Lesson 17

Nephilim Destroyed

"God did not spare the angels who sinned."
2 Peter 2:4 (Lamsa Translation)

All of Adam’s family died because he sinned by being disobedient to God’s command. That family includes all of the human beings who were ever born on the earth, and each of them will be made alive again because Jesus died for them.

But there is one class of beings who died that will not be resurrected because their fathers were not children of Adam—they were the disobedient angels. Jesus did not die for the angels nor for the children of angels (nephilim).

Life is a wonderful blessing, but God never intended for nephilim to come into being. When the flood destroyed them they died forever. They would not fit into a kingdom where no one will hurt or destroy (Isaiah 65:25), where everyone will live by the Golden Rule, and peace and goodwill shall prevail.

The mothers of the nephilim will be resurrected to the earthly kingdom because they were daughters of men—daughters in Adam’s human family. The angel fathers had been alive in heaven before Adam was created and were not sentenced to death because of Adam’s sin.

After the flood, the disobedient angels (who had become very wicked) were no longer welcome back into heaven nor could they stay on the earth as humans. They were cast into Tartarus (earth’s atmosphere). God restrained or limited their powers so that their ability to materialize and associate with humanity was gone (Jude 6).

They may, however, act through any who invite their companionship, but they can do no more. They have no honor, no dignity, no favor from God. We associate them with spirit mediums, false gods, and many other forms of the occult.

We should have no dealings whatever with these occult systems. In due time they will be judged in righteousness. This means that never again will Satan and his cohorts be permitted to deceive mankind.

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