Cabbon as the prudent; as the builder

Cabul as if nothing; fettered

Caesar severed

Caiaphas as comely

Cain maker (as smith)

Cainan their smith

Calah full age

Calamus sweet stalk; reed

Calcol nourished; comprehended

Caleb (dog); whole-hearted; faithful

Caleb Ephratah (Caleb) plus fruitfulness

Calneh the wail is complete

Calno his perfection

Calvary a skull

Camon rising up; standing

Cana zealous (or) acquired

Canaan a trafficker

Candace possibly a sting

Canneh to give a flattering title

Capernaum village of comfort

Caphtorim interpretings; spying out

Caphtor interpret; spy out

Caphthorim interpretings; spying out

Cappadocia branded unreal

Carbuncle lightening stone; kindle

Carcas as the bound (one)

Carchemish citadel of Chemosh

Careah bald head

Carmel fruitful field

Carmi my vineyard

Carpus fruit

Carshena lean; slender

Carsiphia longing of Jah; silver of Jah

Casluhim as forgiven ones

Castor twin of Pollux (astron.)

Cedron dark; turbid

Cenchrea granular; millet-like

Cephas a stone

Chalcedony copper-like; flower-like

Chalcol nourished; comprehended

Chaldea clod-breakers

Chaldees clod-breakers

Chaldeans clod-breakers

Chanaan a trafficker

Chapmen search-men

Charashim craftsmen

Charchemish citadel of Chemosh

Charran Gk. of Haran, height

Chebar made clear; abundant; vehement

Chedorlaomer sheaf band

Chelai complete

Chellu determine; consume him

Chelub a basket; coop

Chelubai my basket

Chemarims as changed ones

Chemosh as if departing/feeling

Chenaanah traffic; afflicted

Chenani as my perpetuator

Chenaniah as perpetuated by Jah

Chepharhaammonai covert of Ammonites

Chephirah covert; young lioness

Cheran shouting for joy; union

Cherethims cutters off

Cherith a cutting

Cherub as if contending

Cherubim contenders

Chesalon foolish confidence; extolled

Chesed as a harrower

Chesil a fool; Orion

Chesulloth flanks; foolish confidences

Chezib flowing; falsified

Chidon spear; shield; dart

Chileab sustained of father

Chilion consumption

Chilmad disciple; complete clothing

Chimham their longing

Chimhan their longing

Chinnereth a harp

Chinneroth harps

Chios an ‘unlucky’ throw of dice

Chisleu his confidence

Chislon confidence; foolishness

Chisloth Tabor flanks of Tabor

Chittim breakers in pieces

Chiun an image; pillar (as set-up)

Chloe verdant

Chorashan furnace of smoke

Chorazin as Chorashan, smoke furnace

Chozeba falsehood

Christ the anointed one

Chrysolite gold-stone

Chrysoprasus golden achievement

Chub clustered; horde

Chun established

Chushanrishathaim black double evil

Chuza a mound; a measure

Cilicia hair cloth

Cinneroth harps

Cis Gk. of Kish, a snare

Clauda ?? surging

Claudia limping; whining

Claudius limping; whining

Claudiuslysias Claudius plus Lysias (light)

Clement vine twig; merciful

Cleopas famed of all

Cleophas exchanges (if Alpheus, Clopas)

Cnidus nettled

Colhozeh all-seer; every seer

Colosse monstrosities

Conaniah established of Jehovah

Coniah Jehovah has established

Cononiah established of Jehovah

Coos a public prison

Coral heights

Core Gk. of Korah, ice; bald

Corinth satiated

Cornelius pitiless satiety; a horn

Cosam divining

Coz a thorn

Cozbi my lie

Crescens growing; fleshy shadow

Crete fleshy

Crispus crisp; curly-haired

Cush black; terror

Cushan their blackness

Cushi their blackness

Cuth crushing

Cuthah place of crushing

Cyprus love; a blossom

Cyrene perhaps means. supremacy of the bridle

Cyrus possess thou the furnace