Letter from Morton Edgar.


Morton Edgar of Glasgow, Scotland, is probably better known than any other Bible Student in the Old World, on account of his published writings on the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

The following letter from his pen to one on this side of the water has recently come to the editor’s hand. We feel confident many readers of The Enterprise will be interested to hear an expression from one so near the great conflict, one in whom they have such great confidence:

"Glasgow, Scotland, Nov. 25, 1914.

"Dear Brother:

"We are indeed glad to realize that our expectation of the closing of "Gentile times" in this year, 1914, is being so signally fulfilled. We could not have wished for a more drastic vindication of our faith upon God’s Holy Word. And as this part of God’s glorious "Plan" has come true, so we may with every confidence look for the certain fulfillment of all other parts of that Plan. I don’t know what you people in U. S. A. think of the matter, but certainly we on this side of the ‘Pond’ feel that we have every reason to be fully satisfied that our trust in Bro. Russell’s presentation of Scriptural truths has been greatly blessed and well rewarded. As for the glorification of the church, we believe that this will actually take place, according to the words of the apostle Paul-’We shall all be changed’-‘This corruption must put on incorruption,’ etc. As for the time of the change, we do not think we shall wait long, and can joyfully sing with Patient Job: ‘All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come.’ (#Job 14:14). We cannot do other; and how foolish we would be to cast aside our confidence, which the Apostle said we should keep firm unto the end.’ There are some of the brethren who think it necessary to point the finger of scorn. But I can only think that these few do not evidence much wisdom (and, clearly, they do not manifest much brotherly love).

"With much love in the Lord,

"Your loving brother,