Lesson 87

Many Shall Run To and Fro

". . . O Daniel, shut up the words, seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."
Daniel 12:4

There has been a greater development of knowledge within the past one hundred years than ever before in the history of mankind. Most of the inventions which are so common to us today were unknown a century ago. Not many people realize they are the foregleams (something seen ahead of time) of the blessings to come in the long-promised Messiah’s kingdom.

The invention of the printing press by John Gutenberg in 1454 A.D. has allowed men to accumulate a store of knowledge over the years. As a result, the world has become flooded with literature in every language and on every subject.

The increase of knowledge, including a knowledge of God’s word, has followed along with the running to and fro. Running to and fro also includes communication. This tells us we are living in the period referred to as the "time of the end." This time will include the closing of the Gospel Age and the dawning of the Millennial Age which will bring the end of the long reign of sin and death.

In God’s due time men’s minds were opened to the possibilities of inventions which then opened the way for other and more complicated inventions. In the nineteenth century men realized they could use steam to power machines. Later, electrical power began to be used. Now electronics and nuclear power have opened up newer and faster means of communication, transportation, etc., than ever before thought possible.

Think of the knowledge that went into the planning and building of the space shuttles—and the advent of men walking on the moon! It is amazing that these inventions have developed within a comparatively short space of time. For centuries mankind was unable to travel any faster than on horseback and the majority of people probably never traveled fifty miles from their birthplaces.

The first locomotive was built less than two hundred years ago; now we have many forms of transportation. However the automobile is the most common and widespread means of transportation and is the best example of running to and fro. The Bible is very descriptive of this in Nahum 2:4 (New American Standard Bible).

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