Laadah for adornment

Laadan for their adornment

Laban white

Lachish walk of a man

Lael unto God

Lahad exultant shout; glow

Lahairoi the living one who sees me

Lahmi my bread

Laish a lion; (perh. to knead)

Lakum rising up

Lama why?

Lamech perh. why is this with you?

Laodicea peoples rights

Lapidoth torches; calamities

Lasea shaggy

Lasha blindness; (by covering eyes)

Lasharon unto Sharon, (level, straight)

Latin of Rome’s strength

Lazarus Gk. of Eleazar, God is helper

Leah weary

Leannoth affliction

Lebana whiteness; the moon

Lebanah whiteness; the moon

Lebanon whiteness

Lebaoth lioness

Lebbaeus a laver

Lebonah frankincense (it’s whiteness)

Lecah you go!

Lehabim flames; blades (flashing)

Lehi cheek; jawbone

Lemuel unto God

Leshem unto desolation

Letushim sharpened; hammered ones

Leummim peoples (as massed together)

Levi joined

Leviathan coiled; burrowing; union

Levitical of Levi (i.e. joined)

Libertines freedmen

Libnah whiteness

Libni my whiteness

Libnites of my whiteness

Libya afflicted; weeping

Libyans afflicted; weeping

Ligure as Leshem, unto desolation

Likhi my doctrine

Linus linen

Loammi not my people

Lod travail; bear

Lois no standard bearer; no flight

Lord master, (only divine with ‘God’)

LORD Jehovah the ever existing one

Loruhamah not shown mercy

Lot a wrapping

Lotan their covering

Lubim as Libyans

Lubims as Libyans

Lucas light; white

Lucifer shining one (perhaps ‘howler’)

Lucius light; bright; white

Lud firebrand; travailing

Ludim firebrands; travailings

Luhith tabular

Luke Gk. of Lucas, light, white

Luz perverse

Lycaonia wolfish

Lycia wolfish

Lydda travail; labour

Lydia firebrand; travailing

Lysanias relaxing sadness

Lysias releaser

Lystra ransoming