Maacah pressure

Maachah pressure

Maachathi of pressure

Maachathites of pressure

Maadai unclothing; adorning; sliding

Maadiah adorned of Jah; shaken of Jah

Maai my bowels

Maalehacrabbim ascent of the scorpions

Maarath naked place

Maaseiah work of Jehovah; Jah is refuge

Maasiai my works

Maath from this time

Maaz counsellor; shutting

Maaziah strengthened of Jehovah

Macedonia perhaps means. Tall

Machbenai he brought my sons low

Machbenah he brought the building low

Machi my poverty

Machir salesman

Machnadebai brought my willing ones low

Machpelah doubling; winding

Madai my measures; my garments; enough

Madian Gk., Midian, contention; strife

Madmannah dung-hill

Madmen dung-hill

Madmenah dung-hill

Madon strife

Magbish crystallising

Magdala tower

Magdalene of Magdala

Magdiel my preciousness is God

Magog overtopping; covering

Magormissabib fear from round about

Magpiash plague of the moth; is consumed

Mahalah sickness

Mahalaleel praise of God

Mahalath sickness; appeasing

Mahalathleannoth sickness of affliction

Mahali my sickness

Mahanaim double camp

Mahanehdan camp of Dan

Maharai my hastening

Mahath snatching

Mahavite declarers; assemblers

Mahazioth visions

Mahershalalhashbaz spoil / prey hastens

Mahlah sickness

Mahli my sickness

Mahlon sickness

Mahol dance

Makaz cutting off

Makheloth congregations

Makkedah branding place

Maktesh a mortar

Malachi my messenger

Malcham their king

Malchiah my king is Jehovah

Malchiel my king is God

Malchijah my king is Jehovah

Malchiram my king is exalted

Malchishua king is salvation; king of wealth

Malchus kingly

Maleleel praise of God (as Mahalaleel)

Malothi I have spoken

Malluch kingly

Mammon wealth

Mamre causing fatness

Manaen Gk. of Menahem, comforter

Manahath resting place

Manahethites (the women) of Manahath

Manasseh causing to forget

Manasses causing to forget

Maneh a weight (from Manah, to number)

Manoah rest

Manocho his rest (Josh.15:59, LXX)

Maoch pressing; squeezing

Maon habitation

Mara arrogant; bitterness

Marah he rebelled; bitterness

Maralah causing shaking

Maranatha the Lord comes

Marcus a defence

Mareshah headship; forget arrogance

Mark Eng. of Marcus, a defence

Maroth bitterness

Marsena bitter is the thorn-bush

Mars i.e. Areopagus, martial peak

Martha rebellious

Mary Gk. of Miriam, their rebellion

Maschil giving understanding

Mash he departed; he felt around

Mashal parable; one who uses parables

Masrekah place of the choice vine

Massa a prophecy; a burden; enduring

Massah temptation; fainted

Mathusala as Methuselah; mortal plus dart

Matred causing pursuit; continuing

Matri rain; rainy

Mattan a gift

Mattanah a gift

Mattaniah gift of Jehovah

Mattatha Gk. of Mattathah, giving

Mattathah giving

Mattathias gift of Jehovah

Mattenai my gifts

Matthan Gk. of Mattan, a gift

Matthat gift of Jehovah

Matthew gift of Jehovah

Matthias gift of Jehovah

Mattithiah gift of Jehovah

Mazzaroth scatterings

Meah an hundred

Mearah cave, (from strip / lay bare)

Mebunnai my buildings

Mecherathite of dug out; digging tools

Medad would be loving

Medan strife; discernment

Mede my measure; my garment

Medeba waters of rest (i.e.. quiet

Medes he of the measured; my garments

Media he of the measured; my garments

Median (Chaldee) my measures / garments

Megiddo place of God; cutting down

Megiddon the cutter; the one who brands

Mehetabeel Godís best

Mehetabel Godís best

Mehida one who speaks in allegories

Mehir a price

Meholah dancing (see Abelmeholah)

Meholathite as Meholah, dancing

Mehujael smitten of God

Mehuman their defeat; their confusion

Mehunim [also Mehunims]; living areas

Mehunims [also Mehunim]; living areas

Mejarkon waters of yellow; verdure

Mekonah a settlement or base

Melatiah Jahís way of escape

Melchi my king is Jehovah

Melchiah my king is Jehovah

Melchisedec king of righteousness

Melchishua king is salvation; king of wealth

Melchizedek king of righteousness

Melea my dear friend; object of care

Melech a king

Mel1cu royalty; they have made a king

Melita honey; escaping

Melzar circumcised: straitened

Memphis being made fair; culpable

Memucan their poverty

Menahem comforter

Menan fortune-teller; enchanted

Mene he has numbered

Meon a dwelling (in Baalmeon)

Meonehim observers of time

Meonothai my dwellings

Mephaath the shining forth

Mephibosheth breathing shame

Merab increasing

Meraiah rebellion; provoking God

Meraioth rebellions

Merari my bitterness

Merathaim double rebellion; double bitterness

Mercurius eloquent; learned; shrewd

Mered rebellion

Meremoth elevations

Meres moisture; fracture

Meribah strife (e.g. Meribah Kadesh)

Meribah Kadesh strife at Kadesh

Meribbaal Baal is contentious

Merodach your rebellion

Merodach Baladan your rebellion; Baal is lord

Merom the lifting up

Meronothite the joyful shouter

Meroz growing lean; enduring

Mesech a drawing; a possession

Mesha bringing deliverance

Meshach waters of quiet; who is what you are?

Meshech a drawing (same as Mesach)

Meshelemiah peace-offering of Jah

Meshezabeel delivered of God

Meshillemith reconciliation

Meshillemoth reconciliations

Meshullemeth reconciliation

Meshullam reconciled; recompensed

Meshobab restored; backsliding

Mesobaite the one set up by Jah

Mesopotamia exalted

Messiah the anointed one

Messias Gk. of Messiah, anointed

Methegammah the bridle of a cubit

Methusael died who are Godís; man of God

Methuselah died; the dart; man of dart

Meunim habitations (as Mehunim)

Mezahab waters of gold

Miamin from the right hand

Mibhar choicest

Mibsam fragrant

Mibzar fortress

Micah who is like Jehovah?

Micaiah who is as Jehovah?

Micha who is like Jehovah?

Michael who is like God?

Michah who is like Jehovah?

Michaiah who is like Jehovah?

Michal brook; who is like God?

Michmas treasury; treasured

Michmash treasury; treasured

Michmethah poverty of the dead

Michri my price

Michtam poverty of the perfect

Middin from judgement

Midian contention strife

Migdalel tower of God

Migdalgad tower of Gad

Migdol tower

Migron hurling down

Mijamin from the right hand

Mikloth sprouts; triflings

Mikneiah acquisition of Jehovah

Milalai my utterances

Milcah a queen

Milcom reigning

Miletum cared for

Miletus cared for

Millo a fill (earthworks)

Miniamin from the right hand

Minni from me

Minnith apportionment (from me)

Miphkad muster; apportionment

Miriam their rebellion

Mirma deceit

Misgab high place

Mishael who is what God is?

Mishal enquiry

Misham regarding; looking; cleansing

Misheal enquiry (as Mishal)

Mishma hearing (as report)

Mishmannah fattening

Mishpat judgement

Mishraites touching evil

Mispereth enumerator

Misrephothmaim burnings of waters

Mithacah sweetness

Mithnite athlete; giver

Mithredath remainder; searching the law

Mitylene poss. curtailed

Mizar little

Mizpah watchtower

Mizpar a number

Mizpeh a watchtower

Mizraim doubly narrow

Mizzah sprinkling

Mnason (Nason), solicitor; safe number

Moab what father?

Moadiah the set time of Jah

Moladah birth; bringing forth

Molech the king

Molid causing to bring forth

Moloch a king

Morasthite possession of Gath

Mordecai bitterness of my oppressed

Moreh teacher; former rain

Moreshethgath possession of Gath

Moriah my teacher is Jah; seen of Jah

Mosera bondage

Moseroth bonds

Moses drawing out

Moza a going forth

Mozah wringing out

Muppim shakings; wavings

Mushi yielding; departing

Muthlabben death of the son

Myra myrrh; myrtle juice

Mysia closure; abomination