Haahashtari observe the searching

Habaiah hidden of Jah

Habakkuk ardently embraced

Habaziniah hiding the thorn of Jah

Habor to join

Hachaliah waiting on Jah

Hachilah darkness

Hachmoni skilful; wise

Hadad move softly; love; noisy; sharp

Hadadezer Hadad (a god) helps him

Hadadrimmon sound of the pomegranate

Hadar honour; beauty; glory etc.

Hadarezer honour of the helper

Hadashah renewal

Hadassah myrtle

Hadattah sharpness; newness

Hadid sharpening

Hadlai idle

Hadoram their honour

Hadrach your private room

Hagab locust; grasshopper

Hagaba (as Hagab) locust; grasshopper

Hagabah (as Hagab) locust; grasshopper

Hagar ensnaring; sojourner

Hagarenes ensnaring; sojourner

Hagarites ensnaring; sojourner

Haggai my feasts

Haggeri ensnaring; sojourner

Haggi my feast

Haggiah feast of Jah

Haggith festivity

Hai (same as Ai) the heap

Hakkatan the small

Hakkoz the thorn

Hakupha decree of the month

Halah painful; fresh anguish

Halak smooth

Halhul labour-pain

Hali an ornament

Halleluiah praise ye Jah

Hallohesh the charmer

Halohesh the charmer

Ham tumult; he raged; hot

Haman their tumult; the one who rages

Hamath enclosure of wrath

Hamathzobah fortress of swelling hosts

Hammath hot place

Hammedatha measurement

Hammelech the king

Hammoleketh the queen (i.e. she reigned)

Hammon sunny; hot

Hammothdor hot places of the dwelling

Hamon multitude

Hamonah multitudinous

Hamongog multitude of Gog

Hamor an ass

Hamuel they were heated of God

Hamul pitied

Hamutal father-in-law of dew

Hanameel place of Godís favour

Hanan gracious giver

Hananeel grace of God

Hanani my grace; gracious

Hananiah grace of Jah

Hanes grace has fled; ensign of grace

Haniel favour of God

Hannah she was gracious

Hannathon graciously regarded

Hanniel favour of God

Hanoch Enoch or Henoch, i.e. dedicated

Hanun favoured

Haphraim double digging

Hara mountainous

Haradah fear

Haran their mountain; their burning

Hararite mountaineer; my mountain

Harbona drought conditions

Harbonah drought conditions

Hareph reproachful; ?? autumnal

Hareth the cutting (as engraving)

Harhaiah kindled of Jah

Harhas he burned; he pitied

Harhur inflammation

Harim banned; flat-nosed

Hariph reproach; autumnal

Harneipher the one who frustrates is burnt

Harod trembling

Haroeh the vision

Harorite the mountaineer

Harosheth carving

Harsha artifice; device; secret work

Harum haughty one; high

Harumaph snub-nosed

Haruphite the reproached; (see Hariph)

Haruz acute; decision; maimed; decreed

Hasadiah shown mercy of Jah

Hasenuah the thorny; the hated

Hashabiah regarded of Jehovah

Hashabnah regarded of Jah

Hashabniah devising of Jah

Hashbadana considerate judge

Hashem wealthy; to make desolate

Hashmonah fertile

Hashub intelligent

Hashubah estimation

Hashum enriched

Hashupha stripped

Hasrah she was lacking

Hassenaah thorn-bush

Hasshub intelligent

Hasupha stripped

Hatach why will you smite?

Hathath dismay; casting down

Hatipha seizure

Hatita my sin removed; a digging

Hattil sin cast out

Hattush sin was hurried

Hauran their whiteness

Havilah anguish (labour-pains)

Havothjair villages of Jair

Hazael seen of God

Hazaiah seen of Jah

Hazaraddar enclosure of Glory

Hazarenan enclosure of the fountain

Hazargaddah enclosure of fortune

Hazarhatticon middle enclosure

Hazarmaveth enclosure of death

Hazarshual enclosure of the jackal

Hazarsusah mare enclosed

Hazarsusim enclosure of horses

Hazazontamar pruning of palm; division of palm

Hazelelponi shadow turned towards me

Hazerim enclosures

Hazeroth enclosures (fem.)

Hazezontamar archer of the palm tree

Haziel vision of God

Hazo his vision

Hazor to trumpet; enclosure

Hazorhadattah enclosure of joy

Heber company; enchantment

Hebrew passing over

Hebron communion; alliance

Hegai my meditations

Hege meditation

Helah disease; rust; scum

Helam their rampart; their force

Helbah fatness

Helbon fat one

Heldai my times

Heleb the fat

Heled the age

Helek a portion

Helem one who smites; a dream; robust

Heleph exchange

Helez stripped (as for battle)

Heli Gk. of Eli, my God; elevated

Helkai my portions

Helkath a possession

Helkathhazzurim besiegerís possession

Helon labour-stricken; rampart; strong

Hemam crushed; crusher

Heman right-handed; faithful

Hemath enclosure of wrath (as Hammath)

Hemdan their desire

Hen favour; grace

Hena the shaken

Henadad favour of Hadad

Henoch Enoch or Hanoch, i.e.. Dedicated

Hepher a pit; shame

Hephzibah my delight is in her

Heres the sun

Heresh silent (as secret); artificer

Hermas sand bank; also Doric of Hermes

Hermes harbinger of luck; interpreter

Hermogenes born lucky; of lucky birth

Hermon devoted; banned

Herod heroic

Herodias heroic (fem. of Herod)

Herodion valiant

Hesed mercy

Heshbon device; reason

Heshmon quiet reckoning

Heth terror

Hethlon swaddled

Hezeki my strong one

Hezekiah strengthened of Jehovah

Hezion the vision

Hezir swine

Hezrai enclosure (as Hezro)

Hezro enclosure (Hezrai: II Sam.23:35)

Hezron enclosed; arrow; division of song

Hiddai my noises; my echoes

Hiddekel riddle of date-palm; lightness

Hiel the life of God

Hierapolis temple city

Higgaion meditation

Hilen fortress

Hilkiah the portion of Jehovah

Hillel to be praised

Hinnom behold them

Hirah paleness; hollowness

Hiram their paleness

Hittite of Heth (i.e. terror)

Hivites showers of life; those who live

Hizkiah as Hezekiah, Jehovahís strength

Hizkjah as Hezekiah, Jehovahís strength

Hobab loving; a lover

Hobah hiding; affectionate

Hod glory

Hodaiah his glory is Jehovah

Hodaviah his glory is Jehovah

Hodesh the month (new moon)

Hodevah glory of Jah

Hodiah my glory is Jah

Hodijah my glory is Jah

Hoglah the feast has waned; partridge

Hoham alas, he crushed

Holon anguished; sandy

Homam crushed

Hophni my fist

Hophra to cover evil

Hor progenitor

Horam their progenitor

Horeb a waster

Horem banned

Horhagidgad the hole of the cleft

Hori my cave; my whiteness; my noble

Horims troglodytes; cave-dwellers

Horites troglodytes; cave-dwellers

Hormah destruction

Horonaim double cave

Horonite troglodyte

Hosah trusting

Hosannah save I beseech thee

Hosea to saves

Hoshaiah saved of Jah

Hoshamah Jehovah is hearer

Hoshea to save (same as Hosea)

Hotham a signet

Hothan as Hotham a signet

Hothir a surplus

Hukkok the law (i.e. graven/appointed)

Hukok the engraving

Hul to have pain

Huldah a weasel: perpetuity

Humtah lowliness; place of lizards

Hupham their covering

Huppah a covering

Huppim coverings

Hur a hole; white

Hurai my cave; my white (things)

Huram their whiteness

Huri my whiteness; my cave

Hushah haste

Hushai my hurrying

Husham their haste

Hushathite (those who) haste (Hushah)

Hushim those who hasten

Huz counsellor

Huzzab he was established

Hymeneus a wedding song

Hymenaeus a wedding song