top of its editorial page, or to its business card. Dr. Riley, having had copies of the Enterprise, he admits, has no possible excuse for entertaining a false impression, since the ownership and object are clearly stated in every issue, and have nothing whatever to do with Pastor Russell.


A Fair Sample of Rileyism.  


This is but a sample of the way Dr. Riley has continuously jumped at unwarranted conclusions regarding the life and writings of Pastor Russell. He has made these labored delusions the basis of his embittered and untruthful attacks; whereas a little preliminary investigation of hard facts would have disabused his mind of many errors he has fondly cherished, and would have removed all grounds for debate.


Dr. Riley will not face a fact when it stares him in the face. He has tried to dodge the plain and pointed issues presented in the Answer to Gray, merely by pointless personal jibes at the writer. He must be led back, as with a halter, to the plainly stated facts, and held there by force till he will deign to say what he will do with them. He is a good dodger, but cannot dodge the issue here. We challenge him to face the facts squarely like a man; and we will figuratively lead him back to them here.


His Eyes on "Watch Tower."


He says the place for his attack on our doctrines is properly our "official organ"-which he knows to be the "Watch Tower." We know he is familiar with the "Watch Tower," because on Aug. 23 in his church he made a boast to a member that he receives the "Watch Tower" "every week of the world." This statement is another fair example of Riley accuracy, since the publication mentioned is semi-monthly, and nobody receives it "every week of the world."


Having received our "official organ" so regularly, Dr. Riley is in a position to know that nothing appears in it at any time, beyond the briefest letters of general interest, that is not written by the editor, Charles T. Russell. Knowing this, he knows that there is not the remotest probability that the editor would admit to its pages any doctrinal wrangles. Therefore he knows that when he backs down on his own proposed terms and cries for the "Watch Tower," he is practically calling off his own challenge.


It is not for me to open the columns of the "Watch Tower" to Dr. Riley. I have no control over it, and no influence I could exert would be at all likely to gain for Dr. Riley an entrance there. If he is anxious to write for the "Watch Tower," he must apply to Pastor Russell, who has complete control of it. He knows that.


Prostitute a Sacred Mission?


For nine years the "Watch Tower" has carried at the top of its initial page a statement regarding "This Journal and Its Sacred Mission." Both the editor and the vast majority of his readers deeply believe that it has a sacred mission, as stated in the paper itself. If a vote among them were taken as to whether such a debate as Dr. Riley proposes could properly appear on its pages, it would in all probability by practically unanimous to the effect that such an appearance would be a downright prostitution of its sacred mission.


The Enterprise does not claim any sacred mission. It consistently professes a secular mission.


Dr. Riley insists that he must get his debate before our people. He spurned a suggestion for getting it before his people. He does not wish his people to see our side. Is he afraid of the result? But he seems to think that if he could only reach all of Pastor Russell’s friends with his attack, he could speedily win them away from their confidence in their Pastor. To effectually cure Dr. Riley of this delusion that his untruthful attacks would carry any of us away from our anchor, we will supply him, on request, with names of admirers of Pastor Russell, upon whom he can turn loose his wiles to his heart’s content.


His challenges were uttered before his own people. Where, then, is the impropriety in placing the debate before those very people, the ones who heard the challenges and the libelous attacks? Let Dr. Riley face this point. We strongly insist.


If he dodges, we shall seek means of reaching his flock apart from debate. Our resources are not restricted.


Face the Points.  


In Dr. Riley’s Sept. 7 letter to me, he complains that I have insinuated dishonestly in him and have treated Gray, Moorehead and Haldeman unfairly in the Answer to Gray.


The indefinite charge illustrates his usual method of dodging the real points. We challenge him to the points regarding Moorehead, Haldeman, Gray and Riley. Let everybody watch him critically as he faces these points and as they stare him in their naked reality. Do not take an eye off the Doctor long enough to let him dodge. He must at last meet the issue of these facts:


1. Regarding Moorehead: At the bottom of our page 44 and on page 45 of the Answer to Gray we presented an exceedingly definite indictment, based on direct quotations from Moorehead’s own publication. In them Moorehead dug his own pit and plunged in, head foremost. In the third paragraph of page 45 we insistently invited any admirer of his to suggest any possible escape for Moorehead from his own dilemma of dishonesty. Dr. Riley has never faced this point. He has never attempted to excuse his friend. No one has attempted the task. Let them try it. We repeat Let them try. Meanwhile, let all listen attentively while Moorehead’s friends justify him in the light of reason. Whoever circulates the Moorehead tract in the face of this unanswered challenge, brands himself for exactly what he is.


2. Regarding Haldeman: On pages 22 and 23 of the Answer to Gray, we quoted, verbatim, eight charges of Haldeman against Pastor Russell’s teachings, and branded them each and all of them as totally false and contrary to the well established facts in the case. Haldeman had affirmed the statements; and, as the party of the affirmative, necessarily assumed the responsibility of proof. He has never proved or attempted to prove a single word. None of his friends have attempted for him. A marked copy of my denial was sent to him, and one to his publisher, with a personal letter. In the face of my challenge of their honesty they are silent; while Riley simply cries "unfair," hoping thereby to cause the real issue to be forgotten. We lead him back to the issue and hold him there. Dr. Riley, answer my challenge in the first column of page 23, "Answer to Dr. Gray," if you can. Can you?


Unfair to Dr. Gray?


3. Regarding Gray: On page 1, column 1, "Answer to Gray," we exposed Gray’s manifested indifference to the answer. Dr. Riley, is that unfair? Or was Gray unfair in continuing the circulation of an unanswered and discredited attack? Face the issue.


Answer my charge of garbled quotation in the second and third paragraphs of page 3. The charge is very definite. Answer my charge of false utterance at the bottom of page 4. It is also definite. Extricate Gray, if you can, from the dilemma indicated on page 6. It is a decidedly interesting point. Face the dilemma yourself, if your courage is strong. Face also the charge of unreliability on page 14 and justify Gray’s Greek scholarship, if you can find justification. Explain wherein I have erred in fastening the charge of inconsistency on Gray, at the middle of the second column of page 15. Meet the issue presented in the second column on page 16, where Gray is charged with not speaking to a certain clearly stated point, and where garbled quotation is laid at his door. Let Dr. Riley lay himself heavily to the task of refuting the strong and definite charge of misrepresentation at the bottom of page 21. Let him show definitely what exact way of escape is open to Gray from the charge of dishonesty and evasion made on page 26. Let him show wherein we have been unfair on page 34 in pointing out "The Climax of False Accusation," and "False Accusation Compounded." There are definite indictments against Gray, Dr. Riley. Do not seek to answer with evasion. It will not be accepted in this court. Include also the pointed charge in the first paragraph of page 35 in your Herculean task, and the charge of unreliability on page 43. Here are, in all, fifteen explicit charges against Gray, challenging explicit answers, -which have never yet come. When they have come, and not till then, insinuations of unfairness may be entertained. Our ears are open toward you, and will remain open.


Where Riley Has Misrepresented.  


4. Regarding Dr. Riley’s own misrepresentations, we now publish explicit facts for his attention. We will make them so pointed that he can drop the charge of insinuation, and address himself to something much more serious.


On August 30, 1914, Dr. Riley caused to be distributed at his church copies of a pamphlet from his pen, entitled "Mistakes of Millennial Dawn." The opening paragraph says it is a "sermon delivered by Dr. W. B. Riley in the First Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Aug. 18, and 10:45 A. M." On page 13 of the pamphlet he says, "1914 is now on," These two utterance are certainly calculated to convey the impression that Dr. Riley preached this "sermon" on August 18, 1914, at 10:45, which is <M>totally untrue. Dr. Riley did not preach at all at that time, and the "sermon" purporting to have been delivered then was actually delivered several years ago, in a year when the 18th fell on Sunday. The pamphlet distributed two weeks ago was a reprint of the older one, with the old date omitted from page one and the new one inserted on page 13 for reasons best known to Dr. Riley. He may be able to suggest an innocent object.


In the third paragraph on page 1 Riley charges that Pastor Russell’s friends markedly admire him because of the "Divorce, Miracle Wheat, and charges of Immorality." The charge is a gratuitous falsehood, and the disposal of it may be accepted by Riley in whatever way he pleases. We challenge any proof from him to the contrary. These matters were fully discussed in the Enterprise supplement of August 21, of which Dr. Riley has a copy. He knows the truth, and cannot meet it, or at least has not met it, and we challenge him to do so, point for point, in detail.


Deity of Christ.  


After wasting more than three of his eighteen pages with cheap personal thrusts which he does not in any manner justify before reason, he comes on page 4 to the charge that Pastor Russell denies the deity of Christ. This is the pamphlet’s third falsehood. Riley asserts it; therefore the burden of proof is upon him. We deny; and await the evidence that may be offered by the affirmative. Pastor Russell has caused to be distributed literally multiplied millions of printed statements of his belief and ours, most positively affirming his faith in the deity of Christ. Dr. Riley goes on to speak of the co-existence of Jesus with the Father, which we profess to believe. A simpleton would know the impossibility of a son being as old as his father. But Dr. Riley feels no need of being reasonable. Pastor Russell has fully covered this point in volume 5 of his Scripture Studies, pages 86 to 88. Let Dr. Riley explicitly meet the pastor’s argument there presented. When squarely and honestly met in detail, no ground for debate will remain.


Juggling the Original.  


On page 5 Riley avers that Mr. Russell has played upon the ignorance of the people by juggling with the original tongues, and boasts that he has more knowledge of them than the Pastor has. He avers that the Pastor has criticized the greatest linguists of the world. He also clearly gives the inference that Pastor Russell has produced a special translation of the Scriptures of his own. Here are three more false utterances, swelling the number to six. Let him demonstrate any juggling of Greek and Hebrew. Bring specific instances into court. You are challenged. Name the greatest linguists of the world, whom Pastor Russell has criticized. Let us know whom you regard the greatest, and cite the pages where the Pastor has criticized them. This is a pointed challenge to a definite task. Produce a copy of Russell’s translation of the Scriptures, or cite a page where he has given his own translation of any Scripture passage. This is another challenge. And yet another awaits you. Prove a point, a solitary point wherein Pastor Russell has unmistakably erred in statements regarding the proper translation of any Scripture passage. I have challenged many clergymen to this test. None have met it, to the present date. Can you? A great field lies before you.


Riley flourishes the statement of Joh 1:1, "the Word Was God," as disproof of Col 1:15 and Re 3:14, which Pastor Russell quotes. At this point I invite Dr. Riley to a display of his Greek wisdom. Westcott and Hort’s Greek text of Joh 1:1 reads: "O LOGOS EEN PROS TON THEON, KAI THEOS EEN O LOGOS." Let Dr. Riley explain why the definite article stands before THEON, and not before THEOS. Let him tell how the words should be translated to bring out this distinction. Let him refer us by page and paragraph to the leading Greek grammars, justifying his answer. Let him regard himself under challenge, and let him know that no juggling of the Greek and no evasion will pass in this instance. The leading Greek authorities of the world lie open on our desk with their testimony on this point.


Riley says on page 6 that Pastor Russell indulges in false translation of Php 2:5-11 to carry a point. Riley quotes the translation of the American Revised Version with his endorsement. Pastor Russell presents precisely the same translation on page 81 of Vol. 5 of Scripture Studies, with his endorsement, though he expresses a preference for a very slightly variant translation. If it is a false translation with Pastor Russell’s endorsement, it is false with Riley’s endorsement. In other words, this is Riley’s seventh misrepresentation in the pamphlet. What has he to answer?


On page 7 he says he will not take the time to discuss the combination of two natures, but will touch upon it later. He fails to keep this promise, thus introducing his eighth misrepresentation.


Contortion of Atonement.  


Riley uses a page and a half trying to prove that Pastor Russell contorts the atonement. This is even worse than his recent offer to debate; for in the latter he proposed to prove the same proposition in 1,000 words in the Watch Tower. Pastor Russell’s position on the Atonement is stated in a volume of 490 pages on that one subject, of which the table of contents alone takes up 1,430 words. This volume cites 1,460 Scripture passages in support of the author’s views. And Riley would presume to answer it in a thousand words, and has essayed to do so in 67 short lines of his pamphlet. Such conduct one would expect from an irresponsible mind, not from one possessed of any sense of proportions or values.


Riley says the Pastor teaches that a perfect man gave his life for imperfect men. In a very important sense this is a false statement. Considered from the standpoint of the philosophy of the Atonement, the Pastor teaches that the life of a perfect man was given in the stead of the lost life of another perfect man, a corresponding price. This is the logical presentation. Riley says he will pass over the logical reason. He surely did. He missed the logic of the matter altogether. Pastor Russell fully discusses the problem at page 425 of Volume 5 of "Studies in the Scriptures," and cites 1Co 15:21, Heb 10:12 and other Scriptures which show Riley to be utterly wrong. Riley says it was not any merit of Jesus that accomplished salvation. Hear ye! Was there ever more terrible contortion of the Atonement and more flagrant dishonoring of the Son of God? What about "Neither is there Salvation in any other"? and multitudinous kindred Scriptures?


Riley does not quote a line of Pastor Russell’s treatise on the Atonement; he does not state an iota of the Pastor’s position. He contents himself with two or three unwarranted insinuations, and herds together about a page of heterogeneous Scriptures that prove nothing whatever on the point presumed to be at issue. And then he presumes that Pastor Russell would admit such senseless rambling to the "Watch Tower!"


Misrepresentation on Resurrection.  


Riley’s ninth false statement is that Pastor Russell disputes the resurrection of the Lord. Surely Riley is conscious that this statement is false to the facts. He must be aware that the point of controversy is regarding the fleshly body, and not the ego. If he is aware of this, his representation here is palpably wicked. If he is not aware, he has little valid excuse for ignorance. The facts have been made sufficiently clear. Beginning at page 109 in Volume 2 of "Studies in the Scriptures," they are set forth at length, with unassailable reason. Pastor Russell’s belief in the resurrection of the Lord has been clearly proclaimed in many millions of printed pages that have been scattered world-wide. There is no excuse for such crude false accusation as Riley indulges at this point. And 1Co 15:44, which Riley cites, but does not quote, with the impression that it proves his position, falls so short of proving it as to flatly and explicitly contradict it. Riley cannot be trusted to cite Scripture. He cannot even be trusted to quote it, as we shall soon see.


He several times tells us that he cannot take the time to discuss various points. We are bound to wonder whether he would not have found time if he had felt the confidence of making a convincing case. On page 11, after an attempt to quote Pastor Russell, he says the Pastor cites no Scripture for his position. Passing by minor misrepresentations, we will brand this as false statement number ten; for on page 144 (Vol. 1) he unmistakably quotes and cites Scripture for the position in question. It is a clear case.


The Man in the Glass House.  


Riley then says: "Permit me to call your attention to some of the mistakes in this single paragraph. The first is a grammatical error. Mankind is singular, hence not to be followed by the phrase, ‘when they have reached perfection’." Aha! the Riley animus is now apparent. The cat has escaped the bag. It is anything with him to beat Pastor Russell, -the old gag of the Pastor’s ignorance. Let us see who is ignorant. Yes, let us see, and let us remember. A man is hard pressed for a point when he will descend to the level of the above charge in a doctrinal discussion. The first point Riley sees, or imagines he sees, is a grammatical error. And in stating it, he indulges himself in further false statement.


Mankind is a collective noun; see Standard Dictionary definition. A collective noun has its predicate in agreement, whether the latter be singular or plural; but when the noun indicates "plurality, plural verb should be used. Modern practice inclines to the use of a plural verb, especially when persons and not things are signified by the collective noun." This is the language of Fowler’s English Grammar, page 587. Where illustrative sentences are given from such well famed English writers as Lord Blackstone and Dr. Samuel Johnson! It also indicates the agreement of the pronoun with the verb in number. In other words, Pastor Russell used conspicuously chaste grammar in this instance, as in all others; and Riley, in denouncing it as ungrammatical, has simply volunteered us a fine demonstration of his own ignorance of the rudiments of grammar.


But now that Riley has invited us to the test of the enduring power of his house of glass, we will take the trouble to see whether the above is an isolated case of unfortunate ignorance; or whether he is flagrantly and carelessly ignorant of the proper conduct of a writer of English. Reading through his 18 page attack on Pastor Russell with proofreader’s sharpened pencil in hand, we discover no less than two hundred thirty errors, or an average of nearly 13 to each page! Let us classify them. There are 124 errors of punctuation. In all questionable cases, we give Dr. Riley the benefit of the doubt. These 124 are unquestionable. Many are errors of non-conformity to the punctuation of the American Revised Version, in attempting to quote it. Surely Dr. Riley will not question the ability of the American Revisers to properly punctuate. Thirty-eight are errors in capitalization. Nineteen are misquotations of the language of Scripture Passages. Think of it, reader! This doctor of divinity, in eighteen pages, attempts to quote nineteen Scriptures, and in every instance of the nineteen makes a misquotation! He tells us he adheres to the American Revision. Therefore we verified his attempted quotations by that work. Do people trust such a man to preach the Gospel? Is he worthy of space in our noble "Watch Tower"?


Riley Misquotes the Pastor.  


Five of his errors consist in misquotation of Pastor Russell. Dr. Riley apparently does not know or appreciate the fact that the space that lies within quotation marks is morally sacred to the person quoted; and that the one who quotes has no moral right to touch with hands of violence. A quotation is an exact reproduction of the expression of another; not a rambling or bungling guess at it. We have a drawer full of attacks on Pastor Russell; and not one of the attackers has been honest in quotation. This is a terrible indictment, but it is true; and it illustrates the old saying that birds of a feather flock together. Six of Riley’s errors consist in the omission of asterisks to denote portions of quotations omitted. The omission of these under any circumstances is a breach of honesty.


Five of the 230 errors are mis-spelled words. Two are the rhetorical error of mixed tenses, and one the rhetorical error of a wrong mode. One is a wrong use of a pronoun; one the omission by oversight of a word essential to the sense; and two are the identical error Riley charged upon Pastor Russell, viz., failure to have the subject and predicate agree in number. One of these is in the last full sentence on page 2, "poison * * * fulfill." The other is in the third full sentence on page 12, "paragraphs * * * gives."


Classifying these errors by pages, we find, on page one, 8 errors; on page two, 11 errors; on page three, 10; page four, 12; page five, 7; page six, 13; page seven, 8; page eight, 14; page nine, 39; page ten, 24; page eleven, 23; page twelve, 9; page thirteen, 25; page fourteen, 8; page fifteen, 6; page sixteen, 5; page seventeen, 7; and page eighteen, 4; a total of more than 230.


What 230 Errors Mean.  


We would not have touched upon this matter, had not Riley led us into it. Nevertheless, it is not without its deep significance. Dr. Riley’s education has covered every one of the 230 points in question. This being so, the number and scope of his offenses seems to indicate a mental or a moral sluggishness, or both, such as to stamp him as wholly unfit to be a leader in any matters that involve careful attention to detail and faithful adherence to straight lines in the consideration of profound problems. He cannot plead haste; for the pamphlet is a reprint of an original that dates back seven years; and seven years give ample time to correct eighteen pages. But the pamphlet has deteriorated with age, instead of improving. A hasty reading of the original some months ago revealed to us only 50 errors!


What do Baptists think of their leader? And what do others think of him? We have his pamphlet on file, with all the errors marked, ready for exhibition to any one at any proper time; and stand ready to produce sound reasons for every error marked. We rather rejoice to be delivered from the pain of debating with a man of such loose intellectual methods. What good could come?


No wonder his attacks have proved good advertising for us. The contrast of style has been pleasing to those who have investigated. He asks, why require perfect harmony with God, after mankind has reached perfection? Address the query to the Almighty. He required as much of the perfect Lucifer and the perfect Adam, and punished their failure to render it. He also asks, Who that were perfect would fall short of obedience? Well, Lucifer, Adam and Eve did. We can but judge the future by the past. He also inquires when everlasting life ever depended on obedience. A Sunday School child could answer: When God imposed that condition on the first parents of the race.


On page 13 Riley says that as soon as the present European war broke out Mr. Russell announced that he had never meant a personal appearance of Christ at this time. This we brand as falsehood number eleven-we are generous with Dr. Riley; the number by rights should be greater. Dr. Riley is here the affirmer; we challenge him to produce one solitary little scrap of evidence to justify his charge. Until he does so, who will be gullible enough to believe his random charge?


Riley then proceeds to waste a page with a very silly story. This is a characteristic Rileyism. Rather than face the overwhelming and impregnable arguments of Pastor Russell’s six volumes that have had a sale of more than eight million copies, he will try to laugh them out in court. It is less laborious; and some people are easy enough to be baited in that way, and forget reason while they laugh.


The Simultaneous Resurrection.  


On page 14 Riley says that Pastor Russell teaches "Truth-springs like harvest from the well-ploughed fields the simultaneous resurrection of saint and sinner. He italicizes the statement. It is falsehood number twelve and a bad one at that. Where he got it we are utterly at loss to imagine; surely not from reading Pastor Russell’s writings. The teaching is the opposite, -clear at the antipodes of thought. That is a long remove. But Riley is a good mover! The variance from truth is so marked that little occurs to be said beyond the blunt detail.


In the same paragraph he charges Pastor Russell with the doctrine of a "second chance." Falsehood number thirteen, and no excuse for it whatsoever; for we have shouted our denial of it from the housetops all around the world, and have elaborately demonstrated the correctness of the position we really hold in that regard. We know Dr. Riley to be in personal possession of the statements of our precise position, showing that we no more believe a "second chance" than he does. Why, then, does he repeat this false charge?


He says the resurrected dead will be cast into the lake of fire, and a reasonable inference from the language he uses is that all the dead will be so cast. Later he quotes two scriptures which speak of part of the resurrected dead as arising to bliss. He cannot be consistent, even within the bounds of a single paragraph.


On page 15 he says that death is defined as extinction on page 104 of volume 1. The thought is true, but his citation is decidedly inaccurate. Probably he came as close as he could to the correct page. We should not expect too much of him.


He speaks of the parable of Dives and Lazarus as "history." We are assured by the gospel writer that without a parable spake he not unto them. Probably the Evangelist made a slight mistake; he overlooked the personal biography of Dives and Lazarus.


Tangle on Eternal Punishment.  


Dr. Riley says he has never been able to see that Gehenna symbolized eternal punishment. He needs some scriptural eye salve. He professes to see the distinction between annihilation and eternal loss. It must be a distinction without a difference. If annihilation would not be an unending or eternal loss of life, then I am unable to comprehend the dictionary.


He then wastes another page in pointless quotation from Dr. Abbott and Prof. Angus. Pages are very cheap, when there are only 18 available for the answering of arguments that cover many thousands of pages! From that he goes into a final page of evangelistic appeal to sinners and cold church members, and forgets all about Pastor Russell to the very end, showing how much the desire to really answer the Pastor weighs upon his mind. His closing appeal contains one of the most severe arraignments of present day churchianity we have seen, in which he speaks of "this awful spell of spiritual indifference and lethargy." He seems to include himself in the arraignment. At the opening of his pamphlet he gives credit to those whom he brands as heretics for possessing abundance of zeal. He says zeal is a marked characteristic of "heretics." Lethargy seems to be characteristic of the "orthodox." Is it not possible that lethargy is a good thing, and that the Doctor has been hasty in denouncing it?


What He Would Debate.  


In his recent personal letter to me, Dr. Riley expresses the wish to indulge in 1,000 words of debate on the proposition, "Resolved: That Pastor Russell denies the eternal deity of Jesus." There is no room for debate on this point, for we admit the point. Pastor Russell does deny it, and so does God Almighty deny it. "This day have I begotten thee," What about the day previous, when he was not yet begotten? Was he deity then? "Beginning of the Creation of God." "First born of every creature." Was he deity before that? He was made "a little lower than the angels" for the suffering of death. Are angels deities? Are creatures below angels deities, when angels are not?


He wishes to spend a thousand words on the question, "Resolved: That Pastor Russell denies the bodily resurrection of Christ." This question is so crudely stated that we could not profitably discuss it without a re-wording. We could debate it if he would consent to have it read that Pastor Russell is justified in denying the resurrection of the fleshly body of Jesus, we supporting the affirmative. The other statement is too inaccurate to be of any value. Dr. Riley does not seem to have a mind for accurate distinctions; but we insist on such distinctions as fairly present our exact belief.


His last proposed subject for a thousand word exchange of blows is, "Resolved: That Pastor Russell, in fixing the time for Christ’s appearance in the world, is unbiblical, and later, in denying that he is to come at all in person, is a scoffer." Riley doubtless craves the second half of this last proposition as an opportunity to unload sarcasm and ridicule to the forgetting of reason. We could not consent to it as it stands, since Pastor Russell does not deny a personal coming. It is a fleshly appearance that he denies, which is quite another matter. Again, we must insist on vital distinctions. For our part, we could not possibly debate the chronology feature within the bounds of a thousand words, and begin to do justice to Pastor Russell’s masterly examination of the Jewish Double, the Jubilee Cycles, the Great Pyramid and other features. Furthermore, Riley could not debate them in those limits, except to reduce the whole matter to a joke. We refuse to become party to a joke of that sort.


The whole trouble with Dr. Riley is that he does not take profound matters with sufficient seriousness to raise them above the level of the most superficial wind-jamming. If anything we have here said has been sufficiently pointed to stir him to the seriousness of serious things, we shall feel that a real service to Truth has been rendered. We have written under a profound conviction that it is high time Dr. Riley’s career of running rampant like a bull in a china shop be brought to an end. Wholesale dishonesty of utterance and cheaply libelous flings at the most prominent Christian leader in the world are far from becoming to a man of his position; we trust this will compel him to be honest, if not Christian, in his future dealings.


Greenwood Silent.  


Dr. Greenwood, whom we challenged on Aug. 23, has not even so much as resented our challenge of his honesty on 28 counts. But he has written to another, justifying his conduct in Minneapolis. Doubtless, therefore, it is well to give publicity to the 28 charges. Let readers remember that each of the 28 is a statement he made and we branded as false before an audience of probably 1,500 people. Enough said.


1. That Pastor Russell published his own picture in one of his own publications.


2. That Pastor Russell was beaten to a frazzle by the Brooklyn Eagle.


3. That Pastor Russell was asked to read the Greek alphabet in the Eagle Case.


4. That Pastor Russell’s hand is against every cultured teacher of the ages.


5. That Ecclesias vote on Pastor Russell for President.


6. That Pastor Russell is not ordained.


7. That he changed the name of the society from "Millennial Dawn" to "Watch Tower."


8. That "People’s Pulpit" is a name of the association.


9. That the name of the "Students’ International Bible Association" is used for purpose of fraud.


10. That invitation to attend classes while still church members is a plan to spread poison in the churches.


11. That "they know" their belief is "hostile to the religion of Jesus.


12. That Pastor Russell tries to pose as successor of Beecher, Spurgeon and Talmage.


13. That he was responsible for the New York Herald’s comparison of him with Spurgeon.


14. That he sold wheat at $60 a bushel as a graft.


15. That the U. S. Investment Co. is a fake.


16. That Pastor Russell pronounced his wife insane.


17. Greenwood misquoted the "Watch Tower" of Sept. 15, 1910.


18. That the St. Paul Enterprise is a Russell organ.


19. That the Enterprise is owned by a "renegade Methodist."


20. That charges of immorality were substantiated in the trial of a suit for separate maintenance.


21. That Pastor Russell has been "a frequent attendant at Purity Congresses."


22. That he said the body of Jesus was probably dissolved in gases.


23. That he said, "If Christ arose, there is no salvation."


24. That Pastor Russell is afraid he will have to go to hell.


25. That Abraham in the parable of Dives is said to represent the Pres. of the U. S.


26. That Dives represented the Jews of Russia.


27. That their plea to the Jews of the U. S. was the teaching of a parable.


28. That Pastor Russell teaches a second chance.


He also made a personal attack on two ladies who were in his audience, which was unchristian, ungentlemanly, untruthful, dastardly and low-lived to an unspeakable degree. He was openly denounced to his face on the platform after the meeting by prominent Baptists for this ugly attack.


Yours in the interest of common honesty and truth.




(N. B.-The above reply to Dr. Riley was mailed to the members of his church. It has been completely ignored by all of them.)

How Pastor Russell Ranks in Greatness Dr. Jackson Analyzes Elements That Constitute True Greatness of the Man




His Temperament Poetic, Literary, Scientific, Analytical and Strong for Business


The world seldom recognizes its great men. Few or none saw the magnificent greatness of Lincoln until after his death. To the prominent and learned of the Roman Empire, Saint Paul was only an insignificant Jew; but we can see that in all that constituted real greatness he towered above them all, like a giant among pigmies. So it is today. If you ask "the man on the street," who are the great men of today, he is not likely to name Charles Taze Russell first, but let us see:


C. T. Russell commenced business for himself while yet a boy and with very little capital. When he was eighteen he owned a store, when he was twenty-four he owned five stores and was worth three hundred thousand dollars, and this at an age when John D. Rockefeller had hardly made a start, and J. P. Morgan, with his inherited capital, had but little. If C. T. Russell had devoted his life to business it is easy to guess that John D. would not now be the richest man in the world nor J. P. Morgan have been the prince of financiers.


However, that is the least remarkable thing about the career of Pastor Russell. With all this phenomenal talent for business he gave it all up and surrendered the most brilliant opening for obtaining wealth and power that has ever been offered to an American in order to take up a humble religious work. Such a thing as a man with surpassing wealth-getting power, voluntarily giving it up was unknown before in all history. He made no mistake, for the Master said, "Whosoever would become great among you shall be your servant." With an insight into the higher things that enabled him to choose aright, he saw from the Scriptures that the time had come for the greatest work of the ages to be done, and as he was the right man for the place, the Lord chose him to be his servant to lead the visible earthly part of this work, namely, the harvest work of the end of the Gospel Age.


In the case of the Apostle Paul the Lord chose a man of great business ability to do his work then, but in this "End of the Age," when business is on a scale a thousand fold greater than in Paul’s day, business talent is all the more necessary, and so the man chosen for His work today is a Napoleon of finance and business.


History shows that other men great in business and finance have not been richly endowed in other departments of the mind, but Pastor Russell in addition to his financial talent has remarkable mental talents of the most varied character. He has a frame of mind that may be described as a poetical mind that gets an insight into deep things by intuition, like a great poet or a Hebrew seer; it is as if Isaiah and J. P. Morgan were united in one individual. Poets are not usually of a logical scientific form of mind but Pastor Russell has these talents also, that is, he has the acute discrimination and analysis of a great lawyer, that can test the truth of things and sift the evidence on which they are founded. Thus the fallacies of the creeds of Christendom were brought to light as they had never been before.


His literary talent would distinguish him among the writers of his generation if he was tested by this alone. Without any special literary training he writes English in a simple and idiomatic style that sometimes reaches the sublime and that will make many passages from his pen take their place among English classics. Another phase of his many sided greatness is his scientific talent. He has the mind of an investigator and student, a scientific love of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; the freedom from bias, the willingness to accept truth wherever found, willingness to be corrected, no difference how humble the instrument, in short a mind like Agassiz and Newton. The field of research to which Newton applied himself was the physical world, the earth and sea and sky wherein God’s plan is revealed in regard to physical things. The field of research which Pastor Russell chose was the moral world, the plan of God in regard to mankind as revealed in the Bible. As Newton discovered the great Law of the Attraction of Gravitation which binds the universe together and brings order out of seeming confusion, so Russell discovered the grand "Plan of the Ages" which binds all history together and brings order into the field of theology where before there was so much confusion and error; founding all his teaching upon the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture, his position has been unassailable. The united talent of Nominal Christendom has striven for thirty-five years to overthrow his teachings but has not been able to meet him on his own ground (the Scriptures), with a single fair argument.


Standing, as we do now, in the midst of the battle of Armageddon we can thank God and take courage because the Lord has sent us so great a leader. Courageous as a lion, pure as snow, wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove, a knight of God without fear and without reproach, no obstacle can turn him, no danger dismay him, no grief or pain distract him from his grand purpose. His motto is the words spoken for him by the prophets: "For the Lord God will help me; therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be confounded."


By David P. Jackson, M. D.


Orangeville, O.



Story of the Chicago Temple of the I. B. S. A.


As told in the Beautiful Illustrated Souvenir Booklet Just Issued by the Chicago Ecclesia. Every Bible Student Wants One.


The Enterprise is indebted to Dr. L. W. Jones, of Chicago, for a copy of a beautiful Souvenir Booklet, descriptive of the Chicago Temple of the I. B. S. A., located at 700 South Wabash avenue. It is a masterpiece of typographical and photographic art, printed on the best grade of heavy pure white enameled book paper, 6 3/4 X 9 1/2 inches in size, and contains thirty-nine large illustrations.


Every member of the I. B. S. A. will be interested in this album. It sells for fifty cents.


The work is dedicated "to the King of kings and Lord of lords in the interest of His consecrated saints, waiting for the adoption," and is issued "for the purpose of preserving a record for the ages to come of some of the events of the momentous year, 1914, especially in conneciton with Chicago, its Temple, and the work connected therewith" and for the further purpose of "paying tribute to Pastor Russell and his labor of love, especially in connection with the ‘Photo-Drama of Creation,’ the production of years of study and labor on his part, in an endeavor to glorify our Heavenly Father and Jesus, our Saviour, exalt the Bible, assist the Brethren and bless Mankind."


In order to awaken general interest in the work of the Chicago Ecclesia a description of the Temple, taken from the Souvenir Booklet is given readers of the Enterprise.


  ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Chicago Class of Bible Students, affiliated with the International Bible Students Association, has increased within a few years from a mere handful to about six hundred people, meeting during part of that time in any hall adapted to its size, but for the past few years in Recital Hall of the Auditorium Building.


In the spring of 1914 the increased number of members, as well as the varied lines of work, made it necessary to secure a larger place of meeting, preferably its own.


To find a hall answering all the requirements was no small task.


After some perseverance upon our part the Auditorium in Chicago was available for a period of five weeks-April 5th to May 10th-and it was decided to take advantage of the opportunity for exhibiting the "Drama of Creation" at that time, leaving the selection of a suitable "Temple" until later.


A total number of 126,800 people witnessed this inspiring Photo Drama, and the impression created was so great that many people who failed to see it, clamored for its return.


Eventually it occurred to us that the "Old Globe Theater," originally built for the exhibition of the "Panorama of the Battle of Gettysburg" seemed an extremely desirable building for our double purpose. So strong was the desire to secure this building that Pastor Russell and others strenuously persevered and when the lease expired the building was finally secured by the I. B. S. A., and has since been known as the "I. B. S. A. Temple."


In order that Pastor Russell, president of the International Bible Students Association, could officiate at the dedicatory services, work was immediately started for thoroughly renovating and decorating the building inside and out. The purity of its clean, white coat of paint is symbolical of its name-"The Temple." Attractive wall signs and the large and beautiful electric sign of the "Cross and Crown" standing out like jewels in the night make the external attractiveness inviting for a long distance.


Lobby-Entering the building, we find ourselves in a spacious "Lobby," with white marble walls and large mirrors. The ceiling is done in stippled brown and old gold. In the center is a chandelier of about twenty lights, while around the border of the ceiling is a row of about eighty lights. The floor is mosaic in which one of the brethren, skilled in that line of work, inserted the words, "I. B. S. A. Temple."


On either side of the lobby is an office, one the manager’s office and the other the box office, used as such in the past, but now for the general use of the friends, for telephoning, etc.


Foyer-Passing through the lobby, we come to the "foyer." This is circular in form, extending about one-third around the building, and is well lighted with electric and gas lights, both being required by the city fire department. At either end of the foyer are stairs, leading to the large balcony.


In the center of the foyer, at each side of the middle door to the auditorium, is a case containing Pastor Russell’s Scripture Studies, Scenarios, Bibles, etc. Hundreds of these books have been sold to the people as they come out after seeing the drama, their interest having been aroused and a desire created to look into their Bibles.


At the north end of the foyer is a doorway leading to the Men’s Rest Room, the Book Room and Literature Room. At the south end a doorway leading to the Ladies’ Rest Room and the Reading Room.


Auditorium-Passing through the foyer we enter the spacious auditorium, seating fifteen hundred people. This room is beautifully laid out and on account of its circular nature, every seat is a good seat. The seats are of the opera chair style, most of them upholstered in old gold plush, the woodwork of all being dark cherry. Light green is the predominant color in the decorations , with a frieze in colors, and dark cream ceiling. The proscenium arch and circle of balcony is done in old gold bronze.


Mottoes and pictures double life size have been painted on the walls. A large picture on the north wall represents Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, while the one on the south wall represents Him as the "Good Shepherd." Over the stage is a beautiful painting of the open Bible.


It is lighted by a large central chandelier, four chandeliers under balcony, lights around balcony front, a double row of lights on each wall and top of Proscenium arch.


Balcony-The balcony is reached on either side by one flight of stairs, is large and spacious, with six hundred and fifty opera chairs, many upholstered; and every seat with a clear vision of the stage, not a post or pillar to interfere. The moving picture booth is near Stage-The stage is unusually large for this size building, the opening for curtain being forty-four feet. It has been fully equipped with all kinds of appliances, electric switch -board, curtains, drops, etc.


Order of Exhibit-One-half hour before Drama opens the public are admitted and full house lights turned on, the great steel curtain, operated by hydraulic power and weighing twenty-six hundred pounds being first raised. This reveals to the sight of those entering, the main drop curtain, painted in beautiful colors, red predominating, having in the center an Italian scene, and at the bottom the monogram, "I. B. S. A." Fifteen minutes later all house lights, except those of proscenium arch are turned off, the main drop curtain goes up, red footlights and red border lights above are turned on the stage setting, which in the subdued light of the auditorium gives a most beautiful effect to the stage setting.


This setting consists of a large curtain, forty-four feet long, with white picture screen in center, frame painted in black around screen and festoon painting of drapery around it all, which together with the side-wings and drapes above, all done in old rose and yellow makes an impression and gives an air of elegance not soon forgotten. Visitors of the past to the old Globe Theater can hardly believe they are in the same place.


As soon as the main drop curtain goes up and the red lights are turned on, the music begins, and continues for fifteen minutes. Then when the time arrives to begin the Drama, the rest of the house lights are turned off, the Cross and Crown slide is thrown on the screen, and just at that moment a thin, red chiffon curtain parts in the center, each half moving slowly to the side of the screen, leaving the Cross and Crown standing out on a beautiful red background, in marked contrast to the deep black border around screen. The red screen is continued until all the "house slides" are shown, such as "Ladies Please Remove Hats," etc., and then, just as Pastor Russell comes on the screen to deliver his introductory remarks, the red lights are turned off. At no time is a white screen to be shown. At the close of the Drama the reverse order of lights, etc., is observed. On the stage also is a piano and two large vases of flowers.


Reading Room-The Reading Room is also used for Elders and Deacons meetings every Friday night, and for a Berean Bible Study every evening, except Sunday nights when it is held in the main auditorium, Ro 6:15-7:15. This is really the parlor of the Temple. Many books and old Towers have been loaned for use here. It will seat about ninety people, has a large table in center and is lighted by a long chandelier in center.


Dining Room-Back of the Reading Room is the dining-room of the Temple Family, a band of about a dozen faithful workers who live at the Temple and who have chosen this way of laying down their lives in the service of the brethren. It is their duty to keep their place in order.


Book Room-In the north side of building is the Book Room, corresponding in size and location to the Reading Rood, and this has been fitted with counters, shelves and cases for a large supply of books and literature, which proves a great convenience to both friends and the public.


Literature Room-Back of the Book Room is the Literature Room, where the folding of papers is carried on, and the matter prepared for both Temple and Volunteer use.


Sleeping Rooms-Above the Reading Room, Dining, Book and Literature Rooms are the sleeping quarters of the Temple Family.


Phonograph Booth-Back of, in the center of and at the bottom of the curtain is the Phonograph Booth, the horns of the phonographs protruding through the curtain. In order that the operators may see the pictures, a mirror is placed on the stage and a peep-hole made through the curtain.


House Telephones-A complete system of house telephones has been installed, which connects with office, moving picture machine booth, phonograph booth, reading room, book room, and other places. Thus as necessity requires the different ones can be reached very quickly.


Firemen, Fire-guards-Since the terrible Iroquois Theater fire, several years ago, the City of Chicago has passed some very stringent laws for the protection of the public by means of fire prevention precautions. It has therefore been necessary to have both Firemen and Fire-guards. These have been selected from among the brethren; they have been thoroughly trained, and sworn in by the City for duty at the Temple.


Special Officers-Another faithful band of workers, whose services have done much to produce the excellent order which has been enjoyed at the Temple, is the band of Special Police Officers, also duly sworn in by the City Police Department. In addition to the Special Officers, two of the brethren of the Chicago Bible Class are Regular Officers of the Mounted Police Squad, and their advice and help has been much appreciated.


Other Helpers-Among the many others who helped to put the Temple into condition are doormen, special guards, ushers, etc.


Matrons-It was the desire to provide to the greatest extent possible for the comfort and convenience of the guests at the Temple, and so a corps of Matrons was organized from among the sisters who volunteered to serve on certain days each week. Their neat appearance in nurses’ garb, and their sweet, kindly ways make a deep impression upon all.


Ushers-We must not fail to make mentions of another faithful band of workers, the ushers, some sixty in number. The work for them has been systematized according to the time they can give to the service and the necessity of the occasion, as more help is required on some days than on others.


Dedication-The service opened with about twelve hundred friends present, who joined in the singing of several hymns. Then followed prayer and a beautiful rendition of the hymn "Take the Name of Jesus With You," by Messrs. John T. Read, and B. M. Rice, both of whom formerly sang in the Imperial Quartet.


The dedicatory discourse was delivered by Pastor Russell. He called attention to the fact that the dedication of Solomon’s Temple has very generally given the suggestion of dedicating church edifices to the Lord and to His service.


The Pastor had no objections to this. Quite to the contrary, he held that the Christian who has given himself to the Lord, has really given or dedicated all that he possesses, and that to formally recognize this is merely to confirm his standing contract with the Lord. Not only every church, but every shop and store and barn should be dedicated to the Lord. Whoever realizes that he owns nothing himself, but that he is merely God’s steward grasps the Bible conception of real Christianity.


The dedication of the Temple at Jerusalem was an entirely different matter. That was a typical house, just as the nation of Israel was a typical nation. The sacredness of the glorified Church, which is the real Temple, was illustrated or typified by the honor and dignity and ceremonies which God attached to the typical temple. When God’s time shall come, the antitypical temple will be honored and glorified much more that was the typical one. That is to say, the Church in glory will have a very highly honored place as God’s Tabernacle or Temple with mankind-God’s residence with humanity during the thousand years of Messiah’s Kingdom-the meeting-place where all the world will be permitted to draw nigh unto God and receive His blessing through Christ.


These matters were brought out in very lucid form in Pastor Russell’s dedicatory remarks, which the Bible Students listened to with rapt attention and evident appreciation of the many Scriptures cited in proof of the position taken.


Pastor Russell said that this dedication simply signified that for the period for which the Globe Temple has come under the control of the I. B. S. A., it is to be used for God, for righteousness, for truth, and these are understood to be combinedly represented in the Photo-Drama of Creation.


Surely, he said, as we see the sin veneer of civilization, all Christian people, all good people, all wise people, all people who love righteousness, should seek more and more to cooperate in the promotion of these principles and truths amongst humanity.


After the meeting, Pastor Russell took train for the West over the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, his first scheduled stop being Spokane.


Since Dedication-Since the dedication, the Photo-Drama of Creation has been shown twice daily, at 3 and 8 o’clock, the average attendance being nearly twelve hundred strangers per day.


Weekday Temple Services-In addition to the drama, other services have been held. During the week a Berean Bible Study is held each evening Fro 6:15 to 7:15 in the Reading Room. On Monday evening, the Tabernacle Shadows is the topic; Tuesday, The Divine Plan of the Ages; Wednesday, Prayer and Testimony meeting; Thursday, Vol. III, "Thy Kingdom Come;" Friday, Vol. V, "The Atonement," and Saturday, Vol. VI, "The New Creation."


Sunday Services-Sundays, Service for Divine Worship, in the main auditorium at 10:30 to 12; Bible Study on International Sunday-School Lesson Fro 1:15 to 2:15; Photo-Drama from 3 to 5; Berean Bible Study on current lesson 6:15 to 7:15, and Photo-Drama again from 8 to 10 p.m.


Fifth Sunday Convention-The Sunday immediately following the dedication a Fifth Sunday Convention was held, at which eighty-two were immersed, and since then we have had three other immersion services, the last one being on Sunday, December 7th, a total of one hundred and seventy-one candidates being served.


Baptism Services-Heretofore it has been necessary to make arrangements with some church for the use of their baptistry, but since moving into the Temple, we have provided a baptistry of our own. This is a large portable tank which is rolled out on the stage. The numerous dressing rooms, previously used by the theatrical actors have served excellently for our needs.


Many hearts and lives have been blessed because of the various services rendered at the Temple; not only those served have been blessed, but especially those who have done the serving; they feel it has been the greatest privilege of their lives, and they have endeavored to do all as unto the Lord, for His glory, and for the good of mankind.


The eyes of understanding of many have been opened to see something of the lengths and breadths and heights and depths of the love and plan of God for the blessing of all, in His due time. Through seeing the pictures, prejudice has been broken down, and many have been caused to search anew their Bible to see if these things be true. Opposition, instead of support from the clergy has been met, but the people are gradually beginning to see for themselves and to use their own mind, instead of those of the ministers, most of whom deny the Bible, in fact and some in word.


Nevertheless we rejoice that the shackles of error and superstition are being gradually broken, and the light of truth is being shed into the hearts and lives of many.


Conclusion-In conclusion we feel that a word of tribute to our beloved Pastor, "whom we love for his works’ sake" is not out of order. The opposition to the Photo-Drama is aroused because he was the originator of this method of presenting the Gospel; it has cut us too, because we realize such opposition is really against the Lord Himself.


We believe our Pastor to be the Servant of the Lord of his Laodicean period of the Church, and as such we desire to hold up his hands as best we can, and reiterate here the words of Br. Sullivan, in the words of welcome at the Nashville Convention.


Tribute to Pastor Russell-"Dear Brethren, I am sure I speak the sentiment of every heart in my presence when I say today, to Brother Russell, that, in the name of the Master, a hearty welcome is extended to you-you who have stood for forty years amid the raging blast, without ever a deflection; you who as a mighty oak rears its head in sublime grandeur today, being bereft of every green leaf, having every leaf of earthly desire swept away. Who has also had every earthly love and ambition torn away, limb by limb, until there remains nothing of earthly fortune, or fame, or name; youth gone, health gone, home gone, deserted by some of the nearest and dearest earthly friends and relatives, mind and body worn, and almost consumed on the altar of our God, and in the service of the dear brethren; life, manhood, fortune, name, all spread at our feet as a carpet upon which we have freely trodden, all poured out as water at our feet, and today the slender thread of life is being taxed to its utmost to hold aloft the beacon torch. God bless you, we welcome you, and soon you will hear the welcome applaudit, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joys of the Lord.’ But know also, dear heart, we will stand by you and strengthen you until the sun goes down." Amen.



First General Convention of I. B. S. A., held at Chicago during World’s Fair, 1893.


The above very interesting picture is one of the 47 choice illustrations shown in Dr. Jones’ Chicago Temple Souvenir advertised elsewhere on this page. Friends will be interested to see how many in this picture they can identify. Pastor Russell, with his black beard, now gray, is easily located near the center of the group.



Seen in the Rainbow Interesting Lessons Drawn From The Bow Of Promise In The Sky


(Note: Many will recognize in the abbreviated signature to this article the initials of a well-known Pilgrim.)


As there was a rainbow at the end of the first world, there is also one at the end of the second world. The first one was typical, the second one antitypical. The first bow evidenced a promise from God that the world would never again be destroyed by water; the second bow gives evidence there is a world to come, that is never to be destroyed; or in other words, the bow represents the Divine Plan of the Ages.


The first bow was not seen until right at the end of the first world, even as the second bow, or the Plan, was never seen until now, the end of the second world. It was impossible for the literal rainbow to have appeared earlier than it did for there was no rain nor sunshine to produce it; just as the Plan could not be seen before now for there has not been a rain of truth nor God’s sunshine of favor to effect it. While the Divine Plan of Salvation has heretofore been understood, never until now has the rainbow of the Divine Plan of the Ages been comprehended.


The rainbow at the end of the first world was not seen by all the people, nor is the Divine Plan at the end of this second world seen by everybody. None of the wicked saw the rainbow. Why? Because they were dead, and the Lord declares that none of the wicked shall understand the Divine Plan. Why? Because they are "dead in trespasses and sin."


Noah and his family only, the righteous people of God, saw the rainbow; as now only a few, the Lord’s righteous people, the Lord’s family can see the wonderful Plan of the Ages. Noah diligently preached that the end of the world was at hand, but very few believed, just as now the Lord is through his servants plainly revealing that the end of this world is nigh, but few can understand.


Noah and his family entered the Ark just before the end of the world and were thereby safely carried over into the second world; and all who now get into the antitypical Ark, Christ, will be safely landed on top of the mountain (Kingdom) of righteousness in the world to come.


Since the storm passed over and the first world came to an end and the second world was established, all living in this world have seen the rainbow; thus when the storm clouds of trouble which are now seen gathering on the horizon have rolled by, and the present evil world has come to an end, ushering in the world of righteousness to come, then the sun of righteousness shall arise dispelling all the dark clouds of trouble and the sunshine of His favor shining through the copious rain drops of truth will reveal to all, from the least to the greatest, the beautiful rainbow of the Divine Plan of the Ages.


The rainbow contained two sets of colors, a primary and secondary, as the Plan of God has two phases, the heavenly and earthly. The primary colors are the stronger of the two and cause, by reflection, the secondary set of colors to appear; even as the heavenly or spiritual part of the kingdom is the greater, Christ and His Bride, which is to produce the earthly part of the kingdom, the ancient Worthies and perfect mankind.


The strongest color of all in the rainbow is the red; as the most prominent feature of all in God’s plan is the blood of Christ, the ransom.


For anyone to have a share of God’s favor in either phase of the kingdom it will be necessary for him to recognize and accept Christ’s precious blood shed on Calvary.


To have a part in the heavenly phase of the kingdom, it is our privilege to now take up the Cross and follow Him, resisting unto blood, faithful unto death, as represented in the color red.


The next most prominent color of the rainbow is blue, which as in the tabernacle service represents faithfulness, -as we sometimes use the expression "true blue."


Thus to be a joint heir with Christ, it will be required of us to be true and faithful even unto death.


The last of the three primary colors is gold indicative of the Divine nature, the golden crown of life in Heaven.


The colors of the primary part of the Rainbow, red, blue and gold therefore teaches us that he who is faithful (blue) unto death (red) shall receive the (gold) crown of life.


When this spiritual part of the kingdom is completed, then the earthly phase will come in its order.


The three colors which form the secondary part of the rainbow are green, purple and copper. The cold weather caused all the grass, leaves, etc., to die but the warm sun in the spring brings everything out in a beautiful dress of rich green. This long winter of trouble of six thousand years duration has caused death to reign upon all, but shortly the warm rays of God’s love will shine forth and in that glorious Resurrection day, all are to be revived by coming forth from the grave for an opportunity of life upon the earth, as declared, "the restitution of all things spoken by the mouth of all the Holy prophets since the world began," as represented in the rainbow color green.


The purple color of the rainbow denotes royalty. We recall Lydia, the maker of purple. In olden Bible times this was a very expensive color, which only the most wealthy could afford. The kings and nobles thus limited it practically to the royal families, and we even yet term it the royal blue. When Adam was created he was crowned a king but through disobedience he lost his Kingdom. When times of refreshing come, man has to regain his lost estate, to be crowned a King once more; the lost sheep of the ninety and nine that went astray shall be brought back to the royal family of God, represented in the royal color of purple.


The remaining color of the rainbow is copper, which in the Jewish tabernacle represented perfect human flesh or perfect human nature. Thus man when restored (green) to God’s royal family (purple) will be a perfect human being (copper) as was Adam before he fell, as represented in the three secondary colors of the Rainbow.


Painters in mixing colors on a disk revolving 5,000 revolutions per minute take three parts red, five parts blue, and eight parts yellow, the primary colors of the rainbow to make a perfect white. This shows that through the spiritual phase of the kingdom, Christ and His Bride are to make all things perfect as stated; "there will be nothing in all my Holy (white) Kingdom to hurt or destroy," when "all things are gathered together under one head, the things which are in heaven and in earth."


As we look at the Rainbow, we see it to be a semicircle but we are told if one would go up in a balloon that it would then appear a complete circle.


This indicates that as we now see the Plan it is incomplete, semi-finished; but from the Lord’s view point it is just as good as finished, for He will make no failure of His wonderful Plan.


And when our prayer is answered, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in Heaven, as there is no end to a circle, it is said "Of His Kingdom there shall be no end" and then all His holy creatures shall enjoy perfect happiness in that eternal kingdom.



Finds the Truth After World-wide Searching


Successful Soldier, Artist and Once Ardent Reformer and St. Paul Citizen Now Sheds Light at Harvard University.


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


A friend handed me, tonight, a clean little sheet, asking if I did not want to try it for a year. The "St. Paul" caught my eye. I have very pleasant memories of that town. In 1872 I went there just to see the place and get a little rest, and perhaps to invest a little. I was surprised to see in a day or two an article about me in the Pioneer Press, followed the same day with a request from some gentlemen for me to go to work. (I was an artist.) I stayed in St. Paul two months and made $2,000, drawing portraits, and bought 40 acres of land on the West Side-the line running to the river at the point of the bluff, taking in the land from which I am now told there is a high bridge now.


My work was principally in New York and Boston. The following six summers I spent in St. Paul and then we went east instead of west and crossed the Atlantic. I was in nineteen battles in the Civil War, commanded my regiment and guarded the White House at the second inauguration of President Lincoln. I knew President Grant very well and have had confidential talks with him at the White House. When I resigned from the army, Mr. Stanton, the war secretary, sent for me and asked me to remain but the war was over and I did not intend to be a professional soldier. I was telling Grant about this and he said, "Civil life is where the great issues arise; realizing this I resigned after the Mexican War." I was young then and having passed through the entire Civil War and escaped with my life, the future looked very bright. Being religiously inclined, I joined the Church in Washington during the war, while stationed there, and in London, I had a big class of young men in the Sabbath School.


Dining with one of the Rothschilds, (the great banker)-discussing American affairs, he said to me, "You do not have popular government in the United States; the people do not rule; money rules." That set me to thinking, and I said to myself, "is that the kind of government that millions of men spent their lives for in maintaining the American Union?" I thought it over again and again. I was convinced that the old Baron knew what he was talking about and knowing that their agent in New York was there, and had been for many years, chairman of the National Committee of one of our great political parties, I could trace out the connection.


Here then was the great issue. I returned at once to America and flung myself into the fight, just as I did in 1861-the fight to restore the power to the people, as in 1861 we fought to get it out of the control of the slaveholding secessionists and restore the Union. I soon became a sadder and wiser man. Senators, party leaders, governors, all were indifferent. Yes, indeed, money did rule. What a galling thought; in the final analysis we were all slaves to the Moloch Mammon. Would I give up the fight? No. I then went to the working man-to the Labor Unions. "Yes," they said, "we know it; money rules, and we are the only ones who are disputing its rule. Join hands with us." So I did, and was put up to a high office, then I studied economics, sociology, etc., and became convinced that Socialism was the only remedy, and started a big co-operative industry, and helped finance the Topolobamps Socialist Colony; 700 Socialists going to colonize 50,000 acres of land given to them by Albert K. Owen, the English Socialist. They split up into factions; spent their money, and energy, fighting each other, and lost title to their land. Spies in the trade unions, I was connected with, or concrete selfishness; (I don’t know which) busted our enterprise. I was chairman of the ten trustees. The man we chose to be superintendent began to plot to get personal control for his personal benefit. It soon was fixed so I could not see the books. Protests availed nothing as he had gained a strong body of adherents in the unions. I resigned in disgust, quit the whole business and went back to Europe.


What next; where was the issue? What was the use battling? Every one was tarred with the same stick-concrete selfishness. The Christian church was the last and only hope of the world, I thought. After a time, returning to America, we confined all of our energies to church work. Here, too, we could see the blighting influence of the great Moloch, Money!


Everything was superficial. We divided the city into districts; I took the district in which I lived, and the objective was to get everybody into the church.


The church was a social club-nothing more-in the name of Christ, a social club! What for? We didn’t know what for. We were stumbling along like intoxicated people without any aim or object except to get people into the church. In that state of mind, we came across Pastor Russell’s "Bible Studies." It was like awakening from the dead to read them. I took them to my pastor; he said there was nothing in them. Said he, "You ought not to study the prophecies; they are very perplexing and unprofitable to study." "Why!" I exclaimed, "if I had known that you held that opinion I never would have sat under your preaching." He said, "As for the book of Daniel, I wish it was left out of the Bible."


My pastor was a good man, judged according to our imperfect standards, and he preached a very good sermon, laying great stress upon the love of Christ; he was a better, more lovable man and a far better preacher than the average, but Pastor Russell’s analysis of the Gospel of the Kingdom, as differentiated from Christian ethics, had unmasked him to me. The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven is so interwoven with the prophecies that to separate them and ignore the prophecies is to completely shut out the preaching of the Kingdom of Heaven. Our Lord said, "O fools and slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken." I had been sitting under and accepting the preaching of a man who claimed to be, and very likely thought he was, a faithful shepherd of the Lord’s flock; a real true Christian, but he was not, for he did not preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, the only feature that differentiates Christian truth from Jewish truth, he was preaching Christian ethics only, which are precisely like Jewish ethics.


Judged by human standards the Pharisees were good men; the obligation of the Jew was to keep the law. Jesus called them hypocrites, solely because they claimed to perfectly keep the law, which no man could do, and which they knew they could not possibly do, or at any rate did not, and they substituted a lot of theoretical nonsense in a fine metaphysical scheme by which they claimed they were keeping the law, and by this were to get the promised reward, but Jesus unmasked them. That is what made them so bitter against him and finally led them to kill him, and it is precisely what is making the great mass of the clergy bitter against Pastor Russell; he is unmasking them, was showing them to be not Christian teachers but, in most cases, not even teachers of Christian ethics; not even so faithful to truth as the Jewish Rabbis who, without claiming to be Christians, are preaching Christian ethics, without mixing pagan theories with them.


There has been grafted into the nominal Christian belief, the pagan theories of Plato; for one, the theory of inherent immortal life, the logical sequence of which is eternal torment of the irreconcilable wicked. Up to within a few years the clergy, either generally preached it or ignored it, the latter because they were ashamed of it and did not believe it; then why didn’t they disavow it from the pulpit-why don’t they disavow it now? Clearly, because they are considering expediency as of more account than the truth. To disavow it would be to discredit the former teaching, and weaken faith in their infallibility as exponents of Christian doctrine; furthermore, to disavow it would involve disavowing the inherent immortal life theory which is a fundamental belief of all nominal Christians, and so they are stunned into silence by the necessity to be expedient-to save what?-the truth?-No, to save their church organizations at the expense of truth.


Pastor Russell’s keen, logical analysis of Biblical statements unmasks these pagan theories, masquerading as Christian doctrine, and unmasks the teachers of these false doctrines who call themselves Christian. That is why they hate him so. I said recently, to Professor Emeritus Elliot, of Harvard, "the brutal lies that the clergy tell about Pastor Russell are astounding." "Oh, no," he replied, "they are not astounding," as much as to say, it is nothing more than we should expect of them.


At last we have come to the consummation-the greatest issue ever met by mortal man. In 1861 I left preparation to enter college and enlisted, again I abandoned in Europe very important opportunities in 1882 to enlist in the struggle against mammon rule, now I give up a fascinating and lucrative profession to devote all of my time and ability to advance truth among college men.


This is what I have done for three years without salary and paying my own expenses besides, still I count this as nothing in comparison with the very rich compensation I am having by being taken into the confidence of our Heavenly Father and shown His plan, and the exceeding great joy in serving our Lord Jesus as a little recognition of what he did for me.


Inclosed please find check for a year’s subscription.


Very truly yours,




Cambridge, Mass.


1132 Massachusetts Ave.



In Explanation


The Enterprise wishes to disabuse any of its readers of the idea that Pastor Russell is in any way back of this paper. He has never in any way dictated as to its policy or supplied us with any matters for publication except the weekly sermons which come to us through the American Press Association.


Pastor Russell does not need the defenses which we have published here. It was not for him but in justice to Truth that they have been made and for the benefit of our readers. The Enterprise tries to avoid them but still makes mistakes, for which we alone are responsible and this statement is made so it may be fully understood that no blame attach to Pastor Russell for any errors of ours or our correspondents.



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{11/6/14} Rebukes Unwarranted Attack on Pastor Russell


An Open Letter to Editor of The Northwestern Christian Advocate by a Member of Pastor Russell’s Household at Brooklyn, N. Y.


Mr. Elbert Robb Zaring, Editor of Northwestern Christian Advocate, Chicago, Ill.


Sir:-Having just had brought to me attention your editorial, in your issue of April 15, in which you make a personal and virulent attack upon Pastor Russell, and having for more than ten years been a member of Pastor Russell’s household, as well as his Office force, I wish, in an open letter, to make in reply some statements concerning which I have full personal knowledge. These statements I fear will not serve to aid yourself to a correct understanding of facts of which your article shows you speak without knowledge-indeed, with surprising ignorance-and yet with which you presume to deal. But some earnest souls seeking the truth on the subject may be helped by my words. Some day, I believe in the not distant future, you will yourself be brought to see your error; but I do not entertain the hope that you are at present in the attitude of mind to discern the real facts and truth concerning the man whom you have presumed to so defame, although I desire to give you credit for the best motives possible.


Let me say, first, that I was for years an active member of the M. E. Church in Illinois, connected with the old Illinois Conference, and our family were regular subscribers to the Northwestern Christian Advocate. I am very familiar with the tenets of Methodism, as I made it my business to know something of the faith of the denomination with which I was connected, and which I loved. Our home was the home of our pastors, always, and it was my pleasure for years to minister to their comfort in every way in my power. By labor of hands, by regular attendance upon the means of grace, activity in the prayer meeting, by financial support, etc., I contributed as far as I was able to the welfare and advancement of the church of my choice.


But while thus striving to the best of my ability to serve the Lord and to do His will, I was troubled by noting much of the spirit of the world coming into the church I loved; and some of its doctrines, common also to other evangelical denominations, seemed to me sadly at variance with the Love and Justice of God, and out of harmony with reason. I conferred with our ministers upon these subjects; for having them often in my home I had excellent opportunities along this line. They could give me no assistance upon the important points which troubled my mind and heart.


I was a diligent student of books along religious lines-whatever seemed to hold out a promise of real assistance. I read up on Universalism, Evolution, Adventism, Pre-Millenialism so-called, and even Spiritism, etc., seeking for further light, only to cast them aside one after another as unreasonable and unscriptural and dangerous, having each some Truth, but much error. I continued to study my Bible, and to read the "Advocate," and other periodicals along Christian and sociological lines; but still I found not the satisfaction for which I longed.


I went to my closet in earnest prayer regarding my desires, telling the Lord how earnestly I was longing for yet more of His Holy Spirit in my heart and greater light upon His Word. I was indeed earnest. I had come to the point where I must have more help and be able to see what the Lord would have me do. After some days of prayer, and while still engaged in active service of the Church, the books of Pastor Russell came to my attention in a way that seemed amost direct answer to my prayers. I secured the series, at that time but three volumes. Praying to be guided, I diligently read these books. Being of a disposition that could never be satisfied concerning any important matter without sifting it to the bottom, I studied the volumes day after day during all my spare time, proving every statement by the Word of God. I accepted no argument and no conclusion of the author except after the most careful proof by the Scriptures.


I was much pleased by the earnest manner and logical treatment of his subject by the author as well as by his evident sincerity and loyalty to God, and, further, by his urging the reader to prove every statement, I knew that, for the first time in my life, I had found an interpretation of the Word which fully harmonized its every part, which made no statement of Scripture contradict another (which was the difficulty with every system of interpretation I had ever examined previously), but gave the most careful consideration to every statement of the Bible. I learned that the Word of God, to be understood, must be "rightly divided," and must be studied dispensationally.


Questions which had for many years troubled me, and which none of my pastors or religious teachers had been ever able to answer (although some of them acknowledged to me in my home that they were troubled on the same points, or else denied their beliefs in the tenets of Methodism on these doctrines) were all answered to my entire satisfaction and in harmony with sanctified reason in Pastor Russell’s books, and every answer proven conclusively from the Word of God. How my heart rejoiced I actually wept for joy, as I saw the hope for my neighbors and friends, earnest, sincere people, some of whom had died without professing Christ. A flood of light now shone upon me from our Father’s Word, and I loved it as never before. The Lord had indeed answered my prayers.


I might say much along this line, but space forbids. Suffice it to say that after receiving this great light upon the Bible, I could not longer remain, conscientiously, a member of a denomination which did not represent what I now saw to be the plain teachings of the Scriptures, and where I could have no hearing regarding any doctrines not taught by Methodism. So, kindly but firmly stating my position and my reasons for my decision, I withdrew from the church where I had long labored. I received much coldness and was subjected to ostracism by many with whom I had labored, but I suffered this gladly for Christ’s sake, knowing that the Lord understood, and that I had His favor and approval. I began at once to do all in my power to bring to other hearts the light which had so wonderfully blessed and refreshed my own heart, and the Lord blessed my efforts in the finding of a number of earnest, Truth-hungry children of God who like myself were dissatisfied with the worldliness and errors of denominationalism. These in turn became light-bearers.


After about ten years of such labor, I was offered a position in the Office and household of Pastor Russell, at the headquarters of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, then located in Allegheny (North Pittsburgh), Pa-I was then living in Chicago. I gladly accepted Pastor Russell’s offer, esteeming this a great privilege. I have now for more than ten years been a member of his family of Christian workers, considering it the greatest honor that could be conferred upon me. For more than five years now, Brooklyn, N. Y. has been the headquarters of this Society, and a most wonderful work is being accomplished, and thousands of earnest hearts have been and are being made glad thereby.


I could relate numberless cases of this kind, both in this land and other lands. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these, here in America and others across the sea. No honest, earnest heart could meet and know these dear, self-sacrificing children of God and not see the Master’s spirit shining out from their faces and their lives.


Your charges, Mr. Zaring, against Pastor Russell, to speak frankly, are so unjust and untrue as to be scarcely worthy of a reply, were it not for sincere Christians who, not knowing the facts, so greatly misrepresented by you (I hope unwittingly), might be hindered from investigating this matter, and thus from learning the falsity of these charges against Pastor Russell and the noble Society of which he is president.


You say: "The other name for Russellism is ‘Millennial Dawn,’ and it is of this we desire to raise a note of warning. We call it ‘Russellism’ because it is the product of one man, Charles T. Russell, who has dubbed himself ‘Pastor’ Russell, although he is not an ordained minister of any denomination and lacks the first requisite of being a pastor-that of caring for some particular flock." I am astonished that any man calling himself a follower of Christ, the Editor, too, of a prominent organ of one of the largest denominations of this country, and one would reasonably suppose, therefore, an exponent of truth and justice, should have the assurance to declare, as if there was no appeal from his assertion, that the Scriptural teachings presented in the works of Pastor Russell are "the product of one man." If you have ever carefully read even one of his books, and have compared its presentations with the Bible, and can then say honestly that these teachings are merely the product of the author’s mind, and not supported by the Scriptures, I am sorry indeed for the condition of mind in which you evidently are. You are either woefully blinded or else are willfully opposing the Scriptures; and I would not wish to believe the latter. You say, too, that Pastor Russell "is not an ordained minister of any denomination." What a confession of weakness of position is such a charge. Where do you, Mr. Zaring, or any other clergyman or churchman, get the authority to state or imply that a Christian who has for almost a long lifetime been a close and prayerful student of God’s Word has no right to proclaim that Word as he honestly understands it, and as widely as possible, for the blessing of his fellows, unless some fallible man in some denomination lays his hand upon him and grants him permission to preach the Word of God?


Who gave you the right or authority to declare that the Bible teaches thus-and-so, and that any one teaching outside of what you and others who call themselves leaders in religious circles have decided to be orthodox are false teachers and should be suppressed? Are you the sole arbiters as to who has a right to preach the Gospel, and as to what constitutes that Gospel? What is true ordination? we ask. Is it the permission of ecclesiastics in some or many denominations of fallible and erring men, or is it the sanction given by the Lord Himself to all who have been taught at the Fountain of Truth, the Word of God; and who have received the anointing of the Holy Spirit?


Shall bishops and priests and reverends in these conflicting denominations decide who alone shall preach the Word? Shall all others be slandered and vilified and misrepresented for daring to utter anything contrary to their fiat? And do even these men all preach and teach alike? Do we not know that these reverend gentlemen rarely agree even among themselves as to Scriptural teaching? Why, then, should they tell us who has a right to preach? Are we not living in a free country? Or has in our day the freedom of conscience for which our fathers suffered in the past, and for which they left their native shores and came to this new land that they might worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, become a mockery and a dead letter?


You further declare, Mr. Zaring, that "Millennial Dawn" masquerades under the title of the ‘International Bible Students Association. In the name of fairness and honesty we ask, Why do you say that we ‘masquerade’ under this title? Our Association is composed of many thousands of noble men and women, from every nation and from every denomination, true Christians, whose daily lives will bear the closest scrutiny, and who honor the name of Christian wherever they are found. These are banded together for the study of our Father’s Word and are earnestly endeavoring to help and bless other earnest hearts wherever found. Are these, then, not International? Are they not Bible students? By what authority do you dispute this? If, in harmony with what they believe to be the teachings of Scripture, these Christian people prefer to take no denominational name, to call themselves simply Christians, Bible students, as in the days of the Apostles when the Church was pure, who shall say that they have not this right? And why should they be branded as hypocrites and deceivers for so doing?


If, as you declare, "We have the Students ‘International Bible Conference,’ which is truly interdenominational and evangelical, and is fostered by such men as Bishop W. F. McDowell, John R. Mott, Robert Speer, and other of similar standing," why, I would ask, has this organization, which represents denominationalism, any more right under the laws of God or man to exist than has the International Bible Students Association? Who gave this denominational organization any right to live and work and propagate which is not shared equally by the organization of which Pastor Russell is president and which is, I venture to say, blessing and bringing the light of salvation to more true hearts than is the "Bible Conference" of which you speak so highly, but of which we have never before heard-which cannot be said of the International Bible Students Association, which is a live, working company of God’s children, as all will testify. The Lord will decide openly in His good time whether these men whom you exalt will receive a higher reward than will the minister of Christ whom you defame.


Space will not permit the answering in detail of all the unworthy charges which you bring against our Pastor, every one of which can be answered to the satisfaction of any honest man or woman who cares to sincerely investigate the matter. Pastor Russell is a thoroughly upright and honorable man in all his business dealings, as all know who are personally and closely acquainted with him. He has, as you say, changed some time since the name of his series of books on the Scriptures, calling them now "Studies in the Scriptures," not to mislead nor deceive any-far from it-but because prejudiced men like yourself, who have either never read his works at all or else are so confused by errors long imbibed as to be unable to see the beauty of the real teachings of God’s Word, have for years been diligently busying themselves trying to frighten the Lord’s flock, to prevent any if possible from reading Pastor Russell’s books and thus learning for themselves that the Scriptures do not teach the blasphemous doctrines taught by the creeds of Christendom, and which were formulated in a darker time, when our forefathers had not the light now shining upon God’s Book.


We warn you, Mr. Zaring, and others who are using like methods to keep the people from investigating for themselves on these important matters to beware. Do not forget the denunciation pronounced by our Lord upon the Scribes and Pharisees and Doctors of the Law at His First Advent, who taught the traditions of men instead of the pure Word of God, and who vilified and finally crucified the Master, being grieved and angered because he taught the people the Truth, instead of the traditions of the elders. There is a similar class today in nominal churchianity. Let the teachers in the religious world note this fact carefully. The great disaster which came to the Jewish ecclesiastical system in the over-throw of their nation and polity, will soon, we believe, come upon its antitype, in this our day. Let them scoff who will. Some day, in the not far distant future, God’s Word and His faithful shall be vindicated. How comforting the words of the Prophet Isaiah: "Your brethren that hated you and that cast you out for My name’s sake, said: Let the Lord be glorified: But He shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed." So we go on our way rejoicing, knowing that our righteous cause shall yet be vindicated in the eyes of the whole world.


Time and space are too limited to refer to all the epithets which you hurl at Pastor Russell. They are unworthy of any Christian; for if you really knew, if your eyes were open instead of closed to facts, you would be most heartily ashamed of your language and attitude; and you will some day. Some of your statements are really amusing, and we can well afford to smile and let them pass, for their lack of any true foundations and their absurdity will be manifest in due time, and we can wait.


Our periodical called "The Bible Study Club," which you mention adversely, is doing a noble work, and is in every way worthy of recognition and careful study. It is worth many times its weight in gold, as we know by precious experience. Let the scoffing continue if it pleases and relieves you. It is noteworthy that calumny is always the argument of those who have no better weapon. But Truth is mighty, and will yet prevail. As to your charges regarding our Photo-Drama of Creation, now being presented in Chicago (where your paper has its home) and in many other cities; it is a most estimable enterprise, strictly philanthropic and doing a world of good. If you knew, as many others know, how many hearts have been blessed and how many despairing lives have already been reclaimed to God by means of this grand Drama, you would surely be ashamed of your attack, unless too blinded by prejudice to see anything properly. Thousands are daily attending this wonderful production in Chicago, as well as in other cities-without money and without price.


Loving hearts who have been enlightened by the right understanding of the Word of God and its wonderful Plan of Salvation, giving all men an individual opportunity for life eternal, a fair, real opportunity (not two, as you charge), donate gladly to this great work, rejoicing to have a share in thus blessing others and bringing them into the light of God. I could tell you, Mr. Editor, of many cases where a marvelous work has been wrought in the hearts and lives of men which you would not be able to explain away successfully. How can any one who loves the Lord and his fellows oppose so noble a work? They would not if they understood.


As to your charges against Pastor Russell’s private reputation, I will say that some "court records" are very delusive and deceptive things upon which to base a just estimate of a man’s real character. Have you, Mr. Zaring, not yet lived long enough in this world of ours to know that court proceedings and decisions of juries, under the evil conditions of society today, are far from being infallible? Do you know of any cases where justice was dragged in the mire, where prejudice and venom and hatred have perverted justice? Do you imagine that the court records, if any were made, in the case of our Lord Jesus when He was tried before the Jewish Sanhedrin would have been favorable to His case if any one had examined them later? Did the Apostle Paul receive justice at the court of Caesar? The powers behind the decisions rendered in the instances in which Pastor Russell sought justice in the courts-not for his own sake but for the Truth’s sake-succeeded for the most part in securing verdicts favorable to his enemies.


When juries are made up of those who are religiously prejudiced against a Christian minister, and when strong pressure is brought to bear by those who have selfish personal reasons for wishing to ruin his reputation, there is little hope of justice. But when the judgment of the Lord shall be rendered in Pastor Russell’s case, he will then receive the justice which has been denied him in earthly courts. Much light could be thrown on this matter, but this is not the time or place to bring it out. Those who know the man, know also the integrity of his character.


As to "miracle wheat," Pastor Russell’s course has been in the fullest harmony with justice and righteousness. He received the wheat as a donation from friends, with the understanding that it should be sold at $1.00 per pound (which it was well worth), the proceeds to be used to further the noble work in which he is laying down his life by day and by night, for only his bare living expenses. Pastor Russell has not made one cent out of it! I know this to be a fact. The wheat is truly "miracle wheat," as its name implies, though Pastor Russell had nothing to do with naming it-nor any one of our faith.


Pastor Russell never receives one penny of remuneration for all his untiring labors in all parts of the world, but gladly gives his services free of charge that others may be helped and blessed. All donations go intact to further the work of enlightenment in which the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is engaged. And a most benevolent, unselfish work it truly is! Few are able to appreciate the utter unselfishness in the interest of others shown by Pastor Russell, and hence unworthy motives are attributed to him by many, judging him by the ordinary standards of the selfish world. Pastor Russell is a great reformer, and future years will accord him the honor and appreciation which he fails to receive from many now, especially those who name the name of Christ, but who deny Him in teaching, and too often, alas, in practice!


Do you wish, let me ask, to put yourself on record as defending Methodism of today as a proper and true exponent of the doctrines and practice of the Master? Do you believe that if our Lord was now present in the flesh He would recognize present-day Methodism as representing Him? Is it not full of the spirit of the world? No one who knows can honestly dispute this. "By their fruits ye shall know them," declared the Savior. Any one who has associated or been in contact with the members of the International Bible Students Association knows that their lives will compare favorably as Christians with the body of the M. E. church of today. Methodism has drifted far from its original moorings, and its noble founder would not recognize now the Church for which he suffered and toiled.


Again, you say that "the Rev. Mr. Ross shows that Russell organized ‘lead,’ ‘asphalt,’ and ‘turpentine’ companies, out of which he made large sums of money. Suppose he did use his eminent business qualifications to raise more money to further his Christian work? It is certainly true that he followed no course not in fullest harmony with honesty and righteousness. Pastor Russell would far rather give a hundred or a thousand dollars than defraud any one out of a dollar. Any one who knows him knows this. He does not always choose to tell his enemies all his plans, and this is surely his right. He is a poor man today, save in the riches of God’s favor. It is the purest fabrication that he is worth "several million dollars," or ever was worth it. He long ago gave his all for the work of Christ, as well as consecrating his own life and all his great talents to the Lord.


How unworthy in a professed Christian to use unfounded hearsay in an endeavor to ruin the work and influence of this noble man of God, whom to truly know is to love and esteem! Your accusation that "the one doctrine which he advocated, that all persons, however wicked or vile that they may have been in this life, will be raised in a state of Adamic purity and given a second probation" is far from true. He believes and teaches that the world will be raised just as they went into death, and that what follows will depend altogether on the course they then pursue. He teaches that all sin defiles the character, and that in the incoming Age those who went into the tomb sinners will require discipline and stripes in proportion to the light sinned against in this life.


You have surely never given Pastor Russell’s teachings sufficient attention to know what he teaches; for I would not wish to believe that you wilfully misrepresent him. I hope not, at least. We only ask that those who sincerely want to know the Bible as they have never yet known it, will secure his books, sold at a mere nominal price, and read, and thus see for themselves. "If they speak not according to the Word, it is because there is no light in them." Pastor Russell’s books are also loaned free, one at a time, to any who apply and will pay return postage.


Every doctrine taught by Pastor Russell will bear the closest scrutiny in the light of the Bible, which cannot be said of the tenets of so-called evangelical Christianity. he invites such scrutiny and careful comparison with the Word of God-the only true Touch-stone whereby the truth or falsity of any doctrine can be proven. If you, Mr. Editor, had studied the Scriptures as carefully and diligently as has the man you denounce without just cause, you would know much more about what the Word of God really teaches. But we try to view the opposition of the leaders in the nominal church systems of today with leniency, knowing that we once did not see, and assured that all will see and acknowledge their mistake before many years. None can afford to be so generous and charitable as those who know their faith is founded on the Rock of Ages and the sure Word of the living God. So we wait in entire patience until our God whom we serve shall vindicate our cause and His Truth.


I had the privilege of attending the debates between Pastor Russell and Dr. E. L. Eaton of the M. E. Church, held in Allegheny some ten years ago, and to which you refer in your article. Pastor Russell was challenged to this debate and accepted. It certainly seemed that any unbiased mind could see without difficulty which one of these two ministers had the Truth, and which manifested the most of the Master’s Spirit. I remember that at one of the series I felt justly indignant at the unwarranted slurs which Mr. Eaton indulged in, and I whispered to my next neighbor expressing its injustice. A gentleman who sat behind me, a perfect stranger, leaned forward and said, "You need have no fears as to the effect of these words. Anyone can see the difference in the spirit shown by these two men." He was able at once to recognize which was the right spirit, and to draw his own conclusions.


As to the dawn of the Millennium, which Pastor Russell believes is near, I will say that if his views of Scripture and the present signs of the times are correct, there will ere long be plenty of outward manifestations convincing to all; and Pastor Russell expects this. And who that is discerning cannot now see and hear the ominous mutterings and rumblings that betoken the coming whirlwind which must burst in fury upon the world before Messiah’s Reign, which is near, will be fully inaugurated? It will truly be a dark night of trouble, but will, thank God, be succeeded soon by the glorious Morning of the New Dispensation, which will open the deaf ears, and enlighten and uplift the entire human family. "For the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God," the Church of Christ, who, as the Revelator tells us, shall reign with Christ as kings and priests in the Kingdom, for the blessing of "all the families of the earth." The "Times of Restitution" are at hand. (Ac 3:19-21.) How full the Bible is of this glorious Gospel-Glad Tidings indeed, "which shall be unto all people!"


Pastor Russell has never believed nor taught that men can sin with impunity in this life and escape the consequences of their sin. He has always taught that "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." All will receive "a just recompense of reward," not eternal torture, of which the Bible knows nothing. The so-called evangelical churches teach many doctrines not found between the lids of the Bible, but pure paganism, mixed with Christianity in the early centuries of this era. Pastor Russell is leading the true Church of God back into the good old paths of the Lord and the Apostles. "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Also I set a watchman over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken. Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what is among them. Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, even the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto My words, nor to My Law, but rejected it."


Truly, "this day is this Scripture fulfilled in our ears," and before our eyes. The religious leaders of our day, as a class, have rejected the Word of the Lord for their own traditions. They are, as shown by the Prophet, desiring to be called by Christ’s name, to "take away their reproach," They are saying, as prophesied, "Let us be called by Thy name, but we will eat our own food and wear our own clothes." They are not feeding from the Lord’s table of precious Truth now so richly supplied in our favored day, nor are they wearing the robe of righteousness furnished by our dear Redeemer. They are not bringing forth "things new and old from the Storehouse" of God’s Word, but are rapidly losing even the very fundamentals of the doctrines of Christ. How few of the religious teachers of today, or of the body of church membership, believe even in the foundation doctrine of the Ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the world-that the Son of God left the glory which He had with the Father and came to earth and became a man, and as a man gave His life a substitute for the life of Adam and the race which fell in him. Thus seen, the effect of the Ransom is as far-reaching as the fall, giving all, both dead and living, an opportunity of eternal life through Christ. A wonderful Plan of Salvation-worthy of our God!


Surely God will require at the hands of these nominal shepherds who are leading the Lord’s sheep astray or leaving them to wander far away over the mountains of doubt and speculation this rejection of His counsels. The flock of God under their care are left to browse on weeds or noxious poisons, and know not where to go. But the Lord, true to his promise through the Prophet, is raising up for His sheep shepherds who will feed the flock, and not fleece them. God has yet some true people who are starving for the true Bread from Heaven, and are not receiving it. These must be reached ere they lose all the spiritual life they have left. Hear the Word of the Lord, referring to our own day, as the context shows: Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord, Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people: Ye have scattered and have not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. And I will gather the remnant (only a faithful remnant) of My flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase. And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them; and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the Lord."


God be thanked that this is now being fulfilled. The Lord has indeed set up over His true people, who are longing for His Word above all else, faithful shepherds who are feeding them, giving them "meat in due season." (Jer 23:1-4; Lu 12:42-44.) The leaders in Zion have not proven true to their commission, and the Lord now, as at His First Advent, has chosen untitled men of loyal hearts to be His mouthpieces. The verse following our last citation may well be a warning to all who are scoffing at the proclamation of Bible Truth now due to be proclaimed to the people of God.


Pastor Russell is not counting himself "some great one," as you charge, Mr. Zaring, and as you would lead others to believe. He is, on the contrary, one of the humblest of men. His present publicity, as he has repeatedly told his family, is very distasteful to him (for he has always preferred to keep himself in the background), but it is submitted to because in the providence of God it seems to be his duty, and to be laid upon him as a part of his sacrifice of himself and his preferences for others. He has never made the claim of being a Greek or Hebrew scholar, but has all the knowledge of these languages necessary to the proper understanding of the Word of God. God is not using many of the great ones of earth for his purposes (see 1Co 1:26-29). Others of our brethren who are able scholars in Greek and Hebrew have proven Pastor Russell’s presentations of Scripture to be thoroughly reliable.


A professor of French in Oxford University has been studying Pastor Russell’s writings in the recent past, and has accepted them as indeed the true teachings of the Word of God and is rejoicing in the knowledge and light thus received on the Bible. He has resigned his professor’s chair and is going to France to take to his people the Truth which has so gladdened and blessed his own heart and mind. Again, a gentleman here in New York city, a lawyer by profession, recently came to the N. Y. Temple to see our Photo-Drama. He has been feeling that he had entirely lost his hold on the Lord, having drifted away from the faith of earlier years. But as he listened and observed, his faith began to revive. He began to investigate and to read the Scriptures and Pastor Russell’s volumes. As a result he has given his heart to God, and is now a consecrated and rejoicing Christian. A minister who attended the Drama stated that he had learned more about the Bible from this Drama than he had learned in his entire course in theological school. So we might multiply instances. Our Society is receiving many, many letters from all parts of the world, telling of the joy and peace and blessing brought to the writers through Pastor Russell’s series of "Studies," and praying God’s richest blessing upon him and his noble work.


If any who are seeking light on this subject will take a run over here to Brooklyn, and visit our headquarters, and see this great company of earnest, enthusiastic Christian workers, and note the spirit of love and harmony and zeal for God that pervades this great, busy hive, it would indeed be a revelation, as so many have testified who have visited us. We have visitors constantly, from everywhere, and they are astonished at the wonderful work carried on here. These earnest Christians are laying down their lives gladly in this blessed service for Christ and His cause.


In conclusion, I will say that Pastor Russell is pastor of the Brooklyn and London Tabernacles, and of Washington Temple, and other congregations. He gives what time he can to these in person, but as his work is world-wide and his responsibilities great, he must of necessity have a number of assistant pastors. He works early and late, every day in the week, and never takes a vacation. His is truly a service of love; and we believe his reward will be great in the Kingdom.




122 Columbia Heights,


May 6th, 1914. Brooklyn, N. Y.



{Later version of November 6, 1914 edition and February 12, 1915 edition of the St. Paul Enterprise}


Complete Refutation of Attack on Pastor Russell Another Open Letter to the Editor of the Northwestern Christian Advocate, Supplemental to The One by A. Goodell James.


Explanatory Note.-The excellent and well received Answer to the "Northwestern" by A. Goodell James, recently published in the Enterprise, left some points of vital interest uncovered. Many requests from friends have come, urging a more complete refutal of the attack. This letter is therefore presented to supplement and reinforce the other, and render our literature on the subject complete in detail. Friends who have desired a reply to the venomous attack by Rev. J. J. Ross, will find it fully given in this answer to Zaring.




Sir:-A copy of your issue of April 15 has been handed me. On the front page I notice a very interesting word portrait of a Methodist, drawn by John Wesley, Methodism’s illustrious founder. He says: "A Methodist is one who has the love of God shed abroad in his heart. . . . His heart is full of love to all mankind and is purified from envy, malice, wrath and every unkind or malign affection. . . . He cannot speak ill of his neighbor, no more than he can tell a lie. He cannot utter unkind or idle words. No corrupt communication ever comes out of his mouth. He does good unto all men, unto neighbors and strangers, friends and enemies.


Turning over two leaves of the paper, I find-"A Warning to All Good Methodists," apparently written by the editor. This article is an attack upon a man who, by the admission of Editor Ellis of the Presbyterian "Continent" and many others, is the most widely known, widely heard and widely read preacher in the world today. In this attack I find the following statements: "Who has dubbed himself Pastor . . . and lacks the first requisite of being a pastor." "Millennial Dawn masquerades." "Pastor Russell is simply trying to steal the livery of Heaven . . . to serve the Devil." "So persistent and deceptive is this man." "Pastors are therefore warned not to fall into the trap set by this wily propagandist." "In order to make their deception complete these canvassers give their editors a choice between their own deceptions and those of Dr. R. A. Torrey." "Thousands of persons have been unwittingly deceived as to their authorship." "The pretense that scientific truths about the creation of the world are being taught by the Pictures." "All interested in our youth are therefore warned to beware of this cunning but mischievous attempt to ensnare and pervert the children who are as ignorant of the wiles of the devil as they are innocent." "He was divorced from his wife on the plea of cruelty and immorality, a woman . . . being named as co-respondent." "He was charged with defrauding the people by selling what he called miracle wheat." "Ross shows that Russell organized ‘lead,’ ‘asphalt,’ and ‘turpentine companies’ . . . concerning which he first swore that he was not in any way connected with said companies, but when faced with documental evidence to the contrary, acknowledged his connections." "Russell is now reputed to be worth several millions of dollars but is careful to keep his wealth under such legal protection that it cannot be seized." "These evidences of his personal unworthiness could well be covered with a mantle of silence, if not of charity, if the teachings of his books and tracts did not contain the poison of heresy and the still more fatal poison of his system whose acceptance leads logically to immorality." "He advocates that all persons, however wicked or vile, . . . will be raised in a state of Adamic purity and given a second probation." "He pretends to have an exact knowledge of the Greek and defies the scholarship of the world." "This man who counts himself to be ‘Some great one.’"


The deadly parallel thus drawn stands out too boldly to require extended comment. If Wesley’s portrait of a Methodist is accurately drawn, the editor of the Northwestern Christian Advocate is not a Methodist and we cannot but wonder whether the church that chose him to his editorship still possesses the ability to discern a Wesleyan Methodist. A careful examination of the Bible representations of a Christian shows beyond dispute that Wesley’s description of a Methodist is the Bible description of a Christian, so that if a man does not measure up to the standard of a Wesleyan Methodist neither does he measure up to the standard of biblical christianity. Surely no one will question that this deadly parallel can be studied by all with immeasurable profit.


You have denounced Millennial Dawn as the product of one man. Let me ask you a question:-If a system of teaching is founded on the Scriptures, what is the name of the one man who is responsible? Millennial Dawn contains 5,972 Scriptural citations, or an average of practically a thousand to each volume. Is Scriptural truth the product of one man?


You say that Mr. Russell has dubbed himself "pastor." Where have you ever found any proof for that statement? I have read nearly all of Pastor Russell’s writings and have conversed and corresponded with him extensively and have yet to come in contact with the first iota of evidence that he styles himself "pastor." He is elected pastor by the various classes of the International Bible Students Association throughout the world at their semi-annual elections by voluntary, unanimous action in which probably more than 150,000 people enthusiastically participate. I have repeatedly participated in such action on the part of large classes in Chicago and Minneapolis. Mr. Russell has been officially notified of this action, has duly accepted the election, and has performed the duties of the position to the entire satisfaction of those who elected him. Please name one living man who is pastor of any people by better right than this. Are Methodists served by pastors of their own choice?


You state that he is not an ordained minister of any denomination. What denomination can you name that is recognized in the Scriptures?-that can prove Scriptural authority for its ordinations?


You state that he lacks the first requisite of being a pastor-that of caring for some particular flock. There is no flock in the world that receives more constant and more personal ministration from a pastor than is given by him to the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Methodists are wont to style their bishops "Chief Pastors." Please tell me what particular flock they care for. According to your definition Peter, Paul and John and the other disciples were not ministers of the Gospel. They were not ordained by any denomination and did not care for any particular flock.


You charge us with masquerading under the title of International Bible Students Association. What warrant have you for styling us masqueraders? The name quoted is our legal, corporate name. Under this name we distribute more Bibles, religious books, sermons and religious tracts than any other religious organization in the world, including all the great denominations: this by the truthful admission of Editor Ellis, already referred to, and many others. You say that the Students International Bible Conference in whose name you accuse us of masquerading "meets occasionally." The average intelligent mind in comparing the most active organization in the world with one that "meets occasionally" would be inclined to regard the latter, if either, as the masquerader. You insinuate that our use of the term International is but a pretense. Our books are translated and circulated in nineteen languages and our tracts in thirty-one. If this is not an international work, please give us your conception of the meaning of the word.


You insinuate that our resolution regarding eternal torment in hell was not the "utterance of a serious body of Bible students who had spoken on an important theme." How many more than thirty-one nationalities must an organization labor amongst to be entitled to be considered serious? If eternal torment in hell is not an important theme why are so many Methodist preachers so loud in proclaiming it?


You assert that Mr. Russell has at times succeeded in gaining an entrance into the advertising columns of religious papers. Your statement is my first information to this effect; but I know that newspaper advertising is paid for and is based on contracts, to which there are always two parties. If Mr. Russell paid for this advertising he fulfilled his part of what the world considers an honorable contract, and it illy behooves "religious papers" which have confessedly been glad to get his money to berate him for a business deal in which they themselves were co-partners. Are they accustomed to spreading before their readers advertisements concerning the character of which they are ignorant? Is such management of religious journals trustworthy? If the publishers of religious papers are unable to discern between good advertisements and bad, could they not publish their papers without advertisements as Pastor Russell publishes his "Watch Tower" and devote them to religious teaching rather than to the quest of filthy lucre?


You say that some of these advertisements promise to pay to those who will distribute religious literature. It seems to me that it would be very honorable for anyone to hire another to distribute religious literature and that the responsibility for the distribution would belong, at least in part, on the distributor. I would like, however, to see one of the advertisements you mention, to gratify curiosity, and will pay you for your trouble if you will send me one.


You say that one of the most successful attempts made by us is to induce Sunday Schools to accept our expositions of the International Lessons. We thank you for the compliment you pay in acknowledging our success and we feel that the Sunday Schools are to be highly congratulated for their good judgment in accepting expositions that are Scriptural. I have yet to learn, however, of the first overtures we have made to any Sunday School; and to satisfy curiosity further will pay you for your trouble in submitting any evidence along this line. You say that for purposes of introduction we will furnish our wares free. We thank you for the compliment of this credit. The Bible invites the people to receive the gospel without money and without price. Mr. Russell by your admission furnishes it to them free. Methodist preachers by common repute are the greatest solicitors on earth. Further comment is unnecessary.


You say that you "understand" that Pastor Russell has changed the name of his books. If you had ever seen the books you surely would not be saying that you "understand" he had done so. By your own admission, therefore, you are attacking a system of Scriptural instruction that you have never seen. Please state by what process of reasoning you justify such conduct as Christian? Pastor Russell did change the name of his books. He certainly had perfect right to do so. They are known to the public as the "Studies in the Scriptures," which is the name they bear; but they are still affectionately called "The Dawns" by members of our Association. What legitimate objections have you to offer?


You say that the publication of the weekly Sunday School Lesson in many secular newspapers is a source of danger to the Sunday School. Where is the danger? You doubtless conceive it to be in the character of the expositions; but how do you know that they are dangerous if, as you seem to admit, you have never seen them? You represent the secular editors of the United States as a group of men who act through lack of information. If they are willing to accept this castigation at your hands, well and good; but we do not share in your opinion of them, and the public in general gives them the credit of being as intelligent a group of men as there is in our country.


You say that our canvassers give the editors a choice between our expositions and Torrey’s. I challenge you to prove that this assertion has any foundation in fact and am willing to pay you well for any trouble you may incur in proving it. You say we emphasize the unsectarian character of our expositions. Will you please furnish us the name of the sect which they acknowledge? There is no sect of which we are aware whose teachings we would not be ashamed to own. Are we not therefore decidedly unsectarian?


You say that our moving picture show pretends to give scientific truths about the creation of the world. Let me inquire if you have ever seen these pictures. If not, by what right do you call them a pretense? If you have seen them, what argument have you to offer against the scientific character of their presentations?


You make a number of very radical assertions regarding Mr. Russell’s personal life. You say that he was divorced on the plea of cruelty and immorality and that a co-respondent was named. Do you know that it is a fact that he has never been sued for divorce on any grounds, properly speaking? He was sued for separate maintenance; although Mrs. Russell at the time had been well maintained separately for a number of years. The object of her suit was to obtain a larger amount of filthy lucre. The jury in the face of contrary instructions from the judge rendered a verdict of separation on the grounds that there was hopeless incompatibility and that both parties would be better off wholly apart. The only testimony given in the trial to prove cruelty was the plea that at one time when she had been sick he had insinuated that the sickness was a manifestation of Divine displeasure. This can be proven by reference to the records in Court.


In regard to the charge of immorality:-I call your attention to the following facts: The incidents to which you refer are alleged to have happened before 1894. No one has ever alleged a later occurrence of any of them. In the year 1894 Mrs. Russell wrote and published a statement denying the truth of all these allegations and denounced the perpetrators as "malicious busy-bodies." In 1895, subsequent to all these incidents, Mrs. Russell herself initiated the teaching that her husband was "that faithful servant" mentioned in the 24th chapter of Matthew, the 45th and 46th verses. She found many who were quick to denounce this interpretation as extremely strong; and in Dec. 1895 wrote a letter to a member of the New York class vigorously defending her interpretation of Mt 24:45, 46 and her application of it to Mr. Russell. I wish to ask you one question in this connection and to insist upon a definite answer. If Mrs. Russell firmly believed in 1895 that Mr. Russell was "that faithful servant" mentioned by the Lord, could she then believe any of the allegations against his reputation made as early as 1893? When she brought these matters up in a suit for separate maintenance in 1906 what could have been her object? If the originators were "malicious busy-bodies" in 1894, what was she in 1906? If you can name any person in history who was ever known to more completely stultify himself than Mrs. Russell stultified herself in this instance, I will be pleased to see you make the attempt. All of these matters are included in the Court records. In this trial she was the author of another stultification to which I would particularly draw your attention. She admitted during the trial that at the beginning of their long married life they had mutually covenanted to observe in spirit the suggestion of the Master in the latter part of Mt 19:12; she then later in the trial, by her attorney, bitterly reproached him for having defrauded her by living true to this covenant. In the light of these facts, to be found in the Court records, how can the insinuation of immorality introduced by her attorneys and rebuked by the Court be justified by any rational being? You say a co-respondent was named in the legal procedure. I challenge you to prove that your utterance is not an open falsehood.


They charge him with defrauding the people by selling what "he called" miracle wheat at $60.00 a bushel, on the claim that it possessed miraculous productivity; when it, in fact, was only common wheat. Do you know it to be a fact that this wheat was named "miracle wheat" long before Pastor Russell ever heard of it, and that its wonderful productivity far beyond common wheat had been attested by United States Government experts? It is likewise a fact that Pastor Russell never sold one grain of this wheat to anybody; which I defy you to disprove. He sanctioned the sale of it by some of his associates with the distinct understanding and guarantee that any purchasers who were dissatisfied might reclaim their money. It is also a fact that none of the purchasers ever asked the return of their money or made any complaint in regard to the wheat. What have you to say to this fact? It is also a fact and a matter of Court record that the Brooklyn Eagle jury requested samples of this wheat as a legal exhibit and that a messenger of the Court was sent to procure the same and that while he was gone the jury brought in their verdict without waiting to see the exhibit. The judge in the opening of his charge made the statement that the publication of the Eagle’s cartoon constituted libel per se. It is also a fact that this case has been appealed to the Higher Courts and is now pending before the Supreme Court of New York, whose decision is expected this year. You say that the Eagle won the case because it told the truth. In the light of these facts, is your statement justified?


You state that Pastor Russell lost his suit for defamatory libel against Rev. J. J. Ross, of Hamilton, Ont., because his charges could not be substantiated. As a matter of fact, the Ross case was never actually tried, but was dismissed by the judge after a preliminary hearing, on the ground that it was a theological difference between two clergymen. In this connection let me call your attention to the fact that the principle charges made by Ross were all embodied in a former case against the Washington Post, which case was won by Mr. Russell. If the charge that the allegations of the Washington Post were libelous was substantiated before the Courts of the United States, what proper ground is there for your assertion that the same charges could not be substantiated in the Ross case?


You state that the Ross pamphlet shows that Mr. Russell made contradictory statements under oath regarding his connection with certain Companies. Ross, in his pamphlet, pretends to quote the utterances of Mr. Russell during that case. As a matter of fact, which can be substantiated by reference to the Court records, Mr. Russell’s statements there have not been quoted in the Ross pamphlet at all. Ross, in making up his pamphlet, has gone through the Court records and taken out a sentence here and an expression there that suited his purpose, omitting the vast majority of Mr. Russell’s statements; and in so doing, he has utterly misrepresented the statements of Pastor Russell that many of those who listened to the proceedings have declared it impossible to recognize the Ross quotations as any part of the actual proceedings of the case. At the conclusion of the matter Ross was challenged by a prominent citizen of Hamilton who had witnessed the proceedings to rehearse the facts of the case in Hamilton in the form of a joint debate and Ross ignominiously retreated in the face of this challenge. He has tried to make it appear in his pamphlet that Mr. Russell sought to avoid trial and would not come to attend until forced by Ross. The facts are that Mr. Russell made several voluntary trips to Hamilton for the purpose of prosecuting the case. On the occasion of his first visit Ross succeeded in getting the case non-suited on a technicality. New papers were immediately drawn and placed in the hands of an officer of the Court for service on Ross; but he had decamped from the town to avoid service and could not be located by the officer. Although he was advertised to have two addresses in Hamilton on the following day, he did not appear to deliver these addresses and his people had no warning of his absence or any knowledge of his whereabouts. He remained away until too late for his case to be tried at the next session of the Assize, and then returned and accepted service. Upon the new date set for trial, Pastor Russell was present and Ross secured a postponement of three weeks on the ground that he was not prepared to defend himself, and upon his faithful promise to the Court that he would be ready at the end of that time. When the time came he was not ready and acknowledged that he had made no attempt to be ready; thus succeeding in dragging the case along until he discovered that Pastor Russell was advertised to be upon an extended tour. He then at once began to insist upon his presence in Hamilton and raised the cry that Pastor Russell was dodging the issue; thus seeking to fasten upon Mr. Russell the stigma of the very offense he himself had committed. Further comments on the character of Ross are unnecessary.


It is wholly untrue that Mr. Russell denied any connections actually held by him with any commercial enterprise. Such connections as he has had have been of a nature generally recognized in the business world as wholly honorable; and by these connections he has been aided in avoiding the begging for money for which your society is noted. You state that Mr. Russell is reputed to be worth several million dollars. The fact is that Mr. Russell is neither a millionaire nor the owner of any property whatever, save such personal possessions as are common to most men. He does not even possess a private residence, but sleeps on a small cot in his study, which is part of the headquarters of the Associations. He does not even receive a salary from the society of which he is president, but merely his board and traveling expenses and an allowance reliably reported as $12.00 a month. Under these circumstances your statement that he keeps his wealth under such legal protection that it cannot be seized is the height of the ridiculous.


You say that his books contain the poison of heresy and for that reason you are not able to cover him with a mantle of charity. In the light of your admission, already referred to, that you have never seen his books, your basis for your confessed want of charity is pitiable. The Scriptures declare that charity covers a multitude of sins; but you have none to cover your unfounded prejudice.


You state that the acceptance of his system leads logically to immorality. I invite you to name any company of people who constantly preach and live up to as high a standard of morality as do the International Bible Students. I challenge you to show that the percentage of immoral persons in the Methodist Episcopal Church is not vastly greater than in our Association.


You state that he teaches that all persons, however wicked or vile, will be raised in a state of Adamic purity and be given a second probation. I challenge you to produce a solitary line quoted anywhere from his writings to give the slightest semblance of truth to your utterance. No statement more false than yours was ever known to fall upon the ears of men; and no man who values his reputation for honesty can afford to ignore such a characterization as I make of your statement. Mr. Russell’s teaching on both these points is diametrically and absolutely contrary to your statement. It is not surprising, however, that you make such statements when you admit that you have never seen his books. Does the Methodist Church expect editorial utterances from you so untrue as to be thus easily swept away?


You assert that he pretends to an exact knowledge of the Greek. This statement is as false as the other. I invite you, however, in this connection to another interesting test. It is a fact that Mr. Russell has made literally thousands of references in his writings to the matter of the correct translation of the Scriptures. If Pastor Russell is as ignorant as charged, it should be easy to prove. I have challenged a number of ministers for an iota of such proof. They have never produced it. I challenge you to the same test. You say that he defies the scholarship of the world. It is a fact that for many years he has been selling to members of our Association, at wholesale prices, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Young’s Analytical Concordance, The Revised Version, Tischendorf’s New Testament, Rabbi Leeser’s Translation of the Old Testament and many other works of similar character. He has encouraged the purchase and constant use of these works and has used them continuously himself for more than forty years. What sort of defiance of the scholarship of the world does this appear to be? I challenge you to show that as large a proportion of Methodists as of our people use the scholarly work of the Methodist Dr. Strong.


You endorse the attack of Dr. Eaton of the Methodist Church, entitled "The Millennial Dawn Heresy." In the foreword of his attack, Eaton makes a childish complaint that the newspapers, in publishing the account of his debates with Pastor Russell, did not fairly represent his case and that he was, therefore, forced after a lapse of eight years to write the book in order to set himself right before the public. On page 16 of his book, in the first paragraph, he sweeps the Apostle Matthew and his gospel aside as narrow minded and unworthy of the Christians of later ages. At the top of page 17 with equal abandon he sweeps aside the book of Ecclesiastes as unworthy of modern faith. These are but samples of a hundred vital criticisms that could easily be offered against this book. If you endorse such teaching as this; if the Methodist church endorses it, we are very glad that we are not of your number. We do not discard any portion of the Bible or tear it to pieces, and have nothing in common with the higher criticism that has swept through the ranks of the Methodist ministry. We are proud of the fact.


Pastor Russell’s success as a teacher of the Scriptures is due to his wonderful fidelity to the Scriptures. It is because of this fact that his Studies in the Scriptures have enjoyed a sale of more than eight million volumes; which is the world’s record in book selling, apart from the Bible itself. It is for this reason that his sermons are printed every week in 2,000 secular newspapers reaching a circulation of probably twenty million; a record more than four times as great as that of Talmage, the former champion in this regard. It is for this reason that his preaching is attended by crowds such as no other preacher enjoys. And it is because of his wonderful success as a preacher of the Scriptures; because of the fact that he is the only theologian since the days of the Apostles who has been able to demonstrate the harmony of the Bible with itself from cover to cover; because of the fact that he is able to do all this wonderful work without soliciting money or taking collections, that he is hated and maligned by those who profess to be Christian ministers who are unable to keep pace with him in producing results. Practically the same criticisms were heaped on John Wesley.


You may never feel disposed to make answer to the various points to which I here challenge your attention, but you may be certain that your exact position will not escape the eyes of a discerning public.


In the interest of truthful utterance,




W. H. Bradford.



Is Torment Biblical? Ladies’ Home Journal Gives View of Noted Preacher Lyman Abbott


Does the Bible teach "eternal torment?"


Do you believe the Bible teaches eternal torment for the wicked?


I can best answer this question by quoting, from an article contributed by me in 1899 to a book entitled, "The Unknown Country," the following paragraph, "I cannot be dogmatic respecting the future state; I seek not to know what God has not clearly revealed. I cannot with curious eyes peer into that utter darkness which lies beyond the shut door. I can only say, as the result of a quarter of a century’s study of the New Testament, that in my judgment there is very little in it to warrant belief in endless conscious sin and suffering, and much in it to warrant the belief that the end of sin is death, that life and immortality are the gift of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, that when God shall have finished the work of redeeming grace, and the song of triumph shall ascend from His redeemed children, no groans and no rebellious and despairing discords shall mingle with and mar the hymns of praise." In illustration of this note the fact that the "fire that is not quenched" and "the worm that dieth not" are symbols of destruction, not of torment. Outside of the walls of Jerusalem, in the valley of Gehenna, was kept perpetually burning a fire, on which the offal of the city was thrown to be destroyed. This is the "hell fire" of the New Testament. Christ warms His auditors that persistence in sin will make them offal, to be cast out from the holy city and destroyed.



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It circulates in every State in the Union and in lands beyond the sea, indeed it encircles the globe. The irresistible force of the messages it publishes has changed this little weekly paper from local to International importance. It is a means of communication between Laborers in the Harvest, far and near, and is especially enjoyed by isolated ones.


St. Paul Enterprise publishes Pastor Charles T. Russell’s sermons each week and other matters contributed by those in search of Truth.


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Clerical Attitude to Pastor Russell Who will Win the Fight to Make Him Join the Church Trust or Quit? REASONS FOR THE CLASH Is He Too Independent in His Views and Methods? Will He Change? (From National Labor Tribune.)


Read after by more people than Frederick Haskin, Arthur Brisbane, Norman Hapgood, and half a dozen other of the leading syndicate writers combined, can at present be said of Pastor Russell, head of the evangelistic work in Europe centering in the London Tabernacle, and the American Anti-Hell Fire movement centered in the Brooklyn Tabernacle.


Cordially opposed by ecclesiastical standpatters, for his progressive methods, and enthusiastically supported by the masses everywhere, is the interesting position now occupied by the venerable Pastor of two continents.


The Church Trust.  


In 1846, when the rivalry of the various creeds was at its highest, their leaders got together and formed the "Evangelical Alliance" or "Church Trust" and agreed that henceforth they would not fight each other, and forthwith proceeded to monopolize the evangelistic world. The Alliance confidently expected to force all evangelists to come into line and operate under their auspices.


Oblivious to their threats, Pastor Russell, in 1874, undertook an independent work and proceeded to progress as did people in other lines of teaching. Among his progressive planks was the one laying special emphasis on the fact that the Bible itself repudiates the idea of a literal burning lake of fire and brimstone as a place for punishment. This independent work has been carried on from year to year by an increasing corps of public lecturers operating under the personal supervision of Pastor Russell. Their meetings are always advertised as non-sectarian and "Seats Free-No Collection." Other Progressive teachers have dared to do an independent work, but none have prospered as has Pastor Russell, whose work has extended to nearly every people, kindred and tongue.


Nearly every one has found himself asking, "Where does Pastor Russell get the money for so big a work? and why so varied the reasons for opposing his efforts?" To find the true answer to these queries has necessitated the interviewing of thousands of people, including hundreds of ministers and laymen and newspaper editors in nearly every country in the world.


Some ministers say that they oppose Pastor Russell because he teaches some certain doctrine in some peculiar way. Other ministers in these same denominations say that they agree with Pastor Russell on those particular doctrines, but oppose him on other doctrines. Others say that the essential views held by Pastor Russell find endorsement in part in every denomination represented in the Evangelical Alliance, but not in their entirety by any one of these denominations. Therefore, it seems that Pastor Russell has taken the Bible spokes out of the various denominational wheels and has, by assembling them, secured a better wheel for his own use and one he likes to preach about. Many thousands have heard the Gospel Message as delivered by Pastor Russell and gladly contribute large sums of money for the purpose of disseminating the message broadcast. Thus comes the money.


Purpose of the Opposition


To drive Pastor Russell into the Trust, or make him quit, seems to be the purpose of the standpatters in the "Church Trust." Those most active admit that the opposition will continue as long as Pastor Russell remains outside the Trust. It matters not what Pastor Russell teaches, just so long as he announces "Seats free-no collection," and "non-sectarian," the whip is sure to crack over his head. Church Trust votaries in the creed-bound Evangelical Alliance, seeing that people hear Pastor Russell gladly, now propose to destroy his influence by proclaiming him a fraud, and twist the Miracle Wheat incident as proof. It is interesting to watch the venerable world-famed Pastor in his daily work, and wonder who will win in the world wide effort to make him join the "Trust" or quit. Pastor Russell’s comment is that he has for forty years been fighting a good fight, and that he will continue his Christian Pilgrimage as an "Independent." And it surely looks that way.



Europe’s Great Conflict Forecasts Armageddon


A Minnesota Bible Student Finds Causes and Outcome of World’s Greatest War Plainly Marked in Divine Word. (Re 16:16.)


That for which we feared and trembled, has come-a war, yet in its infancy, but one that we believe will develop into a world-wide struggle between nations, until it finally winds up with a reign of anarchy, because the masses refuse to be butchered at the whim of the rulers.


The powers will fight to the bitter end, because their honor and prestige are at stake, and while millions of men are on the battlefields, millions of dollars’ worth of life’s necessities go to waste, because the harvesters are away. Prices will soar skyward; in fact, they are soaring now, daily, hourly.


There is no nightmare but a grim reality. The big, black headlines in the newspapers tell the story of slaughter, want and suffering. Reliable news is scarce, but what we do receive gives up a vivid, but horrible, picture of the awful drama enacted on the battlefields of central Europe.


The world stands aghast. It cannot account for the change of attitude among the nations; but if we, in our perplexity, go to the Bible of information, and study its chronology, we will see that the present trouble has been foretold by God’s mouthpiece, the prophets. We will see, that the rule of the Gentiles is soon to end. The turmoil in Mexico and Europe is the distant thunder, that tells us that still greater tribulations are due very soon.


The Jews fell from God’s favor, because they refused to accept Christ as their savior, and the Gentiles were accepted when Cornelius, the first Gentile convert, was baptized. For over nineteen centuries, we, the Gentiles, have "by the grace of God" been the rulers of the world. During these centuries we have tried to convert the masses. The result is skepticism, sectarianism, infidelism and anarchy. The Bible is ridiculed, the pews are empty, the theological seminaries are breeders of higher critics, and the world at large has gone pleasure mad. Humanitarians and idealists are preaching world-wide peace. Millionaires build peace palaces and prizes are given yearly to those who use their influence towards the preservation of peace. Yes, even the nations have, as the prophet Jeremiah says, "healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people," slightly-the nominal church saying: "Peace, peace, when there is no peace," because all the while they were assuring each other of their honest intentions, they were building war ships and inventing deadly weapons with which to destroy each other.


The roaring cannons, the bursting shells, the cracks of the muskets, and the awful explosions of the hidden mines, are the death knells of the Gentile reign. Like Pharaoh, they are blinded by their greed and self conceit. The adversary, knowing, that with the fall of the Gentile governments his reign will also be at an end, is making the last fierce struggle to retain his six-thousand year hold on humanity. He is setting nation against nation, class against class. As he, and not the Lord, has been the Prince of this world since the fall, so is he marking his own downfall with the greatest tragedy the world has ever known. Therefore, we are on the eve of a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time." (Da 12:1.) "And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days," (Mt 23:20.)


What may we expect, when the nations have exhausted their power, neglected their land, emptied their coffers, ruined their credit and sacrificed the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings? What may we expect when the turbulent sea, the restless, anarchistic masses of mankind, realize the extent and result of the slaughter? Anarchy in all its brutal violence.


The masses that before were ignorant and divided, an unorganized, undisciplined army, are now educated. Their unions are links in the chain that surrounds the world. The kings, the captains of industries, the capitalists, all tremble at their wrath. Suppose the 55,000 engineers and firemen had gone on strike! What a calamity that would have been to the nation, yes, to the entire western hemisphere, and for that matter, to the whole world!


The strike was averted by the mediation of the president. The time had not come for the turbulent sea to roar in the nation. Had it, neither the president nor all the monarchs of the world would be able to stem the tide.


When a building is aflame, the part on which there is poured most water stands the longest. Water symbolizes Truth. The true understanding of God’s word finds more hearers in this than in any other nation. May we not hope, that, as the Lord blessed Obededom and all his household, because the ark was left in his house for three months, so will the angel hold the "four winds of the earth," so that our visitation will be less severe in "the day of the Lord’s anger."


Many consider it almost blasphemy for any man to say that the end of the gospel dispensation is at hand. They refer to Daniel, where the Lord tells him to "shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end."


Daniel was in great distress. In perplexity he asked: "Oh my lord, what shall be the end of these things?" The Lord said: "Go thy way Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white and tried, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand," and the Lord added: "But the wise (not the worldly-wise) shall understand." (Da 12:4, 8, 9, 10.)


If prophecy was never designed to be understood, there would be no reasonable object in giving it.


We may also recall the words of Paul: "But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you, for yourselves knew perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye brethren are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you as a thief."


We also remember Jesus’ words to the disciples: "and when these things come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption-deliverance-(Greek, Apolutrosis)-draweth nigh. (Lu 21:28.)


The signs that indicate that we are at the end of the Gospel dispensation are many. Among the most prominent is the fact that the Jews are returning to Palestine. Rains are now falling at short intervals, and the soil that for centuries has been a barren waste is becoming very productive. The city of Jerusalem is modernized. It has electric lights, sewerage and paved streets. Jewish millionaires have settled there, and are spending fortunes and time in improving and utilizing the resources of the country. The return of the Jews is a feature in the Plan of the Ages, the plan of the Lord as foretold by the prophets: "And I will bring again the captivity of my people of Israel, and they shall build the waste cities, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and drink the wine thereof; they shall also make gardens, and eat the fruit of them. And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall be no more pulled up out of their lands which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God."


That we may rest assured that the above indicates the closing of the Gentile times, we call to mind Christ’s words to the disciples: "And he spoke to them a parable; behold the fig tree (the Jewish nation) and all the trees. When they now shoot forth, ye see, and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand." Yes, when the Jewish nation seeks back to the land of their forefathers, we know that summer, the blessed day of Christ’s reign, is near, is at hand.


Therefore, when we see the things coming to pass that were foretold by the prophets, when we see the nations gather at Armageddon, i.e., Mount of Destruction, we are not perplexed, but we rejoice, because we know that deliverance is drawing nigh. After the reign of anarchy and terror of which the French Revolution was but a shadow, there will follow, the Bible tells us, a thousand-year reign of Christ. During this great day of judgment, "the Devil will be bound, that he may deceive the nations no more."


As the reign of the Adversary has been a spiritual one, so will Christ’s reign be spiritual. Under the reign of the meek and gentle Jesus, "the desert shall blossom as a rose." With all evil influences removed, there shall be no more wars, no more strife. "There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days, for the child shall die a hundred years old, but the sinner being a hundred years old, shall be accursed (cut off in death).


"And they shall build houses and inhabit them, and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They shall not build and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat; for, as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.


"They shall not labor in vain, nor bring forth for trouble, for they are the seed of the blessed of the Lord, and their offspring with them. And it shall come to pass, that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear."


"The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock; and dust shall be the serpent’s (Satan’s) meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain (kingdom) saith the Lord." (Isa. 65: 20-25.)


Now, during the Gospel age, it is a narrow way, and "few there be that find it"; during the Millennium, the reign of Christ, it will be a highway to holiness, because we shall walk by sight and not by faith.


In Europe the wind is blowing, as it were; here the angels are still "holding the four winds of the earth": and they are told: "Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in the forehead" (seat of intellect).


"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." that you may be hid in the day of our Lord’s anger.


Soon the last trumpet will sound, proclaiming the downfall of the Gentile nations. "Even so come Lord Jesus."




Grovelake, Minn., via Brooten.


Aug. 15, 1914.



{Feb. 12, 1915 Edition} Ark Of The Lord In Wicked Hands 1Sa 4:1-18-Feb. 21,


A Corrupt Priesthood-A Demoralized People-Attempt to Bring God Into The War-The Ark of the Covenant Captured-Same Principle in Operation Today-Tragic Death of Eli and His Two Sons-Which Nations Are In Covenant Relationship With God?


"Be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deluding your own selves."-Jas 1:22.


Some twenty years after God’s prediction of the calamities to befall Eli and his family, the tragedy related in this lesson occurred. In all that time, Eli, now ninety-eight years old, had allowed matters to continue in his sons’ hands, notwithstanding their dishonesty in the things of God, and their immorality and pernicious example. We are not to overestimate the moral and religious conditions of the people during those twenty years, but we may assume that the evil example of the priests, the sons of Eli, had a demoralizing effect. According to God’s Covenant with the nation, He was bound to punish them.


A fresh invasion of the Philistines took place. The Israelites went out to meet them in battle and were defeated. In their chagrin they looked to God, just as all the nations of Europe today are doing.


Indeed, the Israelites had more ground for attempting to bring God into the war, for invoking the assistance of religious symbols, etc., than have the warring kingdoms of today; for God had declared that they were His special people, and that He would protect them as long as they would be loyal to Him. On the other hand, the kingdoms of this world have no such Divine promise, have no ground for such expectations of Divine aid. They are falsely styling themselves Christian kingdoms-"Christendom"; whereas they have neither part nor lot with the Lord. He recognizes no nations except Natural Israel of the past and Spiritual Israel of the present.-1Pe 2:9.


A Present-Day Parallel.  


The Israelites doubtless had read how the Ark of the Lord went before them in the Wilderness journey, how it was in the midst of the Jordan when the people crossed dry-shod, and how it was in the procession that marched around Jericho when the walls fell. So they determined to bring the Ark into the battle. Their reasoning apparently was that God would not permit the Ark of the Covenant to be injured or captured; and that hence the victory would be bound to come to Israel.


The people forgot that they had been living in violation of their Covenant with God; and that that Covenant called for punishment upon them at the hand of their enemies. They forgot that the two priests were thieves and robbers, garbed as the priests of God; that they were immoral, impure, posing as the representatives of the Divine Holiness.


Today, as in the days of Eli’s sons, the people shout as they couple the Cause of God with their national projects. Again they forget that God’s Cause is under Divine direction, and will prosper best by the permission of a great defeat to all these systems of men, preparing incidentally for the establishment of Messiah’s Kingdom, after the Armageddon of the Bible shall have humbled the world and made them ready to accept the new King Immanuel and His Kingdom.


There was a great slaughter and a scattering of the Israelites. Eli’s two sons were slain. The Ark of God was captured. A swift runner brought the sad intelligence to Shiloh, where Eli as judge sat upon his high seat in the gate, fearfully remembering the twenty-year-before prediction of disaster. The runner reported to Eli that the battle had gone against the Israelites, that his two sons were slain and that the Ark of the Lord had been captured by the Philistines.


When Eli learned that his precious treasure, for which he was guardian by Divine appointment, had been taken by the Philistines, the poor old man fell over in a faint, his chair toppled, his neck was broken. Although faithful at heart until death at ninety-eight, nevertheless he is not without reproof in that he neglected to see that the work entrusted to him was not interfered with by those of his own household. His loyalty to God was not sufficiently great to hinder him from shirking his responsibility. In his character was too much of the spirit of "peace at any price," not enough of that which is prepared to die for righteousness’ sake.


Israel Different From Other Nations.  


The lesson taught to God’s Covenant people, Israel, the Lord next sent chastisements upon the Philistines, so that they were glad to return the Ark to the people of God. This does not authorize us in supposing that pestilences, etc., are special punishments of God. We must remember that the nation of Israel was in covenant relationship with God and under Divine supervision.



Intelligent Endorsement  


From a St. Paul Friend Who Has Nearly Reached Four-Score Years.


I have a few questions which I wish to submit for the consideration of the thoughtful who may read these lines.


Frequently when trying to tell friends, or acquaintances, about Pastor Russell’s sermons, or when emphasizing some teaching of his which I feel burdened of heart to have them know, their attitude finds expression in these words: "Oh, I can’t believe that Mr. Russell knows more than all the educated ministers and doctors of divinity of his time!"


The questions then in their simplest form, stripped of all verbiage, are as follows: Does Pastor Russell know more than all the multitude of careless ones who have for generations crowded themselves into Moses’ seat, with even less merit than those occupying it of old, of whom Jesus spake in the 23rd chapter of Matthew, for He did permit His disciples to observe and do as those Pharisees commanded, but would not tolerate their works? We seriously doubt if the Master would approve of either the teachings or doings of these late occupants of Moses’ chair.


Second: If Pastor Russell does know more, where did he get his wisdom? And, finally, does he claim to have derived wisdom from any source other than that to which all who would honestly proclaim the Gospel have access, the Inspired Word of God, illuminated by the Holy Spirit?


Who of all the learned Divines, since Isaiah’s time, has told us anything about that "altar of the Lord in the land of Egypt, and a pillar in the border thereof?" Or have they all, save Pastor Russell, stood in speechless amazement before this majestic structure, which to their blind eyes has been as communicative as a tobacco-sign Indian, only to turn away with the exclamation, "One of the seven wonders of the world!" Are their ears equally laden to the voice of prophesy, and their eyes so blinded that they cannot "discern the signs of the times" in what is taking place in Palestine, in these latter days, when hills and valleys that have been as barren as ash heaps have become covered with verdure? Do they learn anything of especial significance when they read of the Czar of Russia, the Kaiser of Germany, and other rulers of earth loosening the fetters that have bound God’s chosen people for twenty-five hundred years? Or has it been left to Pastor Russell and his co-workers to explain the significance of the pyramid, that age-long mystery, and to unfold the prophecies and their fulfillment?


Any fair-minded person who questions Pastor Russell’s clear and definite teaching relative to these points will do well after reading them to turn to Eze 21:25-27, and then to consult that old Biblical authority, Dr. Adam Clarke, for his exposition of the prophecy. Some may not be able readily to refer to him and I will quote what he says about the meaning of Eze 21:27: "I will utterly destroy the Jewish government, ‘until He comes whose right it is’ that is, until the coming of the Son of David, the Lord Jesus, who in a mystical and spiritual sense, shall have the throne of Israel. Brief as is Dr. Clarke’s comment it fully confirms Pastor Russell’s teachings.


Through his knowledge of the Word and its teachings, Pastor Russell has for twenty years or more been declaring the occurrences of this present epoch. On the other hand, who of all these numberless ministers and doctors of divinity has undertaken to open up the prophecies, or make known their teachings? If it were possible for these blind leaders of the blind, these man-ordained teachers to take an unprejudiced look at something besides the incident of the thief on the cross, which they make the basis of their teaching concerning the efficacy of a death-bed repentance to rescue sinners from a hell of their ecclesiastical creating, which they teach may be escaped by the penitent exclaiming with his latest breath, "Lord, remember me in thy kingdom," if, I say, instead of building on such a sandy foundation as some are trying to lay, which others of their brethren with as much zeal are trying to destroy, all would look impartially at Pastor Russell’s teachings and be just to their own manhood; they would admit that no one since the days of the Apostles has taught God’s plan so clearly or shown it to be so beneficial to humanity, or so glorifying to its author.


Pastor Russell does not now know, nor has ever claimed any knowledge which is not obtainable by any who devoutly and persistently seek for truth, but if those who oppose his teaching will not give it the thoughtful consideration it deserves, who reject the revelation of God’s plan, have been excusable in the past, because of ignorance and superstitious devotion to creed, will that plea avail them any further after being so plainly shown the glorious truth?


The writer of this article does not for one moment claim infallibility for Pastor Russell, nor contend that he is not "a man of like passions with other men," but would not be so brazen as to deny that God has made use of him to let loose a great light upon the world.


Yours sincerely,



{November 6, 1914 edition} Voices of the People.


What our Readers Say


These are Our Readers’ Columns for the Fair, Free and Frank Discussion of all Matters of Human Interest.


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


A copy of the April 3rd issue of your interesting little sheet lies before me. Among the many letters from correspondents is one so different in spirit and contents that it is unique. Its anonymous writer makes an attack on Pastor Russell, which is characterized by neither fairness nor accuracy of statement. Perhaps he is ashamed to make known his name!


We quote from the anonymous critic:


"The whole business (Pastor Russell’s teachings) says, ‘Rest easy,’ ‘Don’t worry,’ ‘You’ll be all right later if not now. * * * If I ever find it necessary to encourage people to put off concern about spiritual things I would turn to real Universalism which finally turns ALL men to Christ and salvation, and not to ‘Russellism,’ which saves only Russellites and annihilates-finally the rest."


This anonymous critic must rate your readers as possessing a poor grade of mentality when he makes such statements as the above, and others not quoted. For whoever reads Pastor Russell’s magnificent discourse on Character-building on the very same page with the epistle of our anonymous writer cannot fail to perceive how erroneous is his deduction as expressed in the above quotation from his pen. Just where he finds anything ever written by Pastor Russell to substantiate his claim that the Pastor encourages people to put off concern about spiritual things is a mystery. How any one having even a very small claim to intelligence, not to mention moral integrity, can make such statements as this critic has done is another mystery.


That this anonymous writer does not understand the teachings of the venerable Brooklyn Pastor is easily explained by a quotation from Scripture: "The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1Co 2:14.) But even a man who is unconsecrated can know when he is transgressing such plain statements as these: "Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil." "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." "Speak evil of no man."


The virulent opposition to the Pastor’s teachings emanating from certain classes of professedly religious people is a cause of much surprise to many; for not even one of his critics, anonymous or otherwise, has betrayed even a slight familiarity with his teachings, or with his personality. Such as have made attacks upon this humble, earnest servant of God would do well to ponder the words of Gamaliel to the Jewish Sanhedrin: "Take heed to yourselves . . . Refrain from these men, and let them alone; for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought; but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest happly ye be found even TO FIGHT AGAINST GOD." (Ac 5:35-39.)


Pastor Russell’s method of Bible study differs from the old-fashioned one used by the majority of his critics, possibly by all of them, in that he pursues what is known as the laboratory method of study, used successfully by all modern scholars. That is to say, instead of relying upon traditional interpretation of the Scriptures, he studies them for himself, comparing Scripture with Scripture, and making frequent use of the many valuable Concordances and other modern Bible helps which render Bible study a delightful pursuit. Like students in science, literature, medicine, etc., who are now following the laboratory method of study, he has been obliged to drop many antiquated ideas formulated during the Dark Ages, when very few, comparatively, could read and when helps to study were practically unknown. But, unlike those of students in other fields his findings are not received with the spirit of courtesy which characterizes professional progress in science, literature, etc. On the contrary, the spirit of envy has blinded the eyes of many to the truly helpful and reasonable explanations of Scripture set forth by the Pastor, who without doubt is one of the greatest living Bible students.


The anonymous critic whose remarkable misstatements regarding the Pastor’s teachings are quoted above is a fair sample of the style of men who criticize what evidently they do not understand. By so doing they merely argue themselves unknown to the value of Bible study. Since they cannot confute the Pastor’s exegesis of Scripture, they content themselves with misrepresentation of both his writings and his character. Such would do well to reflect upon the wise saying of Abraham Lincoln: "You may fool all of the people a part of the time, and a part of the people all of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."


Personally the writer of this letter has been a close student of Pastor Russell’s works for more than twenty-five years, and cannot find words to express the great benefit received therefrom. At the time when I first read his "Divine Plan of the Ages," I was considered a good Bible student; but when I had finished that marvelous exegesis of the plan of salvation, I felt that if the writer of that volume knew what he professed to know about the Bible, then I knew practically nothing. Immediately I began to study the Bible from a new point of view. Taking up one subject after another-immortality, life, death, the soul, etc.-with the aid of a concordance I soon found that I actually knew almost nothing about the real meaning of the Word of God. From that time onward my Bible was to me a new Book. Other and deeper subjects one after another claimed my time and attention; and finally I had a grasp upon the Scriptures as a whole that was well worth all the study that could possibly put upon the Word. I had learned how to study.


For the past ten years I have been so situated that I could become well acquainted with the Pastor and other officers of the I. B. S. A. Therefore I feel qualified to offer testimony to their standard of character, their faithfulness in self-sacrifice, their zeal in the service of the Master. The Pastor is a noble example of a Christian. From personal and intimate knowledge I can testify that the slanderous stories set afloat by a certain contingency are absolutely FALSE-not even a shadow of truth in even the least of them. Many who have maligned this noble, self-sacrificing servant of the Master will one day hang their heads in shame at the memory of their slanders. But "the servant is not greater than his Lord." "All who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."


As for yourself, my dear sir, I congratulate you for your manly stand for right, your courage in withstanding the attacks of those who would intimidate you into refusing to publish the Pastor’s sermons. For every wounded feeling, for every slight, for every hard word endured because of your noble stand, you will receive a hundredfold of blessing in the coming Kingdom of our God, for which we pray: "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, even as it is done in Heaven."


Thanking you for your many kindnesses and wishing you success in all your undertakings for righteousness and truth, I am


Very respectfully yours,




Brooklyn, N. Y.




Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. 14, 1914.  


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


Through the kindness of some unknown friend, whom I take this opportunity to thank, we have been receiving the Enterprise for the past four weeks.


When I received the first copy and read your three-months subscription proposition I decided that I would send my dollar along with the rest of the friends to help boost a good thing, but sickness and other hindering causes prevented me from doing so at once; but when I read your appeal for help last week, I concluded that it was time for me to "get busy," which I did last Sunday.


At the close of our praise and testimony meeting, just before the morning sermon, I asked the leader of the meeting for a few minutes time, which was readily granted me, and in a three minute talk I told the congregation all that I thought needful regarding the work that the Enterprise was doing and mentioning of course the three-month subscription price, and offered to take subscriptions from any who wished the paper.


At the close of the sermon, without any further solicitation, I took my stand near the door with book and pencil ready for business. I expected to do some business, but was not prepared for the rush that set in. Immediately, the people saw me, they poked the money at me so fast that I could not begin to keep up with the procession, when another brother came to the rescue and helped me out.


When the rush was over we discovered we had fifty-six names, fifty paid spot cash, and the other six are as good as paid.


Upon my arrival home, I telephoned my sister, Mrs. C. A. Wise, who had been detained at home that morning, telling her about the matter, and at once she wanted to be in, and gave me four names on her own account making sixty names in all.


Enclosed please find list with check for $15.00 for the same.


Will just say that I am very much pleased with your paper, and have received specific benefit from it.


I have known Pastor Russell for twenty-six years, and did not need the defense of Mr. W. H. Bradford and others to add anything to my good opinion of Mr. Russell, for a close personal acquaintance during all these years has placed and kept my confidence in the absolute integrity of this remarkable man at the "top notch." However, I have been benefited in this, -while I knew that the stories so industriously circulated by Pastor Russell’s enemies were of the vilest kind of calumny, I did not know just where to lay my hand on the proof that such was the case. I was very much in the condition of the hunter who possessed of a good gun and in the midst of plenty of game, was short on ammunition. Now, since reading the various articles in the Enterprise, I have not only the gun but plenty of good ammunition as well, so that if any of the Dr. Riley class "cut loose" in Indianapolis I will be in shape to go after them.


I am more than glad to see so many of those who have known Bro. Russell so long taking up the cudgel in his defense. He has neither the time nor the inclination to do it himself, and I don’t know whether or not he would endorse the action of others in doing so. If not, for once I would have to go against his wishes, and get in the ring stripped for the fight.


By the way, Dr. Riley’s letter to the editor seems to me to be a pretty smooth article. When I read your account of the proposed debate between Dr. Riley and Elder Bradford, I felt quite sure that the doctor would "back down," but I could not even guess how. Now it would seem that after quite a long silence on the doctor’s part, he has learned of the fact that the "Watch Tower" columns have never been open to "debates," and he, no doubt, felt quite safe in writing as he did. I would, however, like to offer this suggestion: Inasmuch as the doctor seems to be quite anxious to help the dupes of Pastor Russell out, and from the further fact that many of the aforesaid dupes are subscribers of the Enterprise, -and I hope and believe that hundreds more of them will become such, -it would be well for him to accept the offer of the Enterprise to open its columns and meet Mr. Bradford in debate. I can assure him that his missionary efforts will not be a failure; at least not for want of a hearing by those whom he seems so anxious to rescue.


In closing I will say that I have not the pleasure of an acquaintance with Mr. Bradford, but judging him by his articles in the Enterprise, as well as his relation to present truth, he would, no doubt, be able to give Dr. Riley as neat a trimming along theological lines as he has already done in the matter of "muck raking."




Marlton, N. J., July 13, 1914.  


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


For some time I have been trying to get a chance to tell you of my keen appreciation of the good religious feast furnished us weekly in your fine little paper. I became acquainted with the Enterprise through a dear friend who sent me sample copies last winter, and I can’t express in words how glad I was to find a newspaper editor broad-minded and brave enough to give the precious Truth its due.


The first copy I saw of your paper contained those slanderous excerpts from letters of prejudiced critics, and I felt that in the face of such criticism your unswerving steadfastness and loyalty to the principles of righteousness must surely command the highest esteem of all pure-hearted truth-seekers. God bless you, Mr. Editor! May the good work you are so faithfully supporting abound more and more to your own happiness, now and in time to come as well as to the pleasure and benefit of those who are richly blessed through your efforts!


I am very grateful for the space you give for our dear friend’s correspondence. It is so nice, especially for those of us who are isolated to hear from each other thus every week; almost as good as meeting personally.


That was certainly a fine letter of Fred and Anna Rathke in the June 19th issue; it expressed the sentiment of my heart exactly. Pastor Russell’s sermons in full and the articles of H. E. Hollister are well worth being more than thankful for; not many newspapers give us such a treat!


And then too, Mr. Editor, once in a while you have something new for us in the form of pleasant surprises, such as that excellent letter of A. G. James to Mr. Zaring and the articles on the third page of the June 26th issue.


I want to say, right now, I think your paper is getting better all the time, in every way! As for those who cannot appreciate the religious features in the Enterprise, there are surely enough other items of interest that must appeal to them whether or not they are residents of St. Paul. I do not see where any have proper cause to find fault, although I can understand why some find certain advertisements objectionable. But as the Enterprise is for all, we know some readers would feel slighted in being denied what they justly consider their rights, therefore we ought not to murmur or complain; surely all liberty-loving Christians can overlook little trifles that are not to their liking in a paper that takes such a firm stand for full freedom and the whole truth, in this, our day, when error so sadly blinds the multitude.


Let us all help, friends, rather than hinder the good cause in any way! Things that do not please some of us may be just "the center of attraction" for some others. (Let us seek that which is good, closing our eyes to the evil which in due time shall all pass away under the uplifting influences of the Reign of Blessedness when "nothing shall hurt or destroy" on God’s Footstool made glorious.) Surely, an Editor who is doing his very best to serve us all acceptably needs all the encouragement we can give!


I have noted with much pleasure the arrangement that has been made for the benefit of those unable to bear the expense of the Enterprise. How exceedingly grateful these dear friends must be to you, for bringing their need to the attention of others who may help in such a nice way that those benefited need feel no hesitancy in accepting the kindness! How closely this method of assisting binds the whole family of your readers together in the spirit of loving helpfulness, their letters from time to time plainly show-contrasting greatly with the selfish spirit so prevalent in the world today.


I would dearly love to share in bringing the light and cheer of the "little paper" to the needy ones, but in my present environment I am unable to secure subscriptions. I can only pray the dear Lord to bless the efforts of those privileged to serve in this way.


I certainly was glad to get "An Answer to Dr. Gray." A couple of years ago an enemy of the Truth sent me his virulent attack on the teachings of Pastor Russell, and ever since reading this product of prejudiced unfairness I have wished for just such an "Answer" as we have enjoyed from the pen of Elder Bradford. What a striking contrast the pure, moderate, appealing language in this excellent "Answer" bears to the bitter expressions manifesting the un-Christian spirit throughout the attack! It is not hard to determine whose words will have the greater weight with those desiring to know the truth.


And now in conclusion, I will say, I think you are doing well your part in having (to use your own expression in a recent issue of your paper), "a house by the side of the road, being a friend to man." The lack of the spirit of true-hearted friendliness is what causes so much desolation in the world today. But Oh! how much more desolate it would be were it not for one here and there


"Whose heart with self hath not been filled,


Whose love for God hath not been killed,


Whose thankful praise hath not been stilled;


There’s one such here and there!"


And, Oh! how glad your readers are to find you one of these, dear friend! Even if some narrow-minded people do harshly criticize and condemn you in the noble stand you have taken for the pure Truth of God, you have the satisfaction of strengthening day by day, your adherence to the pure, unbiased principles governing a strictly honest life; you have the Lord’s approval-and thousands of earnest Christian people with full confidence in your integrity, are ready to stand by you in lifting up His Standard for the poor, weak, fallen race, that the glorious light of love divine may shine into the depths of darkness and woe.


I enclose a clipping from an old scrap-book of 1855, which I thought you might at some time perhaps find of interest to some of your readers; also forty cents in stamps for which kindly send me a few copies of Open Letters to Dr. Ross and Mr. Zaring by Elder Bradford and A. G. James, and, if you have them, back numbers of the Enterprise from June 19 to July 24th.


Wishing you the greatest success in all your activities in the interests of true righteousness, I am, in all sincerity,


Very gratefully yours,





Pastor Defended By Colored Friend


Interesting Points Brought Out in Reply to A Recent Southern Attack




No Racial Distinctions Found In True Religion For We Are All One


Olive Branch, La., Sept. 3d, 1914.


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


I have read an open letter to Pastor Russell by Horace A. Randle, in which he makes several charges. I wish to make the following reply.:


The letter is written in an apparently Christian Spirit. But herein lies its Evil Subtility, for we remember the Betrayal kiss by Judas which had the outward appearance of an act of Love, but proved to be the farthest thing from Love.


Randle claims that Pastor Russell and the Bible Students’ movement has changed in recent years; to this I quote the following Scripture: "The path of the Just is as a shining light that shineth more and more, unto the perfect day." (Pr 4:18.) "Walk as children of the light." (Eph 5:8.) "If we walk (not ‘sit’) in the light." (1Jo 1:7.)


Some claim that the one whom the Lord would use as "That Servant," at His second advent (Mt 24:46; Lu 12:42) would need be infallible, perfect, and make no mistakes. But there have been only two perfect men on earth, Adam and Jesus. I have heard people say that both of them made mistakes: That Adam made a mistake in thinking that it would be better to transgress and die with Eve than to live alone after her death. And that Jesus made a mistake in going to a certain fig tree for figs and found nothing but leaves. Whether this be so or not, I can’t see why anyone should blame Pastor Russell for making and correcting a few little errors during the long period of the last forty years. Rather we should say, He has done well.


Randle says that, the pastor errs in saying that the Goat of Le 16:15 is a type of the church, and that it signifies that the church is a joint sacrifice with Jesus in the world’s great sin offering.


If the Lord’s Goat, and its process of offering did not typify the church and its suffering with Jesus, I ask, What then did it typify? All Bible Students ought to be able to agree that Jesus was an exact corresponding price for Adam, and that justice calls for nothing more. Yet we can see how it could "permit" more to be put on the measure. We remember how Jesus spoke of giving measures. He said: "Pressed down, shaken together, and "running over." (See Lu 6:38.) What if the church is found to be making the measure overflow? And what shall we do with the following Scripture if the church is not a joint sacrifice with Jesus?


"Let us go forth therefore unto Him without the camp, bearing His reproach." (Heb 13:13.)


"We are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones." (Eph 5:33.)


"Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, "which is the church:’"( Col 1:24.) (There was a portion left behind for the church to fill up according to this Scripture.) Again we read, "Both he that sanctifieth and they that are sanctified are one." (not two.) (Heb 2:11.)


"I pray for them, I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me." (Joh 17:9.)


"A people for his name." (Ac 15:14.) (What people?)


"To whom God would make known what is the riches of the Glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you (the church) the Hope of Glory." (Col 1:27.)


"If ye be Christ’s then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise." (Ga 3:29.)


"If children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may also be Glorified Together." (Ro 8:17.) (The joint heirship depends upon the joint sufferingship, in the type the Goat suffered with the Bullock.)


"If we suffer with Him, (as did the Goat with the Bullock) we shall also reign with Him." (2Ti 2:12.)


I could cite many more Scriptures showing that the church (His church) takes a part with Jesus in the world’s great sin offering. Not that justice required it, but that wisdom and love arranged it so. It is not an obligation, but a great privilege, the greatest ever offered.


There are two more standpoints from which we can view the subject under discussion. From one standpoint, we can view it as being all done by Jesus, because all the merit resides in Him, and from another viewpoint we see each member of His church presenting themselves to be joint sacrificers with Jesus filling in a place as though the sin offering would not have been complete without them. But from either view point it remains materially the same.


Jesus wears the title of priest at the present time and the apostle says every priest must have something to offer (Heb 8:3) and the intimation is that when He ceases to have anything to offer, then His priestly office will end. Now I ask, what does Jesus have now to offer, remembering that He has long since offered Himself once for all time? Still he has something to offer, and what else could it be but His church, His mystical body in the flesh? Ro 12:1 comes in right here. We present ourselves to Him, and He presents us to the Father. The High Priest in the type supervised all the sacrificing and the same is being done in the antitype. It is all so beautiful and clear to many Bible Students, including the writer.


The relation or connection that Christ and His church bear one another, has been the mystery unsolvable for many centuries to not only the world, but also to the nominal church.


But now in the light of the foregoing we can understand Heb 5:3. As the church was to become part of Himself, (His wife, Re 19:7) in the sense of becoming a member of the great Messianic body of which He was the head, it can thus be said the he made an offering for himself, although he had no personal sin. (Heb 7:25.)


Concerning the "new covenant," I will say, If it has gone into operation as Mr. Randle and others say, I would like them to tell us why it is that the Jews don’t know anything about it? According to the Scriptures it is to be made with them. (See Jer 31:31, and Heb 8:10.) And where is the "new heart" and general knowledge that is to result from it? I know that these questions are unanswerable, except from the viewpoint that both Jesus and His church are the world’s great testator; and before the Testament can go into effect, the death of the Testator must take place. As the church, which is a part of the great Testator, has not finished dying, the "new covenant" has not gone into effect yet; for where a Testament is, there must also be the Death of the Testator, says the apostle. (Heb 9:16.) Though we are now serving, and being made able ministers of the "new covenant," in the sense of preparing ourselves for it.


Randle complains about the Pastor’s name appearing in a certain Tower more times than the name of Jesus. There is no virtue in mentioning a name, nor a lack of virtue by not mentioning it. Bible Students will remember that Jesus said that many will say to Him in that day, Lord, Lord, (calling his name double) have we not prophesied in Thy name, and in Thy name done wonders, cast out devils, etc.? And he will answer them saying, I have never recognized you; depart from me ye workers of iniquity. (Mt 7:23.)


Again He asked: Why call ye me Lord, Lord, (so many times) and do not the thing which I say? (Lu 6:46.) Upon the testimony of these Scriptures we can rest assured that nothing is to be gained by calling the Lord’s name so many times. And as to Pastor Russell’s name appearing in the Jan. 1, 1912, Tower a good many times, that is the special Tower setting forth the beginning and development of present Truth, and the Harvest Work as was called for by newspaper editors who were contracting to publish the sermons; because they knew that the world wants to know about the personality of a man, where he came from, etc.; and had Pastor Russell not granted them their innocent request, He would not have been acting wisely, because editors would have refused to publish a man’s sermons who had refused to make Himself known, and the Tower contained such, together with newspaper clippings; that all its readers might know how the work we love so much was progressing. The pastor objected to his picture going at the head of his sermons but the editors protested that it must be and he granted it only to keep from hindering the cause he loved so well as to sacrifice his thousands of dollars and himself for.


The Pastor made clear his unselfish motive in the start when he sacrificed his prosperous business and himself for the good of others and he maintains this same motive even unto this day. And the facts, when all of them are known about this noble man, will prove that a prophet sent of God has been in our midst, and he will go down in history as one of the greatest of men.


I am glad that I had the privilege of reading that open letter for it has caused me to research my Bible and Pastor Russell’s writings in the Tabernacle Shadows and to thus review the cloud of Scripture witnesses in the Pastor’s doctrinal favor. And I would suggest to all those who have not read the "Tabernacle Shadows" and "The Divine Plan of the Ages," by Pastor Russell, to do so on the first opportunity and begin to enjoy the feast of fat things contained therein revealed. They can be obtained from the W. T. B. & T. Society, 17 Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y., at a nominal cost or free to those who need.


"I live for those who love me,


For those who know me true;


For the Heaven that smiles above me,


And awaits my coming too; For the cause that lacks assistance,


For the wrong that needs resistance,


For the future in the distance,


And the good that I can do."


Yours in the defense of the Lord’s Truth, and His special servant,





A Friend In Far-Away England


Nottingham, Eng., May 18, 1914.  


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


Kindly accept my thanks for large amount of the Truth that you give us in your little paper every week. Fancy! A full page every week.


We do not get such blessings from the English press, so we gratefully accept the big meal that you send along. And surely, as long as you publish the Pastor’s sermon we shall have great pleasure in subscribing to it.


We like to get Pastor Russell’s sermon every week-verbatim, if possible, because he is the only minister that showed us that we have been studying our Bibles upside down.


Consequently, we are more than pleased with the convincing yet kind "Answer to Dr. Gray," That booklet deserves a big circulation.


"Crytology" is fine-in fact, Mr. Editor, your whole publication is "just champion."


With good wishes for the success of the "little paper," I remain,


Yours thankfully,



On Wings As Eagles


Doth not, doth not the eagle mount


Upward at thy command?


Upon her pinions, broad and strong,


She soars o’er all the land.


She makes her nest on mountains high,


Her eye sees from afar;


And wheresoe’er the food is found


The eagles gather there.


Wait thou, wait thou upon the Lord,


Thou shalt renew thy strength.


Rely upon His holy Word,


Its height, its depth, its length.


Running, thou shalt not weary be;


Walking, thou shalt not faint;


Thou shalt mount up with eagle’s wings-


Then hush thy weak complaint.


Mount up, mount up on wings of faith;


Forget the things behind;


Rise to the heights to which thou’rt called,


And life immortal find.


Daily shalt thou renew thy youth,


As eagles, ever young,


Thy strength shall be His word of Truth,


‘Till to Him thou dost come.




All Articles in this issue have appeared before in our regular editions. If you approve of them, please help our paper.

A Strong Defense of Pastor Russell A Sister Shows Scripture Proofs of the Correctness of His Theology




Mrs., W. Gives Convincingly Her Conclusions as a Bible Student


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


For twenty-nine years I have been a student of Pastor Russell’s interpretation of the Scriptures. I had been brought up a strict Presbyterian by my parents; my father-a saintly man-was a Presbyterian Minister. Like others of our town, in Georgia, I thought the physician who tried to give me the Truth was "As crazy as a March hare;" for his talk was so different from anything I had ever before heard as Scripture. Providentially, however, the old Doctor left on my table a copy of the Watch Tower-at that time a little sheet about the size of a Bible Student’s Monthly, or a little larger; and after reading one article, I began to "search the Scriptures daily whether these things were true." From that time on I have never for one instant doubted that what I had found was indeed the Truth.


I have read everything against Pastor Russell’s teachings, etc., that has ever fallen into my hands; and after reading an attack, I have always thanked God that I am one of the despised number who study the Word of God with unbiased mind, and who are ready to accept what they find to be in strict accord with the Master’s teachings. Pastor Russell has never encouraged any one to accept his views without studying the matter from the Scriptures and comparing them.


What first induced me to read the Watch Tower was that as I stooped to pick up the little paper, which had fallen to the floor, my eyes caught words which riveted my attention. So far as I can recollect them, the words were the following: "A hundred thousand copies of this paper have been sent to ministers and Sunday School Superintendents, with the earnest request that they will read it carefully and prayerfully and believe nothing here because the Editor says so, but that they will diligently compare Scripture with Scripture and believe what God says." Since 1885 I have followed the Editor’s advice, and have found it invaluable.


I have found also in reading the various tracts, booklets, etc., issued to discredit Pastor Russell’s views, that the writers are either grossly ignorant of what the Scriptures really say and teach, or else they willfully and maliciously misrepresent the Word of God, knowing that to state the Truth would be to defeat their attack.


To show how the Scriptures are ignored by some of them, I will quote from Rev. Haldeman’s booklet, which is so widely circulated. On page 6, he writes: From unbegun eternity He (Jesus) was the Son of God, and therefore, God the Son. At a given moment He bent down and took of the substance of the Virgin Mary, the seed of the woman, and created for Himself a new and distinct human nature, consisting of a real body and a rational soul, and uniting it to His eternal and uncaused personality, walked through this earth, "without controversy, and mystery of Godliness," God manifest in the flesh-true God and real man-being one person with two natures; so that the blood He shed was the blood of God-even as it is written: "The church of God, which He (God) hath purchased with His own blood."-Ac 20:28.


This quotation is sufficient to show the unreliability of Dr. Haldeman’s criticisms. In the first place, Dr. H. says Christ was "God the Son from unbegun eternity." Our Lord Himself says of the matter in the Book of the "Revelation of Jesus Christ, which the Father gave unto Him," that He was the "Beginning of the CREATION of (the) God" (Re 3:14); note, this is the Creation of the Father; Greek, tou theou. In the Scriptures our Lord is never spoken of as " the God," though sometimes as "a God," or Mighty One. Out Lord also says of His body-addressing the Father-"A body THOU prepared me," through the offering of which body, we are told by the Apostle Paul, we are sanctified." But Dr. Haldeman says He "created it for Himself!" Was the Lord mistaken? Shall we believe Dr. Haldeman or the Lord? My preference is for the Lord’s statement.


Dr. Haldeman says that our Lord get His materials out of which to make His body, of "the substance of the Virgin Mary, the seed of the woman." This they mean that the Virgin Mary was the "seed of the woman," or that of the Virgin Mary’s "substance" He took "the seed of the woman," and made His body. It is not easy to determine with certainty which Dr. Haldeman means, nor does it matter much, for both thoughts are highly fantastical and utterly unscriptural. Dr. Haldeman says that "to His eternal and uncaused personality" our Lord united the body He had created-but which the Lord says was created by the Father-"and walked through the earth, ‘without controversy, the mystery of Godliness!’" In other words he states that our Lord walked through the earth, the confessedly, or acknowledged to be the mystery, or secret of Godliness. Now St. Paul says, in speaking, or rather writing of the fact (1Ti 3:15, 16)-mentions the only thing approximating Dr. Haldeman’s bald-faced assertion-"the House of God, which is the Church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. (And without contradiction great is the secret of piety!) (or, confessedly great is the secret of piety!) He who was manifested in flesh, was justified in spirit, was seen of angels, was proclaimed among nations, was believed on in the world, was taken up in glory." Dr. Haldeman, if he understands Greek at all, knows that the latter is the more correct translation of the passage which he has so mutilated and misapplied. St. Paul in Col 1:26, 27, tells us of the great secret or mystery, so long hidden-what it is, saying, "which is, Christ in you, the hope of glory."


Next, in the same paragraph, Dr. Haldeman states that our Lord while on earth was, and while now seated on His Father’s Throne is still, a hybrid God-human-"true God and real man-being one person with two natures." All this in spite of the fact that he must know from the Old Testament God’s abhorrence of anything like hybridizing-or combination of genera or species of any kind, whether animal or vegetable-God’s Laws to Israel showed that this principle extended even to food stuffs and clothing; and St. Paul instructs us that, "Whatsoever things were written aforetime, were written for our learning." (Ro 15:4)-See Le 19:19; 18:23; De 22:9-11; 27:21, and others of similar import.


Next in order, and still in the same paragraph, Dr. Haldeman states that the blood of God was shed, and quotes as proof, "The Church of God which He (God) purchased with His own blood." (Ac 20:28.) Let the Doctor go back to his Greek Testament again; or if he does not understand Greek, let him consult some Hebrew, Greek and English Concordance (such as Bible Students use) or some other authority, and he will find that as it stands in the original, it still makes good sense, and does not interfere with the most ancient MSS.-"Which He purchased by the blood of His own." One should supply the word omitted as has been done in many other places, and have it read, "His own (Lamb")-called elsewhere "The Lamb of God," or "His own (Son"), or "His own (Sacrifice"). But enough of Dr. Haldeman, representative of a class whose "name is Legion.


Another of the enemy’s tactics is to quote apart from its setting, something Pastor Russell has said or written, citing the page and the paragraph, to give it an appearance of truth, knowing that few, if any, will ever remember the page, or, if they do, will take the trouble to look it up. Dr. Wm. T. Ellis, The Continent’s Religious Rambler, is a notable example of this kind of work; but he has followers. One of his imitators-Rev. Mr. B. of a nearby state-in quite a lengthy letter published in one or more journals, and among several other false statements, give the following as a quotation from Pastor Russell, purporting to show his erroneous views: On page 188, Vol. I of Scripture Studies, Pastor Russell says: God had no right to create Jesus higher than the angels, and then further to exalt Him to the Divine nature [at His resurrection], unless He intended to do the same for all the angels and for all men." Brackets not Dr. B.’s.


What Pastor Russell did say was entirely contrary to the Rev. gentleman’s quotation. Under the sub-head (beginning on page 187) "Who Art Thou that Repliest Against God?" the Pastor said: "It is the mistaken idea of some that justice requires that God should make no difference in the bestowment of His favors among His creatures; that if He calls one to a high position, in justice He must do the same for all, unless it can be shown that some have forfeited their rights, in which case some might justly be assigned to a lower position.


"If this principle be a correct one, it would show that God had no right to create Jesus higher than the angels, and then further to exalt Him to the Divine nature, unless He intended to do the same for all the angels and for all men. And to carry the principle still further, if some men are to be highly exalted and made partakers of the Divine nature, all men must eventually be elevated to the same position. And why not carry the principle to its extreme limit, and apply the same law of progression to the brute and insect creation, and say that since they are all God’s creatures they must all eventually attain to the very highest plane of existence-the Divine nature! This is a MANIFEST ABSURDITY, but as reasonable as any other deduction from this assumed principle.


"Perhaps none would be inclined to carry the erroneous assumption so far. Yet if it were a principle founded upon simple justice, where could it stop short and still be just?"


  <%-3>many honest hearts are led away from truth and are prejudiced by the false statements of those posing as servants of God and of the Church, who, envious of Pastor Russell’s eminent scholarship, especially in the highest of all sciences-the Purpose of Jehovah, revealed in His Word-stoop to methods of deception and falsehood, which would be esteemed contemptible even in one who acknowledged to having no interest in things sacred. Where shall they stand, and what will they answer when they shall stand before the great Judge? Surely all such will hang their heads as they hear the words: "Inasmuch as ye have done this (evil) unto one of the least of these My Brethren, ye have done it unto ME."-Mt 25:40.


Appreciating the space you give to the publication of what we call Truth literature, and wishing you all success, I am, yours truly,


Mrs. W.



Signs Of His Coming


A Strong Expression of Faith From A Sister in Minneapolis


Jesus is coming again. "Behold, I come quickly." (Re 22:12.) Yes, we know Jesus is coming again, because He said so. (St. Joh 14:3.) We are to comfort one another with these words. (1Th 4:16-18.)


The precise time of His coming has not been revealed to us. "Of that day and hour knoweth no man." Even He who sits on the clouds awaits the word, -"Thrust in the sickle and reap." Nevertheless, "Ye brethren are not in darkness that that day should overtake you as a thief." (1Th 5:4.) And so as we survey the field in the light afforded by God’s Word, we can observe the process and condition of this world’s affairs and cannot fail to note that "the harvest of the earth," is at hand. (Re 14:15.)


The Bible prophecies are being rapidly fulfilled. Present day conditions prove that we are living in the last days "of this Age." Things are happening that are full of significance.


The Apostasy, which has set in, is like a mighty avalanche; it is growing in strength and volume. Like an irresistible force it will sweep on, ever downward, till it reaches its destined end, in the awful coming catastrophe. The deniers of the faith are multiplying, and there is no sign whatever of an abatement of the nationalistic tendencies which have invaded Christendom. All is ripe for the Apostasy. Besides these pregnant signs, there has been an increasing unrest among the nations and a constant increase of lawlessness. The Lord will come for His Saints and take "His waiting church" home to be with himself.


Let us be faithful to the Lord and His truth. Let us serve more faithfully the living God and wait more constantly for the Lord from Heaven.


In the face of all these things and with the repeated warnings of Scripture in our ears, what can our testimony be other than that it is now time to "look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws nigh."


Mrs. A. C. OLSON,


620 Huron St. S. E.



{Note: The following article is a combination of the November 6, 1914 and February 12, 1915 articles. This would be called the Banner of the newspaper, which lists the legal matters regarding its publication and distribution, as well as personal notices from the Editor to his readers. Some of the items were in both editions, others were in only one. The date of publication will be inserted before each entry, if it was in only one of the editions.}




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{11/6/14} Consecrated Service




"Are you willing, wholly willing


Just the little things to do,


Caring more to please the Master,


Than for what men say of you?


"Are you sure you are not able


Just a faltering prayer to raise,


Choosing not your will and pleasure,


If your Savior it will praise?


"You have asked, and he has shown you;


But your shrinking heart cried ‘No,’


Is it true I asked for service,


But this way I cannot go?


"While you choose, you are not willing,


Consecration yieldeth all;


Consecration means obedience


To the Spirit’s every call.


"Meaneth living, meaneth dying;


Death of self, and life in God;


Meaneth work, or patient waiting,


Or submission neath the rod.


"Meaneth such a full surrender,


We would never dare to ask


Why he gives our faith such testing,


Or assigns so hard a task.


"We are here to be perfected,


Only God our needs can see;


Rarest gems bear hardest grinding;


God’s own workmanship are we.


"God loves harmony, not discord,


And whatever may befall,


Life’s grand Psalm he is perfecting;


Let us praise him for it all."





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The Editor of the Enterprise finds it necessary to repeat a request made a number of times before, that correspondents eliminate personal references to him in their letters. No one can be connected with the work the paper is doing without being inspired by a desire to be a worthy standard bearer, but it is embarrassing to publish in one’s own paper so many commendatory things which, sad to say, are not always true.






The Friends of Truth need not be dismayed at clever and unprincipled attacks upon Pastor Russell. We have among our readers men well equipped with knowledge of the facts and abundantly able to meet every charge and show it up in its true light. Moreover the circulation of this little paper is so general that it can be used as an effective weapon in parrying all charges and exposing the nature of attacks. We tender the columns of the Enterprise without charge for the purpose of getting the facts and publishing Truth without fear or favor and regardless of who is hit.






That this issue of St. Paul Enterprise will find favor with members of the International Bible Students’ Association and other friends of truth is sincerely hoped by the publisher. There is great need of revenue to carry on the work and the receipts from this edition, coupled with the assistance of friends who secure new subscriptions to the paper, will surely help.


It is just two years now since the teachings of Pastor Russell found a place in these columns. The story of the Sermons is told in another column, but that article was written over a year ago. Wondrous things have happened since then, for the Enterprise has continued to grow in favor with the friends of fairness and equal rights to all and the little paper is now circulated around the entire globe.


Nothing that we have been able to write is responsible for this result. It is the irresistible force of a power unseen that has worked this miracle. The columns of the Enterprise have been open to its readers for the fair, free and frank discussion of matters of human interest and friends of truth have found them useful.


The isolated ones-those who seldom have an opportunity to meet with friends-find the little paper a delight, as it gives them a means of communicating with others far away. Moreover, all our friends have found here a medium for the free expression of thoughts, exchange of ideas, publication of news and notices, and other matters, for which there seems to be open to them not a single other medium in the world; the Society’s own publications being conducted on a plane of dignity and having a world-wide circulation not warranting the admission of other matter. This seems to give our paper a special claim on the friends.


If you approve the Enterprise we will be glad to have you take it regularly and send it to others.




{2/12/15 version of the above article}


It is over two years now since the teachings of Pastor Russell found a place in these columns. Wondrous things have happened since then, for the Enterprise has continued to grow in favor with the friends of fairness and equal rights to all and the little paper is now circulated around the entire globe.


Nothing that we have been able to write is responsible for this result. It is the irresistible force of a power unseen that has worked this miracle. The columns of the Enterprise have been open to its readers for the fair, free and frank discussion of matters of human interest and friends of truth have found them useful.


The isolated ones-those who seldom have an opportunity to meet with friends-find the little paper a delight, as it gives them a means of communicating with others far away. Moreover, all our friends have found here a medium for the free expression of thoughts, exchange of ideas, publication of news and notices, and other matters, for which there seems to be open to them not a single other medium in the world; the Society’s own publications being conducted on a plane of dignity and having a world-wide circulation not warranting the admission of other matter. This seems to give our paper a special claim on the friends.


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2375 Long Ave., (St. Anthony Park), St. Paul, Minn.






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{11/6/14} Sermons and The InterOcean




The Chicago Inter Ocean and Farmer, which has been publishing Pastor Russell’s Sermons for some time, and enjoyed a large circulation among his friends, has recently failed and been sold out at sheriff’s sale, and has been purchased by the Record-Herald Co., James Keeley, President. The latter company is not publishing the Sermons, but is sending out a circular to its subscribers, asking for information from them as to their choice regarding the contents of the paper. It would seem to be the present privilege of friends to fill out these circular blanks carefully, and return them, indicating clearly their desire for the sermons, and their unwillingness to support any paper that does not publish them.


Meanwhile efforts will be made to ascertain the sentiment at the Bible House and in the Chicago class relative to a continued support of the paper if the sermons are resumed. Friends may await further news as to this matter at an early date.



{2/12/15} Voices of the People What our Readers Say


These are Our Readers’ Columns for the Fair, Free and Frank Discussion of all Matters of Human Interest.


Editor Enterprise:


Your readers will be interested to know of an attack on our system of doctrine made last week in this city in a public and prominent manner. The prominence of the speaker and the auspices warrant the expectation that the attack may be oft and widely repeated, and that therefore many opportunities of meeting it may come to us. It is but another instance of a clergyman, a so-called "minister of the Gospel," appearing in the role of a false witness, proving the oft-made assertion that no clergyman has yet attacked Pastor Russell and told the truth. Will they ever abandon deceit?


The "Christian Missionary Alliance" has been holding daily evangelistic services for the past month in the old House of Hope Presbyterian church, with Rev. Paul Rader, of Pittsburgh, as the leading speaker. One evening last week, while discoursing on the "Cleansing Blood of Christ," he bemoaned the present lack of preaching on that subject; made his audience to feel that he only was left to proclaim that message, -like Elijah of old, who reckoned not that there remained seven thousand as loyal as himself; and declared in most emphatic style that the "Russellites," as he was pleased to style us, do not teach or believe in the merit of the Blood of Christ.


A member of our Ecclesia, a sister, who was present, providentially, we think, and heard the untruthful statement, wrote the "Reverend" Mr. Rader a personal letter on the following day, submitting to him conclusive evidence of his untruthfulness, and inviting him to promptly make a manly public retraction of his false statement. We have not been able to learn that Mr. Rader was equal to meeting this sister’s challenge of his manliness.


It may be that we have not emphasized this cardinal point on doctrine as much as we might. Doubtless it is our privilege henceforth to lay greater emphasis on our position in this regard. It is a pleasure, therefore, to quote briefly from Volume Five of "Studies in the Scriptures," pages 445 and 446, the subject of the volume being "The Atonement," and of the quoted Chapter, "A Ransom for All," He says:


"Various scriptures more or less distinctly speak of our being washed or cleansed or purified from sin. All such Scriptures are in support of the doctrine of the Ransom, because it is distinctly stated in the same connection that the cleansing power is the Blood of Christ, the merit of our Lord’s sacrifice. Justification is symbolically represented as a robe of righteousness, of pure linen, clean and white, by which our Lord covers the blemishes and imperfections of all whom he accepts through faith in His precious blood . . . . All these endeavors to bring our mortal bodies into closer conformity to the will of God in Christ, are based upon our previous acceptance of Christ and our justification through faith in his blood . . . . . The blood of bulls and of goats could never take away sin-only the antitypical sacrifice could do this, " the precious blood’"


Pastor Russell wrote these words in 1899. To demonstrate that he has since then in no wise receded from that position, we quote from the second page of the "Watch Tower" of October 15, 1914, a statement that has appeared in that position in every issue of the paper since the language of the fifth volume was penned. Under the caption, "This Journal and Its Sacred Mission," Editor Russell says:


"This Journal stands firmly for the defense of the only true foundation of the Christian’s hope now being so generally repudiated-redemption through the precious blood of ‘the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a Ransom for All.’"


Is it possible for any one to fail to understand the attitude of these plain words?




(Loving Truth.)




  ** * I am a firm believer in Present Truth for which I am counted worse than an infidel by Christian people of this place-"A fool for Christ’s sake." Not another one of like precious faith that I know of in this town of over 2,000 people.-Milla A Hanson, Wells, Minn.


  ** * I wish to thank you for the many blessings that I have received through the sermons of Pastor Russell and the many interesting letters in defense of truth which you publish.-E. C. Brown, Royal, Okla.


  ** * Your paper is the most welcome visitor that comes to our home.-Mrs. Frank Farnick, Irene, S. D.


  ** * We long for the great and eternal truth that is to save the world, and bring life to the dead. We pray for the blessing of the Divine Father to rest upon all efforts to spread the glorious gospel of truth.-Z. A. Ransom, Alden, Minn.


  ** * I received a sample of your paper this morning. It looks good to me. Thank God the devil has not terrorized all the editors with his terrific bellow. Enclosed is $1.25 for which kindly send St. Paul Enterprise for one year with "Answer to Dr. Gray" and a copy of "Cryptology of the Kingdom."-M. L. Drake, Poynette, Wis.


  ** * Do you remember the gentleman that led you and your good wife around back of the stage to meet Pastor Russell on his visit to St. Paul in 1913 on the Big Trip? Of course not. I am yours very truly, C. E. Stewart, Springfield, Ill.


  ** * You may count on me for a subscriber while you keep in Pastor Russell’s sermons.-Mrs. Bella Erickson, Friday Harbor, Wash.


  ** * I appreciate your paper for what it is putting forth of the Truth and wish you success.-Mrs. L. A. Lamerson, Terre Haute, Ind.


  ** * Please send me ten more of the Specials. . . . they surely fill a long felt want. . . . I should scarcely know how to get along without the Enterprise. You are right in sticking to your price for your paper. One copy alone is often worth the price for an entire year to me. I enclose an interesting clipping which I came across recently. . . . Truth is Mighty and will prevail and those who stand for truth and righteousness will be greatly blessed. . . . God knows "the hidden wound, the o’er-strained nerves, the waning strength, the countless obstacles and burdens that can be explained to no human mind. He knows the struggle to hold fast, through all, and marks many a victory where man sees only defeat."-Mrs. W. W. Winters, Pontiac, Ill.


  ** * We appreciate your paper, especially Pastor Russell’s sermons, and other features and its fearless proclaiming of the Glad Tidings of Great Joy which shall be unto all people.-E. H. Manzke, Chicago.


  ** * The Enterprise is becoming quite a medium for exchange of thought among the Bible Students.-Dr. L. W. Jones, Chicago.


  ** * Please send me St. Paul Enterprise for one year. Some one kindly paid my subscription for three months. One copy only was necessary to prove that I should subscribe to help the cause of boldly publishing the Truth. It’s through gross ignorance that we oppose the Truth or Light. I wish more light to guide my feet in the way of all righteousness.-F. O. Smith, Ashton, Ill.


  ** * I have been receiving the Enterprise but for a short time and I think it excellent.-Miss Vera L. Hendee, Effingham, Ill.


  ** * We like the Enterprise for the principles of fairness it sets forth and the privilege it gives to its readers of defending our dear Brother Russell.-H. A. Hall, Pond Creek, Okla.


  ** * I have enjoyed every copy of the Enterprise as it has explained the Scriptures to my entire satisfaction. I have read and studied the Bible as taught by Pastor Russell for eighteen years and hope to take your paper as long as you print the sermons.-Mrs. Mary De Muth, Highland Park, Ill.


  ** * Please find enclosed $2.50 for five six-month subscriptions. . . . Through the kindness of some Friend the Enterprise has been coming to our home for the past three months and has been greatly appreciated on account of Pastor Russell’s sermons and the Truth articles.-A. B. Bedient, Moscow, Idaho.


  ** * How comforting is the message you are publishing weekly. We wish a copy could go world-wide accompanied with a few select Bible Students’ Monthlies"-and what is to hinder? We have R. L. Polk’s gazetteers and directories of Detroit, Mich., which cover the globe. Soon, we feel, the wheels of progress will slow up and then the golden minutes and diamond seconds will speed in vain. Let us spur our conscience lest we feel the disease versed by Riley, thus:


"And then my conscience says onc’t more,


‘You know me-sure?’


‘Oh, yes, says I, a-trimblin’ faint.


‘You’re jes’ a Saint!


Your ways is all so holy right,


I love you better every night


You come around-’til plum daylight,


When you are out o’ sight.’"


Yours respectfully, -Joseph Grieg, Big Rapids, Mich.


  ** * There are many good things in your paper. I enjoy the letters from the Friends. We haven’t a class here so about the only way we have of meeting the Friends is in your columns. I want to thank the dear ones for defending the Truth and our beloved Pastor.-Mrs. J. F. Hazeltine, Glens Ferry, Idaho.


  ** * A dear sister had your paper sent me for three months. It is so good that I do not want to miss a single number. Enclosed is $1.00 for renewal. . . . Your paper is little but mighty in putting down the strongholds of error.-Mary E. Dixon, Bickmell, Ind.


  ** * I appreciate very much the labor of love that you have shown to the I. B. S. A. in giving space in your paper for showing up the unfairness with which Pastor Russell is treated and telling the Truth of the matter.-J. M. Beck, Huron, S. D.


  ** * Will try to send a few subscriptions from time to time. I enjoy the Enterprise very much.-Mrs. C. C. Petersen, Sunset, Idaho.


  ** * Through some friend not known to me the Enterprise has been sent to me for three months. I am glad to get it. Please find $1.00 to renew for a year.-E. E. Williams, Reddield, S. D.


  ** * We find your paper so interesting to the Truth Friends that we not only desire to renew our subscription but ask you to send it to four others, two of whom are very much isolated and will greatly enjoy the letters from Friends far and near. . . . We wish also to say that we are an isolated couple and would be pleased to hear from any of the Friends at any time.-J. L. McDaniel, 331 Walters Ave., Laurel, Miss.


  ** * Through the kindness of a Friend, Brother Beebe, of Wichita, Kas., I am receiving your paper and I appreciate in very much, most of all Pastor Russell’s sermon and the interesting letters. I send all my copies to Friends as samples after I have read them. Best wishes for the Enterprise and all its readers.-Kate Banning, Baxter Spirings, Kas.


  ** * We are receiving your much appreciated paper regularly. We took a sample of it to Logansport some time ago and you must have received a number of subscriptions from there. Glad to do this. The Kokomo Class are very much pleased with the Enterprise.-Carl L. McDaniel, Kokomo, Ind.


  ** * Please send the Enterprise to me here. I would like to have sent you subscribers from Zion City and assisted in the good work of your paper but was not able to. I hope I may be able to here as I value the Enterprise myself and know it will be an inspiration to others.-Mrs. W. J. Sams, Milton, West, . Canada.


  ** * We are very much pleased with your little paper. It is a real feast.-Mrs. May M. Calvert, Luray, Mo.


  ** * I am thankful to you for the good things in the Enterprise. They are a great treat for me as I am one of the isolated ones, out eight miles from the class. There are but five in the class but it is so good to meet each other at ten o’clock every Sunday morning. I don’t get to the meeting every Sunday, though.-Mrs. Julia Morgan, Colfax, W. Va.


{There was a hole in the paper here, rendering two short letters unreadable.}


  ** * I hope these friends will each like the paper so well that, like myself, they will feel that they cannot do without it. I enjoy all the Truth features of your paper and you give such good plain print.-Mrs. Ida N. Fort, Worthingtom, Ind.


  ** * We appreciate your paper very much.-MA. T. Melz, Weston, Ore.


  ** * I enjoyed the Special Edition very much and wish to send it to my friends.-Andrew Salverson, Minneapolis, Minn.


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  ** * I admire the clear cut and honest tone of the Enterprise, a champion of the square deal. We are a small class here in Colton, but the Truth as we understand it in God’s word is very precious to us and we think kindly of any one who holds up the hands of our dear Pastor.-William Roy Sparks, Colton, Calif.


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  ** * Your editorial regarding long dissertations on Scripture exposition is right to the point. Stick to it with an everlasting stick. Don’t be discouraged. I think that you will undoubtedly win out but it takes time, the territory to be covered is large, and although facilities for communication are all that could be desired, the Good News cannot be spread on a day.-C. A. Owen, Indianapolis.


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Pastor Russell Here February 22


Pastor Russell will address the public in the Minneapolis Auditorium, Monday evening, Feb. 22, at 8 o’clock. All friends in the Northwest who wish to hear him and can arrange to come to Minneapolis will be interested in this announcement.


In anticipations of the presence of many visiting friends on Sunday, Feb. 21, the Twin City Class has planned an all day convention for that date. Elders Dick, Bradford and Finjord will deliver discourses. Inquiries may be addressed to the class secretary, A. O. Evans, 17 South 7th St., Minneapolis.





Rutherford To Meet Clergy


Ministers Stirred by Reception Accorded Unorthodox Utterances


The question, "Where Are the Dead?" which J. F. Rutherford, the New York attorney, took as his subject for a lecture at Trinity auditorium Monday night-more than 5,000 people attempting to crowd into the house to hear him-has aroused the pastors of Los Angeles to action.


And, as a result of this lecture, a committee of twenty is being selected by T. C. Horton, superintendent of the Bible Institute, to agree on speakers to meet Mr. Rutherford at Shrine auditorium in a six-day, or rather six-night, debate, early in March. A formal Challenge will be issued today by this committee in writing, and the details of the debate, including the exact date, will be discussed at the Angelus hotel parlors this morning at 11 o’clock with Mr. Rutherford.


Challenge Accepted.  


When seen last night by a Tribune representative, and told that a challenge had been issued, Mr. Rutherford said three words.


"I am ready."


Then he added:


"I will leave for New York next Tuesday morning, and every date previous to that time is taken. Therefore, in accepting the challenge, I desire to have a date in March set. I will pay my own expenses across the continent and half the expenses of the debate, the usual rules which govern debates in which I take part being that no admission be charged and no collection be taken."


A representative of the Bible institute said last night that this debate would, without doubt, prove the biggest event in religious circles ever held on the Pacific coast, and that, regardless of who won the honors, interest in religious matters would be greatly increased.


Speakers Not Chosen.  


Just who the speakers will be and just who the members of the committee will be has not been definitely determined, but the action taken by Mr. Horton has proceeded far enough to insure the announcement that the debate will take place.


Mr. Rutherford had previously been approached by friends, among them a number of attorneys, with a request that he issue a challenge for a debate, but this he absolutely refused to do, saying that the challenge must come from the other side if it came, but that he had never run away from a debate on biblical subjects, either public or private, and never would.


With sufficient time to properly arrange all of the details, it is predicted that Shrine auditorium will be packed each night of the debate.-From a Los Angeles Daily.



A Personal Defense By Pastor Russell


Letter on Ross Attack Reprinted From the Watch Tower Sept. 15, 1914




Subjects of Classical Knowledge Ordination, Etc., Are Fully Covered


Dear Brother Russell:-


I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of yours of 16th ultimo.


After making copies of your letter, I went to the Editor of the -Gazette and submitted to him your original letter. After reading it, he said he would publish all except that portion relating to ordination. I hand you herewith the page of the Gazette containing the article, and I praise the Lord for rewarding your efforts in defending the Truth here.


Through the Lord’s providence I had heretofore been able, apparently, to parry every blow directed against the Truth, but in this attack of Rev. Ross the javelin seemed to pass me and strike notwithstanding my best efforts to turn it aside; but now the darkness disappears and the light again shines on the cause of Present Truth through the good defense which you have offered; the Lord has shown us again how He can make the "Wrath of His enemies to praise Him." The Editor of the Mirror (Protestant), a contemporary of the Gazette, told me he would run your letter in full.


Dear Brother, would it not be well to let your letter come out in one of the Bible Students Monthly or in The Watch Tower? It would give many of the dear friends some good ideas as to how to offer defense along this special line of the Adversary’s attacks on you and the cause of Present Truth. I received a letter from a brother in Grenada, stating that some prominent Plymouth Brethren were circulating Rev. Ross’ pamphlet. Of course, they will not circulate so very many, as the pamphlet costs 10 cents, and very few of the Plymouth Brethren or their denominations are willing to pay that much to defend their errors.


How grand it will be when the People are delivered from the bondage of error! I am glad for the ministers’ sake also, for they will not have to fight any more, and I am sure that will be a great relief to their minds! One Catholic gentleman told me that Catholics and others could argue with us until we got to the Bible, and then they had to stop!


Assuring you of my continued love and fullest confidence, which you have always had and which have never wavered since I laid my life upon the altar of sacrifice in 1897, I am,


Yours in the Redeemer’s service,


E. J. Coward.


Below we reprint the portion of the letter as published in The Port-of Spain Gazette, Trinidad, B. W. I.


Pastor Russell Replies.  


Mr. E. J. Coward,


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, B. W. I.


Dear Brother in Christ:-Yours of October 3d is before me. Thanks for its clippings from the Gazette and the Evangelical Christian.


I am quite familiar with the slanderous screed issued by Rev. J. J. Ross. In Canada they have just two laws governing libel. Under the one the falsifier may be punished by the assessment of damages and money. Under the other, criminal libel, he is subject to imprisonment. I entered suit against Rev. Ross under the criminal act, at the advice of my attorneys, because, as he has no property, a suit for damages would not intimidate him nor stop him. The lower court found him guilty of libel. But when the case went to the second Judge he called up an English precedent, in which it was held that criminal libel would only operate in a case where the jury felt sure that there was a danger of rioting or violence. As there was no danger that myself or friends would resort to rioting, the case was thrown out. I could still bring my action for financial damages, but it would be costly to me and impotent as respects Rev. Ross. He, however, is having troubles of his own. Since he began to attack me, he has split two Baptist Congregations-one in Toronto, the other in Hamilton. The last heard of him, he was in London, Ont., and again in trouble with his congregation. A lying spirit is sure to be a boomerang.


As respects my education in Greek and Hebrew: Not only do I not claim very special knowledge of either language, but I claim that not one minister in a thousand is either a Hebrew or Greek scholar. To be able to spell out a few Greek words is of no earthly value. Nor is it necessary longer to study these languages, in order to have knowledge of the Bible. Our Presbyterian friends have gotten out at great cost Young’s Analytical Hebrew, Chaldaic, Greek and English Lexicon Concordance, which anyone may procure. And our Methodist friends have issued a similar work-Strong’s Analytical Concordance and Lexicon. And there is a still older one entitled Englishman’s Hebrew, Chaldaic, Greek and English Lexicon and Concordance. Additionally, Liddell and Scott’s Greek Lexicon is a standard authority. The prices of these are not beyond the reach of the average man. By these works scholarly information respecting the original text of the Bible is obtainable. I have all four of these works and have used them faithfully. Very few college professors, even, would risk to give a critical translation of any text of Scripture without consulting these very works of reference, which are standard. To merely learn to read the Greek and Hebrew without a six year’s course in their grammars is more likely to hinder than to help in Bible study; far better take the acknowledged scholarship to which I have referred.


Additionally I remind you of the many translations of the Bible now extent-all of them very good. I have all of these and find them useful in comparison in the study of any text-and sometimes giving a thought which another may not. The other day, for curiosity’s sake, I counted the Bibles in different translations, etc., in my study and found that I have thirty-two.


As respects my business dealings, Brother Coward, I need not remind you that American Courts are very strict and that if anybody feels that I have wronged him out of a dollar, he would have no difficulty in haling me into Court. You have my assurance, dear Brother, that I do not owe any man on earth a penny and that I have never taken a penny from anyone unjustly. On the contrary, as you know, I have spent several small fortunes in seeking to do good to my fellowmen-in helping them to a better understanding of God and the Bible. Having once been an infidel myself, and having subsequently found that I had confused the teachings of the Bible with the teachings of the creeds, and that the Bible’s teaching is a glorious, grand doctrine, it has since been my business and pleasure to do all in my power to help fellow-mortals out of darkness into the true light, * * *


If you choose, you may make such extracts of this as are likely to reach intelligent people through any of the newspapers. But really I care little for what men may say or think about me. Of course, such things are painful; but they are only what the Bible tells us will be more or less the experience of all who would be loyal to God and His Word. So persecuted they the saints and prophets of the past-even the Master Himself. And as for how I got my education-it seems to me of little consequence. I have enough to serve my own purposes, and, apparently, too much to please Rev. Ross and others of his type, who, not knowing how to meet my theological teachings, do not attempt to do so at all, but merely charge me with ignorance. As I read his vile slanders I thought of what the New Testament says about St. Peter and St. John. They were so woefully ignorant that all the people perceived that they were "ignorant and unlearned men." If they were living today, I suppose that the Rev. Ross and Co. would be after them to show them up as not having been ordained by the Baptists and not knowing anything anyway.


Very truly your servant in the Lord,






The portion of our communication omitted above follows:


I need not tell you how absurdly untrue Rev. Ross’ statements are in respect to my ordination; but really it seems strange how little people use their thinking faculties in such matters-how few who would read the Rev. Ross’ statements would see their absurdity. For instance, he is a Baptist and was authorized or ordained by the Baptists-not by Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Catholics or Episcopalians. Would an Episcopalian recognize Rev. Ross’ ordination? Surely not! Would a Roman Catholic recognize his ordination? Of course not. Ordination merely means authorization. The Catholics will authorize, or ordain, those only who belong to their faith. The Baptists will ordain, or authorize, those only who are Baptists. How foolish, then, to talk about ordination from their standpoint!


But ordination from my standpoint, the Bible standpoint, the standpoint of an increasing number of Bible students all the world over, is different. It is a Divine ordination. But our Baptist friends and our Methodist friends would say that they, also, recognize Bible ordination, that they are not merely dependent upon each other. But we challenge them to prove that they ever had a Divine ordination or that they ever think of it. They merely think of a sectarian ordination, or authorization, each from his own sect or party.


True, Catholics and Episcopalians are different and do recognize a Divine ordination. They claim that Jesus ordained His Twelve Apostles and that these have successors in the Bishops, who are styled "apostolic bishops," and under the theory of "apostolic succession" have the same power as the original Twelve Apostles to ordain and to teach. Bible students believe that they err in this claim and that the doctrine of "apostolic succession" is unscriptural. The Bible recognizes only Twelve Apostles. More than that, the Bible denounces all apostolic bishops as being in error. Referring to them, Jesus said that they claimed to be apostles, and are not, but do lie. Re 2:2. In other words, contrary to the superstitions of Catholics and Episcopalians, their bishops have no authority whatever to ordain anybody.


What, then, is the proper ordination of a minister of Christ, and how can it be obtained, according to the Bible?


We answer that God’s ordination, or authorization, of any man to preach is by the impartation of the Holy Spirit to him. Whoever has received the Holy Spirit has received the power and authority to teach and to preach in the name of God. Whoever has not received the Holy Spirit has no Divine authority or sanction to his preaching. In other words, he is unordained in the highest, truest sense of that word.


What is the secret of the opposition and slander that is being raised up against me and against all who, like me, are Bible students? It is malice, hatred, envy, strife, on the part of those who are still hugging the nonsense of the Dark Ages and neglecting true Bible Study. They see that their influence is waning. But they have not yet awakened to the true situation. They think that I am responsible for their smaller congregations and small collections. But not so. The real difficulty with them is that the people are becoming more intelligent and can no longer be driven with the crack of a merely man-devised whip of fear. The colleges of the world have been teaching that the Bible is a foolish old book, until few preachers and few of the educated of the world believe it to be of Divine inspiration. Losing faith in the Bible, in the preachers and in the creeds, the people are drifting toward atheism. That is the real difficulty.


While my work does not, indeed, help to build up any of the sects of Christendom, it is helping to establish Christian people in a true faith in God and in the Bible. It is giving them a firm foundation and an intelligent understanding such as they had prayed for and hoped for before, but never found. This is not because of great ability on my part, nor on the part of my associates, but because God’s time has come for blessing Bible study in the light of present-day opportunities. It is as Jesus promised-the Wise Virgin class of Christian people, who "trim their lamps"-study the Bible-find it to shine out brightly and to point them to the new Age of blessing under Messiah’s Kingdom.

Deep Meditations On Profound Themes


Conclusions of Student Who Has Sounded the Depths of Many Creeds




"Brother Gilbert" of Philadelphia Declares He Has Found the "Finest of the Wheat"


Philadelphia, Pa., July 10, 1914.


Editor St. Paul Enterprise:


From the tenor of your editorial in the Enterprise of June 26th, I judge that you are a man after my own heart, therefore I am enclosing a dollar for one year’s subscription to the paper and a copy of the Answer to Dr. Gray, both to be sent to my address. The credit for this subscription may be applied to whoever, in your judgment, is in most need of it. Of course, the credit is really due yourself, for the spirit of justice and fair play so strongly manifest through you in the editorial, but I am sure that your possession of so large a measure of this spirit, is, of itself, so great a reward that it will give you only pleasure to thus follow the Master’s example by imputing your merit to another which, as in His case, will make you none the poorer.


With a knowledge of all earthly religions and most of earth’s sciences and philosophies, I frankly confess that I have found in none of them such complete accord with the statements of God’s Word as are the teachings of Pastor Russell. No other method of religious interpretation so fully harmonizes with the Bible as a whole or so plainly reveals the wisdom, knowledge, love and power of the Creator of the universe and its inhabitants.


To those who accuse Pastor Russell of having invented a new religion I wish to say that these are not new doctrines, or new truths. They are to be found in the various creeds of so-called Christendom, some in one sect and some in another. Thus separated, these truths have been but dimly seen and but little understood because they are shining alone amidst a mass of tradition; brought together by Pastor Russell, however, their combined light causes them to stand out clear and distinct. These truths are eternal, having been contained in God’s Word since first it was written, but man’s comprehension of the truth has been progressive. As the various parts of God’s great plan have reached their fulfillment, man’s increased experiences have enabled those who were seeking truth to see more plainly those things that had before been so incomprehensible.


This progressive comprehension of religious truth is more clearly seen when we study the history of the world’s religions, especially that of the various Christian sects, and thus learn something of the work of those earnest Bible students who preceded Pastor Russell. In 1841 Sirr taught the true meaning of the "resurrection," and in the year following Cox was teaching that Judgment always implied a trial and the fact that God was not seeking to convert the world in the present age but was selecting a people from among the Gentiles and that ultimately all unrighteous systems were to be overthrown and the kingdom of God established upon the earth. About this time James Fuller, Jay, and Charnock, other Bible students, saw and preached that the earth was to abide forever, and Mede saw that the saints were to reign and rule with Jesus over "the nations of them that are saved." Still later, H. Gratten Guinness was calling attention to the approaching end of the age and the second advent of the Lord Jesus. No, Pastor Russell has no more invented these truths than our surgeons have invented modern surgery. The light now shining upon the Scripture is the cumulative effect of all Scripture study that has gone before and Pastor Russell’s teachings are the result of his many years’ study of God’s Word and the work of those earnest Bible students that preceded him.


One of the chief objections to Pastor Russell’s teachings is that "these things are TOO GOOD to be true." Have those who make this criticism so poor a conception of their God as to believe it possible for Pastor Russell, or ANY MAN, to invent a BETTER plan of human redemption? Should we rather believe that God’s plans and purposes are much better, grander and more glorious than even Pastor Russell now declares them to be? That would be the only logical thought, unless we are going to credit the Pastor with greater wisdom, love and power than Jehovah.


To those who oppose Pastor Russell’s teachings because it differs from the religious instruction given them in childhood and contradicts the creed or the sect to which they belong, we wish to say that every increase of knowledge has been thus received. The Jewish religionists opposed the teachings of Jesus, the pagans opposed the teachings of Jesus’ disciples, and the established Christian church of the Dark Ages opposed the teachings of every Protestant reformer. History continues thus to repeat itself because we are all so full of self-love. We believe that we are as intelligent as most people, as capable of distinguishing truth from error, as able to form correct opinions from the evidence presented to our notice. That which we have accepted as truth, therefore, becomes the mark of our intelligence, and that which does not agree with our accepted beliefs we look upon as an accusation that we are lacking in intellect, something that we very naturally resent. We are thinking of self, and looking at the one who presents the evidences of increased light, and we thus fail to properly investigate or consider the evidences themselves.


It was self love that aroused the enmity of the Scribes and Pharisees against the "poor carpenter’s Son," who claimed to know so much more than themselves; and it is this same self-love that causes so many in the present day to ask, "Who are you, that you know so much more about the Bible than those educated, ordained clergymen who taught us what we believe? "How does it happen that your have seen these great truths, as you call them, and we and our Doctors of Divinity have not?" "Our fathers and mothers believed as we do. Do you mean to tell us that those dear ones died in ignorance of the true gospel?" "No, the faith of our fathers is good enough for us."


In the next to the last of these assertions fear, founded on self-love, finds expression. Self-love includes the love of kindred and we do not wish to admit, even to ourselves, that any of our kindred are in danger of suffering any loss because of their ignorance; the latter assertion manifests the ignorance of those who make it, for the "faith of their fathers" would more properly be rendered the FAITHS of their fathers. Which of these faiths are we to follow in order to be sure of being right, the faith they held as pagans, only a few centuries back, or the faith of Roman Catholicism that they held previous to the Reformation?


Self-love is the foundation of fear, and it is fear that prompts all persecution. We seek to destroy that which opposes us because we are afraid that it will in some manner injure ourselves or our friends. It may be the injury of our character or reputation that we fear, or an injury to our position or financial condition; in every case it is a fear for self. "But the FEARFUL, and unbelieving . . . shall have their part . . . in the second death," for Fear is the antithesis of that Godlike unselfish love so necessary to secure an entrance to the Kingdom. Those prompted by the spirit of self-love will follow the desires of self, the desires of unrighteous, imperfect man, which are utterly out of harmony with the righteous laws that God has ordained for the regulation and preservation of His creatures. The "carnal mind is NOT subject to the law of God, neither indeed CAN it be," and "to be carnally minded is death."


Fear keeps many well-intentioned persons from investigating the truths now made so clear. They quote the Savior’s words that false prophets should come, and they are afraid those disseminating these truths may be false prophets and lead them astray. They seem to forget the Saviour’s assurance along the same line that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the false prophets to deceive the very elect. If they count themselves as of that elect who are under the Lord’s protection they must either doubt the truth of His ability to protect them or the truth of His assurance of protection in this seeking to protect themselves by refusing to examine that which is offered them in the name of the Lord and which they are asked not to accept unless they find it in perfect harmony with every statement made by the Lord. By thus seeking to protect themselves they take themselves out of the Lord’s protection and thus place themselves in danger of the very deception they so wish to avoid.


To all who refuse to investigate the teachings of Pastor Russell, whether because of pride, prejudice or fear, I wish to say that the most vital, most important things to each and every one of us are those things that have to do with our eternal welfare. Would we then not be most unwise to allow anything to prevent our investigating anything that claims to make these things more plain? Yet many of us have been, and still remain so careless in this respect that we never have thought of investigating the claims of the system of religious instruction into which we have been born or to which we have, for one reason or another, joined ourselves. And this in spite of our knowledge of the many and diverse creeds of Christendom!


Christian friend, can you afford to remain thus careless? In fairness to yourself should you not at least investigate the creed of your own denomination, comparing it with God’s Word and rejecting all that will not harmonize with every statement of that Word from Genesis to Revelation? If your creed will stand that test, you surely have God’s own truth. If your creed is found wanting in any particular, investigate Pastor Russell’s teachings, putting them to the same severe test, and REJECT HIS EVERY ASSERTION THAT IN ANY WAY WILL NOT HARMONIZE WITH GOD’S WORD. Dare you hesitate to make such a comparison?


Yours in The King’s service,




5506 Vine Street.



Gleanings On Chronology


Pastor Russell’s Deductions Are Fully Confirmed by Great Historians


Proof From Common Authorities That Pastor Russell Is Right In Saying That Oct. 536, B. C., Is Well Established As the Date of Cyrus’ Permission to the Jews to Return From the Babylonian Captivity to Rebuild Jerusalem.


It is a fact easily ascertainable and to be freely admitted that historical writers do not absolutely agree as to the correct dates in the life of Cyrus. Therefore it is the task of the student to determine whether there is a preponderance of evidence for any particular set of dates, and whether there is good reason to accept the dates supported by such preponderance of testimony. We here propose to examine all the witnesses we have found, and separate them into groups, according to their statements.


All who seem to detail the life of Cyrus agree that he died in the year 529 B. C. They do not agree as to when he besieged Babylon, when he took the city, and when he began to reign there.


The New International Cyclopedia places all those events in 539, and every other witness disagrees with it in having them all occur in one year. When one disagrees with all others, out of so many witnesses, he manifestly only discredits himself, unless he is able to justify himself, which this one does not try.


Nelson’s Cyclopedia and Jacobus’ Bible Dictionary place the taking of Babylon by Cyrus in the year 539; so also does Helmolt, in his History of the World; but all the other authorities consulted place that event in the year 538; and as all the most highly respected authorities are among the latter, their unanimity on the date 538 for the fall of Babylon is very impressive. The ones who give 539 may have confused the date of beginning the siege with the fall of the city; this is a very plausible excuse for them in their divergence from the date agreed upon by all the others. The Encyclopedia Americana says that the siege of the city lasted two years; the Encyclopedia Britannica says it was begun in 539; the New International says that the city fell in the month of July; and Librarian A. R. Spoffard of the U. S. Congressional Library, in his "Historical Characters and Famous Events," quotes M. Maspero, the eminent French Archaeologist, as placing the fall of Babylon in July, 538 B. C.


Helmolt says that Cyrus entered the city about four months after it fell, and was proclaimed its supreme ruler. That would be about October. Hastings, in his world-famous Bible Dictionary, places the date of the entry by Cyrus as Oct. 3, 538 B. C. This date is very interesting, and should be remembered.


Thomas’ Universal Dictionary of Biography places the fall of Babylon in 538, and the edict for the return of the Jews 536, or after an interval of two years. Thomas also makes the statement that "The capture of Babylon is the epoch at which sacred and profane history form their first connection."


Maspero, already quoted (by Spofford), says, "In the first year of his sojourn at Babylon, Cyrus issued his edict permitting the Jews to return to Jerusalem, 536 B. C." We have already introduced his testimony that the city fell in July 538, proving that he also shows an interval of two years between the fall and the edict.


The following authorities, not otherwise quoted, place the fall of Babylon in 538:-Chambers’ Encyclopedia, Little’s Encyclopedia of Classified Dates, Sanford’s Religious Cyclopedia, and the famous Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge.


Dr. Faussett’s Religious Encyclopedia, one of the most scholarly in existence, says that Cyrus began his reign in Babylon in 536. This would seem to conflict with the fact that it fell in 538, and the statement of Helmolt that he was proclaimed sovereign in four months after the fall. The harmony of these is well shown, however, in a statement found in the famous Encyclopedia of McClintock & Strong, as follows:-"The date of the accession of Cyrus is fixed by the unanimous consent of the ancient chronologers at 539. * * * The first year of Cyrus, there spoken of (Ezra 1), is not the year of his elevation to power over the Medes, nor the date of the conquest of Persia, nor yet that of the fall of Babylon, B. C. 538, but at the close of the two years succeeding this last event, during which ‘Darius the Mede’ held the viceroyship of Babylon, i.e. in B. C. 536. It was not till then that Cyrus became actual ruler over Palestine, The edict of Cyrus for the rebuilding of the temple was the beginning of Judaism, and the great changes by which the nation was transformed into a church are clearly marked. The lesson of the kingdom was completed by the captivity."


It is also testified by several other historians that Cyrus was engaged for two years in war in other parts of his domain after the fall of Babylon before he settled down in that city and actually began to administer its affairs in person. During those two years he was recognized as the supreme sovereign, but Darius the Mede, his viceroy, was the actual administrator.


Now, if Cyrus was declared king Oct. 3, 538, and began his reign and terminated the Jewish 70 years of desolation two years later, that would have been Oct. 3, 536 B. C.; which would take the 70 years of desolation back to Oct. 3, 606 B. C. If this was the beginning of the seven times of the Gentiles, or 2520 years, it only remains to accurately count 2520 years from that date to see where the times of the Gentiles will end.



Pastor Russell Writes in Appreciation of the St. Paul Enterprise


Wm. L. Abbott,


St. Paul Enterprise.


Dear Sir: Your welcome letter of the 10th inst. is before me. I am glad to get it, and also pleased to examine the copies of your paper. It is well printed. The illustrations appear unusually clear, even though you use a finer screen than newspapers generally use.


I am glad to note that your subscription list is increasing since you are publishing my sermons. * *


Very truly your well-wisher,


C. T. Russell


The above is an extract from a personal letter written by Pastor Russell to the Editor of St. Paul Enterprise on May 22, 1913. We hope the Enterprise of July 31 and August 7 may come to the Pastor’s notice. They tell the story of what a newspaper may do with the sermons in building up a subscription list.




"Shape us for holier lives to live,  


And nobler work to do."



How The Sermons Won the Enterprise


Story of the Simple Steps That Gradually Led to A World Wide Acquaintance




Now The Sun Never Sets On Our Increasing Circle of Readers and Friends


During the last National campaign, when the Spellbinders from many a stump were quoting: "We Stand at Armageddon and Battle for the Lord," the Enterprise received several columns of plates from the American Press Association, which were ordered by the Democratic State Central Committee, and among these plates was a three-column article entitled "Armageddon," which proved to be a sermon of Pastor Russell’s We took it for a Democratic campaign argument, and not until Mr. Chas. L. Dick called and asked us if we couldn’t run the sermons every week, did we realize that it was indeed a sermon. Pastor Russell did not send the plates; they were merely sent as samples.


In almost a joking way we told Mr. Dick that if he would get us a hundred new subscribers at a dollar apiece we would run the sermons for a year at least. Mr. Dick surprised us by securing them in a few days and the list has grown to over seven hundred in the eleven months since then, and we have had many soul-stirring letters from friends who were not ashamed to sign their names and who gave scripture proof for their beliefs which have not yet in any instance been successfully controverted.


Kind words for the Enterprise had been few while complaints and fault-finding were disheartening. What wonder that the first letters, endorsing the paper, moved us to tears! These endorsements have come to us from near and far, from every state in the Union and from foreign lands, and the editor of the Enterprise knows that no matter what part of the country he goes into he will find his new friends. And the thing works like an endless chain, each new friend bringing others. Each of these pays his mite when the order is placed. These have kept the paper alive. We have not "sold out" to them. We have furnished items of interest to them and they have patronized us for that reason. The statement that we are subsidized is an unqualified falsehood.


There has never been any sort of subsidy or support received by this paper except that which comes through the legitimate channels of subscription receipts and advertising patronage. When our correspondent speaks of "the man who now subsidizes your paper" and intimates that we have "sold out" he is guilty of bearing false witness against his neighbor. The work of the International Bible Students’ Association is a great work but if it is not of God it will come to naught. If it is the truth (and the scriptures bear it out as such), the Brainy" editor of the weekly paper which our cowardly correspondent was ashamed to name (for he blotted it out), may find, too late, that Truth knocked at his door and that he barred the entrance.


The publisher of the Enterprise, on assurances of members of the International Bible Students’ Association that they will renew their subscriptions when they expire and assist us in securing more readers, has decided to continue the publication of Pastor Russell’s weekly sermons and other items of interest to them, indefinitely.


At the same time it must be understood that the Enterprise is a lay paper, devoted to the welfare of this grand city of St. Paul and that it cannot be confined to any one line of teaching. It must be broad enough to include all men and they shall enjoy equal rights in its columns. Anonymous communications, however, must be excepted. Anyone so weak-kneed that he is afraid to sign his name to his letter will hereafter be barred from our columns.-From St. Paul Enterprise, Oct. 24, 1913.



{2/12/15} A Delaware Editor After Our Own Heart


A Couple of Editorials and a News Item Reprinted from Wilmington Evening Journal Vigorously Defend Religious Open Door


(Editor’s Note: The two editorials and news items following, reprinted from recent issues of the Wilmington, Delaware Evening Journal, voice sentiments often expressed by The Enterprise. It is a pleasure to reproduce such a manly and vigorous stand, and to spread the knowledge of it abroad through the land.




No Religious Discrimination.  




The Rev. George A. Cooke, pastor of Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church, came to The Evening Journal office yesterday as the bearer of resolutions adopted by the Ministerial Union of this city at its meeting on Monday. The germ of the resolutions was that The Evening Journal should cease publishing each week "Pastor" Russell’s exposition of the Sunday school lesson because the members of the Ministerial Union do not agree with "Pastor" Russell’s religious teachings and practices.


Our reply to Mr. Cooke was that the columns of The Evening Journal are now, and always have been, wide open to men and women of all forms of religious belief and that there will be no departure from that policy. We shall continue to handle and to print, with absolute impartiality and fairness, sermons, lectures and news from all religious sources. We hope the time never will come when any Jew or Gentile, Catholic or Protestant, Episcopalian or Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist, Unitarian or Swedenborgian, Friend or Lutheran, New Churchman, Adventist or Christian Scientist, Salvation Army soldier or American Volunteer may truthfully say that, because of religious prejudice, The Evening Journal has closed its columns against him and his religious views.


In the handling of religious news, we know no creed and no denomination; nor do we purpose knowing any. As men and women of all shades of religious belief read our paper, and as scores of "Pastor" Russell’s followers are among them, it would be manifestly unfair to bar from our columns matters of interest to any religionist, no matter what he may believe.


Nor is it our purpose to discuss or to seek to reconcile conflicts of religious belief which exist in our community. Our purpose is to keep the doors wide open, print the news and preserve strict neutrality with respect to its treatment. If a Jewish rabbi were to ask us to refuse to print sermons preached by members of the Ministerial Union because such sermons proclaim the divinity of Christ and are contrary to Hebraic teachings and doctrine we would promptly refuse the request, just as we would deny the request of a member of that Union were he to ask us to close our columns against a Jewish rabbi because he refuses to concede the divinity of Christ.


Mr. Cooke asked us if we would print the resolutions adopted by the Union relative to "Pastor" Russell. We told him we would if he would procure an indemnity bond, have it signed by property-owning members of the Union and turn it over to us with the understanding that it should be used to indemnify us from all loss in event of suit for libel or slander being instituted by "Pastor" Russell. We received no assurance that such indemnity bond would be forthcoming. Therefore, we refrain from publishing our solution which shows that its framer is so obsessed with prejudice against the object of attack that he throws legal safeguards to the wind.


Mr. Cooke made one point which, we feel, is deserving of public attention. That is that members of the evangelical churches read the Brooklyn Tabernacle Sunday School exposition in our paper each Saturday and, thinking it is an exposition authorized by the evangelical churches, accept it. "If it had the name of ‘Pastor’ Russell attached to it, our people would not be influenced by it," Mr. Cooke said. We immediately informed him that such an objection could be met promptly and that in the future it would bear unmistakable evidence of its authorship. Immediate instructions were given to place beneath the heading the words, "Edited by ‘Pastor’ Russell." In addition, that the public may know fully who "Pastor" Russell is, we take the following sketch of him from "Who’s Who in America:"


"Russell, Charles Taze (‘Pastor Russell.’) Independent minister; born at Pittsburgh, Feb. 16, 1852; son of Joseph L. and Ann Eliza (Birney) Russell; educated principally under private tutors; married Marie Francis, daughter of Mahlen and Salem Ackley, 1879. Began an independent ministry Pittsburgh, 1878; now regularly elected pastor of numerous congregations from Maine to California; chiefly serving in Brooklyn Tabernacle. Travels upwards of 30,000 miles each year in his work, including semi-annual trips to Great Britain in connection with the work centering in the London Tabernacle congregation, whom he serves as pastor; disclaims being the founder of a religious sect; interprets the punishment of the Bible as eternal death and not eternal torture. Author of a series of books, "Studies in the Scriptures," issued since 1886 and now printed at the rate of 700,000 copies a year; editor of the Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence; his Sunday sermons published in 2,000 newspapers. President of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, People’s Pulpit Association of New York and International Bible Students’ Association. His address is Brooklyn Tabernacle, 13 and 17 Hicks street, Brooklyn."


We think the above should meet the views of Mr. Cooke and his associates in the matter of the identity of the author of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Sunday School lesson exposition. Whether they agree with him or he with them on matters of religious teaching is wholly beyond the point, because upon such matters the members of the Ministerial Union do not agree among themselves. No one knows better than those who are acquainted with the composition of its membership.


We do not hold that upon religious matter "Pastor" Russell is right and that they are wrong or that they are right and that he is wrong. We simply print the above to show that we know no religious preferences in this newspaper office, and that our columns are wide open to news and other matters affecting and interesting all religionists. We spend thousands of dollars every year in giving a fair and impartial portrayal in our columns of the religious activities in this and other communities. We might add that ten times as much of that money is spent to give news space and free advertising to members of the Ministerial Union as is given to "Pastor" Russell, and that thus far neither "Pastor" Russell nor any other religionist who does not agree with their teachings has seen fit to complain to us against such jug-handled liberality or to demand that their teachings be left out of our paper because he does not believe in the varying doctrines they preach. Were any person to make such a demand we would promptly inform him that in the matter of religion the open-door policy prevails in this office and that it will continue to prevail, equal opportunity and courtesy being accorded to Jew and Gentile and Protestant and Catholic.-Editorial, Wilmington, Delaware Evening Journal, Nov. 4, 1914.




Defeating a resolution to table, offered by the Rev. George Edward Reed, the Ministerial Union in session at the Y. M. C. A. today voted to stand by its action in demanding that newspapers, including The Evening Journal, be asked not to print articles contributed by Pastor Russell. Sixteen ministers were present. The membership of the Union is more than fifty.


The motion to support previous action by the organization on the question of Russellism was made by the Rev. G. T. Alderson and was adopted with but three dissenting votes.


"We ought to stand by our action and by Brother Cooke who acted for us in this matter," Mr. Alderson said, "for if we do not The Evening Journal will gloat."


This statement came after the Rev. Alderson opposed Dr. Reed’s resolution to table a motion, which was lost 10 to 3, Drs. W. L. S. Murray and T. P. Holloway voting with Dr. Reed to end the discussion.


Discussion on the position of the Union regarding Russellism was opened by Dr. Halloway, who declared that while he was opposed to Pastor Russell’s teachings, he believed the time was at hand when the matter should be ended.


Dr. Cooke then gained the floor and demanded that the body stand by its former action. He said:


"In regard to The Evening Journal the result of my labors is not so favorable. I consulted the editor and he told me he would not publish anything against Russellism, as he did not wish to become liable for libel. He then suggested that the Union furnish an indemnity bond. I told him we had plenty of proof, and would be glad to place it at his disposal.


"The matter which has been printed by the editor of The Evening Journal has been colored to make it look well for Russell and The Evening Journal. In my talk with the editor of that paper I told him that while he might reserve the right to print Russell’s sermons and articles, the ministers reserved the right to protect their flocks.


"After his editorials came out I thought I would reply to them, but after serious reflection did not think it proper to dignify the matter by so doing. However, the editor kept crowing and blowing about his editorials, so I did write something, and he left out a great deal of what I wrote, coloring here and there.


"The question before you is simply this: ‘Are you going to stand by Christ and Christianity or are you going to support the man who has been publishing Russell’s articles here for years and by Russell?’"


At the conclusion of the minister’s appeal, Dr. Reed addressed the Union. "I suppose the editor of The Evening Journal publishes Pastor Russell’s articles as a business proposition. That is, I suppose they are paid for by someone," he declared. "It is unfortunate that we should become involved in a controversy with an editor who may print what he pleases. The Evening Journal prints church news, sermons, etc. They publish my sermons and I believe those of other members of this body.


"It is my opinion that this matter of Russellism is one of individual ministers. We have our pulpits and if we desire to instruct our people against Russell and his teachings all of us have opportunity. I am, therefore, opposed to further controversy with the editor of The Evening Journal and move to table the resolution providing that we stand by our former action."


At this point the Rev. Alderson objected to such proceedings, maintaining it would not be proper for the union to withhold approval of Dr. Cooke’s efforts and reverse its own decision.


"I am opposed to Dr. Reed on this question," Dr. Alderson declared. "The editor of The Evening Journal may print what he pleases, but we ought not to desert our committee."


Dr. Holloway asserted the matter should be dropped. He pointed out that The Evening Journal could print whatsoever its editor desired published and leave out what he did not desire to appear. He agrees with Dr. Reed that the pulpit is the proper place to combat Russellism.


"Not that I am against Dr. Cooke," he said, "for I am not. I glory in his spunk and know he speaks as he reasons. I support Dr. Reed because I deem his position to be correct. The editor of The Evening journal may print what he wants and what can we do?"


The question was then put to a vote by the Rev. J. C. McCowan who presided and all those present with the exception of Drs. Reed, Murray and Holloway voted to endorse the organization’s action.-News Item, Wilmington, Delaware Evening Journal, Dec. 4, 1914.




Let Him Apply the Test.  




We received on Saturday, too late for editorial attention and publication, the following letter from the Rev. George A. Cooke, pastor of Wesley M. E. Church, this city:


To the Editor of The Evening journal:


Sir-Your editorial of December 4, entitled, "Russell, Cooke and the Open Door," calls for a brief reply and explanation.


I will plead guilty to two of the charges in your indictment.


(1) I did offer to write comments on the Sunday school lessons for The Evening Journal, on condition that you exclude the exposition by Mr. Russell. I think you made a mistake in not accepting my offer. It would have been to your advantage to the paper and a benefit to the public, in my humble opinion. The offer is still open.


(2) In regard to the threatened boycott. After a friendly talk of over an hour on the occasion of my second visit, I expressed the sentiment that if you continue the Russell Sunday school literature, as a matter of principle you cannot blame the ministers if they advise their people not to allow The Evening Journal in their homes. As a matter of principle on our part, we believe his views are religious poison that can benefit no one. Is that an infringement upon any one’s liberty? It is a poor rule that does not work both ways.


The Ministerial Union did not assume to dictate in this matter. Our resolution was in the nature of a protest and a petition. You will admit there can be no question about the right of protest and the right of petition in this country?


No pastor in this city has asked for the privilege of using the columns of your paper for the propagation of the peculiar doctrines of his church, to my knowledge. As old-fashioned a Methodist as the writer is in his views, he would not ask such a favor.


I have a very distinct recollection of your saying to me that you would not allow The Evening Journal to be used for the advancement of any particular sect or creed, but that you allow Russell’s comments on the Sunday school lesson because he is unsectarian. That is what I had in mind when I said, in my letter to you, that you give him the exclusive privilege of indoctrinating the public.


I am ready to join hands with you in the maintenance of religious liberty when that liberty is properly defined and safeguarded against abuse.


I wish to say that I have never intended to reflect in any way on the personal character of any of the followers of Pastor Russell. I only referred to the tendency of his doctrine in regard to future punishment to break down all restraint against wickedness on the part of the vicious element of society. There is enough sin and vice and crime abroad in the land to make the thoughtful think some more.


It occurs to the writer that you have gone beyond what the situation justifies, in your attempt to prejudice this matter in the public mind. You treated me in a courteous and friendly manner on both occasions of my visits to your office, and our conversations were mutually pleasant. I am sure you have no reason to question the sincerity or the Christian character of the ministers of our city. We may be a little slow at times, but we have the welfare of the community at heart. Treat us right, and you have our support for every good cause.


Sincerely yours,






With respect to the first part of Mr. Cooke’s letter, all we care to say is that we appreciate his frank admission that he endeavored to have himself substituted for "Pastor" Russell as the weekly expounder of the Scriptures and that we admire his own good opinion of himself, so modestly and yet so pointedly expressed.


We are equally well pleased that he admits that he suggested to us the possibility of a boycott against our paper by the members of the Ministerial Union if we persisted in printing the Russell Sunday school Bible lesson exposition. We except, however, to the qualified way in which he puts it.


When Mr. Cooke came to our office on November 3 last he said he appeared as the representative of the Wilmington Ministerial Union. He had been delegated, he said, to offer for publication certain anti-Russell resolutions and to urge the exclusion of "Pastor" Russell’s religious views from our columns. We told him we would publish the resolutions if he would accompany them with an indemnity bond, signed by property-owning members of the Union, to protect us against suit for libel. We refused positively to permit him, the Union or anyone else to censorize our religious columns against "Pastor" Russell or anyone else. It was then that he said, not what he now says he said, but the following"


"Are you willing to accept the consequences of a refusal to do this thing?"


"We are," was the reply.


"Even if informed that the preachers composing the Ministerial Union may advise the members of their congregations to cease reading The Evening Journal?"


"Absolutely," we said. "The columns of this paper have been, are now and will continue to be open and free to all religionists. We do not fear that any such boycott will be attempted, or that it will be successful if attempted. Our faith in the fair-mindedness and liberality of this community impels us to say that and to adhere to it."


As he had come to us representing himself to be an authorized delegate from the Ministerial Union, and as at no stage of the conversation did he differentiate as between himself as a delegate and as an individual, the inference conveyed was that he had been authorized to make a boycott threat if milder methods should fail to accomplish the exclusion end sought to be attained. That was the only construction we could put on it.


Quite naturally we resented it. We now are informed by three of the most prominent members of the Ministerial Union that the threat of a boycott never was suggested or authorized at the meeting, and that Mr. Cooke never was authorized to suggest the possibility of such a thing. That information is pleasing. It was inconceivable to us that any body of preachers that had enjoyed for years such unrestricted use of our local columns, with accompanying free church notices charged for in other cities, could assume such an attitude in the face of our well-known open-door policy with respect to religion. We knew that we had been the good, and, at times, potential, friend of all the members of the Union-often praising, seldom criticizing and always manifesting a desire to help them in their religious work. We know that a boycott based upon our refusal to violate our open-door policy would be an outrageous return for many past favors done to those who, as Mr. Cooke very plainly intimated, might engage in it. It is for that reason we are pleased to announce that Mr. Cooke had absolutely no authority for conveying such a threat and that in doing it he did not express the sentiment of many members of the union toward this paper. We have that upon the authority of members of the Union who stand much higher in its councils than does the pastor of Wesley Church.


Mr. Cooke says he informed us on November 3 that if we continued to print the Russell Sunday School lesson exposition we could not blame the ministers if they advised their people not to allow The Evening Journal to come into their homes. He did not say that, because, if he had, we should have informed him quickly that the daily visit of The Evening Journal into a Wilmington home is no more harmful than is the visit of a narrow-minded and doctrine-bound ecclesiastic, and that no doubt the members of a household would look upon the visit of The Evening Journal as being infinitely more entertaining and enlightening than that of any pastor who might regard himself as the sole custodian of the world’s theological learning and the only thing standing between humanity and the bottomless pit. We wish to add that we never allow The Evening Journal to be used for the advancement of any sect or creed. We are allowing that all the time by publishing church notices, extracts from sermons and lectures and in many other ways. What we said to Mr. Cooke was that our columns were open to all sects and creeds, but that what we desired was theological argument and not theological abuse. We impressed upon him, time and again, that we maintained an open door and that neither he, the Ministerial Union nor any one else could close it. That is where we stand today. It is where we always have stood. It was where we purpose standing. A Jew, a Gentile, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Christian Scientist, a follower of Confucius or a devotee of Buddha will receive in this office the same courteous treatment. We are here to print the news. Our religion is to make The Evening Journal the best and most widely read newspaper in our city and state. We are living up to that religion, and its fundamental principle is the open door.


What is religious truth to one well-meaning man is religious heresy to another well-meaning man. Mr. Cooke thinks the Russell Scriptural interpretations are heretical. "Pastor" Russell thinks the Cooke interpretations are heretical. Some other ecclesiastic thinks that both their views are heretical, and so it goes down the line. It is our policy to print all their views and to permit our readers to take their choice. We are not so foolish as to attempt the task of reconciling the conflicting religious thought of the world. Our attitude has been, is now and will continue to be one of strict neutrality.


Mr. Cooke says "we believe Russell’s views are religious poison that can benefit no one." He adds, "I wish to say that I have never intended to reflect in any way on the personal characters of any of the followers of ‘Pastor’ Russell. I only referred to the tendency of his doctrine in regard to future punishment to break down all restraint against wickedness on the part of the vicious element of society. There is enough sin and vice and crime abroad in the land to make the thoughtful think some more." In his letter of December 2 Mr. Cooke said, writing of "Pastor" Russell:


{Please note that there is a large hole in the original newspaper in the following three lines. A best guess at the content has been made. These guesses are in braces ( {}) .}


"We believe t<>{hat his in}terpretations of G<>{od’s Word are not only} absurd, but <>{they serve to break down} public morals. This is not a hasty judgment on the part of the ministers, but the calm, mature utterance of men who have given their lives to the study of these subjects."


If, as Mr. Cooke asserts, the views of "Pastor" Russell are religious poison, then it follows that those who accept them must be religiously poisoned. And again, if, as he says, the tendency of the Russell doctrine is to break down all restraint against wickedness on the part of the vicious element of society and to increase the sin, vice and crime in the world, such effects must be apparent in the lives and actions of those who accept the Russell doctrine. In other words, to follow Mr. Cooke’s line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, the Russell followers must be persons who are vicious elements of society, unrestrainedly wicked and addicted to sin, vice and crime. Further than that, The Evening Journal must be fostering such deplorable conditions.


We offered one test to Mr. Cooke on Friday. He evaded it. We now offer another and a more sweeping and conclusive one. It is that we will exclude from our columns, for all time, the Russell Sunday school Bible lesson exposition if Mr. Cooke will submit a list of the members of "Pastor" Russell’s International Bible Students’ Association in this city and state and with it proof that those members were vicious members of society when they accepted the Russell doctrine; that they are vicious elements of society now; that in them the Russell doctrine has broken down all restraint against wickedness, and that the acceptance of the Russell doctrine has led them to live lives of sin, vice and crime. If Mr. Cooke hasn’t such a list of names we have no doubt the Wilmington class of International Bible Students’ Association will supply him with one that he may make his investigation and accusative analysis.


If Mr. Cooke is really desirous of obtaining the exclusion of "Pastor" Russell’s exposition, if he believes and is ready to substantiate the charges he makes; if he is not indulging in fanciful thought and extravagant utterance, here is his opportunity to show that the Russell followers in this city and state are recruited from the vicious elements of society; that they are unrestrainedly wicked and that they are, as a result of Russell doctrine, living lives of sin, vice and crime.


We have never attended an International Bible Class meeting; we have never seen a list of its members, but we are willing to abide by the result of the test proposed. If, as has been said, "a tree is known by its fruit," and if the fruit of the Russell tree be its members, let Mr. Cooke proceed to show, circumstantially and in detail, what sort of fruit it is.


So much for a test of the personnel of the Wilmington class of the International Bible Students’ Association. Now for an infinitely broader and more liberal one. Mr. Cooke has accused us of systematically poisoning society and fostering lawlessness, vice and crime in our community, by publishing weekly "Pastor" Russell’s exposition of the Sunday school Bible lesson. The present edition of this paper has held that post three years. This paper published the exposition years before the present editor took charge-in all, perhaps six or seven years, or long enough for the so-called "poison" to manifest its character-wrecking and soul-destroying effect upon society.


We agree to exclude the Russell exposition from our columns and to give $100 to any charity Mr. Cooke may select if he will produce any authenticated record of the Criminal Branch of the United States District Court, the Court of Oyer and Terminer, the Court of General Sessions, the Municipal Court, the Juvenile Court, any local Magistrate’s Court, the County Workhouse, the Police Department, the Ferris Industrial School, the Industrial Schools for Girls, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Board of Pardons, the Probation Office or the Law and Order Society which shows, either directly or inferentially, that any defendant has pleaded or said that his or her downfall and disgrace were due to reading "Pastor" Russell’s Sunday school Bible lesson exposition in the columns of The Evening Journal.


Further than that, we make the same offer to him if he will produce any member of his own congregation who will swear that he or she has been led into vice and crime by reading that Scripture exposition in this paper.


We do not want any more empty words from Mr. Cooke. He has raised the issue, and we have met it. If what he says be true, the Russell exposition is not fit to print. If what he says is not true, then he is not fit to criticize it or any other Scriptural exposition, or to expound the Scriptures for this or any other newspaper. We invite him to examine the records of vice and crime, not only in this city but also in the entire state, and to use those records in an effort to show that his letter is true. We invite him to examine the members of his own congregation, one by one and under oath, and to show that any man or woman in that congregation had led a life of vice or crime as a result of reading the Russell exposition in the columns of this paper.


With such a wide-open opportunity given by us to Mr. Cooke to show that his charges are true, it is clearly his next move. For his own credit’s sake, that next move must not be in the nature of a side-step.-Editor, Wilmington, Delaware, Evening Journal, Dec. 7, 1914.



{2/12/15} Why Hindered By Prof. Kershner?


Enterprise Correspondent Analyzes Attacks For Answer To This Question




Campbellite in Step with Others Depending on Falsehood and Ridicule


In its last week’s issue, the Enterprise presented a letter from an Ohio subscriber, calling attention to a number of recent attacks upon Pastor Russell in the "Christian Standard," by Frederick D. Kershner, President of Texas Christian University. The attacks were enclosed with the letter, that they might be answered; and it was stated in substance by the subscriber that many people are hindered by the attacks from investigating Pastor Russell’s Scriptural teachings, because the "Standard" has so wide a circulation (200,000), and Pres. Kershner is so influential in his denomination.


The most reasonable initial question would be, what elements of strength have these attacks, that so many people should be hindered by them from making investigations? Let us examine and analyze these so potent utterances. What is their message?


They consist of six brief passages making direct assault on Pastor Russell, published in as many issues, at intervals from Sept.13, 1913 to Nov. 7, 1914, and measuring, in the aggregate, eighteen inches, or a total of one and a half columns, or an average of three inches to each issue. In this brief space Prof. Kershner congratulates himself that he has awakened the followers of Pastor Russell to his fallacies, and so has "not written in vain." What arguments does he so successfully bring? As they occupy so little space, we can reproduce them in full array.


He applies eight epithets to the Pastor: "Messiah," deceiver, ingenious impostor, idol, faker, patriarchal apostle, higher critic, egregious in self esteem. He likens the Pastor to P. T. Barnum, Dowie, Voliva, and Brigham Young, and his teachings to Mormonism; although he does not attempt to state a single fact to justify the epithets or the pretended likeness. He makes the following characterizations of the Pastor’s writings:-strange delusions, vagaries, monumental vagaries, absurd (twice), monstrous absurdities, "Revelations," "prophecies," fallacies and dangerous fallacies; although he neither quotes from nor even enumerates any of the teachings of those writings. He calls the associates of Pastor Russell his "ilk," senseless, bait swallowers, gulled, fools (twice), and credulous extremists. How can he think that he has delivered such senseless fools from their folly in eighteen inches devoted to such loving and lovely appellations?


Only One Definite Criticism.  


In the entire six assaults but one definite criticism of the Pastor’s teaching is even indicated, and that is the locating of the restoration of the Jews, the deliverance of the Church, the second advent of Messiah and the beginning of the Millennium in the year 1914. A microscopic search would not reveal to any one the merest mention of any other teaching; whereas those who have read Pastor Russell’s "Studies in the Scriptures" know that the three most highly esteemed volumes of the six do not deal definitely with the subject of Chronology at all. In these six volumes, now in the ninth million of their sale, the Pastor has a total of practically six thousand quotations and citations from the Bible. How many Scriptures does Prof. Kershner quote in attacking him? He cites Re 20:5 by request of a "Standard" reader; he misquotes part of Mr 13:32; and he quotes and falsely applies to Pastor Russell’s teaching part of Mt 5:29. He makes no further reference to the Bible than as if there were no such volume in existence. He does not quote entirely one single verse of Scripture; he refers only to three.


A Dozen False Statements.  


Prof. Kershner’s eighteen inches contain at least a dozen statements and strong insinuations that cannot possibly be proved by any one to be true to any known facts. We call them up in order as they came.


He says that in almost any city church may be found a few devotees of Pastor Russell; whereas it is well known that no one ever assents to the Pastor’s deductions and remains in any church system, since such assent inevitably takes such entirely away from every church system into absolute independence of sectarianism.


He says that the pastor’s adherents are now waiting his date for the Millennium, which the Pastor will doubtless change from time to time as disappointments follow one another; whereas page 33 of volume 2 declares that the Millennium began with 1872. If it began in 1872, how do we yet look for it in 1914; and what occasion is there for Pastor Russell to change the date?


He says that Pastor Russell assumes more knowledge than the angels. Pastor Russell’s contradiction of this, penned more than a quarter of a century ago, may be found on page 15 of volume 2.


Prof. Kershner misquotes from page 228 of volume 3 by omitting, without any tokens of omission, the following words: "as we shall see." The sequel to these omitted words is a chapter of 58 pages. Is it honest to omit a reference of this sort? Are the arguments of these 58 pages answered by thus ignoring them?


He says that the Pastor declares that the deliverance of fleshly Israel must come before 1914; whereas in his quotation from the Pastor it is plainly declared that the deliverance "is appointed to take place at that time". We wonder if the professor has noticed the recent order of the Czar, bestowing the full rights of citizens upon the Russian Jews, who comprise half of all the living Hebrew race? Or the fact that Turkey, owner of Palestine, is now plunging to her doom, leaving the Jews free to reoccupy their ancient and promised eternal abiding place? Or that the press reports wealthy Jews to be holding eighty million dollars in readiness to promote the Zionist Movement? And the fact that all these items of deliverance transpire in 1914?


The professor insinuates that the Pastor claims to have "revelations," and to make "prophecies." Page 15 of volume 2, already cited, places the proper brand on these insinuations. Nothing has been cited, or can be, to prove them.


He says Pastor Russell teaches that there is no hell and no there is such place as Gehenna. These statements are contradicted by the Pastor’s writings and sermons from one end to the other. There is not a vestige of truth in the charges. Pastor Russell very elaborately expounds the Bible teaching regarding hell in a pamphlet circulated by millions, entitled, "What Say the Scriptures About Hell?" No one comes farther than he from denying hell. He denies the theory of eternal torment. That is a far remove from denying hell or Gehenna.


Strange Inconsistency.  


The professor charges that the moving picture show was designed to advertise the Pastor’s wares, -which teach 1914. He then declares that the "movies" were designed to make the people forget all about 1914. Consistency, thou art clear as mud!


The object of the Photo Drama is stated on the last page of its Scenario to be educational. As Pastor Russell has never made a cent of profit by the sale of any religious "wares," selling all literature at actual wholesale cost, and taking no collections, it is manifest that his motive must be education. And so far from hiding the chronology did the Photo Drama come, that it distinctly and explicitly taught it, by the accompanying phonographic lectures. See Scenario, pages 8, 47, 48 and 50.


Prof. Kershner charges that Pastor Russell is notably silent of late regarding 1914. This charge appears in the "Standard" of July 11, 1914. On July 5, at Clinton, Iowa, the Pastor made a lengthy address on the very subject of this year 1914. The address, heard by the present writer, was reported in the newspapers, and is to be found at page 56 in the I. B. S. A. Convention Report for the year. A notable statement on the same subject is likewise to be found in the "Watch Tower," the official organ of the I. B. S. A., at page 207 in the issue of July 1, written by the Editor, Pastor Russell. Copious citations of his sermons and editorial utterances on Chronology during the current year might readily be given; but the above suffice to demonstrate the notable falsity of Prof. Kershner’s representations.


The professor charges that the Pastor disposes of any scripture passages that do not harmonize with his theories by cutting them out of the Bible. The best reply to this charge is a challenge for any proof of it.


Prof. Kershner bases his claim solely on the charge that the pastor discards Re 20:5 as spurious. How untrue and unreasonable this claim really is, was demonstrated in an answer to the Adventist Quinn, published in the Special Edition of the Enterprise of Nov. 6, and therefore need not so soon be repeated.


False Impression-Libelous Insinuations.  


Mr. Kershner distinctly gives the impression that the Photo Drama was given in theaters of the country, and speaks of the posting of the Pastor’s likeness in front of these theaters in such a way as to give the further impression that chorus girls of the vulgar type were associated with the Pastor in this production. This is a libel, nothing less. The writer witnessed the Photo Drama in three different cities. In each it was presented in the leading Auditorium of the city. No chorus girls were in evidence, even by picture or by suggestion. There was not the remotest hint of the theatrical. Our evidence indicates that it was similarly given throughout America; that the best Auditoriums were engaged, and that in but few cases did these prove to be theaters.


Kershner declares solemnly, that he has left the worst regarding Pastor Russell in large measure untold, and that if the Pastor’s followers but knew all that he, the professor, knows they would quickly fall away. This also is a libelous insinuation. If Kershner knows a word that we have not heard, let him tell it like a man and face the consequences; not hide himself behind the cloak of base and baseless insinuation.


The Story Told In Full.  


Every solitary pretense of attack by Prof. Kershner is now before the reader. What portion of it carries conviction? Where is the argument, the reason, the logic, the Scripture? Echo answers, Where? Why are his fellow denominationalists hindered from investigation? Are they mesmerized by the flow of epithets and false statements? Surely no truth seeker would pause a moment before such an array of wares. If such attacks will deter any one, he does not seek nor desire the truth.


In the House of Glass


Prof. Kershner calls Pastor Russell a higher Critic. He simply applies the label without suggesting a reason therefor. We recall the rhyme of childhood:


"Sticks and stones may break my bones,


But names can never hurt me."


But what is Prof. Kershner? Is he a higher critic? Let us judge him out of his own mouth. In a brief article in the "Standard" of Sept. 5, 1914, he discusses the "Kingdom and the Second Coming," says that the early Christians expected the event in their own day, and declares:-"Paul himself, for a time, seems to have shared this belief, but later revised his opinion-note the different points of view in the two Thessalonian epistles." In other words, according to Prof. Kershner, Paul did not pen the first Epistle under the impulse of Divine Inspiration, but gave us his own erroneous guess, which he afterwards corrected in the second epistle, after he had gotten his tangled personal views straightened out!


If this is not higher criticism of the rankest growth, what is? We can imagine nothing worse, unless it be the reported theological seminary professor who taught the young prospective clergy that the Apostle John was an epileptic, and that every time he had a fit he wrote a chapter of Revelation!


If Paul wrote First Thessalonians by guess, how do we know that every book from Romans to Hebrews was not written that way? How can we dare believe that St. Peter knew what he affirmed when he spoke of Paul’s writings as Scripture?


Do earnest Christians allow such a guide as this higher critic to lead them at his pleasure and throttle investigation? Nay, verily. Seekers for Scriptural Truth will demand fidelity to the inspired word; and they find it in the six thousand references to inspiration made by Pastor Charles T. Russell of the I. B. S. A.



{2/12/15} Arkansas Answers to Late Attack by Baptist


Paper Read at Baptist Conference and Endorsed for Publication in their Church Organ is Dissected by Request.


An Arkansas sister has sent a recent copy of the "Baptist Advance" of Little Rock, containing an eight column attack on "Russellism," together with a personal letter stating that Arkansas friends suffer frequent slanderous tirades from the clerics of that state, and that the cause of the Truth could be more effectively served by them with the aid of a brief answer to one of the more conspicuous attacks, such as was read before a recent Baptist conference by "Rev." J. F. Ayers of Prescott, and by request of that body published in the "Advance."


Nothing in the Ayers attack merits individual notice; but its publication in a church organ lends it a prestige apart from its own value; hence we essay a few words as crumbs of comfort and assistance to such friends as crave and can use them, praying Divine overruling to the ultimate good of all concerned.


It will properly focus our scrutiny at the start on the inward spirit of this latest attack if we first form an accurate estimate of the man himself who penned the attack. For this purpose we have no other material than his own declarations, which abundantly suffice.


Being a Baptist pastor, he is presumably a professed minister of the gospel of Christ, a teacher and champion of the inspired Word of God. Is he actually what he professes to be? Is he a safe guide for the people, one whose word is worthy of their confidence in matters of religion? For answer listen to his own words, latter half of first column:


"Russell exhibits general ignorance of some most important things. I. Of the investigations of others on the same subject. He never quotes from others. If he has ever read the works of Vogt, Buchner, Spinoza, Fichte, Hegel, Strauss, Davidson, Hudson, White, Sabatier, he never gives his readers a hint of such a thing."


Now let us get our focus. Ayers’ very first, hence presumably most grievous, fault with Pastor Russell is stated as "ignorance of some most important things." And first of all these most important things, hence presumably the supreme things in his mind, he mentions the writings of the above-named men. The ignoring of them is in his sight the deepest dyed sin. The Arkansas Baptist Pastors’ and Laymens’ Conference, by endorsing this statement for publication and circulation, make the Ayers standard of importance their own. The writings of these ten men are of supreme religious value to the Arkansas Baptist mind. What are these marvelously fundamental writings? We turn for answer to standard works of reference.


The Encyclopedia Britannica says that Vogt was a champion of German Materialism; and the Standard Dictionary defines the latter as consisting in a denial of the existence of God or any other form than pure matter. The same authority says of Buchner that he was driven from his professorship at Tubingen for promulgating the eternity and immortality of matter, and similar ideas, and that there were so many errors in his writings that he was soon exposed and discredited as a leader.


Sanford’s Cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge says that Spinoza was a pantheistic Jew; and the Standard defines Pantheism in part as a denial of God as a separate personality, apart from nature.


As to Fichte, Schaff-Herzog’s Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge says it is a matter of dispute whether his teachings were not atheistic.


Jackson’s Dictionary of Religious Knowledge says of Hegel that part of his own pupils forsook him and declared that he had "reduced Christianity to mythology and delusion."


Benham’s Dictionary of Religion says that Strauss denied belief in any God.


Schaff-Herzog says that Davidson’s "theological standpoint is rationalistic"; while the Standard defines rationalism as the denial of the necessity or dispute of the fact of supernatural revelation for the spiritual guidance of mankind, maintaining that reason is of itself the sufficient and only guide.


Regarding Hudson, White and Sabatier, diligent search of the authorities quoted already fails to discover mention, hence their eccentricities of thought must remain unknown to us. The seven already examined suffice, however, for all practical purposes. What do they teach us? They prove that Materialism, Pantheism, Atheism and Rationalism, the complete denial and repudiation of God and the Bible, are the most important considerations of the Christian, according to the mind of Ayers and Arkansas Baptists. We would urge thoughtful readers, before proceeding, to re-read and seriously ponder the full meaning of the position of these Arkansas Baptists, judged by their own utterance. Then let us set the position of Pastor Russell in contrast. We quote from his "Studies in the Scriptures," Volume 1, page 12:


"Truth seekers should empty their vessels of the muddy waters of tradition and fill them at the fountain of truth-God’s Word. And no religious teaching should have weight except as it guides the truth seeker to that fountain," Pastor Russell has proved his fidelity to that ideal by reference to practically six thousand scriptures in his six volumes.


We appeal to the conscience of every earnest Christian as to which of these radically opposite courses is safe to follow.


Will the following of Ayers into a life-long study of Pantheism, Materialism, Rationalism and Atheism lead to the development of Christian character and the production of Christian fruitage? Should we expect such a man to safely guide in the examination of "Russellism," or any other outline of doctrine? Is it at all to be wondered if he has misunderstood and therefore misrepresented? Would it not rather be remarkable if he had done otherwise? Why then waste a moment of consecrated time delving in this mouthings? Are we not much reminded of Pastor Russell’s alleged statement, to which Editor Eckman of the New York Christian Advocate so violently objected, that the clergy of America either lack faith or are sadly confused? Here at least is the (perhaps) leading denomination of Arkansas with its faith securely fastened to Spinoza, Hegel and Strauss. If such faith can successfully rally the people of Arkansas to its banners, then we fear there are few in that state who have eyes to see and ears to hear Divine Truth.


This might well seem to sufficiently dispose of Ayers once and for all in the minds of those who are yet loyal to God and His Word; but were we to stop, some might assert that we had ignored the Ayers arguments. Ignoring, therefore, the abounding details of misstatement, we call but brief attention to a few striking points, and to the burden of the attack, which seems to hang about the doctrine of annihilation, which Ayers declares to be the foundation of "Russellism," and to which subject he frequently reverts.


Those who have critically examined Pastor Russell’s writings know well that their foundation doctrine is very far removed from Annihilation; it is distinctly and repeatedly stated to be Faith in the Ransom Sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all the World. It is alike easy to see why a Materialist hates Annihilation and ignores the Ransom. Ayers lays stress on the immortality of the soul, showing clearly that he has overlooked God’s definition of a soul in Ge 2:7, and the oft-repeated denial of its immortality in such scriptures as Mt 10:28 and Eze 18:20. He frequently asserts that the Pastor manufactures false definitions to support his arguments. The only instance he attempts to set forth to prove his assertions is the Pastor’s use of the words life and death. Ayers contends that death is not the total absence of life; in other words, he contends that when you die, you are not really dead; which is nothing else in the world than Satan’s old lie, "Thou shalt not surely die." He berates Pastor Russell for inventing a definition to suit his own ends in saying that "death is cessation of existence, the absence of life." Let us see who it is that invents definitions. The highest possible authority on definition is a current unabridged dictionary, such as Webster or the Standard. The latter defines death as:


"1. The cessation of physical life.


2. The final extinction or destruction of anything.


3. The absence of spiritual life."


It thus appears that the only Russell definition to which Ayers specifically objects employs the precise words of the world’s supreme authority! The Arkansas Baptists trust such a man to lead them!


A fair sample of his mental operations is furnished by Ayers when he objects to Pastor Russell’s statement that the saints are begotten "through the word of truth"; he himself claiming they are begotten by the resurrection from the dead. He admits that Pastor Russell quotes Jas 1:18 on this point, but declares the verse to be irrelevant! Let the average intelligent mind read Jas 1:18 with its very direct statement on this point, and then inform us where there is a Scripture relevant to any subject whatsoever, if this one is irrelevant here! Why argue with such a mind? What destination can ever thus be reached? No wonder he repeatedly declares that Pastor Russell does not prove or attempt to prove anything-one of the favorite expressions of his attack; for he himself does not recognize the plainest of proofs when, mountain size, it stares him directly in the face! Are Arkansas Baptists thus easily led by blind guides?


Let us look at an example of Ayers’ scholarship. He glibly asserts, as one speaking with authority, referring to no standard scholarship, for proof of his position, that the Greek word aion and kindred words, wherever used in the New Testament and elsewhere in Greek Literature, "always and exclusively denotes, <M>indefinite, unbounded, eternal duration." From this he argues that since this Greek word is applied to future punishment in the Scriptures, hence that punishment is as eternal as God himself, and of course consists of Eternal torment! Ayers rolls this dogma of eternal torment under his tongue as a sweet morsel, though it is a well known fact that the vast majority of the clergy have now repudiated it.


But how about the radical statement of Ayers as to the meaning of aion? Let us appeal to real, standard, world wide authority as to the meaning. We refuse to take the word of Ayers, nor do we ask him or others to take ours. We quote from Liddell & Scott’s Lexicon (let him name a better if he is able): "AION, a space; period of time, a lifetime, life. 2. of longer periods, an age, generation, period." How does this match with the Ayers statement? Read them over, compare them, and think about it. But let us take also the definition of Dr. James Strong, member of the famous American Revision Committee, found on page 9 of the last section of his celebrated concordance: "AION, properly, an age." For our part, we choose to be proper; and as Dr. Strong says this word properly means age, we will so take it. But Dr. Strong tells us to look at the word chronos in his dictionary. Turning to it we find: "CHRONOS, a space of time in general, and thus properly distinguished from KAIROS, which designates a fixed or special occasion; and AION, which denotes a particular period." How does that compare with Ayers? Does it not make him look like an ignorant and foolish prattler? Do Arkansas Baptists follow such?


But some will reasonably ask how this Greek word is properly applied to Jehovah God, if it means a fixed period, an age. Those who will take a concordance (Strong’s or similar), and a copy of the Greek text, and examine every passage where this word is applied to God, will find that when so applied it occurs always in the plural, and is frequently repeated. Thus we read: "To him be the glory for the ages,"-many of them, Ro 11:36; also, "to whom be the glory for the ages of the ages," Heb 13:21. Carefully dividing rightly the word of truth, it will be found that this word, when used in the singular, is applied to events that belong to a single period; while it will always be found in the plural when referring to events that extend from period to period. This is a strikingly interesting fact and will repay close examination.


Can Ayers tell the truth? Has he given any tokens of attempting approximation to actual facts in his utterances? He declares that Pastor Russell teaches a second chance and scoffs at the miracles of Jesus. No statements more radically false ever fell from the tongue of a demon. He says the Russell literature is published at Allegheny. It has not been published there for many years. He says we claim that the Pastor’s books are in nine languages and that four million copies have been sold. We claim they are in nineteen languages, and the ninth million of sale, and our claim is true!


He says colporteurs sell the volumes at 400 per cent profit! Think of it, ye people! 400 per cent! As a simple matter of truth, the largest of the volumes, 740 pages of clean type, on good paper, neatly cloth bound and substantial, with gold embossed title, is sold for THIRTY-FIVE CENTS everywhere. If that affords 400 per cent profit, then every bookseller in the land ought to be in jail for highway robbery. But intelligent people know that such utterances as this 400 per cent assertion are the work of either a fool or a knave. Nobody else would say such a thing.


He says Pastor Russell has been putting out the Emphatic Diaglott for 40 years and that it is a pure Russellite book. If he had examined the preface to the book he would have seen that Pastor Russell has been putting it out for only twelve years; that he gives it a qualified endorsement and warns users of certain errors in it. As a matter of fact, it was issued originally by a Christadelphian, who declared, when Pastor Russell got control of it, that he was sorry he ever had prepared it.


Ayers has dished up a number of old false arguments against Pastor Russell’s teaching, arguments that are fully met in Pastor Russell’s writings themselves, as well as in the Answer to Dr. Gray, and elsewhere. It would be wholly unwarranted to go over all that ground again, when the original covering of it is so easily available to all who care to be correctly taught.


The Baptists who have endorsed Ayers as a leader will doubtless be mortified when they realize how stupid they have been. If they would cease being dumb sheep, and but use the intellects with which men are supposedly endowed, they would scarcely need have such patent folly pointed out to them.



{2/12/15} The War And The Eternal Conflict


Their Relation Philosophically Analyzed and  THE TRUE SOLDIER’S PART


An Instructive Presentation by "Brother Gilbert" of Philadelphia


The conflict of nations now taking place in central Europe, while looked upon by the world at large as the greatest of all wars earth has ever known, is really but one of the major engagements in that great war against righteousness that began when the Rebel Lucifer tempted mother Eve.


The visible warfare in Europe will, at the most, send but a few thousands to their graves and maim and cripple a few thousands more, and it can last, at the longest, but a very few years, but the warfare instituted by prince Lucifer has lasted now for more than six thousand years and has sent to their graves all the children of father Adam, after crippling everyone of them in both mind and body.


The newspapers inform us that the service uniform worn by the soldiers in the German army gives them a great advantage over their opponents because it renders the wearer almost invisible at a short distance. If an almost invisible foe is so greatly advantaged what must be the advantage of one who is entirely invisible? Perfectly as the German uniform may blend with the surrounding landscape it cannot protect its wearer from discovery when he begins to move about; neither can he move about in perfect silence. Provided he could do both, his first war-like action would give notice of his presence. But this is not the case with prince Lucifer and his army. No human eye can see, no human ear can hear their approach, no powder’s smoke nor cannon’s roar indicates their destructive activity. Indeed, their warfare is so subtle, so silent, so secret, that the great mass of mankind are in absolute ignorance of it and of their existence. Many refuse to believe, even when told. Failing to realize their danger they seek no refuge, make no defense against the fiery darts of the wicked one.


The tragedy of it all is that their wounding does not bring them instant death. Being first wounded, they are then made captive, and then in the servitude of the enemy are wounded many times again, until finally, in many cases, death is welcomed as a release from sufferings.


The Aeroplane and dirigible balloon have figured prominently in the war in Europe. These aerial craft have sailed over cities and dropped explosive bombs in the streets, wrecking homes and public buildings and striking terror to the hearts of the inhabitants. Recently, when the city of Paris was thus threatened, great searchlights were kept flashing throughout the night to reveal the approach of the enemy and many hearts were doubtless filled with fear lest their homes might become the targets for one of these messengers of death dropped from aeroplanes. How much {greater fear would overpower} every {human heart if they thus} but realized that they are, and have been, continually exposed to a much more dangerous aerial bombardment than any threatened or actual one of the present earthly war! What a great demand there would be for searchlights that would disclose the presence of the enemy and what a desperate struggle there would be to reach some place of safety, if man could but see those thought-bombs of evil suggestion that are so continually being dropped upon his head, that so often enter his brain and distort his mind and cripple his conscience! Well might our penal institutions and lunatic asylums bear the insignia of the Red Cross for they are the hospitals wherein we place the most desperately wounded of this greatest, most terrible, and most destructive of all wars.


What a terrible condition the inhabitants of earth are in! Is there not, on some more favored planet or somewhere in the universe, a being or a race of beings who will come to our assistance; who will, at least, send us some message of hope, encouragement or comfort? Miserable as we have always been ourselves, we have always been quick to respond to the cries of those still more miserable and to render them whatever aid lay in our power. When some portion of our planet is visited by calamity our relief societies fly to help the stricken people. Is there no inter-planetary relief society, no Universal Red Cross Association, to minister unto our dying and to nurse our wounded? Is there no one to teach us how to fight our invisible foes, no one to supply us with the munitions of war, no one upon whom we can count for reinforcements when the battle goes against us; have we no one even to send a wireless message of encouragement from some point in the universe?


Had we not all of these things we should indeed be much more miserable than we now are. It is because earth has received a wireless message, in fact, a number of messages, from the Creator and supreme Ruler of the universe Himself, that we are at all aware of our condition and of the existence and activity of our invisible foes.


These messages are full of hope, encouragement, reproof and admonition. Some of them contain tidings of great joy, which shall ultimately be made known to all people, but which have as yet been received by only a few of earth’s inhabitants; some of them are revelations of the great Creator’s plans and purposes, with special information concerning the times at which He will work out certain details of His great plan of human redemption. These particular messages, however, are in "code" and can be understood only by the few who have sworn allegiance to the King of Kings and have proven themselves sufficiently faithful and trustworthy to be thus enlightened. To some of these the King’s Son said on one occasion, "Blessed are your eyes, for they see; and your ears, for they hear."


The King’s messengers inform us that a relief expedition was sent to earth shortly after its inhabitants fell into the power of the rebellious Lucifer. A company of God’s sons on the spirit plane of existence wished to assist the afflicted human family and God permitted them to make the attempt, -an attempt that resulted in failure and made matters only worse for mankind, because they finally became the associates of Lucifer and have been used by him ever since in his warfare against humanity.


From these messages we also learn that a great Red Cross society has been formed by the King of Kings, an association that is militant as well as medical, whose members upon the earth must array themselves in a self-defense warfare against Lucifer and his host in order to fit themselves for the work of healing the wounds and binding up the broken hearts of earth’s afflicted millions in the future.


This society, we learn, was founded by the King’s eldest and only begotten Son, who reddened the Cross of Calvary with His innocent blood in order that even those who had already passed down into the tomb might have the opportunity for healing that is to be so freely extended to all at the proper time. It is to the influence that has already been exerted by this Society that we owe the fact that earthly conditions are as tolerable as they are.


Many have been invited to membership in this Society and there are many who claim to be members, but there have been only a few found capable of being taken into full membership. These form but a small company and they are the only ones upon earth who have been following the King’s Son into battle, the only ones who have the Search-light of God’s holy spirit that enables them to realize the reality of their spirit foes, the only ones who are able to read and understand the "code" messages that designate the time for the accomplishment of certain features of God’s plan. Only those who are the least self-seeking, who have the most loyal hearts and who are willing to sacrifice their all, even to the laying down of their lives in the King’s service, are eligible to this company. This class has been in the forefront of the battle, on the "firing line," for more than eighteen centuries, and will continue there until they have gained victory or become disqualified by defeat.


Back in the rear of this ever small band of warriors are the great crowds who follow the Lord’s earthly army at a "safe distances." These are the refugees and the camp followers; whose who seek the great King’s mercy and protection because of their weakness and fear, and hope to win it by their acknowledgment of His authority; also those who hope to profit in temporal matters by His bounty. These are more interested in their own concerns than in the King’s plans and purposes, and therefore know little or nothing of His ways. Unilluminated by His Searchlight, they travel in darkness; seeking principally their own good they often become jealous, one of the other, over the distribution of the King’s temporal, earthly blessings, and often come to blows. Then other followers who stand by cry in alarm that the King’s cause is proving a failure and that the hosts of evil are triumphant.


Cries of this kind can never effect the real soldiers on the firing line. They know that it is only the Camp followers’ mistaken conception of the King’s cause that is a seeming failure, and they recognize in these disturbances the signs that now mark the progress of the real battle. What really has happened has been this:-the camp followers have been so far in the rear that they have not been in the zone protected by the great King’s heavenly forces; and, not being active earthly participants in the great warfare, they are not wearing the protective armor worn by the real soldiers of the cross who are faithfully following the Captain of their salvation on to victory. Therefore these exposed and unprotected camp followers who kept in the rear for safety, are subject to the full fire of the enemy, who wounds them seriously in their minds with bombs of doubt, jealousy, suspicion, envy and hatred. Truly, he that seeketh to save his life shall lose it. Many of these will be of that class to whom the Master will say, "Depart from me, ye that work iniquity."


Can we not almost see this taking place at the present time? Has it not been one of the peculiar features of the war now being waged between certain of the families among the "camp followers" of Christ that each of them have been calling upon the one Lord, asking Him to recognize them as His special favorites by giving them the victory over their fellows? Do we not virtually hear them saying, Lord, Lord, have we not promised to convert the world for thee? and have we not, in thy name, cast out more of the devils of ignorance in our work of civilizing the world than any other family? Have we not, in thy name, done many wonderful things? But do we not already know how our Lord will answer them?


He is answering them, and can answer them only in one way; by His indifference to their cries. Their prayers cannot be answered because they do not pray aright, do not ask for that which is in harmony with the will of God. It is His purpose that all the families of the earth shall be blessed, shall be brought up out of their graves and raised up to human perfection; and each warring family of the earth is beseeching Him to destroy every other family but their own! If they were true soldiers of Christ instead of being merely "camp followers" they would realize how foolish their petitions are. As it is, their prayers will be unanswered, for the Lord will profess that he never knew them, never recognized them as His followers, even though they have professed His name.


The true soldier of the cross gives heedful attention to all these disturbances in the rear. According to the secret messages of the King of Kings, each of these disturbances marks a certain step in the progress of the Divine plan and warfare, the greatest of them all being due to occur just before the end of the great conflict, when the adversary and his hosts, being sorely beset and seeing defeat certain, will muster all their remaining strength in one great final effort. This is the great moment for which the Lord’s followers have been patiently waiting and faithfully watching; for their Captain has said to them, "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."


The instructions given in the first part of this message are of great importance to the Christian soldier at the present time. The majority of mankind are entirely engaged in looking after those things that are coming upon the earth, and their hearts are failing them for fear at what they see. At this particular moment, when there is so much to attract the attention and hold fast the interest to earthly affairs, the King’s soldiers are instructed to "Look UP!" to "Lift UP their heads." In other words, it is of vital importance to them that they keep their eyes steadfastly upon their Captain at this time, and their attention firmly fixed upon the spiritual warfare in which they are still engaged. To look backward and downward NOW will be more dangerous than ever it was in the past! to become too deeply interested in looking after those things that are already come upon the earth will cause their hearts to fail them for the fear of these things, and while their backs are thus turned to their spirit enemies some dart of the adversary will reach, perhaps, their hearts. These signs upon the earth indicate that the warfare is almost over, the victory almost won; but there is still a little more fighting to be done; the soldier’s redemption draweth nigh, but it has not fully arrived. This is not yet the time to stop fighting, but rather the time to fight more desperately than ever, until we gain those few more steps what will bring us the victory.


When this great spiritual warfare is at last ended and the rebellious Lucifer is completely and firmly bound, all of earth’s affairs will greatly prosper. Relieved of that invisible bombardment of pernicious thought and evil suggestion, mankind will suffer only from their previous wounds. Even these will soon be healed, for the Captain who has been leading and directing all the hosts of the great King, and to whom all this work has been committed, will take full charge of earth and all of its affairs for the period of a thousand years. During this time He will reign as King and act as Priest and Physician, and all those who have faithfully followed Him will be associated with Him. Then will that great Universal Red Cross Society begin the glorious work for which it has been preparing all these years; earth will become one vast hospital, in which those who have been wounded by the adversary and his host will be nursed back to the full strength and vigor of perfect manhood, even as many of them as shall be willing.


During this wonderful time the present slaves of sin will have their shackles broken and all the chafed spots will be healed; distorted minds and crooked characters will be straightened, as well as lame limbs and crooked backs; and the doors of the great prison house of death will be unlocked and opened and every prisoner will be brought forth and given an opportunity to share in the blessings that will be showered upon the earth during the thousand year day of the Lord, the blessed Messianic reign under which ALL the families of earth shall be blessed. At its close there shall not be found in all the earth, or in any part of the universe, one creature that is not in perfect harmony with Him who created it and planned it for His own good pleasure and the pleasure and satisfaction of all of His creations.



{2/12/15} Pastors’ Heated Argument


If Man Would Only Permit The Almighty


  To Have His Way There’d be No War


"God is not responsible for the European war.


He would put a stop to it at once if he had his way."


Methodist ministers who met for their weekly conference at Central Park Methodist Church agreed to the above axiom after a discussion of the peace problem, which at times looked as if it might become warlike.


Rev. David Morgan Leads.  


Rev. David Morgan was the leader of the peace debate. He argued that the President of the United States should be given the power to prohibit the exportation not only of arms but of food and all other necessities to any country at war. He believed that the United States soon could become an effective agent for peace if it refused to allow any food to be sent to nations at war.


Prophecy Question Enters.  


The question was raised as to whether the present European war is not a fulfillment of prophecy and as such has a right to exist.


Men have the power of breaking prophecy by their own wills," said Rev. Mr. Morgan. "Do not put the responsibility on God for this war. He would stop it right away if he had his way."


The above news item appeared in a local daily paper this week. It emphasizes again the condition in which clergy at present are found, a condition of loss of faith or sad confusion, -for charging which against them Editor Eckman of the New York Advocate so severely berated Pastor Russell recently.


The clergyman referred to in the above news item is the very one to whom reference was made in the recent reply to Eckman; he is the one who worships the god of Archaeology and repudiates salvation through the blood of Jesus, and is passed upon by Minnesota Conference as perfectly satisfactory to his brother Ministers in this state.


Two of his statements in this news item are worthy of special notice, and the fact that the Conference of Methodist Ministers agreed to the statement is significant of the state of their faith and clearness in doctrine. Mr. Morgan says, "Men have the power of breaking prophecy by their own wills." How does this square with the attitude of Jesus and His apostles regarding the prophecies? Jesus said, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil." Jesus would not destroy any prophecy, but Mr. Morgan would break prophecy with his own will. Is he a follower of Jesus? Do Methodists in general agree to the words which this local paper represents the Methodist clergy of St. Paul as agreeing to? We pause and await their answer to the question? Will they silently endorse such doctrinal leadership, or will they repudiate it promptly? If they accept such leadership, then they accept for their clergy the stigma of lost faith or sad confusion. Is their attitude toward prophecy that of Morgan or of Jesus?


Mr. Morgan says God "would stop it (the war) right away if he had his way." In other words, God is not having His way, somebody or something is thwarting God, and hindering the accomplishment of His Will. How does this tally with God’s own assertions, as found in the Inspired Word? "So shall My word be that goeth forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void; but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I have sent it." Doubtless Rev. Morgan and the St. Paul Methodist Clergy whose thought he "leads," and who are "agreed" to his "axiom," do not believe God. If so, they are properly charged with having lost faith. It may be their difficulty lies in the matter of harmonizing the above scripture with the European conditions.


If, however, they were teachable enough in mind and disposition to read Pastor Russell’s treatise on the "Permission of Evil," in Vol. I. of Studies in the Scriptures, they would have no occasion for such a "heated discussion" as the newspaper represents.






  ** * We are glad to know of the success you are having in your various endeavors in connection with the publication of your paper and, while we are not surprised, we are gratified that our features have had so much to do with your increasing success. -Pastor Russell Lecture Bureau.



{2/12/15} GOOD NEWS


The Christmas Story Re-told  


The angel said unto them, "Fear not, for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be unto all people."




As in Adam all die, even so shall all be made alive in Christ.


Who Gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.


The ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion . . . and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. -1Co 15:22; 2Ti 2:6; Isa 35:10.


  "As liberty is to the captive, as victory to the vanquished, as health to the afflicted, as hope is to the dying, as life is to the dead, even so is the Promise unto fallen man-a thing that dazzles and is disbelieved, Yet hath God sworn it!


  "As is a jewel trampled underfoot of swine, so is the Hope unseen by doubting man, for filth of earthly theory hath hidden it. Yet can naught fail, but all shall come to pass.


  "E’en now the night is spent. The shadows flee. The day dawns as the Sun of Righteousness ariseth. The King is here to reign, to bless, yet few came out to welcome His return. A cry there is, ‘Behold, the Bridegroom,’ yet all the world doth soundly sleep."


Again ‘tis Christmas time, the earth, perhaps,


Is covered with a snow-sheet, spotless white;


Crisp is the air, and full of floating flakes,


Shivered and snatched from fleecy clouds o’erhead.


Within, upon the hearth, pine-logs and peat


Give welcome warmth to all who sit around;


Once more the scattered family is met,


And every soul is satisfied and glad.


But that this happy season should be spent


In merry-making merely were not good;


Let us dismiss the music and the mirth,


And look awhile upon another scene.


  ** * * * * * * * * * * * *


‘Tis early in October, and ‘tis night,


The year, that known by men as B. C. 2;


Winter has not yet come, for sheep are out


Upon the grassy plains of Bethlehem.


But chilly is the night, and wild beasts prowl


The wooded gorges and the deep ravines,


And so the shepherds light themselves a fire.


Some of them sleep, wrapped in their sheepskin cloaks;


Others sit round to tend the fire, and watch,


Now silent, now conversing of things past,


And things that yet must come. An old, old man,


Whose snowy beard and shriveled form betray


The passing of ten winters and fourscore,


Answers the searching questions of a lad


Whose comely cheeks bear but a gentle brown


From twenty scorching summers.


Wondrous things


Are soon to happen in their land and midst,


Things that shall shake the world and all therein,


And such that future peoples shall look back


And spend their lives in serving what they see.


But naught of this the men know yet; their talk


Is such as it has been this many a night.


They meditate and reason lovingly


Upon the things their Sacred Rolls contain.


"And sayest thou, my father," asks the lad,


"That after Death has come there still is Hope?


"That after all existence shall have ceased


"And natural corruption taken place


"It may so come that we shall live again?


"Which of our Holy Scriptures teach us this?


"Hath not the Preacher said, ‘there is no work


  "‘ Nor knowledge, nor device, within the grave,


  "‘ Whither, in course of time, we all must go’?


"And further-what I also hold-that man


  "‘ Hath no pre-eminence above a beast.


  "‘ For as one dieth so the other dies,


  "‘ Yea, they have all one breath and go one way.’"


The old man answers, "Son, thou speakest true,


"But just a little over hasty art,


"I nothing said with any certitude;


"Those words of our wise king he spake to foil


"The foolish notion of some heathen tribes,


"Who fancy death is but a setting free


"Of spirit-beings pent within their frames.


"And which, released, live on throughout time.


"Note further how he questions ‘who may know


  "‘ The spirit part of man that goeth <M>up,


  "‘ And of the beast that to the earth goes <M>down?


  "‘ For what befalleth beasts befalleth men,


  "‘ All are of dust, and all to dust return.’"


"E’en so the Writings plainly teach us all,


"Wherein then hast thou hope for future life?"


"Listen. Thou dost remember how man fell,


"And disobedience brought the sentence death?


"Yet to the woman was a faint Hope given,


Some day thy seed shall bruise the serpent’s head,


"And later on the Hebron hills, the Lord


"Sware unto faithful Abram: In thy seed


"Shall all the families of the earth be blessed.


"And further: Shall inherit all the land.


"Thou knowest well how Sodom was destroyed


"By our good God, and how His angel slew


"In one short night the whole Assyrian host,


"And many such. And many millions more


"Have died unblessed. Yet hath God sworn an oath


"And shall He not perform? But how, except


"The dead be raised, and come to life again?"


  "‘ Twere grand indeed if that could be. But then


"That God must straightway sweep her from the earth


"With all her sisters? and their place to-day


"Is covered by Bahr Lut, the sea of salt,


"Wherein, as well thou knowest, naught can live."


"Verily, lad, but as the years rolled on


"God gave, by holy men, a little light


"Upon the wondrous plans He has in store;


"And knowing some (as you) would even doubt


"His spoken word, He bound it with an oath,


"And had Ezekiel write that in a day


"Appointed, e’en the Sodomites should come


"Captive no more, unto their first estate.


  =" God’s ways are wondrous, and they cannot fail.


"Then all His holy prophets, too, have told


"Of some glad time when all shall be restored,


  "-A Jubilee, indeed, on glorious scale."


"I would not doubt, my father, God’s own word,


"But new thy notions are, and somewhat strange;


"Still for thy hope of yon glad golden day


"Thou truly hast some ground, and yet methinks


"‘Twere teaching that our priests would not allow.


"But let that pass. . . .


"Didst see those falling stars?"


"Nay, I saw naught, my son, but ‘tis not strange,


"Mine eyes grow dim, while thine are young and clear,


"Nor is it strange the priests would hide the truth


"Did not men look to God and not to men


"The priests, as well they know, would soon lose sway.


  "‘ Darkness,’ Esaias saith, ‘shall cloud the earth


  "‘ And darkness gross the people,’ but maybe


"When our Deliv’rer, Jesse’s Branch, shall come"-


A sudden glory shines that smites them down,


Frightened and dazed those sleeping rouse, then fall,


The fire has fled, and in its place there stands


In shining splendour One sent down from God.


"Fear not," he says and drooping heads are raised,


"Behold, I bring you good news which shall be


"Unto ALL people, tidings of great joy."


And then the Angel tells how there is born


In David’s town a Saviour for the world,


While overhead a heavenly multitude


Give praise to God, thus chanting as they go,


"To God on high be glory, and on earth


"There shall be peace; and love amongst mankind.


In haste the shepherds ran to Bethlehem


And found that all had truly come to pass.


They quickly spread the tidings, and praised God


For all the things that they had seen and heard.


"What did I tell thee, lad?" the old man cried,


"Did I not speak of blessings for all men?


"This Jesus, by God’s goodness, comes to die,


"To pay the law’s strict penalty for sin,


"To give Himself a ransom-price for all


"(The testimony in its own due time);


"to DIE-dost understand?-that men may LIVE!


"This is the great, ‘good news.’ " The old man paused,


Then as some prophet might, burst forth again:


Dark days will come, the Light will be put out,


"A night of weeping must precede the Dawn,


"Scoffers shall come, false prophets, too, will teach


"Things they ought not, for sake of wealth and fame;


"Error shall be upheld, truth unendured,


"God’s name blasphemed, and few shall stand by it."


He ceased. The young man caught him by the arm,


Hush! Thou art ill. The things that thou hast seen


"Have over-powered thee . . . and the night is cold;


"Haste thee, and take thy rest . . ."


They disappeared.


  ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Nigh twenty centuries have passed away;


That shepherd spake the truth. Men disbelieve


To-day the blessings promised in the Book.


‘Good news’ of Life through Christ they will not have,


Bad tidings they prefer-by men brought in,


  -A cruel unjust God, who makes Him toys,


Then tortures them because they please Him not.<%0>


Fear holds them fettered, fear to read or think.


Since Scriptures and the priest point different ways, <%0>


They ‘join a Church’ and go to Babylon.


My friends, I pray you, cast off error’s chains,


Read for yourselves God’s Word, and think, and stand!


Let God be true, tho’ all men be made liars,


And naught accept, unless the Lord so taught.


‘Tis Christmas time. God’s messengers have brought


Good tidings of great joy unto you all;


Will ye not go, as went those shepherd-folk,


To search and prove the truth of what ye hear?


God’s truths bring joys, glad hearts, and songs of praise,


‘Tis man that makes them ugly with his creeds.


"Come out," God calls, "from fallen Babylon,


"And ye shall learn My secrets and My love.


"In green and goodly pastures ye shall lie,


"And by the still sweet waters shall ye walk."


"Come unto me," our Saviour says, "and I


"Will give you rest and cheer your troubled souls."


Blessed are they who hunger after Truth,


And thirst for Righteousness, for they shall find


A feast prepared which Christ Himself doth serve,


And He shall sup with such, and they with Him.


Will ye not open when ye hear His knock?


His yoke is easy and His burden light;


His fold is free, there love may bind,


And all who pass its portal shall have Peace.


(Editor’s Note: This poem was sent to us by an unknown friend, and its authorship is unknown to us. It is published by request, as a thing that many are sure to enjoy.)

{2/12/15} Trinity Doctrine Is Not Scriptural


Father and Son One In Purpose and Spirit, But Separate In Person




Sister I. S. Watson of Minneapolis Compiles Interesting Bible Proof Texts


Joh 5:26-Jesus said, "As the Father hath life in Himself so hath He given to the Son to have life in Himself."


Eph 1:3-"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who hath blessed us with all Spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ."


Eph 1:17-"That our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him."


1Co 8:4-6 -(Begin with the last part of verse 4)-"There is none other God but one; for though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth (as there be gods many and lords many) but to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things and we in Him, and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things and we by Him. (Howbeit there is not in every man this knowledge.")


Isa 11:2-"The spirit of Jehovah shall rest upon Him." (Christ.)


1Pe 1:3-"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ which according to His abundant grace hath begotten us unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."


Col 1:15-"Who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature, and He is before all things."


Col 1:10-"The first born from the dead."


Re 1:18-"No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him."


Joh 17:5-"Glorify thou me with the glory I had with thee before the world was."


Re 3:14-"These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God."


Lu 2:49-Jesus said to Mary his mother, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?"


Joh 8:42-To the Pharisees Jesus said, "I proceeded forth and came from God, neither came I myself, He sent me."


Heb 1:13-"But to which of the angels said He at any time, set thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?"


Heb 10:12-"But this man after He hath offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God."


Joh 6:45-"Every man that hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me."


Joh 7:16-"My doctrine is not mine, but the Father which sent me."


Joh 17:6-"I have manifested Thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world, Thine they were and Thou gavest them me."


Joh 8:28-"I do nothing of myself, as the Father hath taught me, I speak these things."


Heb 5:8-"Tho He were a Son, yet learned He obedience by the things which He suffered."


Mr 12:29; De 6:4- Moses said, "Hear Oh Israel, Jehovah our God is one Lord."


Joh 20:17-"I ascend to my Father and your Father and to my God and your God."


Joh 12:30-"Whatsoever I speak, therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak."


Lu 24:49-"I send the promise of my Father unto you."


Joh 8:55-"I know Him and keep His sayings."


Joh 10:36-"Say ye of Him whom the Father hath sanctified and sent into the world, Thou blasphemest? because I said I am the son of God."


Pr 8:30-"Then I was by Him as one brought up with Him and I was His daily delight, rejoicing always before Him."


Joh 6:57-"As the living Father has sent me, and I live by the Father so he that eateth shall live by me."


Joh 5:30-"I can of myself do nothing, as I hear I judge."


1Co 15:57-"Thanks be unto God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."


1Co 15:24-"Then cometh the end when He shall have delivered up the kingdom to God even the Father."


Isa 8:18-"Behold I and the children Jehovah hath given me."


Ps 53:18-"That men may know, that thou alone, whose name is Jehovah, art the most high over all the earth."


Ac 5:31-"Him hath God exalted at His right hand to be a Prince and a Savior."


Php 2:9-"Wherefore God hath highly exalted Him, and given him a name which is above every name."


Eph 3:9-"And to make all men know what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God who created all things by Jesus Christ."


Joh 18:11-Then said Jesus unto Peter, "Put up thy sword into the sheath, the cup which my Father hath given me shall I not drink it?"


Mt 26:39-"O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me, yet nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt."


Mt 26:42-"O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done."


Joh 14:20-"At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father and ye in me and I in you."


Joh 14:10-"Believest thou not that I am in the Father and the Father in me? The words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself but the Father that dwelleth in me He doeth the works."-(The Spirit of the Father.)


Joh 17:11-"Holy Father, keep in thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are one."


Verse 22-"And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them, that they may be one even as we are one."


Joh 14:28-"Jesus said to His disciples ‘If ye love me ye would rejoice because I said I go unto the Father, for my Father is greater than I.’ "


1Ti 2:5-"For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus."


2Joh 3-"Grace be with you, mercy and peace from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Father in truth and love."


Re 1:1-"The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him."



Moorhead Silenced By His Former Pupil


Rev. T. S. Thompson Calls Professor’s Attention to Dishonesty of His Attack on Pastor Russell.


Rev. Wm. G. Moorhead, D. D.


Dear Mr. Moorhead: I read some time ago your article in the seventh volume of Fundamentals on "Millennial Dawn," the teachings of Mr. C. T. Russell. I felt like writing you at the time but I did not. Recently I read the summary of your article in one of my religious papers and have had an increasing impression to write you. I hesitate to write you because of the high regard I have always had for you as one of my teachers of twenty years ago, and also because of the high esteem in which you are held in the company of Biblical expositors and Christian workers in general. Yet I feel also that in the interest of truth and fairness your article should have some attention.


I feel that this article from your pen is unworthy of a man like you. I cannot understand why such a student as yourself should make such statements as you make in this article, when they are so manifestly and greatly in error.


In addition to reading five of the six volumes of "Millennial Dawn" carefully, and the sixth volume in part, I have also read many other pamphlets, magazine articles and sermons of Pastor Russell’s and also every criticism I have found or heard of in opposition to his teachings. I was one of his critics for fifteen years, and I based my criticisms upon reading about one half of one chapter of one of his books. A few years ago it occurred to me that I might not understand his full thought, so I took time to inform myself on the subject I had been criticizing, and when I obtained more information I became an admirer of his works, though I do not agree with him in all his conclusions. I have reached the conclusion concerning the authors of the criticisms that I have read that they do not know any more about Pastor Russell’s teachings than I did in the days when I was so liberal with my condemnation. They all remind me of the testimony of the two witnesses who offered testimony before the Jewish council when Jesus was on trial. They said, "We heard him say: ‘I will destroy this Temple that is made with hands, and within three days I will build another made without hands.’" Now Jesus had said something like that-though essentially different. These critics seem to have read Pastor Russell’s works with the same methods and motives that Thomas Paine, Robert Ingersoll and others of their class read the scriptures and criticized them. This seems very unfortunate since it has been done by men who have been eminent for Christian character and leaders of Christian thought.


Coming now to your article: I cannot take up all the mistakes you have made in this, but will confine myself to those lying on the surface. In the opening sentence you assure us that in the Millennial Dawn series there are "six rather bulky volumes, comprising in all some two thousand pages." On page 123 you speak of "a careful reading of these volumes," so we conclude that you have read them all carefully. This is what you should have done before putting yourself on record in criticism of them. I note that in your references to and quotations from these books you confine yourself to the first three volumes, and chiefly to the first two. I note also that you quote a single sentence, or part of a paragraph, giving only a partial presentation of the author’s thought, and then proceed to criticize it. This is a most unfair method. It reminds me of an article I read a few years ago in which the writer was opposing the doctrine of the total depravity of man, and as a proof text he quoted Joh 9:3, "Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents," and said that Jesus here taught that here were at least three persons who had never sinned. Your method with Pastor Russell is identical.


Under the heading, "Ninth Error," in your article, you say: "One of these, the ninth error, essential and fundamental in Christianity, is the person and work of the Holy Spirit. There is a strange and ominous silence regarding this most important subject very apparent in the writings of Pastor Russell. A careful reading of these volumes, comprising more than one thousand pages, has discovered but one solitary reference to the spirit; it is a casual mention of the Spirit in connection with the Day of Pentecost. The statement is simply made as a historic fact, or rather as an event which marks a stage in the development of the Christian church. Not one word of teaching has the writer found in Millennial Dawn as to the distinct personality of the Spirit, or as to His supreme agency in the salvation of sinners.


Now I must say frankly, though courteously, that I cannot understand how, or why, a man with your record for accuracy could be so careless or dishonest as to make such a statement. In your opening statement you say, "There are six volumes of two thousand pages;" and here you say you have given these volumes a careful reading, and count for ONE thousand pages, and then you make a bold and erroneous statement-that the author ignores the Holy Spirit. A judge would not think of rendering a verdict with only half the evidence in, but you speak boldly in condemnation of Pastor Russell when you are only half way through his books. Now if you have given these volumes a "careful reading" I do not see how you missed in the fifth volume, pages 163 to 300, where the author gives one hundred and thirty-seven pages to a full presentation of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, in connection with the redemption of the race of man. How can you explain this?


Is it true that Pastor Russell may teach some things concerning the Holy Spirit that you will not agree with, but he does not ignore the Spirit, as you say he does. It is evident that in making this criticism you were very careless, to say the least, and this should make those who are seeking the Truth very cautious about accepting your statements without full verification.


Another mistake which lies on the surface in your article is found on page 125, where in reference to Pastor Russell’s lecture on the subject of "To Hell and Back Again," you say: "Crowds have listened with no little satisfaction to his that there is no hell, no eternal punishment, no hopelessness after death." Now I have not heard Pastor Russell speak at any time, nor have I read this particular lecture, but if he in this lecture teaches that there is no hell and no punishment for the finally impenitent, then he in his lecture flatly contradicts what is very clear in all his teachings. I have never read an expositor who speaks with more clearness and earnestness of the eternal punishment to be meted out to the finally impenitent. It is true he does not believe in a literal lake of fire and burning brimstone and that men are eternally tortured, but in this he is not out of harmony with thousands of other good orthodox teachers.


I hope you will not think me impertinent if I, as one of your former students, ask you a question here, as we used to have the privilege of doing in the class room. In this article of yours, in Fundamentals, on page 126, you say: "We read in Re 19:20; 20:10, that after a thousand years in the lake of fire the Beast and the False Prophet are still there undestroyed." Now I have looked up the several translations that I have in my library and I do not find that word "undestroyed" in any of them. In what translation will I find it, and what is the authority for putting it into the passage? I am a seeker after the full Truth, and if that has any authority for being in that passage I would like to know it, for it is important.


Now in closing, I want to say that you need have no concern about one of your pupils following Pastor Russell. I have his books in my library and consult them freely, as I do every other good expositor I can find, and afford to buy. I have gotten beyond the early stage of the disciples who wanted to forbid some to teach or cast out devils because they "follow not US." I have gotten unlimited aid from you, and also from Pastor Russell. I do not feel like saying with you that he is "being used of the evil one to subvert the truth of God." My church officials still regard me as sufficiently orthodox that they can go to sleep and allow me to continue preaching to the congregation.


With kindest regard for you and highest appreciation of the help I have received from you, I am,


Yours in His service,






"I know not the way that’s before me,


The joys or the griefs it may bring;


What clouds are o’erhanging the future,


What flowers by the wayside may spring.


But there’s One who will journey beside me,


Nor in weal nor in woe will forsake;


And this is my solace and comfort,


‘He knoweth the way that I take.’ "



Seventh-Day Adventist Attacks are Examined


A Pamphlet Against Millennial Dawn Answered by Request for Benefit of Perplexed Seekers after Scriptural Truth.


St. Paul, Oct. 7, 1914


Editor Enterprise:


Nearly a month ago I received a letter from a sister in the Faith residing in Northern Illinois, saying that a natural sister of hers had become interested in our Present Truth and had then been sidetracked by Seventh Day Adventists, who had given her a tract attacking our teaching. She sent me a copy of the tract, which proved to be one that has circulated in this locality as well; and said, "If you could find time to answer this in the columns of the Enterprise, it might be the means of helping many who are confused and bewildered, though honest at heart, like my sister."


You can see I have hesitated nearly a month, not certain what best to do, knowing that some are unfavorable to the use of the Enterprise for such purposes. Having conferred with fellow elders, however, who advised following the Sister’s request for the reason she suggested; and believing the Enterprise would not thus be so open to us if it were not within Divine Providence that we thus use it, and feeling confident it would not be supported by so many hundreds of our dear friends otherwise, I have finally concluded to comply with the request, praying that the effort may be helpful to some.


There seems to be nothing in our literature that directly answers the requirements of this and similar cases. Pilgrim B. H. Barton has an "Open Letter to a Seventh-Day Adventist," published as Old Theology Quarterly No. 83; but it deals almost exclusively with the Sabbath question, which is not an issue in the pamphlet now in hand.


Doubtless every position in the pamphlet is met somewhere in Pastor Russell’s writings; and so our present effort shall be not so much to produce arguments which would be but a representation of his, as to indicate where in his literature and in the Scriptures the proper views may be found. Friends will find that on doctrinal points, such as this pamphlet covers, all necessary help may be obtained by consulting the "Studies in the Scriptures," with the aid of the valuable helps in the back of our Watch Tower Bible. And any friends who have not read the "Watch Tower" of July 15, 1906, containing Pastor Russell’s statement of the development of Present Truth, and his relations in the early days with the Second Adventists and the manner of his separation from them will find themselves abundantly repaid for whatever trouble they need incur in borrowing a copy from some friend who has it and reading the article, beginning on page 229.


The fourteen page pamphlet now in question, written by John N. Quinn, and published by the "Review and Herald Publ. Assn," is entitled, "The Darkness of Millennial Dawn. It begins with a cartoon representing a man in the dark following the "will o’ the wisp" of "Second Probation" and falling into an open pit. The opening headline is, "Will the Wicked Have a Second Chance?" The charge and insinuation run well through the pamphlet that we believe in a Second Chance. We have denied this times without number, yet apparently without avail. Do we not know what we believe? Are not we the judges of our own opinions? When we utterly repudiated the idea of a second chance, are we not entitled to be taken at our word? The repudiation of this charge takes the main factor out of this little pamphlet. Pastor Russell’s treatment of the matter will be found at page 130 of Volume 1, and his discussion of the doctrine of future probation, which we do believe, extends from page 105 to page 116 of the same book, with Scripture proof texts.


Mr. Quinn, in using the analogy of the days of Noah and the Second Advent, stretches the analogy far beyond the point to which Jesus applied it, to include all that he himself desires it to include. In so doing he is compelled to ignore the teaching of many Scriptures, which is the besetting error of all Bible Students who do not use the topical method of study thoroughly. For instance, he says that as in Noah’s day all were destroyed who were not in the Ark, so in Christ’s day all on the earth will be destroyed. But Jesus in Mt 24:22 corroborates the teaching of several Scriptures that the day of His wrath shall be of very short duration, and gives the reason in the statement that if it were otherwise, no flesh should be saved; showing clearly the fallacy of believing, as do the Adventists, that all will be lost. If Mr. Quinn’s argument regarding the analogy is correct, then Jesus in Mt 24 killed his own analogy.


Mr. Quinn’s reference to the parables shows a failure to grasp their proper application. For instance, in the Parable of Wheat and Tares, the tares do not refer to the wicked of the world at all, but rather to nominal Christians, imitation Wheat. Pastor Russell’s treatment of this begins on page 136 in Volume 3. The wheat does not represent all the saved, but only the 144,000, just as the same are tokened in the Virgin parable by the wise virgins, the other class, the foolish virgins, being yet virgins, representing foolish and unprepared Christians, not the worldly. The burning of the day of wrath will not literally burn up this class; the proper idea of this burning is given by the Apostle Paul in 1Co 3:15. As tares, they will be destroyed; the fire of that day will reveal their true character and consume all in them that is not genuine, that is combustible.


Mr. Quinn says: "He who is not saved before the Second Advent will not be saved." But Ac 3:21 identifies the Restitution of all things with the Second Advent. Isa 2:2-4 proves blessings for "all nations" and righteous instruction and earth-wide peace subsequent to the Day of the Lord’s Wrath. Isa 13:12 indicates one of the blessed results of that time, not yet realized. Isa 65:21-26 reveals many of the blessings that will follow the wrath mentioned in Isa 65:17. Isa 66:23 distinctly indicates universal righteousness among fleshly beings following the day of wrath. The Second Chapter of Joel vividly portrays the terrors of the great day of the Lord’s wrath, and verse 28 distinctly declares: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh." This is a very distinct refutation of the Adventist doctrine of the destruction of all flesh. Joe 3:18 further depicts the blessings of those days, and verse 20 declares the perpetual flourishing of the Jews, another doctrine of Scripture denied by Adventism.


Mic 4:4 beautifully paints the blessedness of the days that follow the day of the Lord’s wrath. Zep 3:8-9 denies the Adventist position regarding future opportunity in language that is plain beyond all possibility of cavil. Verse 8 portrays the devouring fire of God’s jealousy, -not a literal fire, and verse 9 says: "Then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord." What people are meant, if all the people are burned up, as Mr. Quinn says? Hag 2:7, speaking of the Day of Wrath and its outcome, says: "I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come." What is the desire of all nations? Is it annihilation by fire? Zec 14 portrays the Day of Vengeance, and verse 16 shows us multitudes of men surviving that day and coming up to the worship of the Earth’s King, Jehovah.


2Pe 3:5-13 pictures the three heavens and three earths, giving an unmistakable analogy between the first and the others; and teaching us that the first was destroyed by the flood of Noah’s day; whereas we well know that the literal earth was not destroyed at all. The flood of waters prevailed 40 days, and swept away the order of things that had prevailed upon the earth; subsiding and revealing the same old earth which had existed and which still exists, and which Ecclesiastes tells us will abide forever. These Scriptures are of no comfort to the Adventist.


Mr. Quinn declares the doctrine of "Equal Opportunity" is "puerile," and he says there is no equality of opportunity in a system that gives millennial probation without a devil, when the "Millions who were redeemed previous to the Millennium were handicapped with a personal devil." Mr. Quinn’s use of the word "redeemed" is confusing. All the race of Adam was redeemed at once, on Calvary. But there have been no millions saved in the Gospel Age; Revelation says 144,000. And these, having walked a narrow way, get a special reward, the Exaltation to the Divine Nature, of which Paul and Peter tell us. Therefore there is no inequality of opportunity, and Mr. Quinn is proved to have laid his conclusion on false premises.


Mr. Quinn next gives a sweeping review of God’s dealings with mankind from first to last, to uphold his contention that all who have lived have had "equal opportunity," and that therefore there is no future opportunity for them. He contends that the 120 years of Noah’s preaching gave the full light of opportunity for salvation to all the antediluvians. But what about those who lived before those 120 years? Who preached to them? Mr. Quinn does not say; neither does the Bible. He gives the inference that the warning Noah gave of a coming flood was equal to the wealth of spiritual truth now enjoyed by us, an "equal opportunity." Surely Mr. Quinn does not believe his own argument; surely he does not so utterly fail to appreciate the wonderful light of this twentieth century. Has not all the Scripture been given since Noah’s day, and the Ransom, and the Holy Spirit of Enlightenment? Mr. Quinn has an awful conception of the wisdom, love and mercy of God, to think that He called so many people into being, with fore-knowledge of their destiny, when that destiny was to be the saving of but eight antediluvians and a proportionately small handful of all the subsequent billions of His Creatures! If this be the Adventist conception, surely they have much to learn of the great God of Love of the Bible.


Mr. Quinn says that the signs and wonders wrought in Egypt for the Israelites constituted all the enlightenment the Egyptians needed, and "equal opportunity" for salvation.


Again, compare their instruction with that of our day. Moses said to Pharaoh the words of Jehovah, "Let my people go." That was the full extent of the message. It was refused. Presto! A plague! The simple message was repeated and again a refusal. Presto! Another smashing plague. And so the matter proceeded, until Egypt was literally plagued out. Is God’s plan of salvation a process of plaguing men into loving Him? That was the philosophy of eternal torment, which the Adventists themselves have been discerning enough to repudiate as unscriptural. If a "Let my people go" and a plague was sufficient spiritual light to save the Egyptians, why would it not be enough for us? Why should God be so partial to our generation?


Mr. Quinn intimates that we believe that the Jews who received God’s favor in the wilderness will have hereafter equal opportunity with others who have never heard of God in this life. In this he overlooked the very essence of Pastor Russell’s scriptural arguments. The future is not represented as giving a full opportunity to each person, but, rather, the balance of a full opportunity. This is logical and reasonable and unassailable.


Mr. Quinn argues that Jesus gave the Jews of His day all the light they needed for salvation, and that none who rejected Him have any hope. How about the rest of the world, then, to whom Jesus forbade His disciples to go, to whom He Himself did not give more than the merest crumbs of consolation? How about the residue of men that were enshrouded in gross darkness all along? Mr. Quinn leaves them out of his consideration from first to last, and it is one of the fatal defects of his position. Did he not ever notice the ALL of the Bible, that stamps its pages from cover to cover? Where does God’s manifold mercy for all come into the Adventist scheme?


Did Jesus give the Jews enough to save them? Without a parable spake he not to them. His disciples asked, Why? He answered, -mind you, Mr. Quinn, these are the Savior’s own words, -"That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand." He deliberately put His message to them in that way, and plainly tells us so. And so He is represented as praying, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." In harmony with this, Paul declared, "For had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory." And Paul carries the matter yet farther, saying, "Blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in, and so all Israel shall be saved." These Scriptures prove that blindness does not damn a man. Paul tells us that Satan, the god of this world, has blinded the minds of them that believe not, lest the light of the gospel should shine to them; and Isaiah tells us of a day when the eyes of the blind shall be opened. God’s Book teems with mercy and goodness of which Mr. Quinn does not seem even to have dreamed. Who is not glad it is so?


Mr. Quinn contends that Paul and his associates preached the gospel to every creature under heaven, and that only a few accepted. Does he not know that the expression "to every creature" in the King James version of Col 1:23 is a mistranslation, and that the Revised Version gives the correct rendering, "in all creation under heaven?" Why such a strenuous effort to use a false rendition to bolster a theory that is false on the face of it? We know from history that millions living in Paul’s day did not hear the gospel. And millions in every generation from his day to ours have failed to hear one word of the gospel. Mr. Quinn knows that. Why does he not take consideration of that fact in his theology? Paul says, "How can they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?" Peter says, "Neither is there salvation in any other." The Prophet declares, "For all shall know Him." Mrs. Bishop McDowell, President of the World’s Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church, says there are 120 million in India alone, today, who have never even heard of Jesus. Paul says that God will "justify the heathen through faith." How do these facts fit together, apart from a state of future probation, affording equitable opportunities?


Mr. Quinn says there is no salvation after the second Advent. The Scriptures we have quoted, and hundreds of others, prove to the contrary. Mr. Quinn holds the gloomy, pessimistic view that the Second Advent is for the purpose of taking up the 144,000 saints, to reign a thousand years in heaven, and burning up all the balance of God’s creatures, leaving the earth a cinder for a thousand years, after which the Saints will leave heaven and reign on the rejuvenated earth. Why God should create 125 billion people with the fore-knowledge of destroying them at last, he does not explain. Why the Saints should be needed to reign in heaven, after heaven had gotten along so well without their reigning during all the past ages, he does not suggest.


Who they will reign over after their return to earth, he gives us no idea. Re 5:10 and Re 20:6 place the 1,000 years’ reign on the earth, and reason declares that kings have subjects under them.


Mr. Quinn misinterprets Re 20:8 to indicate the destruction of the multitudes who are as the sands of the sea. The passage does not say so. It speaks of that number as in the battle. It is easy to jump to unwarranted but desired conclusions. The devouring fire devours the adversaries, not the multitudes.


He speaks of two ways, the narrow way to life and the broad road to destruction. He does not fit the highway of Isa 35 into his scheme of theology at all. He leaves it out. Pastor Russell’s splendid treatment of this will be found in Vol. 1, at page 205, and his treatise on the future perfection of knowledge at page 25 on the same volume. These treatises give us the reasonable and optimistic view that neither contorts nor discards any Scripture or mass of Scripture.


Mr. Quinn argues from Joh 1:9 that every one has already been properly enlightened. But both our observation and his tell us that such is far from the case. It is puerile to argue for a mere theory that is overwhelmingly contradicted by the rational conceptions of all intelligent observers, as well as by the testimony of abundant other Scriptures. Joh 1:9 can be properly understood if taken in connection with 1Ti 2:6 and not otherwise. All shall be enlightened "in due time."


"Salvation Without a Saviour."


This is the teaching of which Mr. Quinn next accuses Millennial Dawn. Under this caption he declares that it was Lucifer’s refusal to acknowledge Christ’s equality with the Father that brought sin into heaven. What Scripture he can quote for the utterance, we cannot imagine. Isa 14:14 tells a very different story. Mr. Quinn says Jesus claimed equality with God, and that this claim was the ground of his contention with Satan and with the Jews. Has he never read Joh 14:28? Surely he has. Does he, then, love his own theory more than the solemn declaration of Jesus Christ? Was Jesus mistaken when he said, "My Father is greater than I?" Could a plainer utterance be framed in human language?


After a correct quotation from "The Plan of the Ages," relative to our Lord having only the human nature while on earth, Mr. Quinn makes the argument that a human sacrifice would no more save the race than the hanging of a dog would atone for a man’s murder of a fellow man; for, he says, "the one offered must be equal to the law transgressed." He italicizes the statement, as though it possessed wonderful authority and importance. But where does he find Scriptural authority for any such utterance? The teaching of Scripture is altogether different. De 19:21 declares Jehovah’s idea of justice in the law, "life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot." In other words, the one offended or injured by the transgressor shall have its counterpart given in recompense. The payment must correspond to the injury, the injured, not to the law giver. Hence Paul says that "since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead," and that Jesus was made a little lower than the angels (Heb 2:9), like Adam (Heb 2:7), for the suffering of death, and that He was made in all points like unto His brethren, yet without sin. We readily perceive that all these and numerous similar scriptures entirely contradict Mr. Quinn’s self-devised theory of the satisfaction of justice. If his theory were correct, a farmer could not be held for violating a law made by a lawyer; a lawyer would have to be punished to satisfy the law, because it had been made by a lawyer. The reasoning is ridiculous, as many reasonings are which are conceived to bolster up foolish and unscriptural self-devised theological notions. This problem is fully discussed from the Bible standpoint by Pastor Russell in Chapter 15 of Volume 5 of Scripture Studies.


Mr. Quinn cites, without quoting, five Scripture passages which he insinuates prove that it is error to teach that Jesus while on earth was but a perfect man. The first, Php 2:5-11, according to all modern translations of standing, absolutely contradicts Mr. Quinn’s position and utterly overflows it. Pastor Russell has covered the point at page 79 of Vol. 5. The same may be said of his second citation, Col 1:13-18, which proves our Lord to have been a created being. The third and fourth citation, from Heb 1 and Eph 3, plainly refer to our Lord glorified, subsequent to the resurrection, and not to His earthly career at all; while the fifth, John 1, refers to His prehuman existence, and not to His earthly experience. Thus it appears that Mr. Quinn has given not a vestige of proof for his assertion that Millennial Dawn teaches a salvation without a Savior. The very suggestion of such a teaching is preposterous, and the making of it a token of distorted vision.


Mr. Quinn makes an equally flimsy argument against the doctrine of a thousand years of resurrection for the unrighteous. He says that Pastor Russell teaches that the coming up of the world is one thing, and their resurrection, or restoration to perfect life, is another; but teaches that the coming up and resurrection of the church are identical. This he brands an inconsistency, and on that plea declares that the doctrine of the gradual resurrection of the world falls down. But Mr. Quinn here makes the fatal error of wholly disregarding the work of lifting up done for the church during the Gospel Age, so that they are accounted ready to receive perfect life at once in the moment of revivifying; while no such work has been experienced by the world, the time necessary for it being allotted to the Millennium. Thus it is apparent that Pastor Russell’s position is entirely consistent and reasonable. The Adventists are so in love with their theory that God will wreck vengeance on all but themselves, that they seem to hate the idea of a Millennium of blessing, and close their eyes to every word of God that does not fit with their noxious theory.


When Are the Wicked Raised From the Dead?