Lesson 27

Seeking a Bride for Isaac

"The LORD . . . will send his angel with you and prosper your way;
and you shall take a wife for my son from my kindred
and from my father’s house."
Genesis 24:40 (Revised Standard Version)

Abraham had been willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on Mount Moriah but could not understand God’s reason for asking him to do what must have seemed to be a terrible thing. His faith and trust in God were rewarded when a ram was provided as a sacrifice instead of Isaac—he would not have to kill his son after all!

A picture had been made—Abraham represented God and Isaac represented Jesus, the son who was to be sacrificed for the life of the whole world. When God told Abraham to raise Isaac from the altar, it was a picture of Jesus being raised from the dead.

After Sarah died, Abraham sent his trusted servant, Eleazar, to find a bride for Isaac. He was to go to Haran where most of Abraham’s family still lived and select a girl from his own people.

Eleazar took ten camels and many servants with him, as well as beautiful gifts for the girl and her family. This is a picture of God sending his holy spirit to choose a bride for his son, Jesus. This "bride" will consist of 144,000 members.

When Eleazar and his servant reached Haran they were tired and hungry and very thirsty. Abraham had told him that the girl who would give him a drink of water and also water his camels would be the one that God had chosen for Isaac.

Rebekah was a lovely girl, young and pure, and she worshipped the one true God. After giving Eleazar, his servants and his camels water from the well, she led them to her father’s home where they were given food and lodging.

When Rebekah’s mother and brother heard Eleazar’s message, they wanted her to stay home several days before going to Isaac. But Eleazar felt they should leave the next morning and Rebekah, with no hesitation, said she was willing to go.

It was evening when Rebekah neared her new home and saw Isaac in the field. She got down off the camel, covered herself with a veil, and went to him. Together they represent Christ and his church who will resurrect and rule over the world of mankind in the next age. The twenty-fourth chapter of Genesis tells us this beautiful story.

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