Jaakan let him oppress them

Jaakobah he will seek to overreach

Jaala wild goat

Jaalah wild goat

Jaalam he will hide

Jaanai he will give my answers

Jaareoregim forests of the weavers

Jaasau they will perform

Jaasiel it will be done of God

Jaazaniah Jehovah will give ear

Jaazer let him help

Jaaziah Jehovah strengthens; Jehovah comforts

Jaaziel God strengthens; God comforts

Jabal a stream

Jabbok he will empty out

Jabesh dry

Jabesh Gilead Gilead, heap of witness, Jabesh, dry

Jabez to grieve; swept away

Jabin he will understand

Jabneel God will build

Jabneh he will cause to build

Jachan let him make trouble

Jachin he will establish

Jacinth hyacinth; blue

Jacob take by the heel

Jada one who knows

Jadau my loves

Jaddau knowing

Jadon he will strive; he will judge

Jael ibex

Jagur he will sojourn

Jah contraction of Jehovah, as ‘victor’

Jahath snatch away; union

Jahaz trodden down

Jahaza place of the treading down

Jahazah place of the treading down

Jahaziah Jah will see

Jahaziel God will cause to see

Jahdai whom he will place

Jahdiel gladdened of God

Jahdo his enmity

Jahleel hope of God

Jahmai hot; defences; conceivings

Jahzah place of the treading down

Jahzeel God will apportion

Jahzerah he will lead to the crown; Jah protects

Jahziel divided of God

Jair stir up; enlighten

Jairus Gk. of Jair, stir up/enlighten

Jakan as Jaakan, let him oppress them

Jakeh obedient

Jakim set up; raised up

Jalon he will abide

Jambres (Egyptian ?? foamy healer)

James Gk. for Jacob, take by the heel

Jamin right hand

Jamlech let him reign

Janna oppress

Jannes he oppressed; vexed

Janoah he will give rest

Janohah he will lead to rest

Janum he will slumber

Japheth let him spread out

Japhia causing brightness

Japhlet let him escape

Japhleti of Japhlet; let him escape

Japho to be fair to him

Jarah honey-wood; honeycomb

Jareb let him contend

Jared a descender

Jaresiah honey from Jah

Jarha Perhaps Egyptian, sweeping away

Jarib he will contend

Jarmuth elevation

Jaroah lunar

Jashen asleep

Jasher righteous

Jashobeam the people will return

Jashub he will return

Jashubilehem restorer of bread

Jasiel it will be done of God

Jason healer

Jasper exposed; prominent

Jathniel hired of God

Jattir excellent; search out

Javan effervescent; mired

Jazer let him help

Jaziz cause to abound

Jearim forests

Jeaterai my profits; my steps

Jeberechiah whom Jehovah will bless

Jebus he will be trodden down

Jebusi of Jebus; he’ll be trodden down

Jecamiah Jah will establish

Jecholiah Jehovah prevailing

Jechonias Jehovah will establish

Jecoliah Jah will prevail

Jeconiah Jehovah will establish

Jedaiah praise Jah; know Jah

Jediael will be made known of God

Jedidah beloved

Jedidiah beloved of Jah

Jeduthun let them give praise

Jeezer helpless

Jegarsahadutha heap of witness

Jehaleleel he will praise God

Jehalelel he will praise God

Jehdeiah gladdened of Jehovah

Jehezekel God shall strengthen

Jehiah Jah will save alive

Jehiel God will save alive; God lives

Jehieli (those) God will save alive

Jehizkiah strengthened of Jehovah

Jehoadah Jehovah is adornment

Jehoaddan Jehovah their adornment

Jehoahaz Jehovah takes hold

Jehoash Jehovah has founded

Jehohanan Jehovah is gracious giver

Jehoiachin Jehovah will establish

Jehoiada Jehovah knows

Jehoiakim Jehovah will set up

Jehoiarib Jehovah will contend

Jehonadab Jehovah is willing giver

Jehonathan Jehovah is giver

Jehoram Jehovah is exalted

Jehoshabeath Jehovah’s oath

Jehoshaphat Jehovah is judge

Jehosheba Jehovah is an oath

Jehoshua Jehovah is salvation

Jehoshuah Jehovah is salvation

Jehovah who was and will be (eternal)

Jehovah jireh Jehovah will provide

Jehovah nissi Jehovah my banner

Jehovah rophi Jehovah healing

Jehovah shalom Jehovah is peace

Jehovah shammah Jehovah is there

Jehovah tsidkenu Jehovah our righteousness

Jehozabad Jehovah is endower

Jehozadak Jehovah is righteous

Jehu he shall be

Jehubbah he was hidden

Jehucal Jehovah will prevail

Jehud he will be praised

Jehudi of praise, same as ‘Jew’

Jehudijah Jah will be praised, (Jewess)

Jehush succour; assemble; hasten

Jeiel swept away of God, see Jehiel

Jekabzeel gathered of God

Jekameam let the people be established

Jekamiah let Jah arise; let Jah establish

Jekuthiel might of God; preservation of God

Jemima he will spoil (mar) her

Jemuel sleep of God

Jephthae Gk. of Jephthah, he will open

Jephthah he will open

Jephunneh he will be turned (prepared)

Jerah lunar

Jerahmeel may God show mercy

Jered a descender, (same as Jared)

Jeremai promotions

Jeremiah Jah will cast forth

Jeremias Jah will cast forth

Jeremoth liftings up

Jeremy Jeremiah: Jah will cast forth

Jeriah fear/teaching of Jehovah

Jeribai my contenders

Jericho let him smell it; fragrance

Jeriel may God teach

Jerijah teach thou Jah!

Jerimoth elevations

Jerioth curtains

Jeroboam let the people contend; let the people enlarge

Jeroham he shall find mercy

Jerubbaal Baal will be contended; Baal will be taught

Jerubbesheth shame contending

Jeruel fear of God; taught of God

Jerusalem double peace

Jerusha possessed

Jerushah possession

Jesaiah save thou Jah

Jeshaiah save thou Jah; save thou Jehovah

Jeshniah old (as if withered)

Jesharelah right towards God

Jeshebeab father’s dwelling

Jesher righteous

Jeshimon the wilderness

Jeshishai my ancients

Jeshohaiah bowed before Jah

Jeshuah Jehovah is salvation

Jeshua Jehovah is salvation

Jeshurun righteous one

Jesiah lent of Jehovah

Jesimiel placed of God

Jesse my men; of him who is

Jesui he will justify me

Jesurun righteous one

Jesus Jehovah is salvation

Jether remnant; excellence

Jetheth tent pin; nail

Jethlah he will hang

Jethro remnant; excellence

Jetur he will arrange; he will encircle

Jeuel swept away by God

Jeush he will succour

Jeuz he will take advice

Jew praise

Jezaniah Jehovah will hear

Jezebel unchaste

Jezer imagination; form; purpose

Jeziah sprinkled of Jah

Jeziel sprinkled of God

Jezliah pour out suitably

Jezoar whiteness

Jezrahiah Jah will shine

Jezreel sown of God

Jibsam fragrant

Jidlaph he will weep

Jimna right-handed

Jimnah right-handed

Jiphtah he shall open

Jiphtah he shall open

Jiphthahel God will open

Joab Jehovah is father

Joah Jehovah is brother

Joahaz Jehovah takes hold

Joanna Jehovah is gracious giver

Joash Jehovah has become man

Joatham Jehovah is perfect (as Jotham)

Job cry of woe

Jobab cause crying

Jochebed Jehovah is glorious

Joed Jehovah is witness

Joel Jehovah is God

Joelah profiting; sweep away the strong

Joezer Jehovah is help

Jogbehah he will be elevated

Jogli carry me captive

Joha Jehovah is living/leading

Johanan Jehovah is gracious giver

John Jehovah is gracious giver

Joiada Jehovah is the one who knows

Joiakim Jehovah will establish

Joiarib Jehovah will contend

Jokdeam burning of the people

Jokim arising of Jehovah

Jokmeam establish the people

Jokneam purchase the people

Jokshan their snare

Joktan made small

Joktheel absolved of God

Jona a dove

Jonadab Jehovah is willing giver

Jonah a dove

Jonan Jehovah is gracious giver

Jonas Gk. of Jonah, a dove

Jonathelemrechokim dove of silence amid strangers

Jonathan Jehovah is giver

Joppa fair to him

Jorah let him teach

Jorai my teachers; early rains

Joram Jehovah has exalted

Jordan their descent

Jorim Gk. of Joram, Jehovah has exalted

Jorkoam people spread out; thin people

Josabad Jehovah is the one who bestows

Josaphat Jehovah is judge

Jose Jehovah sustains

Josedech Jehovah is righteous one

Joseph (Jehovah) adds

Joses Jehovah sustains

Joshah prospered

Joshaphat Jehovah is judge

Joshaviah Jehovah prospers him

Joshbekashah dwelling in harness

Joshebbassebet sitting in the seat

Joshua Jehovah is salvation

Josiah Jehovah will sustain

Josias Jehovah will sustain

Josibiah Jah will make to dwell

Josiphiah Jah will add

Jotbah she was good

Jotbath place of goodness

Jotbathah place of goodness

Jotham Jehovah is perfect

Jozabad Jehovah is the one who bestows

Jozachar Jehovah is the one who remembers

Jozadak Jehovah is righteous one

Jubal carried

Jucal he will be enabled

Juda Gk. of Judah, praise

Judaea land of Judah

Judah praise

Judas praise

Jude praise

Judea land of Judah

Judith Jewish (as language)

Julia downy; hairy (fem. of Julius)

Julius downy; hairy (masc.)

Junia youthful

Jupiter through (i.e.. first cause)

Jushabhesed mercy will be restored

Justus just

Juttah turned aside; extended

Kabzeel gathered of God

Kadesh set apart (see Kedesh)

Kadeshbarnea the wanderer set apart

Kadmiel before God (i.e.. in front of)

Kadmonites ancients; Orientals

Kallai my swiftnesses; light ones

Kanah purchased

Kareah being bald

Karem perhaps means. vineyard

Karkaa to the bottom

Karkor battering down

Karnaim double horn

Kartah her chance; her meeting place

Kartan their chance; meeting place

Kartath diminished

Kedar darkness

Kedemah eastward

Kedemoth beginnings; confrontings

Kedesh sanctuary (as Kadesh)

Kehelathah convocation

Keilah let the faint be alienated

Kelaiah Jah is light; voice of Jah

Kelita lacking; stunted

Kemuel avenge God

Kenan their smith (as fabricator)

Kenath possession

Kenaz sprinkled nest

Kenezite of the sprinkled nest

Kenite smith; fabricator

Kenizzite of the sprinkled nest

Kerenhappuch horn of paint

Kerioth cities

Keros stooping

Keturah incense

Kezia cassia

Keziz cutting-off

Kibrothhattaavah graves of lust

Kibzaim double gathering; two heaps

Kidron mourner; black one

Kinah lamentation

Kir a wall

Kirharaseth an earthen wall

Kirhareseth an earthen wall

Kirharesh earthen wall

Kirheres earthen wall

Kiriathaim double city

Kirioth cities

Kirjath a (certain) city

Kirjathaim double city

Kirjatharba city of four

Kirjatharim city of enemies; city of cities

Kirjathbaal city of Baal

Kirjathhuzoth city of streets; city of broadways

Kirjathjearim city of forests

Kirjathsannah city of thorn bush

Kirjathsepher city of books

Kish a snare

Kishi my snare

Kishion hardness

Kishon ensnarer; hardness

Kison ensnarer; hardness

Kithlish knead; wall of a man

Kitron incense burner

Kittim beaters down; crushers

Koa alienation; prince

Kohath waiting; obedient; assembly

Kolaiah voice of Jah

Korah ice; bald

Korahites of Korah, i.e.. ice or bald

Korathites of Korah, i.e.. ice or bald

Kore calling; happening; partridge

Korhites of Korah, i.e.. ice or bald

Koz a thorn

Kushaiah bow of Jehovah; snare of Jehovah

Kulon comprehension (Josh 15:59 LXX)

Laadah for adornment

Laadan for their adornment

Laban white

Lachish walk of a man

Lael unto God

Lahad exultant shout; glow

Lahairoi the living one who sees me

Lahmi my bread

Laish a lion; (perh. to knead)

Lakum rising up

Lama why?

Lamech perh. why is this with you?

Laodicea peoples rights

Lapidoth torches; calamities

Lasea shaggy

Lasha blindness; (by covering eyes)

Lasharon unto Sharon, (level, straight)

Latin of Rome’s strength

Lazarus Gk. of Eleazar, God is helper

Leah weary

Leannoth affliction

Lebana whiteness; the moon

Lebanah whiteness; the moon

Lebanon whiteness

Lebaoth lioness

Lebbaeus a laver

Lebonah frankincense (it’s whiteness)

Lecah you go!

Lehabim flames; blades (flashing)

Lehi cheek; jawbone

Lemuel unto God

Leshem unto desolation

Letushim sharpened; hammered ones

Leummim peoples (as massed together)

Levi joined

Leviathan coiled; burrowing; union

Levitical of Levi (i.e. joined)

Libertines freedmen

Libnah whiteness

Libni my whiteness

Libnites of my whiteness

Libya afflicted; weeping

Libyans afflicted; weeping

Ligure as Leshem, unto desolation

Likhi my doctrine

Linus linen

Loammi not my people

Lod travail; bear

Lois no standard bearer; no flight

Lord master, (only divine with ‘God’)

LORD Jehovah the ever existing one

Loruhamah not shown mercy

Lot a wrapping

Lotan their covering

Lubim as Libyans

Lubims as Libyans

Lucas light; white

Lucifer shining one (perhaps ‘howler’)

Lucius light; bright; white

Lud firebrand; travailing

Ludim firebrands; travailings

Luhith tabular

Luke Gk. of Lucas, light, white

Luz perverse

Lycaonia wolfish

Lycia wolfish

Lydda travail; labour

Lydia firebrand; travailing

Lysanias relaxing sadness

Lysias releaser

Lystra ransoming

Maacah pressure

Maachah pressure

Maachathi of pressure

Maachathites of pressure

Maadai unclothing; adorning; sliding

Maadiah adorned of Jah; shaken of Jah

Maai my bowels

Maalehacrabbim ascent of the scorpions

Maarath naked place

Maaseiah work of Jehovah; Jah is refuge

Maasiai my works

Maath from this time

Maaz counsellor; shutting

Maaziah strengthened of Jehovah

Macedonia perhaps means. Tall

Machbenai he brought my sons low

Machbenah he brought the building low

Machi my poverty

Machir salesman

Machnadebai brought my willing ones low

Machpelah doubling; winding

Madai my measures; my garments; enough

Madian Gk., Midian, contention; strife

Madmannah dung-hill

Madmen dung-hill

Madmenah dung-hill

Madon strife

Magbish crystallising

Magdala tower

Magdalene of Magdala

Magdiel my preciousness is God

Magog overtopping; covering

Magormissabib fear from round about

Magpiash plague of the moth; is consumed

Mahalah sickness

Mahalaleel praise of God

Mahalath sickness; appeasing

Mahalathleannoth sickness of affliction

Mahali my sickness

Mahanaim double camp

Mahanehdan camp of Dan

Maharai my hastening

Mahath snatching

Mahavite declarers; assemblers

Mahazioth visions

Mahershalalhashbaz spoil / prey hastens

Mahlah sickness

Mahli my sickness

Mahlon sickness

Mahol dance

Makaz cutting off

Makheloth congregations

Makkedah branding place

Maktesh a mortar

Malachi my messenger

Malcham their king

Malchiah my king is Jehovah

Malchiel my king is God

Malchijah my king is Jehovah

Malchiram my king is exalted

Malchishua king is salvation; king of wealth

Malchus kingly

Maleleel praise of God (as Mahalaleel)

Malothi I have spoken

Malluch kingly

Mammon wealth

Mamre causing fatness

Manaen Gk. of Menahem, comforter

Manahath resting place

Manahethites (the women) of Manahath

Manasseh causing to forget

Manasses causing to forget

Maneh a weight (from Manah, to number)

Manoah rest

Manocho his rest (Josh.15:59, LXX)

Maoch pressing; squeezing

Maon habitation

Mara arrogant; bitterness

Marah he rebelled; bitterness

Maralah causing shaking

Maranatha the Lord comes

Marcus a defence

Mareshah headship; forget arrogance

Mark Eng. of Marcus, a defence

Maroth bitterness

Marsena bitter is the thorn-bush

Mars i.e. Areopagus, martial peak

Martha rebellious

Mary Gk. of Miriam, their rebellion

Maschil giving understanding

Mash he departed; he felt around

Mashal parable; one who uses parables

Masrekah place of the choice vine

Massa a prophecy; a burden; enduring

Massah temptation; fainted

Mathusala as Methuselah; mortal plus dart

Matred causing pursuit; continuing

Matri rain; rainy

Mattan a gift

Mattanah a gift

Mattaniah gift of Jehovah

Mattatha Gk. of Mattathah, giving

Mattathah giving

Mattathias gift of Jehovah

Mattenai my gifts

Matthan Gk. of Mattan, a gift

Matthat gift of Jehovah

Matthew gift of Jehovah

Matthias gift of Jehovah

Mattithiah gift of Jehovah

Mazzaroth scatterings

Meah an hundred

Mearah cave, (from strip / lay bare)

Mebunnai my buildings

Mecherathite of dug out; digging tools

Medad would be loving

Medan strife; discernment

Mede my measure; my garment

Medeba waters of rest (i.e.. quiet

Medes he of the measured; my garments

Media he of the measured; my garments

Median (Chaldee) my measures / garments

Megiddo place of God; cutting down

Megiddon the cutter; the one who brands

Mehetabeel God’s best

Mehetabel God’s best

Mehida one who speaks in allegories

Mehir a price

Meholah dancing (see Abelmeholah)

Meholathite as Meholah, dancing

Mehujael smitten of God

Mehuman their defeat; their confusion

Mehunim [also Mehunims]; living areas

Mehunims [also Mehunim]; living areas

Mejarkon waters of yellow; verdure

Mekonah a settlement or base

Melatiah Jah’s way of escape

Melchi my king is Jehovah

Melchiah my king is Jehovah

Melchisedec king of righteousness

Melchishua king is salvation; king of wealth

Melchizedek king of righteousness

Melea my dear friend; object of care

Melech a king

Mel1cu royalty; they have made a king

Melita honey; escaping

Melzar circumcised: straitened

Memphis being made fair; culpable

Memucan their poverty

Menahem comforter

Menan fortune-teller; enchanted

Mene he has numbered

Meon a dwelling (in Baalmeon)

Meonehim observers of time

Meonothai my dwellings

Mephaath the shining forth

Mephibosheth breathing shame

Merab increasing

Meraiah rebellion; provoking God

Meraioth rebellions

Merari my bitterness

Merathaim double rebellion; double bitterness

Mercurius eloquent; learned; shrewd

Mered rebellion

Meremoth elevations

Meres moisture; fracture

Meribah strife (e.g. Meribah Kadesh)

Meribah Kadesh strife at Kadesh

Meribbaal Baal is contentious

Merodach your rebellion

Merodach Baladan your rebellion; Baal is lord

Merom the lifting up

Meronothite the joyful shouter

Meroz growing lean; enduring

Mesech a drawing; a possession

Mesha bringing deliverance

Meshach waters of quiet; who is what you are?

Meshech a drawing (same as Mesach)

Meshelemiah peace-offering of Jah

Meshezabeel delivered of God

Meshillemith reconciliation

Meshillemoth reconciliations

Meshullemeth reconciliation

Meshullam reconciled; recompensed

Meshobab restored; backsliding

Mesobaite the one set up by Jah

Mesopotamia exalted

Messiah the anointed one

Messias Gk. of Messiah, anointed

Methegammah the bridle of a cubit

Methusael died who are God’s; man of God

Methuselah died; the dart; man of dart

Meunim habitations (as Mehunim)

Mezahab waters of gold

Miamin from the right hand

Mibhar choicest

Mibsam fragrant

Mibzar fortress

Micah who is like Jehovah?

Micaiah who is as Jehovah?

Micha who is like Jehovah?

Michael who is like God?

Michah who is like Jehovah?

Michaiah who is like Jehovah?

Michal brook; who is like God?

Michmas treasury; treasured

Michmash treasury; treasured

Michmethah poverty of the dead

Michri my price

Michtam poverty of the perfect

Middin from judgement

Midian contention strife

Migdalel tower of God

Migdalgad tower of Gad

Migdol tower

Migron hurling down

Mijamin from the right hand

Mikloth sprouts; triflings

Mikneiah acquisition of Jehovah

Milalai my utterances

Milcah a queen

Milcom reigning

Miletum cared for

Miletus cared for

Millo a fill (earthworks)

Miniamin from the right hand

Minni from me

Minnith apportionment (from me)

Miphkad muster; apportionment

Miriam their rebellion

Mirma deceit

Misgab high place

Mishael who is what God is?

Mishal enquiry

Misham regarding; looking; cleansing

Misheal enquiry (as Mishal)

Mishma hearing (as report)

Mishmannah fattening

Mishpat judgement

Mishraites touching evil

Mispereth enumerator

Misrephothmaim burnings of waters

Mithacah sweetness

Mithnite athlete; giver

Mithredath remainder; searching the law

Mitylene poss. curtailed

Mizar little

Mizpah watchtower

Mizpar a number

Mizpeh a watchtower

Mizraim doubly narrow

Mizzah sprinkling

Mnason (Nason), solicitor; safe number

Moab what father?

Moadiah the set time of Jah

Moladah birth; bringing forth

Molech the king

Molid causing to bring forth

Moloch a king

Morasthite possession of Gath

Mordecai bitterness of my oppressed

Moreh teacher; former rain

Moreshethgath possession of Gath

Moriah my teacher is Jah; seen of Jah

Mosera bondage

Moseroth bonds

Moses drawing out

Moza a going forth

Mozah wringing out

Muppim shakings; wavings

Mushi yielding; departing

Muthlabben death of the son

Myra myrrh; myrtle juice

Mysia closure; abomination

Naam pleasant

Naamah pleasantness

Naaman pleasantness

Naamathite from Naamah, pleasantness

Naamites of Naaman, pleasantness

Naarah a maiden

Naarai boys; shakings; roarings

Naaran their boy; (or maiden)

Naarath maidenhood; maiden-place

Naashon a diviner

Naasson Gk. of Naashon, a diviner

Nabal foolish

Naboth increasings

Nachon established

Nachor one who snorts

Nadab the willing one

Nagge my shining

Nahalal tended (as a pasture)

Nahaliel valley (or river) of God

Nahallal Nahalal, tended (as pasture)

Nahalol being tended (as a pasture)

Naham comforter

Nahamani comforted me

Naharai my snorting

Nahari my snorting

Nahash a serpent

Nahath rest; descent

Nahbi my hiding

Nahor (as Nachor), one who snorts

Nahshon (as Naashon), a diviner

Nahum comforted

Nain afflicted; beautiful

Naioth abodes

Naomi my pleasantness

Naphish refreshing

Naphtali my wrestling; my twisting

Naphtuhim openings

Narcissus narcotic

Nathan a giver

Nathanael given of God

Nathanmelech the king’s gift

Naum Gk. of Nahum, comforted

Nazarene branch; preservation

Nazareth branch; preservation

Nazarites separated

Neah wandering; shaking

Neapolis new city

Neariah shaken (or child) of Jah

Nebai my fruits

Nebaioth prophecies; heights

Nebajoth prophetess

Neballat secret folly

Nebat seen; we’ll speak idly

Nebo his prophecy

Nebuchadnezzar prophesy; earthen vessel is preserved

Nebuchadrezzar Nebo preserved the crown

Nebushasban Nebo their deliverance

Nebuzaradan Nebo, the lord is estranged

Necho his smiting

Nedabiah the (characteristic) giving of Jah

Neginah a harp-song

Neginoth harp-songs

Nego brightness (see Abednego)

Nehelamite he of the dream

Nehemiah comfort of Jah

Nehiloth flutes

Nehum comfort

Nehushta bronzed

Nehushtan a bit of bronze

Neiel we’ll be shaken of God

Nekeb varying

Nekoda spotted

Nemuel they slumber of God

Nepheg we shall cease

Nephish refreshing

Nephishesim refreshed of spices

Nephthalim Gk. of Naphtali, wrestling

Nephtoah opening

Nephusim scatter spices

Ner a lamp

Nereus water nymph (ancient sea-god)

Nergal lion; the lamp rolled

Nergalsharezer lion protect the king

Neri Gk. of Neriah, my lamp is Jehovah

Neriah my lamp is Jehovah

Nethaneel given of God

Nethaniah given of Jehovah

Nethinim given ones

Nethinims given ones

Netophah dropping; distillation

Netophathi dropping; distillation

Neziah we shall oversee

Nezib a garrison

Nibhaz we shall say what is seen

Nibshan we shall prophesy quietness

Nicanor untimely victory

Nicodemus conqueror of the populace

Nicolaitans conqueror of the people

Nicolas conqueror of the people

Nicopolis conqueror of the city

Niger black

Nimrah rebellious; or leopardess

Nimrim the rebellious; or leopards

Nimrod he will rebel

Nimshi my being drawn

Nineve Gk. Nineveh, children of ease

Nineveh offspring of ease

Nisan their flight

Nisroch ensign of delicateness

No disrupting; frustrating

Noadiah Jah’s meeting (convened by Jah)

Noah rest (male); moveable (female)

Noamon No plus Amon, disrupting the supply

Nob fruit; empty; prophesy

Nobah barking

Nod wandering

Nodab liberal

Noe Gk. of Noah, rest

Nogah brightness

Nohah quietude

Non as Nun perpetuity

Noph in a presentable state

Nophah breathing; blowing

Nun as Non, perpetuity

Nymphas bridal

Obadiah serving Jehovah

Obal heaping confusion

Obed serving

Obededom serving Edom

Obil causing mourning

Oboth necromancers

Ocran their trouble

Oded restoration; surrounding

Og hearth cake

Ohad he shouted

Ohel a tent

Olivet olive yard

Olympas celestial (god of the games)

Omar I will say

Omega finality

Omri my sheaf (i.e.. bound)

On vigour; strength

Onam their vigour; strength

Onan their vigour; strength

Onesimus profitable

Onesiphorus profit bringing

Ono his vigour; his iniquity

Onycha whose travail; roaring

Onyx equalising; justifying

Ophel swelling; tumour; mound

Ophir reducing to ashes

Ophni my flying

Ophrah dustiness; fawn-like

Oreb a raven

Oren an ash; fir; cedar

Orion a fool

Ornan light perpetuated

Orpah her neck

Osee Gk. of Hosea, to save

Oshea to save (see Hosea)

Othni my seasonable speaking

Othniel seasonable talk of God

Ozem I shall hasten them

Ozias Uzziah, my strength is Jehovah

Ozni my hearing; my ear

Paarai my openings

Padan their ransom

Padanaram their ransom is high

Padon ransom

Pagiel event of God

Pahathmoab pit of Moab

Pai my groaning

Palal mediator; judge

Palestina wallowing

Palestine wallowing

Pallu wonderful

Palti my escape

Paltiel deliverance of God

Paltite my escape

Pamphylia all sorts; all tribes

Pannag preparing for affliction

Paphos suffering

Parah he increased; heifer

Paran their beautifying

Parbar he annulled the corn

Parmashta spoiled is the banquet

Parmenas one who abides

Parnach the bullock we smote

Parosh a flea

Parshandatha repeatedly broke decree

Parthians ? a pledge

Paruah flourishing; increase

Parvaim broken hooks (Oriental region)

Pasach vanishing; spreading out

Pasdammim vanishing of blood; limits of flow

Paseah vacillating; halting

Pashur increasing of white (linen)

Patara scattering cursing

Pathros a morsel moistened

Pathrusim of Pathros

Patmos my killing

Patrobas father’s walk

Pau they cried

Paul little

Paulus little

Pedahel redeemed of God

Pedahzur redeemed of the rock

Pedaiah redeemed of Jehovah

Pekah opening

Pekahiah opening of Jehovah

Pekod to visit

Pelaiah distinguished of Jah

Pelaliah intervention of Jah

Pelatiah Jehovah’s (way of) escape

Peleg division

Pelet escape

Peleth separation

Pelonite such a one

Peniel the face of God

Peninnah a ruby

Pentecost fiftieth

Penuel the face of God

Peor the opening

Perazim breaches

Peres breach

Peresh dung

Perez breach

Perezuzza breach was strengthened

Perezuzzah breach was strengthened

Perga much earth

Pergamos much marriage

Perida separation

Perizzite a rustic

Persia he divided

Persis woman of Persia

Peruda separation

Peter a stone

Pethahiah opened of Jah

Pethor interpret

Pethuel God delivers; God’s opening

Peulthai my works; my wages

Phagor to faint

Phalec Gk. of Peleg, division

Phallu wonderful (as Pallu)

Phalti my escape (as Palti)

Phaltiel God delivers (as Paltiel)

Phanuel Gk. of Peniel, face of God

Pharaoh the sun; his nakedness

Pharaohhophra sun priest; nakedness; covering evil

Pharaohnecho Pharaoh the lame; smitten nakedness

Pharaohnechoh Pharaoh the lame; smitten nakedness

Phares Gk. of Pharez, breach

Pharez breach

Pharisees the separated; those who expound

Pharosh a flea (as Parosh)

Pharpar breaking apart; rushing; rapid

Pharzites of Pharez (breach)

Phaseah vacillating; halting (which means Paseah)

Phebe radiant

Phenice palm; palm tree; palm land

Phenicia palm; palm tree; palm land

Phichol mouth of all

Philadelphia brotherly love

Philemon one who kisses

Philetus beloved

Philip lover of horses

Philippi lover of horses

Philistia wallowing

Philistim those who wallow

Philistine one who wallows

Philologus lover of the word

Phinehas mouth of pity

Phlegon burning

Phoebe radiant

Phoenice palm; palm tree; palm land

Phoenicia palm; palm tree; palm land

Phrygia parched

Phurah fruitful

Phut afflicted (as Libya & Put)

Phuvah scattered (as by a puff)

Phygellus a little fugitive

Pibeseth mouth of loathing

Pihahiroth meadow place; sedge area

Pilate close pressed

Pildash iron (bolt) of fire

Pileha cleavage; worship

Piltai my escapes

Pinon distraction

Piram their wild ass

Pirathon chieftancy; nakedness

Pisgah survey

Pisidia persuasion of right

Pison increase

Pispah disappearance

Pithom mouth of integrity

Pithon mouth of a monster

Pleiades cluster (as diamonds, stars)

Pochereth a trap of gazelles

Pollux Gk. Dioskouroi (sons of Zeus) as Castor & Pollux

Pontius of the sea

Pontus the sea

Poratha fruitfulness; frustration

Porcius piggish; swinish

Potiphar devoted to sun

Potipherah devoted to sun

Praetorium chief magistrates court

Prisca ancient

Priscilla little old woman

Prochorus leader of dance; leader of praise

Ptolemais ? warlike

Pua scattered (by a puff) see Phuvah

Puah scattered; pain (as labour pains)

Publius popular

Pudens modest; shame-faced

Puhites openness; simplicity

Pul strong; distinguished

Punites distracted (if from Punon);

scattered (if from Pua)

Punon distracted

Pur lot (as in chance); frustration

Purim lots (as in chance)

Put afflicted

Puteoli little springs; chief justice

Putiel afflicted of God

Quartus fourth

Raamah thunder

Raamiah thunder of Jah

Raamses thunder of the standard

Rabbah populous

Rabbath populous

Rabbi my master

Rabbith multiplicity

Rabboni my chief master

Rabmag chief soothsayer; much melting

Rabsaris chief eunuch

Rabshakeh chief cup-bearer

Raca vain: empty

Rachab Gk. of Rahab, breadth

Rachal trafficker

Rachel a ewe

Raddai my subduings

Ragau Gk. of Reu, associate; feed

Raguel associate with God

Rahab arrogance; breadth

Raham compassionate

Rahel a ewe (as Rachel)

Rakem embroidery

Rakkath leanness; spitting

Rakkon emaciation: spitting out

Ram high

Rama height

Ramah height

Ramath height

Ramathaimzophim watchers’ double height

Ramathlehi jaw-bone height

Ramathmizpeh watch-tower height

Rameses standard bearer is evil

Ramiah Jah is exalted; loosed of Jah

Ramoth heights; coral

Ramothgilead heights of Gilead

Rapha giant; healed; feeble

Raphu healed

Reaia seen of Jah

Reaiah seen of Jah

Reba a quarter (1 / 4)

Rebecca Gk. of Rebekah, tying

Rebekah tying

Rechab charioteer; rider

Rechah tenderness

Red sea sea of weeds; reed

Reelaiah shaken of Jah

Regem stoning

Regemmelech stoning of the king

Rehabiah enlarged of Jehovah

Rehob plaza; square (in city)

Rehoboam enlargement of the people

Rehoboth plazas; squares (in city)

Rehum compassionate

Rei my friend

Rekem embroidery; variegation

Remaliah lifted up to Jehovah

Remeth elevation

Remmon pomegranate

Remmonmethoar marked-out pomegranate

Remphan shrunken

Rephael healed of God

Rephah healing of the breath

Rephaiah healed of Jah

Rephaim the dead; giants; healers

Rephidim supports; shrinking of hands

Resen a bridle

Resheph a flame

Reu associate; feed

Reuben see, a son

Reuel associate with God

Reumah raised up; do you see anything?

Rezeph burning; glowing

Rezia haste; delight

Rezin delightful(ness)

Rezon growing thin; a prince

Rhegium a passage

Rhesa Gk. of Rephaiah, healed of Jah

Rhoda a rose

Rhodes rosy

Ribai my strengths

Riblah the strife ended; fruitful

Rimmon pomegranate

Rimmonparez pomegranate of the breach

Rinnah a joyful shout

Riphath bruising; shrivelling; healing

Rissah moistening

Rithmah binding; broom-copse

Rizpah pavement; glowing

Roboam enlargement of the people

Rodanim breakers loose

Rogelim footmen; traders

Rohgah fear cured; agitation

Romamtiezer I have exalted the leper

Roman strong

Rome strength

Rosh head; chief

Rufus red

Ruhamah love; mercy

Rumah exaltation

Ruth satisfied

Sabaoth hosts

Sabeans drunkards; busybodies

Sabta compassed the chamber

Sabtah compassed the chamber

Sabtecha compassed the seat

Sabtechah compassed the seat

Sacar a hireling; wages

Sadducees the righteous

Sadoc Gk. of Zadoc, to justify

Sala Gk. of Salah, a missile

Salah a missile

Salamis a surging

Salathiel I have asked of God

Salcah lifted the blind; narrow basket

Salchah lifted the blind; narrow basket

Salem at peace; complete; perfect

Salim tossing

Sallai my baskets

Sallu raised up

Salma clothing

Salmon resemblance; garment; clothing

Salmone from the surging

Salome peaceful

Salu weighed

Samaria guardianship

Samgarnebo be gracious Nebo

Samlah enwrapping

Samos a token; a sandy bluff

Samothracia sign of rags

Samson little sun

Samuel heard of God

Sanballat hatred in secret

Sansannah thorny; a bough

Saph a basin; a threshold

Saphir fair

Sapphira a sapphire

Sapphire telling out; recounting

Sara a princess

Sarah a princess

Sarai my princesses

Saraph a burner; fiery serpent

Sardine a footstep

Sardis ? red ones

Sardius ruddiness

Sardonyx ruddy

Sarepta smelting; refined (as metal)

Sargon stubborn rebel

Sarid survivor; remainder

Saron rightness

Sarsechim prince of coverts

Saruch Gk. of Serug, intertwined

Satan adversary

Satyr a demon

Saul requested

Sceva mind-reader

Scythian rude; rough

Seba (take a) drink

Sebat smite

Secacah enclosure

Sechu hedged up

Secundus second (son)

Segub exalted

Seir shaggy; hairy; goat like

Seirath hairy she goat

Sela rock; crag

Selah rock; crag; prominent

Selahammahlekoth rock of divisions

Seled ? recoil

Seleucia white light

Sem Gk. of Shem, name

Semachiah sustained of Jehovah

Semei Gk. of Shemaiah, heard of Jehovah

Senaah ? hatred

Seneh thorny

Senir peak; snowy mountain

Sennacherib the thorn laid waste

Senuah pointed

Seorim barley; bearded ones

Sephar counting; census

Sepharad end of wandering

Sepharvaim twofold census; sea census

Serah as Sarah, princess

Seraiah prevailing of Jehovah; prince of Jehovah

Seraphims burners

Sered fear; fright

Sergius earth-born; born wanderer

Serug intertwined

Seth appointed; compensation

Sethur hidden

Shaalabbin hand of skill; foxes den

Shaalbim regarded the hearts; regarded the lions

Shaalbonite regarded the hearts; regarded the lions

Shaaph who flew

Shaaraim double gate

Shaashgaz beauty’s servant

Shabbethai my sabbaths

Shachia return of Jah; taken captive of Jah

Shaddai almighty

Shadrach tender breast

Shage erring

Shahar dawn; morning

Shaharaim two dawns (i.e.. double dawn)

Shahazimah lofty places

Shalem at peace; complete

Shalim handfuls

Shalisha third (place)

Shallecheth casting forth

Shallum requital; restitution

Shallun spoiled

Shalmai my garments; my peace-offering

Shalman spoiled; peace-offering

Shalmaneser peace-offering of bondage

Shama one who listens and takes heed (harkens)

Shamariah guarded of Jah

Shamed guardian; exterminator

Shamer guardian

Shamgar desolate dragged away

Shamhuth exaltation; desolation

Shamir keeping; guarding

Shamma desolation

Shammah desolation

Shammai my desolations

Shammoth desolations

Shammua a listener

Shammuah a listener

Shamsherai desolated my observers

Shapham bruised; swept bare

Shaphan coney (rock badger)

Shaphat a judge

Shapher goodliness

Sharai my observers; setting free

Sharaim double gate

Sharar unyielding; an observer

Sharezer beheld treasure

Sharon observation; plain; level

Sharuhen they beheld grace

Shashai whitish; linen

Shashak longed-for; the rusher

Shaul asked-for;

Shaveh equality; plain

Shavsha plain was vain

Sheal request

Shealtiel asked of God

Sheariah gate of Jah

Shearjashub remnant shall return

Sheba 1. the coming one

2. seven; oath

Shebah place of the oath

Shebam hoar head

Shebaniah built of Jehovah; discerned of Jehovah

Shebarim breaches

Sheber a breach

Shebna built; wait I pray!

Shebuel abide with God; captured by God

Shecaniah Jehovah’s dwelling

Shechaniah Jehovah’s dwelling

Shechem shoulder; diligence

Shedeur breasts; Almighty is fire

Shehariah sought early of Jah

Shelah 1. quietness; request

2. missile

Shelemiah peace-offering of Jehovah

Sheleph drawing out

Shelesh triplet; triplicate

Shelomi peace; peaceable

Shelomith peaceableness

Shelomoth pacifications

Shelumiel at peace with God

Shem a name (renown)

Shema a report

Shemaah one who harkens

Shemaiah heard of Jehovah

Shemariah guarded of Jehovah

Shemember name of soaring (wing)

Shemer guardianship

Shemesh the sun

Shemida name knowledge; knows my name

Shemidah name knowledge; knows my name

Sheminith eighth

Shemiramoth name of heights; renown of heights

Shemuel heard of God

Shen tooth

Shenazar repeated treasure

Shenir bear the lamp (as Senir)

Shepham their bareness

Shephathiah judged of Jehovah

Shephatiah judged of Jehovah

Shephi bareness; prominence

Shepho bareness; prominence

Shephuphan bareness; prominence

Sherah near kinship

Sherebiah parched by Jah; free in Jah

Sheresh a root

Sherezer he looked on treasure

Sheshach fine linen

Sheshai my fine linen

Sheshan their fine linen

Sheshbazzar fine linen in tribulation

Sheth 1. appointed; set

2. tumult

Shethar appointed searcher

Shetharboznai despisers searched

Sheva vanity

Shibboleth ear of corn; flood; branch

Shibmah why hoary?

Shicron drunkenness

Shiggaion erratic

Shigionoth wanderings

Shihon desolation

Shihor black; turbid

Shihorlibnath blackness of whiteness

Shilhi my weapon

Shilhim missiles

Shillem recompense

Shiloah sent

Shiloh peace; peace bringer

Shiloni peace; peace bringer

Shilshah trebling; triad

Shimea a report

Shimeah 1. my reports

2. desolation

3. hearkening

Shimeam their desolation

Shimeath a report

Shimei my report; listeners

Shimeon a person who harkens

Shimhi those who harken; my report

Shimi those who harken; my report

Shimma report

Shimon a waste

Shimrath guardianship

Shimri my keeper; watchful

Shimrith guardian

Shimrom guardian

Shimron guardian

Shimronmeron guardian of arrogance

Shimshai my minister; my suns

Shinab father’s tooth; change of father

Shinar change of the city

Shiphi my abundance

Shiphmite those who bruise; those who sweep away

Shiphrah garnished; fairness

Shiphtan their judgement

Shisha whiteness; a sixth

Shishak greedy of fine linen; giver of drink

Shitrai my officers

Shittim acacias

Shiza who sprinkled

Shoa opulent; noble; free

Shobab backsliding

Shobach turning back

Shobai my captives; my backslidings

Shobal flowing; shooting; waving

Shobek forsaking

Shobi my captive; my backsliding

Shocho his hedge; his branch

Shochoh his hedge; his branch

Shoco his hedge; his branch

Shoham equalising; justifying them

Shomer guarding

Shophach pouring out

Shophan their bruising

Shoshannim lilies

Shoshannimeduth lilies of testimony

Shua cry; opulence; salvation

Shuah depression; pit

Shual jackal

Shubael return of God

Shuham their pit

Shuhite depression

Shulamite the perfect; the peaceful

Shumathites the exalted; garlicky

Shunamite double rest

Shunem double rest

Shuni my rest

Shupham their bareness

Shuppim bared ones; serpent

Shur beheld; rampart (for observing)

Shushan lily

Shushaneduth lily of testimony

Shuthalhites newly appointed

Shuthelah newly appointed

Sia departing

Siaha departing

Sibbecai my thickets

Sibbechai my thickets

Sibboleth a burden

Sibmah why hoary

Sibraim double purpose

Sichem shoulder (as a place for burden)

Siddim cultivators; furrows

Sidon hunting

Sihon scraping or sweeping away

Sihor black; turbid (see Shihor)

Silas woody; (short for Silvanus)

Silla weighed: compared

Siloah missile

Siloam Gk. of Siloah, missile

Silvanus sylvan woody

Simeon hearkening

Simon Gk. of Simeon, hearkening

Simri my keeper; watchful

Sin thorn; clay; mire

Sina Gk. of Sinai, my thorns

Sinai my thorns

Sinim thorns

Sion 1. Mount Hermon (Deut.4:48) elevation

2. Mount Zion a parched place

Siphmoth lips (i.e.. languages)

Sippai my basins; my thresholds

Sirah turning aside

Sirion little prince; breastplate

Sisamai water crane; swallow

Sisera crane (or swallow) of seeing

Sitnah hostility; accusation

Sivan their covering

Smyrna myrrh

So concealed; conspicuous

Socho hedge; branch

Sochoh hedge; branch

Socoh hedge; branch

Sodi my confidant

Sodom fettered

Sodoma fettered

Solomon peaceableness

Sopater saving father

Sophereth registrar

Sorek choice vine

Soresh choice vine

Sosipater saving father

Sosthenes saving strength

Sotai my swervings

Spain scarceness

Stachys ear of corn

Stacte a drop

Stephanas crowned

Stephen crown

Stoicks of the portico

Suah offal

Succoth booths

Succothbenoth daughters’ booths

Suchathites bush-men; hedgers

Sukkims thicket-men

Sur turning aside

Susanchites of the lily; of the Palace

Susanna lily

Susi my horse

Sychar drunken; hired

Sychem Gk. of Shechem, shoulder

Syene her veiling

Syntyche well-met

Syracuse a Syrian hearing

Syria exalted

Syriack Syrian language

Syrians Edomites or lofty ones

Syrophenician exalted palm

Taanach she will afflict you

Taanathshiloh Shiloh’s circle; fig tree

Tabbaoth rings

Tabbath you were good

Tabeal good for nothing

Tabeel God is good

Taberath you may burn

Tabitha gazelle

Tabor you will purge

Tabrimon the pomegranate was good

Tachmonite you will make me wise

Tadmor you will scatter myrrh

Tahan you will decline / encamp

Tahapanes you will fill hands with pity

Tahath subordinate; substitute

Tahpanhes you will fill hands with pity

Tahpenes you will cover flight

Tahrea separate the friend

Tahtimhodshi lower ones of new moon

Talitha a girl; a damsel

Talmai my furrows

Talmon oppression; outcast

Tamah you will be fat

Tamar palm tree

Tammuz you will shrivel up

Tanach she will afflict you

Tanhumeth consolation

Taphath distillation

Tappuah you will cause to breathe

Tarah you may breathe

Taralah release the curse

Tarea neighbour’s chamber / limits

Tarpelites fallen / wondrous mountain

Tarshish cause poverty; shatter"

Tarsus flat basket

Tartak you will be enchained

Tartan release the dragon

Tatami you shall be consumed (finished)

Tatnai my gifts

Tebah a slaughter

Tebaliah dipped of Jehovah

Tebeth goodness

Tehaphnehes fill hands with pity

Tehinnah favour; supplicate for favour

Tekel weighed

Tekoa trumpet blast; to thrust

Tekoah trumpet blast; to thrust

Telabib heap of green ears

Telah rejuvenator; one who invigorates

Telaim lambs

Telassar 1. weariness of the prince

2. hang the prince

Telem covering them; casting out

Telharesha heap of artifice

Telharsa heap of artifice

Telmelah heap of salt

Tema southerner

Teman southward

Temeni my right hand

Terah you may breathe

Teraphim healers (as gods)

Teresh possession

Tertius third

Tertullus triple-hardened

Tetrarch ruler of a fourth part

Thaddeus sucking plenty

Thahash badger (or seal skin)

Thamah you will be fat

Thamar Gk. of Tamar, palm tree

Thara Gk. of Tarah, you may breathe

Tharshish cause poverty; shattering

Thebez whiteness; brilliancy

Thelasar weariness of / hang the prince

Theophilus friend of God

Thessalonica victory over falsity

Theudas gift of God: praised

Thimnathath portion; number

Thomas twin

Thummim perfections

Thyatira odour of affliction

Tiberias from the Tiber

Tiberius from the Tiber

Tibhath slaughter house

Tibni straw; build

Tidal evicted from Most High / above

Tiglathpileser carry off wonderful bond

Tikvah hope; expectation

Tikvath you shall be gathered

Tilgathpilneser wine-press heap of bond of wonder

Tilon murmur; abide

Timaeus highly prized

Timna you will withhold

Timnah 1. you will number (a portion)

2. you will withhold

Timnath 1. you will number (a portion)

2. you will withhold

Timnathheres portion of the sun

Timnathserah abundant portion

Timnite number or portion

Timon honourable

Timotheus honouring God

Timothy honouring God

Tiphsah she shall pass over

Tiras he crushed the search

Tirathites men of the gate; those who nourish

Tirhakah searched out the pious

Tirhanah camp-spy

Tiria do you fear?

Tirshatha you shall possess there

Tirzah she will delight

Tishbite captivity; you’ll lead captive

Titus nurse; one who rears (another)

Tizite you shall go forth

Toah sinking; depressing

Tob good

Tobadonijah good is my Lord Jah

Tobiah goodness of Jehovah

Tobijah goodness of Jehovah

Tochen measurement

Togarmah you will break her

Tohu they sank down

Toi my wandering; do you mock?

Tola worm (crimson / scarlet dye)

Tolad bring forth; beget

Topaz perhaps means. affliction fled away

Tophel unseasonable

Tophet a spitting (as contempt)

Topheth a spitting (as contempt)

Tormah deceived

Tou do you mock?; do you stray?

Trachonitis rugged rocky region

Troas a Trojan

Trogyllium a cache (hole for food)

Trophimus nourishment

Tryphena luxurious

Tryphosa luxuriating

Tubal you shall be brought

Tubalcain brought of Cain

Tychicus fortunate

Tyrannus absolute rule

Tyre to distress

Tyrus to distress

Ucal completed; enabled

Uel desired of God

Ulai my leaders (mighty ones)

Ulam leader; vestibule

Ulla taken up

Ummah associated; juxtaposition

Unni afflicted

Upharsin divided

Uphaz desire of fine gold

Ur light

Urbane Urbanus of the city

Uri my light

Uriah my light is Jah

Urias my light is Jah

Uriel my light is God

Urijah my light is Jehovah

Urim lights

Uthai my helper (teacher)

Uz counsel

Uzai sprinklings

Uzal flooded

Uzza strengthened

Uzzah strengthened

Uzzensherah heard by near kinship

Uzzi my strength

Uzzia my strength is Jehovah

Uzziah my strength is Jehovah

Uzziel my strength is God

Vaheb come on!

Vajezatha and he sprinkled there

Vaniah and he sprinkled there

Vashni why do you sleep

Vashti why waste; why do you banquet

Vedan and Dan

Vophsi why do you vanish

There is no entry under W.

There is no entry under X.

There is no entry under Y.

Zaanaim wanderings

Zaanan their flock

Zaanannim wanderings

Zaavan their removal; their disquiet

Zabad a giver

Zabbai flittings; wanderings; pure ones

Zabbud endowed; remembered

Zabdi my dowry

Zabdiel endowed of God

Zabud endowed

Zabulon dwelling

Zaccai pure; pure ones

Zacchaeus as Zaccai pure; pure ones

Zacchur remembered

Zaccur remembered

Zachariah remembered of Jehovah

Zacharias remembered of Jehovah

Zacher remembrance

Zadok to justify

Zaham he loathed

Zair insignificant; lesser

Zalaph beautified shadow

Zalmon resemblance; image

Zalmonah representation; imagery

Zalmunna shade was withheld

Zamzummims those who intrigue

Zanoah to cast off

Zaphnathpaaneah treasury of glorious rest

Zaphon the north

Zara rising (as the sun)

Zarah rising (as the sun)

Zareah smitten with leprosy

Zareathites those smitten with leprosy

Zared stranger subdued; bond subdued

Zarephath place of refining

Zaretan their distress

Zarethshahar splendour of the dawn

Zarhites those of Zarah (rising)

Zartanah their distress

Zarthan their distress

Zatthu brightness

Zattu brightness

Zavan their removal; their disquiet

Zaza brightness; fulness

Zebadiah endowed of Jehovah

Zebah a sacrifice

Zebaim gazelles

Zebedee as Zebadiah endowed of Jehovah

Zebina we are bought

Zeboiim gazelles; troops; dyers; hyenas

Zeboim gazelles; troops; dyers; hyenas

Zebudah endowment

Zebul a habitation

Zebulun dwelling

Zechariah remembered of Jehovah

Zedad turned aside

Zedekiah righteousness of Jehovah

Zeeb a wolf

Zelah limping; one-sided

Zelek shadow of a cliff; fissure

Zelophehad shadow of fear/first rupture

Zelotes a zealot (e.g.. a Zionist)

Zelzah a clear (or dazzling) shadow

Zemaraim double woollens

Zemarite those of Zemaraim

Zemira causing singing

Zenas Jupiter

Zephaniah treasured of Jehovah

Zephath watchful

Zephathah place of watching

Zephi watch!

Zepho watching

Zephon watcher; watchfulness

Zer strait

Zerah as Zarah, rising

Zerahiah the rising of Jah

Zered the stranger (or bond) subdued

Zereda the adversary rules

Zeredathah scene of adversary’s rule

Zererath oppression; straitness

Zeresh a stranger in want

Zereth splendour

Zeri balm

Zeror bundle

Zeruah leprous

Zerubbabel melted by Babylon

Zeruiah pierce Jah!

Zetham their olive

Zethan their olive

Zethar this is the spy

Zia trembling

Ziba appointed

Zibeon versicolour; dyer

Zibia a gazelle

Zibiah a gazelle

Zichri memorable; do you remember?

Ziddim the sides; liers in wait

Zidkijah righteousness of Jehovah

Zidon hunting; fishery

Zif brightness

Ziha causing dryness; parching

Ziklag enveloped in grief

Zillah shadiness; he wasted

Zilpah flippant-mouth; drop trickle

Zilthai my shadows; perhaps means. Jah’s shadows

Zimmah lewdness

Zimran their song; psalmody

Zimri my psalm

Zin a thorn

Zina nourishing

Zion parched place

Zior diminution

Ziph melting

Ziphah refinery

Ziphims smelters

Ziphion the watchful

Ziphites smelters

Ziphron to the flow of song

Zippor a bird (esp. sparrow)

Zipporah a sparrow

Zithri my hiding-place

Ziz a blossom

Ziza exuberance; roving

Zizah exuberance; roving

Zoan removal

Zoar bringing low

Zoba a station; standing

Zobah a station; standing

Zobebah sluggish; covered

Zohar whitening

Zoheleth serpentine; crawling thing

Zoheth releasing

Zophah expanding

Zophai my honeycombs; my overflows

Zophar departing early; a climber

Zophim watchmen

Zorah as Zareah, smitten with leprosy

Zoreah as Zareah, smitten with leprosy

Zorites those of Zorah

Zorobabel melted by Babylon

Zuar he was belittled

Zuph honeycomb; overflow

Zur a rock; to besiege

Zuriel my rock is God

Zurishaddai my rock is the Almighty

Zuzims roving creatures